No lie. I’ve been watching it for 5min straight. It’s been months and i’m still not over it.

The Truth About Life …

1. Things never, ever go according to your plan

2. You’ll always meet with unexpected snags and obstacles

3. Not everyone will like you, or want to be your friend

4. We all lose motivation and want to ditch our dreams

5. Success is transitory – the happiness will pass

6. We all get disappointed and let down by our friends

7. But attitude is everything – we choose how to react

8. There’s always something good, if we will only look for it

9. There are those who “play it forward”, and who’re helpful, warm and kind

10. And life is full of chances, new beginnings and fresh starts.

While I understand that Yuri on Ice!!! is a sports anime first and foremost, I’d like to argue that it is way more than that.  At this point in our lives, we’ve seen a fair amount of sports anime that just outright queerbaits you into thinking that just maybe this time it’s more than a bromance.  Yes, I’m talking about Free! which gave us so many emotional scenes between high school boys that screamed more than friendship but just left it at that.  You cling onto that hope every single time and it’s painful to not be able to see proper representation. 

Production teams knows that they can sell the intense look into each others eyes, emotional proclamations of ‘friendship’ and skinship.  They know us and know exactly how we’ll react as a fandom to this.  We feed into it and let them continue to beat around the bush.  

Yuuri is all of us.  Yuuri’s anxiety at his past and not being able to live up to Viktor’s standards terrifies him.  He is used to dragging himself down but the pure though of doing that to another person is horrifying.  He’s never been the person to beat and all of this is so new to him that it’s bringing him to a breaking point.  Viktor offers to “kiss him or something”.  I think that in any other situation a kiss would have been the only move to make but they don’t kiss and that’s what’s important.  They’re not your typical characters at all.  This is a vital character development scene for Yuuri to express his innermost desires and be so selfish for the first time in his life.  

“Just have more faith than I do in me.”

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Dear Stydia shippers. Do not let anyone make you feel bad or shame you for being extremely excited about Stydia and nothing else.

We had to wait three seasons just to watch EVERYTHING taken away from us within ONE FUCKING EPISODE. They helped us climb the mountain by holding our hand AND LET GO RIGHT BEFORE WE WERE AT THE TOP. Season four literally shot us through the heart and no matter what people will claim .. deep down .. EVERYONE knows it came out of nowhere and was unfair as fuck.

YET we believed and we did not lose hope. Because within all the bullshit we could see the truth: THESE TWO DORKS LOVE EACH OTHER. We saw how Lydia reacted to Stiles being with someone else. WE HEARD HOW STILES’ VOICE WAS SHAKING WHEN HE TOLD LYDIA TO FOCUS ON HIS VOICE. We saw how Lydia tried to protect him while she was chained up. We saw the worry in Stiles’ eyes when he didn’t want to leave without her. We saw it and we knew that in the end we would get justice. But everyone else thought we were CRAZY and made fun of us.

‘lol at least we are canon’

‘lol it’s dead’

‘lol you’re st/rek 2.0’

‘lol st/lia is endgame’

‘lol lydia loves parrish’

‘lol stiles doesn’t care about lydia anymore’

I knew one day I would look back at these comments and just laugh, but it took a long fucking time. BUT WE GOT THERE. Because we were right about Stiles loving Lydia and not Malia. We were right about Lydia having feelings for Stiles. We were right about these two dorks being able to do EVERYTHING for each other and most importantly: we were right about their future together.

AFTER FIVE SEASONS AND SIX YEARS WE GOT WHAT WE WAITED FOR. WE GOT WHAT PEOPLE THOUGHT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN. WE GOT WHAT WAS TAKEN AWAY FROM US MULTIPLE TIMES WITH THE MOST STUPID REASONS. After the horrible season four BTS and the horrible season four episodes .. after the season 5 pilot episode after YEARS AND SEASONS WE GOT WHAT WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR and don’t you DARE feeling like a fake fan or whatever because you only have eyes for your OTP. You waited way too long to give a F about ANYTHING else. If you want to see Stydia and Stydia only; YOU DO THAT. Remember .. when everything was positive for people who try to make you feel bad right now .. they didn’t give a fuck about anything else either.


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Nami’s LOYALTY - The Hidden Gem

I know this arc has a lot of people debating on whether a SH will end up in a romance, but Oda has also used this arc as an opportunity to showcase Nami’s loyalty.

During the fight with Cracker, Nami did not run away, she had 11 Hours to get away to not only safety, but to go after Sanji, Chopper, Carrot, etc. Instead she stayed with him, despite the enemy’s status as a YONKO COMMANDER and fought side by side with her captain.
Even better is that she yelled at the same commander that she does not care what his position is, because they guy fighting alongside her will be the Pirate King and he has no limits.

