It’s really disgusting how someone who once told you that they love and care for you can so easily flip on you when something doesn’t go their way and begin to do the most irrational of things just to piss you off or hurt you.

oh goodness

I told that guy who likes me to back off and I am FLIPPING OUT

what’s that you say? jennifer set her own boundries? she told someone how she really feels? she set limits and stuck to them? even though she was being suffocated by her need to make other feel better? 


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/profuse sweating


Breakdown from base 5/10:

+5 for Hot (Gran)Dad Syndrome. Sometimes you just like buff old men with strong bodies and soft hearts and there’s nothing you can do about it.

+1 for being a paladin – and one of the Silver Hand to boot. DK with a thing for Paladins, I can’t tell if it’s cliché or just pitiful.

+1 for well-kept facial hair and presumably manly hairy chest.

+1 for missing arm/prosthetic. The prosthetic itself is cool as hell and Collin really wants to see Heldane flip someone off with it, for one. For two, it’s a sign of how much of a Fighty Grandpa he is. For three, he saw him take the prosthetic off and oops.

-2 for Sad Dad. He feels completely emotionally incapable of helping Heldane, being that he’s not very good at emotional connection himself.

-2 Happily married to Viletta, cannot and would not give anyone else a higher score than her. The universe comes down with a righteous judgement against it. Plus, he and Viletta may or may not have schemed to get Heldane a date and he’s pretty invested in the idea of being matchmaker here. 

I had a really weird dream last night

That I went back to Sydney and was travelling through some weird suburbs id never seen before. I got lost and ended up in a Bunnings car park.

And while wandering in the car park, I saw Gerard Way and Bob Bryar talking? And obviously I was curious and wanted to know what was happening. So I hung around, trying to look inconspicuous, hoping to catch a snippet of conversation.

And then Bob swings a punch at Gerard. And I fucking flip my shit.

I ran over screaming at Bob, throwing myself between the two so Bob couldn’t keep hitting Gerard. I screamed and hit his arms. People started to notice, so Bob ran off.

I don’t know what happened afterward or how Gerard reacted, but then later I became a bit of an Internet sensation? It was all really weird.

Needless to say I know for sure now that if someone tried to touch Gerard I’d absolutely take a punch for the dude.

Please help me guys ;-;

My betta has been extremely lethargic and does nothing but sit at the top of the tank nearly vertical gulping air. I put him in the small bowl I use for extremely short term holding (30 mins or less) filled with tap water conditioned with Seachem Prime so I could do a 50% water change and he started flipping out. He thrashed and swam around practically upside down and kept swimming up the sides of the bowl. I, thinking something was wrong, quickly put him back into his regular tank and he swam/floated upside down and off balance, very similar to how children get after spinning in circles for a while. I had to run downstairs to get something and when I came back up, he’s now back to floating at the top doing nothing. Someone please help me, I’m really worried something is wrong with him. It’s possible I’m overreacting but he was acting like a more energized version of what happened to my last betta after my sister poisoned him with dish soap (my sister is a terrible person).

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gms: everyone calls me fake but I'm actually the most trustworthy and genuine person, if someone messes with my friends I drop them in .2 seconds doesn't even matter how cool we are with each other, when I'm annoyed or pissed off I won't speak to you but if you keep pushing me to talk I'll get so pissed I flip the fuck out, I'm really nice and I stand up for who/what I think is right


non-binary partners in crime

so these two characters, I’ve already decided are the sort that sell information, and to do so they go in many disguises to get information to a myriad of sources. now for someone in such a would, really, it would be such a waste for them to only dress up as one gender, I don’t mean they’d go and do embarassing drag queen, I mean they’d just flip back and forth at whim

i wonder if it’d royally piss off readers if I just changed pronouns based on their disguises. i spent most of today wondering how I would handle a non-binary character (like I can’t just use ‘they’ for an entire book, and ze’s and hir’s I really just couldn’t use), and I think this is a nice solution because my only other idea was to have them be non-binary, but still use “he” as gender neutral as I’ve seen some authors use, which seemed kinda ehh

Thoughts, opinions? Is there anything reason why that’s not a good reason (eg. am I not understanding non-binary properly and such an interpretation would be offensive), or would it simply just be really offputting to read pronouns change for a character every other chapter. I think it could be interesting, but I’d really need some feedback since I personally don’t have much experience in the matter.

You dont know how I badly want to see Harry Styles angry

I want to see him angry

I want to hear him yell

I want to see him flip things off (i forgot but someone said that harry flips things over when he’s angry)

I want to make him angry so he can punch me right in the face even though i doubt that he’ll do that


sealedtome replied to your photo “look at these fuckers”


sealedtome replied to your photo “look at these fuckers”

mine are a little bit longer but like the exact same chubbiness and it’s so hard cuz it’s something i can’t actually fucking hide unless i plan to wear gloves all year round and the fact that soooo many people stare at them makes me so uncomfortable

it’s nice to know someone else has the same issue as i do lmao. seriously it’s really embarrassing if i have to do something that draws attention to my hands. when i’ve been angry and flipped people off and they’ve just laughed because it looks fucking ridiculous with my sausage fingers lmao. i also play water polo and these little shits make it so hard for me to get a grip on the ball. i can’t wear rings either, this is kind of silly but sometimes i worry about if i get married how ridiculous a ring would look on my finger. i also get self conscious shaking hands with people (i have really sweaty palms too i wonder if that has to do with the size of my fingers/hands as well lmao). i hate these fucking things! so much!