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Mass Answering #6

Hey, I was wondering if you had any advice on starting a novel. I have a hard time starting a story while I have good original ideas (this sounds weird coming out of my mouth) haha. How do I start?

However you find it easiest to. Usually, through outlining what you want. 

Hey, let me start off by saying your blog is one of my favorite. It’s very useful. So now my question. I have a hard time showing people things. I intend to tell instead of show. I was wondering if you had any advice for it. - lovingmygoodlife 

We have a tag for showing and telling.

Hi Alex! First there were the zombies, then vampires, now dystopian, what do you think will come next? - takeonthelifelines

Hard to pinpoint! It’s the interesting about the industry. Trends have a spontaneous quality, coming as unexpectedly as they leave. On the other hand, I think science fiction is getting quite popular again.

I’m trying to write a character who has constant moodswings, but I’m not sure how to correctly portray that. Any advice? - auroraknux

You need to identify the cause of the mood swings first, and how often they happen exactly. Figure out the nature of these mood swings. 

What’s a ghost writer? - anonymous

Someone who writes books, articles, stories, reports, or other texts that are officially credited to another person. 

I just found this blog, and it’s wonderful! I was wondering if you might have any tips on staying focused and/or planning? Those are the two things I have a lot of trouble with when writing. Thanks! - memories-id-like-to-make

We have a tag on planning and outlining, and motivation tags. 

Question!!!Any ideas or tips on someone who envies others pretty much on anything they own? - anonymous

Ask yourself why they do that. Deconstruct. 

Hello there! Thank you for taking this time to read through my question. My question is: is it possible to write a complete genius even though you aren’t a genius yourself? Does being adequately educated (to say the least) conflict with writing a genius character who has overachieving knowledge?

It can be quite challenging, but as long as you’re willing to do the research and be as true to the character as possible, you can totally write it out. The way people can write a murder without having committed one themselves (right… right?). The trick’s in research and drive to do it right.

I need help building up to events. When I write it seems to all happen way to quickly and there’s no suspense or anything. Can you help me out? - Anonymous


Today, so far, has just been one big question mark hahah! I only had one lecture today, so I’ve been catching up on tv shows, finishing ‘Asking For It’, writing my review, and doing a bit of study, so it’s been pretty good.. But I don’t know, I feel kind of disconnected.. Not in a bad way I guess, just in an apathetic way.. I don’t know, it’s just weird haha!

But nevermind that now, I’m on my way to the gym in a bit, because you know, health and stuff!
How was your day? What’s the one thing you enjoyed doing most today?

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Oh my god this took me so much longer than I originally thought it was going to. I really tried a bunch of different things with this. I hope the background isn’t too weird. I actually tried really hard with it! I’ve never really tried to colour trees or water or grass digitally so I’m hoping it looks ok. I kind of liked how it turned out. Just fulfilling my recent eremika feels lol.

now that it’s summer, i have more time to do more quotes and drawings so here’s another! i think this one is super cool!

Hey~you are still doing Exo reactions? hahaha love them! I have a request: EXO reaction when they are thugs and kidnap you (they are going to hurt you) but they realize you are too cute (?) Sorry if this is weird but I like the idea of EXO as thugs haha. Thank you

I love weird ideas! They are the best! I love this scenario. I am going to have fun making this reaction. Someone should write a fan fiction on this idea just saying…

Xiumin: *totally shocked at how cute you are*

Luhan: Don’t cry. I am not going to hurt you.

Kris: Now what should I do with her?

Suho: How about I untie you….

Lay: *things get awkward* Umm..hello there.

Baekhyun: Why did I kidnap a cute person?

Chen: What will I tell my boss than?

Chanyeol: Guess I can’t hurt her now.

D.O.: GET UGLY SO I CAN HURT YOU. (wow I made D.O. mean)

Tao: * can’t stop staring at you*

Kai: What have I done? She is soooooo cute.

Sehun: Hahaha time to hurt you…omg so cute.

anonymous asked:

Having just found your blog I'm in love with you in the shallowest way possible, golly gosh you are a cutie. Sorry I'm weird but posting cute selfies would always be appreciated to brighten my day

CRIES OH MY GOD ANON YOU ARE THE SWEETEST THING!!! do you want to hear something dumb though. i’ve been saving this ask for a good hair day. AND NOW THAT I’M HAVING ONE MY SELFIES ARE WEAK AF i am sorry friend i wanted… to be cute for you………. /throws pictures and runs

me, like a decade ago: haha wow fandoms are scary and it’s weird how people can just sink into a thing and produce TONS of content for it? weird. weird.

