International Women’s Day

To all the baby girls who were killed at birth because they weren’t boys.
To all the girl children who were sold into “marriage” sex slavery when they were much too young.
To all the girls denied an education because they were expected to grow up to be housewives.
To all the girls who made it to school but were discouraged from being “too smart”.
To all the girls who, even though they needed food as much as “a growing boy”, starved themselves to stay thing.
To all the girls and women who have been raped, assaulted and murdered as part of war, or as revenge on the men in their lives, or because of a violent man with a twisted view of the world.
To all the girls and women who constantly look over their shoulders while walking home from the bus stop at night, or who otherwise have learned that walking alone, even in their own neighborhood, is dangerous while men can walk about with no trouble at all.
To all the women who never had a chance to learn to be financially self-sufficient and then, through divorce or widowhood, found themselves responsible for themselves and their families with few marketable skills and financial know-how.
To all the women who were pressured into or forced to have children they didn’t actually want.
To all the women who did work but whose accomplishments were stolen by men who did none of the work and took all of the credit.
To all of the women who watched their male coworkers get raises and other perks while they stayed below the glass ceiling.
To all the women who got older and were pressured into buying more cosmetics and surgery to “look young”, even as their male partners cheated on them or left them for someone half their age–or less.
To all the women who were assigned male at birth and who still struggle for recognition as themselves today.

To all my fellow women–this is a small recognition in the face of what we go through on a daily basis. May it be one push of many towards a better world for all of us.

anonymous asked:

The thing about having to negotiate parenthood with ones' rapist probably is also about things such as being able to receive child support. Which is good for female victim who decides to keep a child, but bad for male victim who wouldn't want a child.

I don’t see how.

To keep the child of rape is already a choice I can’t even imagine the difficulty of. The victim shouldn’t be threatened with the horror of knowing the “father” could come back to play daddy if she did decide that she wanted to give the child life. That’s only gonna push those who might want to keep the child towards abortion.

If the rapist is male, he should be stripped of legal fatherhood under some special rapist-statute that still forces him to pay child support, without any parental rights, fitted with a permanent restraining order on both woman and child.

If the woman is the rapist, after birth the child ought to be taken away and full parental rights given to the victim or put up for adoption. A rapist should never be able to raise a child, let alone get child support squeezed out of the victim.

chidorinnnnn  asked:

Can you explain to me when and how exactly the Hyuga clan practiced slavery? I'm not trying to dispute it or anything -- it's just that I've seen this argument used a lot, but I can't remember any specific instances where it occurred.

Of course, I can but before I will go into details I want to give a clear definition of the term ‘slavery’ at first to prevent misunderstandings as its meaning has changed continually over the time.

When we talk about ‘slavery’, the first thing that comes to our mind is a work or service which is exacted from any person under the menace of any penalty and for which the said person has not offered himself voluntarily. While this definition may evoke the image of the old times, where certain people of humble origin were forced into submissiveness, there is more to the term that meets the eye, particularly in our today’s world. For according to the definition from the '1956 UN supplementary convention’, it includes debt bondage, serfdom, forced marriage and the delivery of a child for the exploitation of that child which are all slavery-like practices and require criminalisation and abolishment. Furthermore, there is this tendency to hide slavery by giving xem new definitions that wouldn’t sound that terrible, or downplay the gravity of this problem with cheap excuses like “Person X always has a free will”—never mind the fact that we are normally dealing with a choice coerced by the situation or person.

To put my point in abstract words:

They would not call it slavery but some other name. Slavery has been fruitful in giving herself names…and it will call itself by yet another name; and you and I and all of us had better wait and see what new form this old monster will assume, in what new skin this old snake will come forth.

- Frederick Douglass

Now, that we know what 'slavery’ basically means and how important it is to recognize and stop denormalising it, we can move to the next point, and that is to answer the question whether the Hyuuga clan practises slavery and if so, when and how.

To begin, the Hyuuga clan is divided into a royal and a servant class, where the branch’s sole purpose of existence is to protect the secrets of the 'Main House’. The servant’s heads are branded with the symbol of the clan’s current heir, giving said heir control over them by being able to destroy their brain cells via activating the seal. Branch members are chosen from the birth, and they all receive their cursed seals from a very young age no matter their disagreement.
All of this is clear-cut slavery, as we are dealing with forced servitude/labour and descent-based slavery, where people are born into slavery because their families belong to a class of 'slaves’ within a society. Furthermore, rebellious elements are suppressed and severely punished. So there is little to nothing the victims can do as they all have to cope, reconcile with oppression, and try to make the best out of it, and the ultimate freedom from the chains of the clan, the best they could ever hope for is a sacrifice one agree with as opposed to being forced to sacrifice xyr own life.

