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It was inevitable as soon as Eran and Rose had heard wind of Matt quitting they knew exactly where he was coming, Not particularly happy but not disappointed either. 

They were expecting him anytime soon, Gregory was the last one to know and was shocked to say the least he could already heart his father and Grell going back and forth. He wondered what prompted Matt to make such a rash decision. They weren’t going to be left unanswered because he was arriving within a week or two.

The boys anxious the day before drinking at Eran’s. Rose accompanying them as well while Eran was trying to cionvinced Zeno to come with them to the airport.
Corals, crochet and the cosmos: how hyperbolic geometry pervades the universe
By Margaret Wertheim

Margaret Wertheim:

We have built a world of largely straight lines – the houses we live in, the skyscrapers we work in and the streets we drive on our daily commutes. Yet outside our boxes, nature teams with frilly, crenellated forms, from the fluted surfaces of lettuces and fungi to the frilled skirts of sea slugs and the gorgeous undulations of corals.

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hi. i'd like to ask a seemingly basic question - how do i tune out or ignore external opinions regarding my actions and feelings, i.e. how can i do more of what i want without paying too much heed to what others think ? i understand that it is definitely wiser to not be externally oriented, but it is proving very challenging in a society that is constantly affirmation and reward based.

We are taught that we should feel good and not feel bad. We are told to chase after good feelings and push away bad feelings. And when others like us and approve of us we feel good, when they don’t approve of us we feel bad, especially when it is our parents or people close to us. This is why we care about other’s approval, we want to feel good. This is how our society is built. We are rewarded as you say for having people like us, we are rewarded because we feel good instead of bad.

The problem comes in when we aren’t how others want us to be and we are not approved by them. We feel bad and we are taught that that is bad, that we are bad. This doesn’t let us be how we are and we can lead a fake life, which is unsatisfying because we aren’t allowed to be how we are naturally. So, what’s the way out? How do we get out of this? Try this: Take your labels off of how you feel and just feel. Breathe and feel what is there in you now. Where do you feel it, chest, stomach, head, just feel and allow what is there to be there. If someone doesn’t approve of want you are doing, feel how that feels. Allow that feeling to be. You are you, if someone doesn’t like how you live your life, feel how that feels. If you are doing something illegal or hurting others, that is another issue, but if you are just you doing your thing and people, your parents or loved ones, don’t approve; feel that. You can be you. Flaws and talents. You can just be you.

Do what you do and just feel what life gives you. When you allow yourself to feel how you feel and don’t judge and label what is there as good or bad, you are freed of those feelings that others bring about in you and you are freed of their judgment of how you should be. Use your brain to go about your life and don’t hurt others. But, feel those feelings and know that you don’t have to be controlled by them. You are allowed to be you. Give the approval and the love that you seek from others to yourself. Make peace with your heart and your inner child and let yourself know that it is ok to be you. And that you are ok, you can feel good with out others giving you the good feelings, you can give those to yourself. If you allow what is there to be there in you and don’t fight it, from my experience, good feelings come. You feel more peaceful and more at ease. Because you aren’t fighting how you are, you aren’t fighting life, the life that you are. The conflict is settled. You don’t feel you have to be a certain way or do certain things to feel good. You can be how you are and just be at peace. And from that peaceful place, you’ll be kind to others and you’ll put your best foot forward so to speak and others may just let you be you and approve of you. You just wont rely what others think of you to feel good. You just will.

I hope this helps.



🌵🌸My lovely children! 🌸🌵 

Here’s how we built it: 

4’ x 4’ planter box with plywood base- Home Depot 

Garden soil, cactus & citrus mix- Home Depot (I think we used 6 bags)

1 strong person with tools- My dad

Assorted succulents- Local nursery & Home Depot 

We are planning on adding some large decorative rocks, many more plants and some little details! 

The plants:

Rainbow Elephant Bush

Echeveria “Perle Von Nürnberg”  

Echeveria “Topsy Turvy”

Echeveria Lilacina “Ghost”

Aloe Vera “Pickled Pink” or “Pink Blush”

Graptoveria “Opalina” (not pictured)

(also not pictured is my unidentified cactus)

❛ :: @bloodymists

                   ❛ i can’t. ❜         another growl in the face of his command, seethed through gritted teeth and reinforced through the ferocity of ambers that shone through the dark ;;     opalescent,     thirsty against the moonlight that shone through large bay windows. they were here with the same purpose, far more heroic than most of her previous endeavors but, whereas he was an officially delegated operative, weapon x had been instructed to orchestrate her specialties from the shadows. he asked her again to drop her weapons, his deathly whisper only causing her to cock her jaw at him with established defiance but, with hands ( & claws ) in the air to frame her face, there was little else for her to do but elaborate before he began wasting bullets. 