me now: *lawn sprinkler furiously sputtering in a circle on loop forever* 

okay so the first date i ever went on was with my (now ex) boyfriend when i was like 14

the thing was the reason we got together in the first place was bc my friend had set us up and he wanted to know how the date was gonna go so he and my other friend decided that they were going to follow us

and not just “oh we accidentally showed up at the same restaurant haha what a coincidence” no they actually hid from us like we got to the restaurant and they were in the next booth over with their menus pulled over their faces and we didn’t notice them at all

anyways after we ate lunch we started walking around and talking and we went into a store and were just kind of hanging out like 14 y/os with no money and no one to drive them will do when suddenly my then boyfriend notices a flash of pink just streak by out of the corner of his eye and he just stops for a moment and his eyes narrow and he says “wait” and he fucking sprints over and pulls my friend camye out from behind a fucking clothes rack

Let's take a break from #THEFEELS and have some Karmagisa ~

It was a nice day. The sun is setting, and the breeze is cool. Karma and Nagisa has been sitting under the tree for a few minutes now. They decided to watch the sunset before they went home.

“Some high schoolers from other school fought with me yesterday.” Karma started the conversation.

“How was it?” Nagisa asked, though he already knew the answer.

“I won. Of course I did .”

“Yeah. I know. You never change, Karma.”

“I can’t help it if they want to fight me all the time. And…well, I’ve come to actually love fighting,you know.”

“It’s a weird thing that I don’t find what you just said weird. I guess I kind of expected it.”

“Haha, you know me so well, my lil’ blue-haired friend”

They didn’t say anything for a while.

“I love fighting” Karma said again. Nagisa just stared into the sunset.

“….and you”

There was silence. Karma is burning red right now, and Nagisa continued to stare into the sunset.

They waited until the sun has competely set before saying anything.

“Are you just gonna keep quiet and ignore my confession? I’m dying of embarrassment right now,Nagisa.”

Then laughter. Nagisa’s laugh.

Karma is brokenhearted. He knew this would be one of the outcomes when he finally confesses- he has prepared for worse . But it hurts a lot more once it really does happen.

He stood up and was about to leave but Nagisa grabbed his hand and stopped him.

“No… Pfft haha no please don’t leave.”

Confused at the laughing Nagisa, Karma stared at him.

He waited until Nagisa has settled down.

Nagisa stood up to face the redhead.

“I’m sorry…it’s just pfft that was the dumbest confession ever ”

Karma was taken aback. He was laughing because of THAT?

They just both stood there, looking each other in the eyes.

“This is how I would’ve done it .”

Nagisa then leaned in and kissed Karma.

“I love you too, Karma.” Nagisa said with a smile.

ヘ( ̄ω ̄ヘ) That’s how you do it,Karma.

I read...

… some weird comments about how Tumblr is shit now, since we cannot make comments anymore, and how Tumblr makes everything worse, and how they take away things etc.

Apart from the fact, that every social media (except maybe Twitter) has a comment feature (haha, even elitist and butt-ugly Ello has that), and so this is absolutely mandatory for a platform like Tumblr, this alone is something that has to make Tumblr bring it back. And I’m very positive that the new comment feature will be a huge improvement to the old one.
Let’s be honest, the old one simply sucked big time, because it was so basic and didn’t even give the possibility to reply to a comment natively. If that is possible wit the new one, the waiting time was well spent.
Yes, we had X-Kit, but Tumblr having to react to the trend that it becomes more and more a “mobile blogging platform”, this wan’t really an option for many of us.

So… well… see… patiently waiting for the new one.

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That’s all we can do, don’t we? Any comments?

Haha. Just kidding!

No, really! Comments?

Hey peeps, I’m opening these strange little cheap sketch-page-esque commissions. You see, I have a lot of idle time at my current job and my boss doesn’t mind me drawing during those times, so I figured I might as well take advantage of it. Plus, it’ll help pay rent since I’m getting pathetic hours at work right now, haha. THUS I had this weird idea to do these ‘wing-it’ sketch page comm things. Here’s how it works:


+ For $5, you reserve an entire work day from me. During that day, I dedicate all my idle time at work to your comm and only your comm, drawing and sketching and inking as much as I can for your order.

- If it turns out I’m very busy that day and don’t have a lot of idle time, I will continue your       commission after work until I feel it is satisfactory for what you’ve paid.

+ Work days at this job are: Monday - Thursday + Saturday (I will not be offering WIAW comms on Fridays or Sundays)


+ $5 for one day, one character

+ Any species, any character

+ SFW (SAFE FOR WORK) ONLY, I work around kids.

