my displacement update

Back in December I posted about how

1) Harvard is expanding into my surrounding neighborhood - and has been for some time. This has caused a lot of shops to close and rents to rise. 

2) Most likely due to point #1, my landlord decided to sell the house I’m currently occupying. His agency over the selling of the house wasn’t the issue, it’s his house. The issue is that he lead my roommate and I to believe that we were in a lease but surprised us with selling the house and informing us that we were actually month - to - month. The worst part is that this is the second time a landlord has done this to me.

UPDATE: the last time this happened to me my old roommates and I were very financially vulnerable and couldn’t afford to challenge our landlord. Now, thanks to my union, one of my benefits is the ability to bill a certain number of hours towards legal representation. I still have to leave in 6 days but our lawyer was able to negotiate terms and compensation, and I was able to find a new place that I really like.

Just wanted an update in case anyone out there was wondering. I also wanted to put out there how much this situation makes me think about how dangerous it is to be poor. In both situations my landlords have sprung decisions to sell their house with minimum notice as though everyone has $4,000 to pull out of their ass to cover moving costs. 

Also, unions are amazing and must be protected at all costs.

Kile could have married Eadlyn and still helped people/not make him feel trapped. Here is how

1. He could have been her fiancee by going and spend a year traveling the world  with her ( they could get married or just be together) because she changed the government of her freaking society. Less work for her ( she could have meeting and dates she had to attend but i mean…)

2. They don’t always have to live in the place- by living in different places and seeing the needs in different city’s and how to improve would actually be super beneficial to the kingdom and make it better. She could see first hand the problems and she and him could fix them.

*not to hate on keira cass book, i just really ship this ship.

Analysis of the Tag Meme

Ok so this meme rose in the most flawless way and here’s how

1.”Me” and “Same”: There was recently a fad of agreeing with ideas or relating to content by saying “me” or “same” creating not only agreement between content and viewer, but a likeness and connection.

2.Zodiac Posts: A few months ago was the rise of the tumblr zodiac posts. This got the general tumblr community to really consider comparing themselves to objects and abstract concepts that they wouldn’t usually. It created an unspoken interaction with the post unachievable in most common memes, filling a void that we didn’t know we had.

3. The Fake Story: A resurgence of the obviously fake tumblr posts from 2012 cause the mild meme of people reblogging these posts and adding “I am the (character within said fake post),” creating a connection between post and user, however, only in the context of a joke.

4. The Weird Video: People began tagging themselves as characters in weird videos (”I’m the kid staring at the rocks in the background”), forming a more emotional connection between the viewer and content.

5.The Tag Meme: The tag meme is the ultimate form of viewer interaction with a meme. It asks the viewer to not only form an emotional connection to a concept, but rather to a set of extremely specific traits. Without the previous steps, however, I doubt this meme could’ve come to be what it is.


I met my boyfriend here on Tumblr, and exactly a year ago we began talking more seriously. 2 months later, I told him I loved him.. and he told me he loved me. It’s been 10 months now, and every day I manage to fall in love with everything about him.

It took us 9 months to finally meet.. and these pictures are only some of the many memories he helped create on my amazing trip. He makes me feel comfortable.. safe.. and at home. I want nothing more than to hold his hand and stand by his side. He is my rock.

I love him with all my being, and no amount of money or distance will keep me away from him.


I met my boyfriend here on Tumblr, and almost exactly a year and a half ago we began talking more seriously. It was 2 months later when we said we love each other and the past 9 months have been surreal.

We’ve had so many ups and downs, yet we’ve made it through all of them, and on Wednesday I board my first ever plane to meet my amazing boyfriend and I’ve never been more nervous yet excited in my entire life.

I love him, and no amount of money or distance will keep me away from him.