                   ❛ same team here. ❜

no offense but when will some of yall learn to stop blaming poor people for being poor

Think about the strongest person you know. They are fearless, invincible. They could stop a meteor, hurtling down from the sky to destroy humanity, in its tracks with a biting stare. Make it take a u-turn and spin back out to where it came from and let that be that.
We all know someone like this. For me, it’s my mother. A woman so resilient and proud, like the lion symbolic of her Leo star sign. She is a woman without shame, bringing back packs of strawberries to the shop fifteen minutes after buying them if there’s even a hint of a bruise on them. She’s a woman who’s honesty can make you cry. She’s a woman who’s held down her station in the battlefield of motherhood, sacrificing everything she’s ever had for her family, since the age of 25. I am in awe of her.
But how do these people we know, seemingly built of steel, get to this level of strength? Or were they simply hand-selected to wear skin thicker than most of us?
The truth is that these people, beneath it all, have been vulnerable at some points. The truth is that they aren’t invincible. They have fears, they have doubts. But it’s the experience living with those things swirling around inside them that’s shaped them, that’s given them the durability they wear like a coat.
My mom came from a working-class family and was one of 12 children. Ever night she fought with her five sisters over who got to sleep with the one pillow shared between them, or who got to wear the left side of the one pair of roller skates in the house.
She isn’t fond of dogs. For years I just thought she flat-out didn’t like them (and who doesn’t like dogs?) but I later found out that she was chased by a big dog when she was very young, and even now she’s still a little wary of them.
When she was 17, her and her sister took a chance and a plane to New York and lived and worked there, despite having never left Ireland before, despite not knowing where life would take them, despite being poor, despite the roaches, despite their visas expiring six months into their stay (“You could get away with it back then” she’s said to me countless times). They lived their on and off for a few years.
And this morning she told me she’s been dumped abruptly by boys she loved very much.
All of those things made her into who she is now. Experience shapes a person - good and bad. You can choose to learn and grow from it, or you can squander it. She did the former.
I always just thought she was like this all her life. But she wasn’t, she built her own armour from what life gave her - never asking for better parts - and she went headfirst into every battle that knocked on her door. And not that not crying = strength, but I have only ever see her cry once. I’ve only seen fear flicker through her eyes once - and that was when she thought she’d lose her daughter to the same disease that once tried to wrangle her closest sister away from her.
When I look at photos of her from when she was my age, she looks as innocent as I think I do now. Full of insecurities and guarding. a very tender and vulnerable heart. I never thought to connect the dots, to look a little more closely at the pictures, mapping out the changes she’s made to survive. And now that I have, I have a renewed respect for her.
We’ve never been ultra-close. Never had the mother-daughter relationship I always craved, that I saw in films and with my friends and their mothers. All my life I’ve passed it off as rejection, that she actually didn’t like me. That I annoyed her. That I disappointed her. We’d clash, we’d spit like crackling embers. We’ve hurt each other with what we’ve said. And it was only when I was talking to Fiona last month about Obvious Child, talking about how you think the mom is such a bitch, but in the end you realise she actually just cares so much and worries for her daughter, that the light bulb - gathering dust over my head, waiting waiting waiting for the penny to finally drop - lit up. My perspective did a little flip, like the one successful pancake you get at the very end of the batter after all the burnt and sloppy ones.
She just cares. We’ve never been close because, assuming she’d shut me out, I never let her in. I built the wall jumping to conclusions, thinking myself unworthy of another person’s love.
And as a firm nonbeliever in the phrase “it’s too late”, I’m really eager to scrap this wall, to hack at it with my bare hands. To let her in and ask her so many things, like how she dealt with the things she did and when she realised she stopped caring about what other people think of her and more stories about how she lived in The Bronx and show her the photographs and to tell her how inspiring she really is and how she much she means to me.
I’ve entered a very appreciatory (???) period of my life where I’m raining in gratitude for everyone who is a part of life in some form or another.
This has been another Sap post.

Why I now hesitate to throw away a single sock

I now hesitate to throw away a single sock,
Let me explain why
I was a boy with no direction
You were a young women with humble dreams
You scared me
I looked at you and I saw a future
Something I had never thought about
I knew nothing about tomorrow
could barely deal with today
Quickly you taught me how to look forward
Even quicker I taught you how to dream bigger
We built a future, a dream, a destination
Not so worried about what we needed to do to get there
Suddenly we were off
Our first apartment we slept on an air matress
We shared one car
But we had direction
Quickly we went from 1 car to 2
We now had a beautiful home with a real bed
It was a start but to me you deserved more
We deserved more
We talked about mansions, vacations, cars and freedom
We were not gettng there fast enough
Obsessed over the future
I spent to much time looking forward
I didnt realize you were no longer by my side
Exhaustion and anger set in so I was quick to push you away
Now I lay alone in “our” bed in “our” bed
Sleepless sometimes wishing that I never found direction
So next time you find a single sock, ask yourself what I ask myself
When it was looking at its future is this what it saw?

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What kind of guys do you like?

The kind of guys I like are passionate and interesting. Some aspect of their life they’re obsessed with because it might not match my obsession, but it’s something I can relate to

Funny, caring, bearded, kind eyes
Someone who I can sit and talk to for hours, and also sit in silence with for the same amount of time comfortably.

