One of my favorite twit cam moments. Just look at how proud Cal is of himself and Luke having faith in him. While Ash and Mikey are very impressed. Then Cal is like fuck yeah, but probably surprised himself. 

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What do you think when people say entire races are ugly and would only date -so and so race-? Also how do you feel when people say their own race and ugly and would never date their race? You know like people on twitting doing #rttoruinablackgirlsmonday. Is it a preference?

I dont think so. I think theyre being ignorant to the fact that not everyone looks the same in one race. Not being attracted to CERTAIN FEATURES is a preference. But not all white people have freckles. Not all asians have crooked teeth. Not all hispanic people are dark. Not all black people have big butts. (All features chosen at random). Not all people from any one race or even country look the same.

Whats a tad bit racist isnt having preferences for certain features. Its assuming a group of people all look the same, so you automatically write off anyone from that race/country that you havent even seen yet. It mostly stems from ignorance though. Not usually some cruel intention to be racist. (This is when were talking about genuine people. Not internet trolls.)

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That little pain is starting to remind me of someone else. Someone who also makes everything about her and keeps stalking you and reblogging your posts with her BS. Huh, I wonder if those two are related? And yes, even though her name was not on that post, even though you blurred out her name, she still reblogged it and added to it. You know, if you don't like someone or what they post, just block them, unfollow them, don't keep stalking their blog like an obsessed little twit.

She is acting just like the child that she is. An adult would have moved on a long time ago, if she was reading something that upset her. But the fact that she continues to stalk and reblog my posts, just shows how immature she is.

Before you say anything, little girl, yes I do look at your blog, and I see the reblogs AND the asks. I admit to checking up on you, only to see what fuckery you are doing with my posts. Grow up and realize that the world is not sugar coated and people say nasty things that will upset YOU, the special and sensitive snowflakes of the world. Suck it up and let it go

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"women won equal pay in 1963" that literally never even happened properly like have you even looked to check your facts you ignorant twit

Sorry, I didn’t make that post tho.
I’d say you should go talk to the person that had made the post but if you’re only going to harass them then I suggest you don’t send anyone messages until you learn how to inform people without being a complete ass about it.

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please stop thinking bdsm is "pretend rape" you ignorant twit.

No I will not… That’s my connection so fuck off! Why is abuse so fucking sexual!?! You look up bdsm It pretty much looks like forced sex with consent! You sick fuck! Omg like bdsm means bondage discipline sadism masochism! Which all come from some form of abuse! Like wtf how are you supposed to stop rape culture when people think torture is sexy!?!?! Omg you fucking people are sick and twisted hadjdjdisoshf I fucking hate you fucking stupid people…7:&:7(7/9;). Don’t fucking come to my page again you fucking cunt!!

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My story goes thus: In ignorant ville they liked to show their "appreciation" of other cultures through imitation in order to be COOL!!!! and at one with nature yo!! Little did they know that this is cultural appropriation and they looked like twits! Plz bbe stahp stahp STAHP!!!!!

How about ‘stahp’ harassing me for literally just not brushing my hair.

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this is exactly how you make graphics look bomb af !! the only thing i would’ve changed would be how it’s only harry in the header graphic, it can remind me of a rph or smth like that, but that’s honestly the only tiny problem i have with the graphics. the plot is well written and while i’ve never been a fan of school rps they’ve added a twist to the plot which introduces someone trying to expose the secrets of their fellow classmates, which adds a little bit of excitement into the rp, i like it !! tbh i’m going to rec it bc this actually looks like it has potential, especially since it has about fifty members and they’ve been going for two weeks !!