Next we see how she reacts in a desperate situation when her captain is being beat to a pulp in front of her eyes.

This moment showed how even in the most tragic moments, she will back up her captain. This is further evidenced by the proper translation and looking at the context. A friend of mine said this:

So Nami Says : “ Gomen ne Yokei na Koto shite ”
Now there is 2 very important thing in this. “ Ne ” and “ Yokei na Koto ”.
“ Gomen ” just means sorry and “ Shite ” is only the Verb
I came to understand that “ Yokei na Koto ” is a japanese “ expression ”, it means like, to do too much, overdo it, unnecessary act.
“ Ne ” in this sentence is an “ intonation ” it adds a strong sense of “ sarcasms ” in this context .
So the sentence is more like
“ Sorry for my unnecessary behavior ” (with a sarcastic tone)
This means Nami’s slap got a deep meaning behind it. It’s a direct parallel to Sanji, Nami is apologizing for overdoing it with her slap when Sanji has gone and overdo it with his role, disrespecting their crew and beating Luffy to a pulp
She was trying to get Sanji to react by making him understand in a subtle manner that he went overboard with his fake act.​

This shows she retaliated strictly for the excessive beating of Luffy even though she begged him to stop multiple times combined with her own frustrations of everything that she’s gone through.

Note: Correct translation is as follows, 

“Nami: ……Luffy!! Why?! No matter what his reasons, after he did all that to you…”

This confirms her reasoning behind the slap to Sanji and is coherent with my explanation above. I’ve said it before but I’ll restate it again. This is why I think that this moment is considered HUGE. Sure he could have made Nami say things from the top of King Baum but Oda also wants readers to get the message. Basically if you cross the line with Luffy, Nami will cut ties with you holy shit.

And to keep it short, I’ll only add in one more instance, her stand with Luffy against a freaking YONKO ARMY. As if a commander wasn’t enough, she stayed with her captain again, instead of leaving for safety, or again going after Sanji and the others.

She herself knows that this may be a losing fight. In fact she warned Luffy multiple times that they are not in the best spot, deep in yonko territory, with BM being angered.

Even after seeing a massive army coming she still stays and is prepared to fight. When Nami of all people says Luffy will not win a fight, you best believe Luffy has no chance of winning that fight. No one displays more confidence or plays a cheerleading role for Luffy than Nami, as Oda has shown time and time again.

So for her to say that, it shows how she thinks the upcoming battle is going to turn out bad. Despite that she still STAYS and fights alongside her captain.

This kind of loyalty is amazing and Oda has clearly shown how much her captain means to her in this entire arc. I am confident, he will show more again later this arc and of course in future arcs as well.

Here’s something to add to the whole “humans are weird” thing going around fantasy tumblr: how fucking weird is it that when we run into something unfamiliar or awkward or sometimes even scary, we laugh?

Like imagine we’ve made contact with aliens, and they’ve figured out that laughter is how we react to funny stuff. Simple! And then one of them brings out this horrifying abomination they keep as a pet…

And their human contact just starts giggling nervously.

Another alien from the same ship bluntly asks a human how reproduction works, only to receive a lot of awkward laughter in response.

Another one elicits surprised laughter just by arriving. 

When they return to their ship, they hold a conference over one nagging question: what about these interactions was so damned funny!?

not to be rude™ but adding to the pining keith hc, do u think that once he finally had lance and was loved by someone he pined after for so long, he’d be terrified to lose him?
bc okay, he was orphaned at a young age, and he lost shiro, who was probably his closest thing to family, for a year, and he was kicked out of the garrison which may have been one of the first times he felt like he belonged somewhere and we saw how he reacted when team voltron almost disbanded
so can you imagine how scared he would be of losing something he wanted for so long? like he will just be laying next to lance and despite being in his arms, he still can’t fall asleep bc he can’t get rid of this awful feeling that he’s going to lose him, so he feels overly protective during missions and he’ll question himself and his relationship and whether or not lance actually cares for him
OR you can look at the other side of it where maybe he just accepts that lance will leave him and so he cherishes every single moment he has with him and is adamant about recording what they do together by writing it down and taking pictures and he feels like he can’t ever get too attached, but then realizes how much he loves lance and starts to panic bc he cares too much and he loves him too much for this to go away and the second that lance seems a bit distant from him, keith will start acting a but more reckless and physically exhausting himself through training to keep his mind off of the imminent breakup that never actually happens
and in either scenario, when lance finds keith back in his own bed and asks why he doesn’t want to sleep with him (lance just assumes he doesn’t feel well or maybe he just needs some alone time), he’s a bit surprised by the look of shock and relief that washes over keith’s face and if those were really just tears that keith was wiping off of his cheeks, well then lance will bring it up in the morning


This entire video is made of gold and I want to give it an award. 


jfc that card is DESTROYED

But guys




My soul is lifted. 

