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What I would like to be understood is that my Instagram post was not a direct reflection of what is happening to me personally, it was actually in relation to the way that I see people interact with each other on social media as a whole. It was not an attempt to “slay” anybody or address the idea that “haters gonna hate” it was about bullying, end of story. It was my way of showing people who feel alone that they are not.. I have personally experienced bullying my entire life and unfortunately I still encounter it today as a young woman and so do countless other adults. The only thing we can really control, is how we react to things out of our control.. I choose positivity and I choose understanding. There will be exciting things to come and I look forward to working together with others against bullying. I will say it again, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.. we are in this together. Be strong, be brave.

Talk to you soon. All the Love, M x

Hasn’t Louis and the No Control Project shown people how into the fandom they are? They see things. They know things. They know how we react to things. They are not stupid boys at all. 

My favorite part about Arc-V ep. 56 is how confused Security is, like:

“Why is there some mentally challenged kid riding around on a pink hippo grinning like a loon and sparkling all over the place while we duel I don’t know how to handle this I really should have stayed home today I am so not being paid enough to deal with this shit.”

I have learned responsibility, time management, and independence. I’ve also learned, from some race finishes, humility, and from others, resilience. I’ve learned not to treat every workout like a race or every race like the state meet. I’ve even learned, quite recently, not to treat the state meet like the end of the world because there is not one single race that defines any of us. It’s how we train before the races, and how we react after, that determine who we are.
—  What I’ve learned from four years of high school running

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Hey pastor! Question. How should we react to all the hurt that gets caused by Christians more focused on being "right" and legalistic? It makes my heart ache to see all those who have been hurt by legalistic Christians who are oblivious to the pain they cause.

Hey dear friend, I’m hurting along with you. It grieves me to see self-righteous brothers and sisters who claim the name of Christ and continue to morally suffocate others into a neurotic, twitchy, self-condemning mess. I’ve been a victim of it, and it still hurts.

Here’s the thing. I don’t want to make excuses for the overly religious Pharisee: but I also can’t demonize them either. They need grace, too. I think the church fluctuates wildly between uptight, legalistic Bible-thumper to laidback, relevant, smoothly spiritual hipster, and while both sides sneer at each other, there are hurting people caught in the crossfire. Hyper-grace is no better than hyper-law. A knee-jerk reaction to one type of religion will only imprison us further.

Hating on the Westboro folks or fundie televangelists is easy mode. Anyone can do that. It’s easy to say “I’m not like those other Christians.” What’s hard is transcending such pigeon-holed categories like Jesus did, who extended his hands on a cross for both the running prodigal and the angry preacher. What’s hard is reaching across every divide, from pimps and politicians to aristocrats and blind beggars. What’s hard is not perpetuating the cycle of hurt that you’ve been plunged into, and instead looking forward and above.

This doesn’t excuse the reprehensible hate speech from so-called Christian groups. But who will show them a better way? Who will react to hurt with healing? The way of the flesh says to hurt people who hurt you. But the way of Christ on a cross is to boldly speak life where there’s death, not to prove a point or to look polite, but because grace in the face of hate is the only power that can heal.

It’s hard not to get bitter. I think many prodigals who left the church had every reason to leave. I don’t deny the massive hurts the church has caused. It’s a scary thing to open up to a church and intertwine with such vulnerability. I only hope that we recognize Jesus was dismissed by his own church, too, and he still jumped out of a grave to go back for the very people who left him to die. Maybe the irony is that Jesus empowers us to forgive and live with the very same people who killed him. If we’re mad at legalists, God has a right to be even more mad: yet as a loving Father, He wants His kids to get along.

I can suggest two things. One is to find the appropriate church. It’s almost like finding the right spouse: it takes time, and it’s implausible to expect perfection. The second is to forgive those who are blinded by their own crushing morality. If you fight hate with more division, there’s a zero percent chance that anyone will change their ways. But if you fight hate with self-sacrificial grace, there’s a one percent chance that change can happen. That’s what love does. It’s the same risk that Jesus took for us. It’s the same risk I’ll take too. The Pharisees killed Jesus for it, but that says more about Jesus than us: and I want to be where he is.

— J.S.

otpprompts had this prompt ,which I reblogged from a-paragons-memoir, and a sudden inspiration hit. Here it is with Shakarian.

“Imagine person A has amnesia and person B is taking care of them. Person B tries their best to help person A remember them.”

“And who are you?”

“I’m Garrus. Garrus Vakarian,” Garrus replied.

“No,” she shook her head, “Who are you to her.” She stopped realizing that wasn’t right, “I mean, to me.”

“Ahh,” he hummed sadly.

Shepard really didn’t remember him. It wasn’t surprising considering she didn’t know her own name.

“I’m your friend and…” he hesitated not knowing how she’d react, “We’re dating.”

