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“I haven’t really kept in touch with ‘em…” He blinked, turning his gaze down. A heavy sigh escaped him as it felt like his tanks had just flipped upside down. Frickin’ processor. Making him think the worse. How likely was it that they all were dead?

He moved away. “I’ll jus’ go find someone else ta leech warmth off of. Yer not tha’ warm anyways.”

Starscream felt the other was about to make a move in leaving, thus he clung tightly at the other mech’s neck. 

When the other mech moved away, the emperor was also dragged along. He glared at Iron hide and growled as if telling him- I never told you to go away, what are you doing? 

But of course, there was too much pride in the seeker’s spark for him to voice this sort of thing. 


whispersofstardust asked:

when you get this you have to publicly say 5 positive things about yourself and send this message to your 10 favorite followers (non negotiable because positivity is important)

Awww, thanks for sending!

Umm I find it ridiculously hard to list positive things about myself for some reason aha so let’s see how this goes.

  1. Apparently someone told me recently that I come off as an open person with good judgement and that I’m a good listener so that’s why they come spill their problems to me and it makes me very happy that people trust me enough to ask for my advice!
  2. I’m really dedicated. If I’ve committed to something, no matter how sad or upset I get, I still give my 140%.
  3. I have an amazing hair flip technique, like I’m not even joking, and my hair is super long too so it makes it look super dramatic!
  4. I’m usually very optimistic.
  5. I’m very capable of seeing things objectively and fairly, from and outsider’s perspective (which I guess is why people come to me for advice) and I pride myself on that. Probably because I’m a Libra…

Thanks again for the message! :)

Robyn Fenty-Brown | 26 | singer/model/mogul | Roc Nation | FC: Rihanna | Closed

kamikaze if you think you gon’ knock me off the top


Robyn grew up in Saint Michael, Barbados with her father, mother and siblings. She enjoyed Reggae music to help her escape from life at home. However, it was high school that really shaped Robyn. High school taught her how to behave and when it was necessary to flip the switch on someone, but she dropped out to pursue her music career.

Robyn’s voice ended up in the hands of L.A. Reid and Jay-Z and ended up landing a record deal with them. This relationship would bring her into the music industry full blast as she not only dominated Caribbean music, but pop and others as well. However, it was her album Good Girl Gone Bad that skyrocketed her. Robyn’s career became full of sex and racy styles which allowed her to be herself.

She found herself in a bind, her constant antics of “speaking her mind” which sounds more like her brutally attacking anyone who doesn’t agree with her, has led her to a standpoint. Artists no longer wished to collaborate with her or even write songs for her. So “Rihanna” jumped on this tour to clean up her image and make friends.

Now, Robyn is ready for Round Two of the FAME Forever North American Tour. She learned more than enough last time and has since found herself in a much better area in her career. Her fans adore her, the media adores her, Robyn is the perfect fallen angel with good intentions.


+ lively, honest, caring.

- arrogant, blunt, promiscuous, short-tempered, materialistic.

Social Media

@RihRih: Willy Wonka is the original shade queen. I bow to greatness.

@RihRih: #Phorever a Fenty

@RihRih: She X Sephora Brown


2 new text from Framel

2 new texts from Angel A

4 missed call from Sephy’s Father.


Relationship with Chris Brown

Everyone knows the story full of twists and turns and betrayal that surrounds Chris and Robyn’s relationship. Somehow, even after the the love triangle the two found their way to each other and halfway down the alter. Eventually the pair married, but things haven’t been so great. With the surprise of Chris’ real first daughter Royalty, their relationship has been very strained. Chris moved out of the shared home and has since had little contact with Robyn and his daughter.

Relationship with Drake

Aubrey is one of Robyn’s ex-boyfriends. The two ended on good terms and try to maintain a working relationship, Aubrey and Robyn can’t deny the fact that they still have love for each other, but with her marriage she stays away from him. Their relationship is casual and friendly.

Relationship with Milano Short

Robyn and Milano’s relationship has been strained for a long time, but with the two finally meeting each other face to face again, will things remain clean? Milano still hates Robyn for her trash talk about Milano’s relationship with Jayceon Taylor.

Relationship with August Alsina

Robyn and August have had a very special connection since the night the spent in the elevator together. Although both refuse to talk about and address that night, it as deeply affected August. They seem to be inseparable friends who always find their way back to each other. Their relationship is very friendly.

Relationship with Blac Chyna

Robyn and Angela became very close friends after the two hard a heart to heart conversation following the discovery of Robyn’s affair with Angela’s fiance. Through all the issues the two have become inseparable.