As for why some fans think Neji’s main theme was badly handled by Kishimoto at the end, here are the reasons:
The mangaka has spent much time to create Neji’s background. He is a genius who was born into the disadvantageous part of the clan and who used to believe everything is determined by fate and that one cannot change xyr own situation. People have to accept the rule and order of the world. Nonetheless, Neji makes a character development as thanks to Naruto, he realizes that even a captured bird can break free from the prison if only xe wants and tries to do so, and this combined with Hinata’s desire to change the system of their clan, makes him the perfect candidate to lead the clan into honour and respect. He is literally set up for greatness and a symbol of changing the detestable Hyuuga system. However, Hinata’s wish and efforts were never seen again, and according to Kishimoto, Neji was apparently a Cupid supposed to die for NH to develop the romance. His death totally erased the slavery’s storyline, and it showed that he succumbed to the feelings his father had, and saw what he did as justifiable. Neither a Hyuuga member nor Naruto managed to to fix the mistakes of the old generation. The new one is still the same.

Now, I have seen some people claiming there is a change as Hiashi is treating Neji nicer after their conversation about the truth of Hizashi’s death, and the branch members are willing to join the war and defend Naruto. Well, all I have to say is that having x reasons that may not sound forced does logically not erase the fact the branch members have a duty anyway, and in no way does Hiashi’s nice treatment towards Neji implies that the 'Main House’ has changed their politics. The fact they are working together on top of that is not unusual as a shinobi has a greater duty to xyr village than to xyr clan, and furthermore, people with similar skills are often put in one squad. And my last argument is, why do the branch members still have the cursed seal if there apparently was a change in the manga like some people claim?



3X11 - THE GREAT ONE (The 100)

Ok you guys. Ok.

So like. Words are these things we use to talk about things, like. You know?

And I use them to write sort of review/list things of each episode, right?

But like.


How do I do that for this episode of truest glory?

Probably badly. That’s how.

To make things easier for myself, Imma do a separate Bellarke post later because MY GOD I CANNOT. So, yeah…no specific Bellarke stuff here.

But even without the Bellarke, I am overwhelmed. DELINQUENTS FOR LIFE.

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I‘ve seen quite a few posts floating around claiming to provide insight as to how to easily write an essay. Unfortunately, the advice rarely extends beyond: create an outline!! write it!!

I think at this point most of us know that outlines are a great thing. Where in that advice does it actually say how  to write?

I present to you: 

The Third-Grader Method

Write like you are in third grade. I mean it. Think back to what writing was as a kid - simple sentences, no real transitions, all a bit choppy and to the point. This is the fastest way to churn out an essay. Let me show you how.

  1. To begin, you must have at least a thesis and a couple ideas for support. For example, here’s an essay I wrote for english last year.
    1. Thesis: Through his use of double entendre, James shows us that Mrs. Gereth and Poynton are one and the same; Poynton’s infernal fate is a direct commentary on Mrs. Gereth’s self-destructive nature, and the ruinous fires that spread from people like her. 
    2. Support 1: The word ‘spoils’ has a double meaning.
  2. Sort your textual evidence/quotations/annotations into categories based on your support.
  3. Next, write your body paragraphs like a third grader.
    1. The word spoils has two meanings. The first is the items and the house itself. The second is Mrs. Gereth. By being materialistic, she spoils people around her. Spoils means treasures, but sometimes it means her actions. Mrs. Gereth is a spoil of Poynton herself. Fleda is at risk of becoming a spoil by spending time with her.
  4. Write the rest of your body paragraphs just like this.
  5. Insert quotations where they fit.
  6. Add an intro and conclusio. Congratulations, your first draft is done.
  7. Now it’s time to clean up your work - the essay is there! Add to your skeleton - fancy words, intelligent transitions, poignant opening and closing lines. Just make it sound like a 14/16/20 year old wrote it.

I have churned out essays in a matter of hours using this technique. The best part, is you can use this to start early too. Spend one day writing the first draft, and take your time elevating the essay. This can be adapted to scientific writing as well - get out the bare bones, then make it sound nice.

And that  is how to easily write an essay!