“Really?” Shepard’s face brightened and she broke into a grin, “Oh, that’s good. I was hoping…”

Garrus smiled as he tried to keep up with all the questions Shepard had, pressing him for every detail of their relationship.

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How do you go through the nights with a broken heart? I'm okay through the day when I'm busy but at night I just lay in bed and I'm sad

Count your blessings. The mind loves to insist that things are far worse than they actually are. We are not always in control of what happens to us, but we are in control of how we react to those situations. You can greet tragedy with hope, just as you can greet it with sadness. Some of the best moments in your life have yet to happen, and that is such a beautiful promise. It is inevitable that you will come across difficulties throughout your years, your journey is not meant to be easy, it is meant to test you and allow you to blossom into a radically different being. You are constantly adapting, changing and becoming. Our experiences are endless variations of colour meant to paint the white canvas that was once your soul. Realize that you are a limitless work of art. A couple tints of black should never stop you from adding strokes of yellow.

Taylor knew we were gonna flip shit so she IMMEDIATELY came back on here to see how we were reacting. I love her. ❤️

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I feel like Taylor 100% shows Calvin how we react when they go out..

I’m pretty sure that’s why somehow we always get some type of picture or account of her showing him her phone. They’re onto us. They see all. They love seeing us burn to ashes.

  • I feel like the knights grow a strong attachment towards the people they put up for the new positions. This isn't a job where you can just go and pull someone from off the streets, you have to know they can be trusted, that they have the qualities necessary to be a Kingsman. You have to know them well enough so that you can understand they're what's needed. And they're going through that training for months, all of the one-on-one sessions. I mean, we saw how Arthur reacted when Charlie turned out to be a fuck up, how he looked so heartbroken and disappointed and Charlie was basically on the verge of tears before he left and he had to try and get himself off the tracks. There was so much pain between them in that moment, that wouldn't have grown if they didn't have that bond.
  • There are certainly different types of bonds, but they've all experienced it one way or another so no one ever is faulted for growing attached to their mentor or protégé. There's the basic father/mother and son/daughter one, the typical "I view you as a parental figure and source of guidance" one that's most common (And this is probably the one that Charlie and Arthur share). Then there's the one where they're intensely close friends, the mentor doesn't view their protégé as anyone that is below them or someone that needs to be taught, just that they need to be honed a bit further. They're almost there and, with their help, they'll reach their full potential. While this isn't as common as the first it's still very prevalent (I think this is the sort of relationship Roxy and Percival have, a mutual-respect).
  • The last is, of course, the rarest of them all:Love. While they all know it's common for fondness to grow, and yes, love in a platonic sense, it's very rare to find two people who honestly strike a relationship out of their situation that isn't like the first two. The only reason why this one is so rare is because they have to be very intimate, they have to be very close and obviously attracted to each other. It starts as the friendship then gradually moves a bit deeper, the protégé is craving their mentor's sole attention and the mentor wishes that they could have their protégé's attention focused on them as much and often as possible. Then it progresses to where they become jealous, they don't want anyone to be stealing the other's attention away from them. Before either party knows it they're in head over heels desperately seeking out any moment they can with the other (Desperate words exchanged in empty hallways barely hiding away their need, blatant excuses so one can go visit the other when they're alone and can't think straight anymore, the mentor offering to broaden the protégé's skills so that it gives them more time alone). It's hard, fast, entirely too breathtakingly quick, yet at the same time it's so fucking slow that it aches and twists at them inside. It's painful. It's tearing them apart inside because it's the sort of situation where the participants would hate themselves for their love, would think they're not good enough for the stunningly fantastic person before them who has done so much, shown them the fucking world and proven that there's more than just what they were living. And no one can tell me that's not Harry and Eggsy. Would any of the other recruits go visit their mentor frequently when they were unconscious? Roxy may, yes, but certainly not to the amount that Eggsy had. I'm convinced that there were more moments not shown where Eggsy was sitting in Harry's hospital room whenever they were alone, keeping him company even if he wouldn't have known if he was alone. /That's/ why he didn't knock as he walked in once Harry was better, he was so used to just going inside and plopping down beside the bed that he just didn't, and that joke he made was to cover it with. He'd sit there, watch My Fair Lady with him (Along with Pretty Woman, Trading Places, and Nikita solely so he could say if Harry ever asked again that yes, he had seen them now), read to him, just sleep there when he couldn't rest in his own room, let JB cuddle up against Harry's side and keep him warm, he'd view that hospital room basically as his spare bedroom. Merlin, being the shit he is, would probably show Harry the footage of Eggsy in the room with some comment like "Looks like you've found a loyal one, Galahad," and Harry would just be so happy because this wasn't required, this wasn't Eggsy sitting with him because he had to, this was Eggsy coming to sit with him hundreds of times while he was unconscious and the majority of the time he had assumed no one knew he was there. He'd even overlook the fact that Eggsy just let JB rest on the bed with him. Slowly his working with Eggsy would grow past the point of his trying to repay Lee and instead morph into his feeling like he needs to give Eggsy the very best.
