Please don’t hate on him. Please don’t think we made him uncomfortable Dan fully knows how we react and he was showing off his nails like the King he is. So don’t take it seriously if he took off his nails

I wasn’t gonna say anything but it’ll bug me if I don’t…

Do you know what bothers me the most about this Loch(te)mess? The idea that he could come here, make shit up based on stereotypes to cover his own ass and still think no one would give a second thought because ~~honestly~~ who would have doubted someone was held at gunpoint and robbed in Rio? Brazil is a hellhole anyway… Pandemonium, right?

Such entitlement.

It’s imperialist behavior at it’s best: go to a foreign country, fuck shit up, make it seem like the uncivilized savages are to blame and then fucking leave.

For better, for worse.

I think this episode really solidifies that Aria and Ezra are meant to be and would work really well as a married couple, and as a family. At first, she was a little self-centered and thought only how this would affect her. She quickly realized the depth of pain Ezra was going through, and put his needs above her own. I’m not saying that your spouse’s happiness should always come before your own, but in THIS situation, Ezra really needed someone on his side to help him through his pain. Aria realized she did something wrong and hurtful so she did what she could to fix the situation. Marriage isn’t perfect. People make mistakes. But the important thing is how we react to our mistakes, and how we grow from them. Aria made the right decision to help Ezra get to Nicole, regardless of how painful this choice was for her own happiness.

I think Ezra was reminded that Aria is still THE ONE when she came back with the plane ticket. The kiss says it all.

For better, for worse. Right?

So i just got a notification that snj answered my tweet and look at thiiiis 🎉🎉🎉🎉

GUYS like and reblog and comment this post because i will send her the link later for her to see how many cc shippers there are on tumblr and how we reacted to this news. 


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Okay, but we can still shame men for having rape fantasies, right? Anything that reduces male power ought to be good for feminism.

See, I wonder about this sometimes, because although I don’t talk much about politics on this blog, I am technically a radical feminist. I am, in fact, on what you might call (with tongue in cheek) ‘the liberal end of rad’ - in practice neither fish nor fowl, and generally fed-up with the third wave.

My answer is that we don’t “shame” anybody for having fantasies about anything. You can fantasise about anything you want! I certainly do!

“Shaming” men for having rape fantasies (I’m assuming here that you mean fantasies in which they are the rapist) does bugger-all to reduce male power, because rape fantasies do not cause the power disparity between men and women. I would argue that fantasies about power and control are, in fact, expressions of how we react - even subconsciously - to having grown up in a world where this disparity is a fact.

I’m fairly comfortable saying that just about all of us have power fantasies. You know, that fantasy where you’re still you, but richer and more successful and special? Yeah, that one. Or the one where you’re secretly a superhero with an alter-identity who can do all sort of cool things! Completely normal: the woman in the opposite train seat almost certainly has that particular one too. Hell, my mother has it!

But we also fantasise about things that we can’t do in real life because they would be harmful, or just mean. Slapping that co-worker, l’appel du vide - ordinary everyday fantasies. Making a dramatic entrance, magnificently slapping down those bitches who talk shit about you behind your back, walking out leaving them in tears? Yeah, me too.

I actually did it, once, in middle school. Turns out that making people cry makes me feel REALLY BAD. Which leads me to another point: we all know that a lot of this wouldn’t be as - or at all - satisfying in real life. In the fantasy, you’re in charge, even if you’re fantasising that you aren’t (”Hitherto unknown rich relative finds me and makes me their heir and dresses me up and takes me fancy places and I don’t get a say in it but they spoil me because I ~deserve it”). It’s not a lack of courage holding you back: it’s your conscience.

Now, not everybody can trace their kinks to a particular inciting incident - “As you know, I developed my tentacle kink when crawling behind the television to sort out the leads so often when I was a child” - but I’m saying that the culture we are brought up in, which includes sexual inequality as a pervasive element and sex as a fundamentally unequal contract, affects our developing psyches in a profound way. We all know that: small children internalise sexist rhetoric so early on that three-year-old boys complain that an item of clothing they don’t like is “girly”.

So it’s not terribly surprising that sexual fantasies involving power and control, sometimes with a gendered dynamic, are pretty common. I have them! (c.f. a good portion of the stuff on my AO3 account). But they’re caused by the culture around us, not the other way round, and to “shame” people for them is to bat ineffectually at the symptom (which is, by itself, harmless*) rather than to tackle the root cause: a culture which discusses sex and intimate relationships in terms of power and control.

(*It stop being harmless when it becomes sufficiently widespread to influence behaviour. The increase in portrayals of the sexual degradation of women in mainstream pornography being at the point where it is no longer an expression of individual tastes but taken as How Sex Works by the young and impressionable is very concerning, because it points to a terrible lack of models for sexual contact with between men and women in which women are treated as people. But portrayal in live-action pornography is different from fantasy, so I’ll leave it there).
Arrow Season 5 EP Wendy Mericle on Olicity, Mr. Terrific, More
Christina Radish speaks with Arrow EP Wendy Mericle about what to expect from Season 5, including Olicity rumors, Team Arrow and Mr. Terrific's ascension.

And right after Marc Guggenheim’s IGN interview, we have Wendy Mericle’s follow up in Collider.  I kinda love it when these two tag team. Again, this is a repeat of the same spoilers, but holy Moses is it detailed!


