The biggest awards snub of ALL TIME

Yeah, yeah, with the Oscars today, everyone’s talking about whether or not Viola Davis or Lin-Manuel Miranda will join or get closer to the EGOT club (those who have won an Emmy Award, a Grammy Award, an Oscar, and Tony Award). 

But in the midst of all the commotion, people forget the biggest awards snub of all time:


For years, this masterpiece anime has gone unnoticed by all the academies. Nobody pays attention to its absolute perfection. It’s the full package. Why it hasn’t yet become an EGOT winner is beyond me, SMH.

Look, you’ve got your potential Emmy nominee here

Here’s your Grammy nominee, Adele who???

You’ve got your e d g y Oscar nominee


Academies all around the world have overlooked it, but no more. Hetalia is a winner in our hearts. It’s perfect in every way.


A letter to Brendon Urie.

Dear Brendon,

I’m sorry that you had to see how ‘fans’ offended your beloved wife. She’s a beautiful woman whom I truly admire and respect, you guys are the perfect match.

I’m sorry that you always get asked about your previous band members, there’s nothing wrong with that but, the problem is the way people ask about them, by saying incoherent or offensive questions.

I’m sorry that you had to give up your home, it was your dream house that you even gave us a tour and described to us how you fell in love with it, you showed us your awesome piano, how you jump from the roof to the pool and your awesome studio, i’m so sorry.

I’m sorry that you have to deal with harassment, NO ONE deserves to be treated like that, unfortunately, when you are such a talented musician, you can’t escape from it. I know you love your fans, and we love you, but there’s always a limit, and if you truly admire someone, just like us fans admire you, we are supposed to respect you and your family.

I’m sorry for every single thing you had to gave up, for every single thing that ‘fans’ said to offend you, i’m sorry for everything Brendon, I hope you don’t give up on us, the real fans who do respect you.

You’re my hero, sincerely,
a true fan.

"How to get in your Princess room" by Chat

Step 1: through the balcony.
No balcony? no problem. There’s gotta be a window somewhere.
First floor? then I just have to get thru a window!!!
Window to high? get a ladder.

Step 2: Incessantly knock, it will work eventually.
Wait for your princess to open.
if window is open, still knock and wait til your princess notices.
If by any chance it does not work and you hear sirens…run

Warnings: some people may think you’re a cat burglar. If this is the case, make sure you convince them that you are indeed not and are a superhero

Steps written in @maristoryart live stream for her by @fab12 and @lia-brisa

I find it hilarious that despite being Captain Innuendo, Killian Jones is on screen the most chaste out of all the adult characters. Case in point:

  • He’s never kissed anyone onscreen except for Emma. He kissed Milah’s hand, but that’s about it.
  • He’s never gotten laid on screen. There was the couch scene that went nowhere, and his crew hired him a prostitute…who he immediately paid off and didn’t screw. 
  • He’s flirted heavily with other characters, but outside of Milah, has been 100% about Emma Swan. 

Compared to other characters:

  • Regina - has had implied sex scenes with Graham and Robin. Got hot and heavy with Rumple as the Evil Queen.
  • Rumplestiltskin - He’s made out with Regina, Belle, Zelena, and very implied sexiness with Cora. Also, we have post-coital scenes with Belle, and he had a baby with Milah. Homeboy gets around. 
  • Belle - As mentioned, we know 100% for a fact that she’s had sex with Rumple. And she let Rumple-as-Hook kind of touch her boob in that weird pirate thing. 
  • Snow - Snow has kissed Hercules, and gotten steamy with Charming on multiple occasions. 
  • Charming - Has clearly had sex with Snow, is really into it.
  • Emma - Has kissed Graham and Neal. Engaged to a Flying Monkey. 

Basically, Killian Jones is a whole lotta talk. 

In late February 2011, Blanca Montano, a apparently loving and devoted mother, rushed to the University of Arizona Medical Center with her seven-month-old daughter and her son for symptoms resembling that of the flu. Test results, however, showed that both children had E. coli infection. The children’s health improved after treatment, but a short time later the condition of Montano’s daughter got worse again, thus resulting in a month-long stay at the hospital for the little girl after repeatedly testing positive for unusual and rare infections. When sick with another infection, the medical staff assumed this might be a case of Munchausen syndrome by proxy, meaning that the girl’s mother might be responsible for the recurring infections of the seven-month-old due to the fact that the girl’s health rapidly worsened whenever Montano visited her. Following this, a hidden camera was installed in the hospital room of the girl. The recordings allegedly showed Montano, after learning that she was being watched, stuffing tissue into the box where the camera was hidden in order to prevent the staff from seeing what she was doing with her daughter. Montano was arrested in April of the same year as the suspicion grew. The police and the state Child Protection Service had been informed earlier by the personnel about the girl’s ongoing health problems. After Montano was prevented from seeing her daughter, her condition luckily improved. In May, 2011, Montano was sentenced to 13 years in prison. She still maintains her innocence.