Valaken-Cilerus, one of the many gods in my OCverse, was one of few to give up his godhood in exchange for a physical body with which to roam among humanity. He made this decision out of curiosity and intrigue, deciding that life watching only passively was not one that he wanted to participate in. When he took physical form he made his home in Shaga’Roth, the northern mountain kingdom. He is usually travelling since observance is why he stopped being a god in the first place. He will typically stay in Shaga’Roth but enjoys the weather in Port Caell, the western coast kingdom as well.

Gods who give up their omniscience and ability to use most of their powers cannot ascend to godhood ever again once this decision is made. However they remain immortal and must continue to manage their godly responsibilities.

In this case Valaken is the god of death and acts as a source for necromancy. He can no longer practice this magic but instead can give the powers to those who he deems fit to have it. Once a god transfers their magic to another they become partially responsible for assisting with the God’s responsibilities. He has given his powers to very few people in his centuries walking among the living. Nobody is really sure how he decides who to give this power to and many people have tried in the past. 

Valaken doesn’t form close bonds with people in a traditional sense. He seems cold to many but is honestly a nice guy. Though he can be a bit strange occasionally, this is largely due to his time spent as a God, especially one of death. Understandably when you manage death you tend to never get too close to living things on an emotional level. Because of this he may show his appreciation or happiness in strange ways. Needless to say he has no expression of interest in love or sexuality either. 

As conflicts arise, Valaken is rumored to be seen by the sidelines of major battles. He believes that the most true showing of a beings soul is when they are engaged in war. 

What would he see in your soul?

PSAT be like

If a big nosed horn faced dinosaur can fill prescriptions at a rate of five prescriptions per every 20 minutes. How long does it take a farm grown salmon to infect regular salmon with Spanish moss while taking into account the Mozart effect. To solve for this use the equation y=mx+b where b equals the amount of bins a wolf can open without making human eye contact and where m stands for the amount of meters an earthworm can travel at a downward angle. Also please don’t forget to take into account figure one which diagrams how farmers markets have grown in popularity since 1990.



The second day in Hokkaido! Everyone of ASAHIKAWA CITY, thank you! We traveled via the car from Sapporo today but it took around 2 hours. I could once again actually feel how huge Hokkaido is. That’s why, I’m really glad to have been able to do these 2 shows like this◎

We had ramen in the dressing room for lunch, and Jingisukan (Japanese grilled mutton dish) in the night. At Sapporo, we’d gone to a sushi place. Although I don’t ever have lamb or Ikura (salmon roe) when we had catering during the tour, when we were high-school students… Right now, I love it.

We’ll come back again alright, thank you.