My headache is gone. 

My sinuses are cleared. 

I can see into the future and everything is beautiful.

Remember when the teachers visited the kids at home to ask their parents if they could stay at the UA dorms?
What about Todoroki?

Is anybody else tired of the only actual outrage about aphobia being because it can be applied to the other orientations and gender identities? You should be mad on our behalf because it’s fucked up to continue to hurt our a-spec community, not because it’s a “precursor” to the “more important identities”.
How come there is no call to action? How come there is no refusal to give aphobes a platform and even “allies” call their hateful rhetoric “opinions”. How did you allow such a neutral sounding term, exclusionist, to be applied to people who are rape apologists, and murderers?

A-spec people die. A-spec people are brutalized. A-spec are told to hate themselves and that we deserve hate. We don’t need judgement from people on how we react because it’s our lives on the line. We need you to stop protecting aphobes.

Being an INFJ feels like being 2 people at once. We have opposing feelings and opinions that can be difficult to balance. But accepting this is the biggest step to accepting ourselves. We can seem hypocritical to others, who struggle to understand how we react in opposites to different situations. We can seem impossible to understand when we say we feel two ways at once. It can be hard to understand ourselves when we are both passionate yet withdrawn, introverted yet extroverted, intense yet distant, selfish yet selfless, caring yet hating.

To be an INFJ is to be opposites at once.

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Gee golly gosh Papyrus that sure is something to think about, I wonder if that could apply to anyone else you know?

XD yeah, i wonder too…Where did you even get that, Papyrus? You sound like you know things…

Captain Cassian Andor - ‘Internal Injuries’

I’m sorry; you are probably annoyed with all the cassian requests but he is babe. I was wondering if you could please write one where it’s the reader that goes to sacrif instead of him and she dies. And we see how he reacts to her death & memorial. Sorry it’s so angst. Thank you sweetie

I’m sorry if it’s too short and I’m sorry if I made you cry.

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When he was first told about Rogue One, about the fate of Scarif, Captain Cassian Andor took it as any captain should have. That it was a needed step towards victory, towards saving the galaxy and it would be remembered until the end of time.

Nobody saw Captain Andor when he returned to his quarters and how he broke down. He cried the names of those he had known on that ship, save one; your name. He didn’t dare even think of your name. Just the idea of merely daring to think about you brought him to the edge of tears. He threw himself into any mission he could get in an attempt to distract himself from what he felt. Each mission, he’d brave the line of blaster fire, just to see if the fates would pity him in death; but they never did.

No, Cassian Andor was forced to keep living. No matter what he tried, he couldn’t seem to leave his life behind. When you had died, he had been in the safety of the Yavin Base because he couldn’t make it to the ship in time and he had to live with that guilt everyday. It got to the point, after a lot of close calls and one too many trips to the cantina, when Mon Mothma herself, put him in a jail cell. It was that night when he first thought of you since he was told about Scarif. In that very jail, the legendary Captain Cassian Andor cried himself to sleep. After that night, he was issued to the medbay as a patient, under his ‘internal injuries’. He didn’t fight it, or beg to be put back to work; he just gave up. He didn’t even speak to anyone, and would ignore the ones that tired. But not even once did anyone think that Captain Cassian Andor was broken, just that he was healing from years at war.

His days consisted of thinking of you; your eyes, your smile, the way you’d look at him when he shouted a Rebellion cliche. He’d remember the day you first told him that you loved him and the way you kissed him after. The way you would call him “Andor” whenever he became too annoying and the way you’d snuggled up to him at night to fight the cold. He heard every “I love you” and “come back to me” over and over again until he fell asleep; but even then his dreams never acted as an escape. He’d see you in all your stunning glory and when he woke up, he’d have to watch you fade away.

The day Mothma told him about the Rogue One memorial, he finally spoke and when he did, Mon’s heart broke.

“Will her name…will she be honored?” All she could do was nod at the broken man before her. No amount of words could save this man. She merely handed him a hologram transmission that they received before Scarif exploded and exited his room. He pressed play expecting a montage of names and faces but only saw yours. Your eyes wide in fear but your stance strong and unwavering. Tear gathered in his deep brown eyes as he watched, and those tears fell when he heard your voice.  

“It’s, it’s not good Cassian. I just wanted you to know a few things before…I love you. But you already know that.” You let out a chuckle and Cassian did too. “You need to keep going, Andor, no matter what happens. The galaxy needs you, you hear me? Now do what you’re told and save it.” You smiled and then a bright light appeared behind you and the footage cut out. He replayed the footage over again, just to see your face. After a while he started to speak,

                         “I hear you,” he murmured, “I hear you.”

 When he was first told about Rogue One, about the fate of Scarif, Captain Cassian Andor took it as any captain should have; he kept going.