aaa these are so rough and sketchy but i haven’t drawn steven and connie in ages and i wanted to draw a polaroid photoshoot that includes the photo steven has in his room

and yeah i’m so busy with homework and stuff i don’t know when i’ll have time/be inspired to finish these and draw some more so just take these for now!! ヽ(´ー`)ノ

how the fuck can you arrive at the point where you know about all the things louis did, and i’m not speaking about the bears here i’m talking about the “all out” jumper, the rainbow shirts, the triangle tattoo, all his comments, how can you know all that, acknowledge them and still have the fucking audacity to say “if you think he’s closeted, the single best thing you can do for him as a fan is shut the fuck up about it until he starts talking about it” LIKE???? 

anonymous asked:

is this your special interest? whatever compels you to run this blog i appreciate it very much

you got me there