- References MUST be censored

+ WIAW comms will be scanned

- I can’t offer shipping of the pieces right now, sadly






TO ORDER: Email me via

+ Paypal accepted

- dA Points only accepted through commission widget. We’ll discuss if applicable.


I was listening to a Jojo recap thing and it was really weird to hear both of them say that they didn’t like 5, 4 was their most favorite, and people don’t like 6?? This fandom is weird and I don’t get it. But now I’m curious why people like and dislike certain parts.

Tough as Nails by DragonReine

James: “Tell me how I got into this again?”

Shepard: “You invited me to a game of Skyllian Five poker.”

James: “And why am I doing this?”

Shepard: “Because you lost. Spectacularly, if I may add. And you didn’t have enough credits with you.”

James: “You told me you were rusty!" 

Shepard: "And you should never underestimate your opponent. Now hurry up, before the polish dries up." 

Is #ThrowbackThursday a thing? I should probably make it a thing, on my own blog, at least.

This was done all the way back in 2012, haha! 

You can clearly see how, err, plastic my lineart style is. Shepard has that kinda Disney-esque look to her, LOL, while James is a little bit more comic-type.

This was the result of a forum joke xD my friends and I were discussing Shepard’s very weird hand texture in ME3, which makes her look like she has pale pink polish. Someone suggested she got a manicure during her house arrest, someone else suggested that it was James who gave the the manicure (and that is why it looks a little weird), and I was inspired to doodle this. 

Oka y, so this was a base i did back in 2011. it was right after i saw this tutorial on how to pixel so thats why all the lines that i drew in have this weird fade color thing. b ut  yeah. This was my oc Bubbles (i still love her but her name’s been changed to Bella and Ive changed her look)

External image

This is her now.

Wow, she’s so cute!!! You’ve improved her haha

~Mod Rina


there we go successfully recycled my fantrolls into new ocs in my superpowers universe thing

ginlum is now ginny which was thankfully an easy name to switch over im giving her the power to breathe underwater since she was a seadweller haha she still hates trees just as much as she did before only now she cant go on tree chopping sprees i think that would get her arrested 

and toffee is uuuuuuh well idk yet thats a weird name to switch over ill think of something eventually his power is making things float/levitate whatever

anonymous asked:

What is the weirdest thing you've ever thought about diaboys? Today I was reading Shin's route and thought to myself "hmm, what does his transformation into a wolf look like? He can't just snap his fingers and then *poop* he's a wolf " ( °__°)

How did I see this ask only now?? So sorry dear lord, glad I was going through my inbox ; u ;

That is something I’ve thought of too, haha. I have no idea how the transformation happens, but guess we’ll never know? I had to think of a similar weird thing for a minute, but I think I remembered one. I’ve been wondering, how do they fly on full moon? Like… the positions, posture or whatever. Do they imitate Superman or do they just… float forward vertically? XD Subaru’s first HDB CG indicates my latter assumption, but then again he was just floating in place in that pic… so how the hell do they advance forward as they fly? Every possible imagine I have seem so ridiculous and I can’t take those seriously xD Oh and in Kou’s MB Vampire End he flies forward in a vertical position, but then again he has Yui in his arms so it’s kind a given… so, we’ll never know I guess. xD

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i saw posts from you and others with the how many genders vid. i'm actually really confused about genders and like, i feel like if you wanna identify as something then go for it idc just give me the pronouns and i'll respect it, but like i guess i just dont understand what it is? ik transgender and thats about it... #uneducated

im trans so maybe im just //offended// easily by gender related things but like it’s so fucking annoying to hear ppl be like “hahaha SJW ur stupid there’s only 2 genders hahaha i identify as deez nuts haha mmeme im gonna go watch filthy frank now”,,, i really don’t have a problem with gender bc like how the fuck is someone who identifies as something like agender gonna oppress u,, , does someone not having a gender rattle ur tits boi,,,, , i mean i find it a bit weird when ppl r like moongender. , but u know what. instead of calling people sjws and making dicks out jokes., im going to accept that maybe it’s not for me to understand bc i don’t identify as that,,

I just went through my messenger, deleting messages and contacts, and I went all the way back to 2012, and it made me feel anxious for some reason?
I saw people I couldn’t even remember, I saw messages from people accusing me of things, messages of people telling me of friends who had died, messages from friends I don’t talk to anymore, and messages from people I can’t stand anymore.
It did make me realize how much cleaner the circle of people I interact with is though.
I was all over the place.
That’s how you invite assholes into your life.
Gah bleh, even though I feel weird now haha