Chanbaek during the exo bowling broadcast

This had to be one of my favorite live broadcast because of the amount of Chanbaek in here (and the adorableness of the nine boys), I mean, I was practically in tears at the sight of the huge amount of moments. *sigh* they just keep getting more and more obvious~

Now enough of that and het your spazz on

For one, LOOK AT THE GOSH HANG HEIGHT DIFFERERNCE!!!! OMAGAWD!! The sight of a smol Baekhyun saying something to a tol Chanyeol just melts my heart~

More height difference plus Baekhyun touching Chanyeol while he’s about to bowl ;~; (He’s like bro you gotta hit those two pins the right way while tenderly touching his arm) AND THROUGHOUT HIS ENTIRE EXPLANATION OF HOW HE’S GONNA DO IT BAEKHYUN JUST STAYS BY HIS SIDEEEE AHHH

(Gif version)

Chanyeol hasn’t even thrown the ball and these two were just in their little worlds about how in the world Chanyeol should throw it. Xiumin’s like….bro just throw the ball.

Lol they’re just like a couple teasing each other, I love it.

Chanyeol had to do the punishment of eating a pepper while getting shocked and Baekhyun kept asking if he was ok and it’s so sweet and OMG LOOK AT HOW PUPPY LIKE CHANYEOL IS WHILE LOOKING AT BAEKHYUN!! I can’t these two are just too adorable, I mean usually Chanyeol’s the caring boyfie but I love it when Baekhyun is like that too~ (Baekhyun is verbally caring while Chanyeol is physically)

When Chanyeol’s suffering you just hafta low-key put your arm around him, and it’ll be all better

*sniff* Oh ma gawd I absolutely love it when they look at each other and smile, I love the happy look in their eyes, the fondness on their faces and don’t get me started on Chanyeol’s huge, dorky, toothy grin. And I love how they seem to only have eyes on each other…I can’t

And talking about having eyes only for each other… look at how sweet Baekhyun’s face is, that adorable smile while watching Chanyeol, and Chanyeol practically just talking to him, their eye contact and stuffz, ma lawd it’s as if Baekhyun can’t get enough of watching him

Chanyeol being so excited for his hubby being so amazing friend getting a stroke he’s the only that stands up and then he, being the sweet boyfie person he is he gets Baekhyun’s prize for him #supportiveboyfriend

Baekhyun’s been unusually touchy during this broadcast, what gives? I don’t think he was really all that touchy with other members (like Sehun for example) and he was practically hovering over Chanyeol he’s probably trying to give more obvious hints. Hey if Chanyeol was my boyfriend I would definitely be all over him. (lol Baek was probably even Chanyeol’s talking about him with some adorable skinship)

(Some of my thoughts while looking at the moments XD) But why you take off your hand Baekhyun :(

And that’s all the moments I could manage~ And if you made it without dying that congratulations! 

Let’s look to more Chanbaek in the future~ (They’ve been getting real strong lately)




I had to draw this without ice cream kitty in da way, I love her but shes denying me of Apriltello. I shall hiss lol. Anyways, above is theirs and mine is on the bottom. :)

Its pretty similar, didnt want it to be to similar, if that makes sense ;)


Do you know how much we wanted a musical episode and just seeing these two…Like I dont care if this is like a 3 minute video Ill play that shit up!!!