Relationship with Draya Michele

Ever since Robyn found out about Chris’ bedroom affair with Draya, the two have been far from friends. Robyn flashed back to the woman she use to be often throwing cheap shots at Draya and giving her the cold shoulder. Their relationship is very tense.

I’m really pissed off rn

So this person I follow received an ask that asked if her boyfriend knew she was not sexually attracted to him. The anon said they were just curious and hey, it’s not bad to ask questions if ur curious. anyways, this chick totally flips the fuck out on them about how its a personal and touchy subject that she hates talking about. she answered them and then preceded to guilt them by saying stuff like ‘are you happy now’ ‘i ate talkignabout this bc it makes me so f***king upset’ etc. I get that it was a touchy subject but all she had to do was say that. Just tell them you don’t like talking about it, you dont even have to answer their question. Damn i get where she was coming from but she didnt even have to answer the ask at all if she was just gunna be such a bitch about. Why cant people just say ‘ idont like talking about it’ instead of making someone feel like crap for asking a question, even if it was personal. just say ‘it’s a personal matter that i dont want to talk about’. Please be nicer to people. 

The Truth About Perfect

We all have that same sense of dread when confronted with the word perfect. It means different things to different people, but it has the same denotations to us all. To some it may be that outside persona, the one that first greets people. That could be a smile, a hair flip, or even the blink of an eye. The one people base perfect-ness off of attractiveness, character, and aesthetic. However, there are others that see perfect through that piece of paper they get at the end of the year. The one that they worked for, the one that really has nothing to do with you, but with how someone else grades your worth. The one that puts you in the category of letters, numbers, and paychecks. These can all be used to see oneself as perfect. But the denotations perfect has for all of us are the same, if you’re perfect you are happy. However, if you look deep into the meaning of perfect you will see it is never defined as happiness.

I’ve lived my life with that same stigma of perfect tapped to the inside of my head. It blocks out and filters images, thoughts, and conclusions. It forces my brain focus on that word, and forsakes all else. How can one see beyond perfect? This single mindedness values all others below perfect. It doesn’t value what other people are going through, it doesn’t value others’ thoughts, unless directed at itself. If others don’t see something as perfect it is not perfect, but other wise perfect doesn’t care. Perfect is personified in our culture. It shouts out from the billboards, it roars in cars, it smiles in surgery, and it clinks in money.  We all strive to be perfect even if we don’t like it.

Some call striving to be perfect ambition, but is it? That achievement of perfect pushes all else past itself. That which could be called vain, egotistical, selfish, is called the achievement of perfect. People may be starving, dying, raped, and murdered, but our society only sees the word perfect.

Some might call perfect competition. Perfect that wild lion, in which we are all gazelle, hopelessly out matched by this glorious beast.  We stare at it like deer in the headlights, awed by its light. But really, it is an unreachable object.

Like a drug, we are addicted to perfect. It gives us that first rush, that high, but as we keep consuming it we want more and more. Then suddenly that perfect is not achievable and we need to take stronger more potent forms, just so we can reach that short term high of “happiness”.

 The word perfect in bold letters is a symbol of our societies perceptions. Perfect follows each one of us, consuming our shadows and replacing them with greed, vanity, pain, and loneliness. The smiling faces of famed and fortunate fade away with these new shadows. These shadows can lead to drugs, addiction, disease, depression, and death. All because of that little word perfect.

Perfect what we all strive to become, is like a disease. We infest our body with foreign substance, to achieve perfect. We treat our bodies like clay to be stuck and pulled together all for the achievement of perfect.  Perfect is using steroids. Perfect is putting plastic in your body. Perfect is never allowing yourself sadness. Perfect is not eating. Perfect is throwing up. Perfect is a fast car. Perfect is money. Perfect is standing above all others. Perfect is Photoshop, completely unachievable. Perfect is on the outside, it is never internal. This image of perfect contorts our views, slimming the range where we can actually meet that value of perfect. Always that value of perfect is changing as society tries to meet its growing demands. Again forsaking natural survival.

Perfect is the product—we are the consumer. The lifestyle of perfect has left of us greedy and others ravished. This monster of perfect stares us in the face, yet we do nothing. We let it run rampage through us never once, considering stopping it. To many it hides deceptively on top, but is ignored, we let it feast. Will we let it feast until it consumes us?

Why do we put so much value on perfect? I’m not really sure. But ask yourself is perfect really worth it?