For all those complaining about the lack of Felicity focus in the IGN interview, Collider does a much better job. However, the Felicity-focused topic is, as I said, “Havenrock PTSD”, which has been discussed numerous times in other publications. Wendy does go more in depth in the Collider interview though. I think it’s really interesting that when asked which character is having the most difficult time she said Felicity. I love her reasoning though. Felicity, more often than not, represents the audience so it’s really a story about how WE would react to making that kind of choice. 

“Felicity will be dealing with the fall-out of Havenrock. She ultimately was responsible for the deaths of 20,000 people last year.”

I don’t think Wendy was blaming Felicity for what happened. Damien Darhk is to blame. He’s the murderer. People were going to die no matter what. What Felicity is struggling with is ultimately choosing who lived and who died. Like a medic having to decide who they can save and who they cannot. Felicity is struggling with not being able to save everyone. In war there are casualties. In life and death situations you make choices and you have to live with those choices. I’m likening it to a soldier killing in war or a husband only being able to save his wife or child. It’s not the husband’s fault anymore than it is Felicity’s. There is no good choice in those situations. There’s simply what is. That’s the circumstance Felicity forced into. Now she has to grapple with her choice and how to live with it.

It is also a very similar situation to the choice Oliver made on Lian Yu when he was forced to choose between Shado and Sara. 

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The Beatles at Shea Stadium, August 15, 1965

Now, ladies and gentlemen, honored by their country, decorated by their Queen, loved here in America, here are The Beatles!

“What I remember most about the concert was that we were so far away from the audience. … And screaming had become the thing to do. … Everybody screamed. If you look at the footage, you can see how we reacted to the place. It was very big and very strange.” - Ringo Starr

“It would have been better still if we could have heard what we were playing. I wasn’t sure what key I was in in two numbers. It was ridiculous!” - John Lennon

“Now it’s quite commonplace for people to play Shea Stadium or Giants Stadium and all those big places, but this was the first time… Once you go on stage and you know you’ve filled a place that size, it’s magic; just walls of people.” - Paul McCartney

“Over 55,000 people saw the Beatles at Shea Stadium. We took $304,000 - the greatest gross ever in the history of show business!” - Sid Bernstein

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If Jungkook cried when he heard it... How are we going to react.. We're all gonna die. It's gonna be like in Fire when he shakes hands with the dude and the dude catches on fire. That's gonna be us -lazy anon


We say, “I have so many defects; I am so imperfect!” But how do we react if others say the same about us?
—  St. Francis de Sales

daily reminder that unless i specify what i think about it in the form of ‘i agree with this thing wholeheartedly’ ‘i agree completely!!!’ dont automatically assume things of me and if you do, try talking to me about it off anon so we can discuss this like mature ppl instead of passive aggressively telling me i’m disgusting and quite possibly lesbophobic as well.

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omfg. We know how Ali reacted when Em went on a date with Sabrina. NOW IMAGINE THE REACTION SHE GETS WHEN EM SAYS SHE WAS ON A DATE WITH PAIGE. Omfg i cant. -R


Responding to Hardship

1 Peter 4:12-19

When you face a trial, what is your first response? You probably would like to run away as quickly as possible to escape it. Though this is a normal feeling, God has a different way.

It is not the trials in your life that develop or destroy you, but rather your response to those hardships. How, then, should we react when difficulties feel overwhelming?

First, trust God. Believe His Word and reflect on ways He has been faithful in the past. He assures us that He limits our trials and enables us to endure.

Second, persevere. Even when we don’t understand and the suffering seems too great to bear, we should never quit. Continue seeking the Lord through His Word and prayer. Cling to hope in Christ, and praise Him in the midst of the pain.

Third, remember that our sovereign God is in control. He’s allowing this adversity for a reason and will demonstrate His sustaining power through it. Even though the pain might feel intolerable, the Lord will always prosper His children. Scripture compares our growth to gold, which is refined through fire (1 Peter 1:7). Often, believers reflect on a difficult time and admit that despite the intense hurt, they wouldn’t change the situation. They see the beauty God created through the struggle and realize its value.

We will encounter difficulties—sometimes intense and painful trials that seem too much for us. Yet we can rely on our heavenly Father to deliver and grow us in ways we could never imagine. He doesn’t demand that we endure on our own, but He does want us to respond and trust Him.

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Jon and reader with "It's my fault for thinking you might care." Just fuck me up with angst

This pains me to write, oh my gosh.

I can’t believe this,” you yelled, stomping your way down the hall with tearstained eyes. “I can’t believe you.”

“{Y/N},” Jon called out, chasing you down the best he could, “I’m sorry! I…I just didn’t know how to react! We aren’t even dating, I never thought I would have to handle this and when you spoke I just-”

“I told you that I was pregnant,” you snapped at him, stopping in place. “Big fucking deal, Jon. You get over the initial shock and then celebrate. You don’t panic and yell at me.”

“I told you, I was scared-”

“I’m scared too, but do I look like I am going to bitch at you for it? Blame you for making me this way?” You laughed in spite of yourself, wiping away your tears. “It’s my fault for thinking you might care. Sorry for bothering you.”


“Leave me alone,” you growled, pushing Jon away. “You’ve already done enough.”

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Are those aquarius moon feelings real? Like are they just crazy for the moment but once it's over we will all calm down and view how we reacted to something as too much for not much?

Of course they’re real, we experience them for a reason but yes once it’s over, it’ll be like the sea after a storm kinda situation