Someone who lets me inside the walls they’ve built, no matter how slowly, so we can show each other our true selves and share experiences we both enjoy together

Most importantly, someone who’s interested in loving me, the way I am interested in loving them!

Hey guys! I’m opening up commissions since a bunch of games I wanna play are coming out and my body hasn’t been built to photosynthesize yet.

Here’s how we’ll do things:

  1. Email me (make sure to include a subject line so I don’t mistake you for a Nigerian prince) at
  2. Tell me what you want me to do! If you want me to follow any guidelines, include them and any references, too if you wanna do OCs will be greatly appreciated. I’ll reply with your email and give you a quote on the pricing. Reply to this email and the commission is officially started
  3. Once I start, I’ll send you a progress sketch. Please make a payment of 50%
  4. Once I receive said payment, I’ll send you the final painting.

And now here’s the rules:-

-What I’ll draw-

  • Robots
  • Knights/armored stuff
  • Creatures
  • OCs (Some kind of description will be required)
  • Pokemon

 What I won’t draw-

  • NSFW
  • Furries
  • Couple Stuff
  • Gore

-Bear in mind the stuff of what I’ll draw isn’t absolute, if you have a specific request just talk to me and I’ll tell you if it’s a go or not. Communication is key, and I want both of us to get the best out of this. 

-First come, first serve, obviously. I’m only opening 5 slots this time, so yeah.

-I reserve the right to refuse a commission.

-Communicate. I can’t stress that enough. Your input is valuable, put it to good use. Either E-Mail me or even message me on tumblr.

I look forward to hearing from you! Email:

ok i just wanna rant abt world peace for a minute, hear me out

with all of my hope for the human race to get better, i genuinely do believe the concept of “world peace” is absurd. nobody takes into account the genetics of human life and how we’re all built differently, we’re legitimately born different. unless we were all the same race, the same class, the same level of intelligence and basically the same fucking person over and over, world peace is nowhere near obtainable
its a ridiculous notion, i just think that understanding is a good way to start. for myself, personally, i’d rather someone understand where im coming from than to just be happy all the time, yknow?

the book “the giver” is a rlly good book bcus it puts this sort of thing into perspective , at least a little bit. everybody is the same, basically. save for some differences here and there, these people are put into communities and are brainwashed into thinking they know everything is going to be ok, while a world is outside of them that they havent seen yet.

nobody on this earth will truly be at peace, because differences are so prominent in our society, and more and more unique identities keep popping up. just basic things like culture, and where youre born, for example. with human nature we’re bound to find some sort of negative feel to everything. without good there cant be bad, and vice versa. we can never truly be neutral either because of how different we are. someone is bound to question things eventually, unless we’re taught from the very start to not do so. unless everybody else around us is the same. or, we’re genetically modified to think the same. which is impossible. at least, impossible if we’re talking about humane means. of course there’s always the saying “if there’s a will there’s a way” but i dont think someone would want world peace that badly that they’d kill off all the people on the planet and use a select group of people to repopulate the earth, genetically modifying every human that is created in order to create artificial understanding between one another in order for everybody to be “truly equal”. but like i said, that route is fucking ridiculous and why would anybody do that. i dont even think they’d get the chance to. just cant happen, my dude.

all in all i think world peace is absolutely unobtainable. i think we should be focusing on everybody understanding or at least TRYING TO understand one another, and working in baby steps. nobody’s going to agree with everybody they see. people will ask questions, and people WILL be scared and confused. people just have to be more patient with one another. we need to be taught, every single one of us. because what we think we know, someone else might have an entirely different side to the story on the other side of the world. so i guess we should start with some mutual respect rather than focus on everybody “getting along”. we should all be able to hold our own opinions, but i think it’s best we learn not to ATTACK people for it. and we just try to figure out where everybody is coming from.

if yall wanna talk abt this tho you should totally hmu im so up for this conversation, as long as i dont pass out from being so tired first

Day 18

Today we went to Vatican City and got to see everything in the Vatican! It is amazing how beautiful everything is and how everything was built back in the day. We finally nailed the metro down! It’s so easy once you get the hang of it. That’s how we have been traveling everywhere here in Rome. Tonight we are going to a fancy dinner unlimited wine and food for 20 euros!


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Hi. Could you please explain what this lyric from OOTW means because it's so confusing to understand. 'We were built to fall apart then fall back together'.

Absolutely! I can give my take at least:)

Sometimes your traits/personality mesh with another person’s in a way that doesn’t let either of you fully commit, to staying or to leaving. ‘We were built’ meaning how we are put together and what our personalities are like, and ‘to fall apart and fall back together’ being that we’re in this constant cycle of not working but not being able to leave.

What I really like about it is she says ‘fall back together.’ Falling back together doesn’t sound like a success either, and it sounds so different than saying you choose each other, or it worked out..

Saying that both things are falling sounds like a relationship with no winning.