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Is it really racist to say that black people can perceive something to be an act of racism when it actually has nothing to do with race?

Yes, and here’s why: though there might be some technical world in which this is true, shit like this is really only ever said by racists who believe that people of color are “oversensitive” instead of actually examining the effects of their racist beliefs. So, saying shit like this is like saying, “the moon might be made of fucking cheese, dogg.” Like, sure, I guess it might, but the chances of that being true are so small that saying this shit turns the conversation and focus to something, and forces normal, decent people to consider this dumb proposition like it’s a thing that has a high enough chance of matter that it has an effect on the real world.

Even now, see how much time you just fucking wasted on your fake-ass problem? Fuck off!

But we loved right?
Please tell me what we had was real.
Do you even know how our fragments and memories haunt me when I can’t sleep? God there are times when I can’t even catch my breath when I think I’ll never touch you anymore or just to be yours.
But we loved right?
Tell me it wasn’t just a pass of time, tell me it wasn’t just dirty lies and broken promises. I need to hear it from you. I can’t take this anymore
—  k.m

Jikook Bad, Bad, Bad

They say we’re going to hell
Let’s find a cheap motel
And stay a couple nights
And when our time is done
We’ll go back on the run
Do whatever we like

Xiumin’s skin tone?

I wasn’t going to make a post because I couldn’t care less about ppl’s skin tones, but I don’t like both whitewashing and over-recoloring. They are basically the same thing, trying to shove their ideal skin color on the idols when they don’t even know how they look like in real life 

you want to have the idols look like themselves, not be reversed to a shade that they weren’t. that goes both ways and you’re not fighting racism if you’re not even respectful enough to learn about the people you’re using as props for your noble cause

even kai doesn’t looks like this

( my unedited pics of him)

there are idols with actual dark skin that get bashed for it and you out there editing pale idols just so they can have melanin, these kind of edits are also bad, skin is not just yellow/red/orange you need some blues/greens in there.

and ppl even use photos taken in areas with barely any light to prove their point and call it “unbleached" 

why you don’t take into account lighting and other factors? also he was more tanned  last year because he filmed kim seondal outdoors

here you can see some of my unedited pics ( he actually looks paler in the unedited pics…)

but maybe because it’s in a concert this will be not enough, and the better way to see ppl’s skin tone is natural light, so just watch some videos

for example

this one taken by a fan in disney

this airport edit with many fancams

or any travel without manager video

there are so many videos and you can do the same with the other members and other kpop idols

so don’t impose your own standards in other people because this is turning in the same thing that asian people have for pale skin, just let them be what they are

I quote some ppl because my english isn’t that good to express myself correctly

yes but suicide squad’s diversity/representation is so AmaZing. three main characters that are POC, a strong and unsubmissive Asian woman, a Mexican man, an Indian man, and ofc four strong and independent girls who don’t request special treatment because of their gender. Not to mention, the background characters were also vv diverse and express how the Real World Looks. Even if you don’t like the movie, you should appreciate the acceptance of All people in Suicide Squad.


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Seriously, I just love this whole bit of animation. It’s the most beautifully captured moment of “I have no fucking clue what’s going on”.


If I don’t think a line is written how people might really say it, I’ll ask to change it. 

So often you read a script where someone hangs up the phone with ‘I’m coming now’ or something really abrupt and I think, ‘Who actually says that?’ […] 
People bloody say ‘Bye.’
gabriel done came to me (and kissed me in my sleep) - ilgaksu - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
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“Dude,” Lance says, almost reverent if it wasn’t for the glee in his eyes, “How are you even real?”

aka this is what happens when you stumble across @klanced‘s texan keith tag, realise someone actually Read Your Last Fic, and get so excited that OTHER PEOPLE LIKE THIS IDEA TOO you word vomit until 4a.m.