DIY Wire Frame Resin Filled Jewelry

Make wire frame resin filled jewelry using wire, resin and packing tape.

Find the tutorial on how to make DIY Resin Filled Jewelry from Nunn Design here.

I you’re a visual learner, here’s a video for making DIY Wire Frame Resin Filled Jewelry.

What Can You Make with Resin?

DIY Glow In the Dark Resin Wood Jewelry by Quinn Z Shen here.

You can also find a written tutorial at Resin Obsession here for making a DIY Resin Pendant using transparencies here.

DIY Resin Fabric Jewelry at The Graphics Fairy here. Create a leather-like translucent fabric using unbleached muslin, your printer, and resin.  

The best, most comprehensive tutorials on making DIY Resin Bracelets. Find the 2 part series from Resin Crafts here.

Turn Stickers into Pins from EPBOT here.