  • I know Harry being shot isn't something we like to think about but it's gotta come up. Can you even imagine how broken Eggsy would feel? He'd be absolutely torn apart inside, entirely ruined because of this one small action that managed to distort his world and send his foundations crumbling with one blow. Saving the world would be a good distraction but afterwards Eggsy would be wrecked, living in Harry's home, taking up his bedroom, trying his damndest to not remove one single bit of his mentor's touch. Of course that would be impossible, his mum wouldn't let Mr. Pickles stay in the bathroom or those butterflies and such, and Eggsy would try to take so much into his room (Harry's old room obviously) and keep it safe and in the office as well but eventually some things would have to go. One thing he absolutely refuses to part with is the newspaper headlines, even if his mum thinks he's crazy. Instead of leaving them up in the office he frames every single one and puts them up around the house, leaving the ones Harry had explained to him on that night so long ago up on the wall across from his desk along with a picture of his parents and then his baby sister so whenever he was tired and near the end of his rope he'd remember who he was doing this for, the three people he loved most in the world and the one man he couldn't remember but wanted to make proud nonetheless. And every night he'd sit there reading the same tabloids over and over and holding back tears because of the one snippet of a newspaper article hidden in his desk drawer, the ink nearly worn away and the clipping torn- Harry's second entry in the papers. He hated it most because he only got two out of three, no marriage announcement, and none of the recognition he deserved. Drinking a toast wasn't enough for everything this man had done and sacrificed and achieved in his lifetime. It wasn't right.
  • And, of course, he would be telling him exactly that as soon as he pops up on their doorstep. Eggsy's mum would answer the door with little Daisy (Or whatever her name is) on her hip and she'd instantly recognize him because how couldn't she? This was the man who'd brought her the worst news of her life, she'd remember him forever, and she'd be terrified to see him and call out for Eggsy since this man can only bring bad news to anyone, she never wants him around again. She's going to lose Eggsy the next time he comes around. But her losing Eggsy to Harry is in a much different way than she thought, as she didn't expect him to walk to the foyer (Gun at the ready, of course) and drop everything because this isn't real, it can't be. This isn't Harry. But he knows it is, he knows he isn't sleeping because he was finishing his mission report in his office and refused to sleep until it was finished, he knew he couldn't be imagining this. And he'd just be so entirely tired and weary and worn out that he wouldn't even say anything and Harry would be panicking because Eggsy always had something to say he had to hate him now but if he hated him wouldn't he have said so already? Why is he just looking at me this isn't right I need to say something, do something. And just as Harry is opening his mouth (He didn't have anything planned to say, he was just going to let whatever came to mind first tumble out) Eggsy just walks forward and wraps his arms around Harry's waist and slumps against him, face buried in his neck and absolutely drinking in his cologne as the pain and the stress and the heartbreak he'd been feeling for so long finally melted away all because this man returned and Harry would be shocked but would gladly hold him close once he got his wits about him. Eggsy would be nearly falling asleep before he spoke, voice groggy as he murmurs to Harry "Did you know your job is absolute shit," and Harry would laugh and kiss his temple and smooth back his hair and just whisper the sweetest things to him like "Yes, I did, my dear, but you've done beautifully. I'm so proud of what you've done, what you've made for yourself, I knew you could do this. I knew all along that you would succeed, my love, you never fail to disappoint me." Eggsy's just positively melting at his touch and his words and it takes no time at all for most of his wounds to heal because now that Harry's back he's fine. He doesn't need the pain, the aching loneliness, they don't have to have the awkward moments they would have experienced had they managed to get their acts together before Harry was "shot", it was understood and wonderful and Harry isn't going to let go of Eggsy for the rest of his life.
  • And, just to make it happier, can you imagine how pissed Harry would be once he came back to life because of the media. They'd have to print a redaction to his death and the second the tabloids caught wind of that they'd be all over the story. Eggsy and Harry would be everywhere, stories about how Harry had faked his death in the face of the megalomaniac Valentine so that he could escape with his life and return home to the love of his life, to live happily with their family. God, he'd be livid, but whenever Eggsy was laughing and putting the picture frames up (Because he would totally get those framed, let's be real) and Daisy is sitting at his desk colouring and JB is sitting in Harry's lap and Michelle is popping in randomly, bringing them tea and biscuits and crayons for Daisy when she breaks the ones she has and new paper, he finds he really can't mind. It's the truth, if a bit fluffed up. He would put his name in the papers thousands of times if it meant he could see Eggsy's eyes sparkling with so much joy as he laughed and grinned.