Pyrovvv: I’ve been seeing pictures of this on a few Japanese touken ranbu pages, but my Japanese isn’t good enough to decipher what it’s about. Would you happen to know anything about this guy?

Honestly nope, it’s new even for me and i have no idea how to read japanese apart from few words ;D tho it looks like a magazine or an artbook of some sort, so maybe he’s a new sword? If anyone knows send a msg or reblog ;D

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EDIT: i’ve found this on a japanese twit saying it’s ookanehira :DD so he’s coming maybe? Ugu-san will not be alone for long.

vengefuldaughterandsister  asked:

Lily was hiding with a flower crown in hand. She had planned to try and put it on Wyatt's head. She turned to Levi with a smile. " Ok. I need you to distract him. "

“Got it~” he stated with a hum as he walked up to Wyatt who was making soup. “Hey Wyatt, what ya doing~?” he asked in a sing song tone as he looked over at the other from the side. 

Wyatt rose a brow and looked over at him. “Making Dinner, what does it look like I’m doing?” he shook his head some. “What do you want Levi?”

“Oh nothing, just thought I’d check up on my good old buddy Wyatt, how’s the kids?”

“I don’t have any kids you twit.” he muttered as he scooped up the carrots into the pot. 

Benny boy and Sophie in LA

Wtf? Really? A wife stalking her husband? Taking his stalker wife shopping? What fucking idiots Gator and her group are. I saw SOGO making a comment about Benny boy traveling alone without Sophie. Gee, how about using your brain and think this one through. Perhaps he sent his WIFE and SON ahead to the airport so the paps wouldn’t get photos of them. :/ No one is going to pay attention to Sophie and Christopher without Benedict so it’s only logical and common sense that he would send his family ahead to spare them the attention. Dumbasses.

Also, yes Gator said the baby was photoshopped or something another. That baby looked like Benedict so no definitely not a girl baby nor borrowed. What a fuck twit. She needs to up her meds.

I love the dress. Very flowy and summery. I love the comments from the haters and skeptics. Still in denial I see. They’ll be in denial from now until Benny boy and Sophie’s 50th anniversary. Losers.  LMAO

That’s because she’s in agreement with them about Sophie and they’re secretly happy about that. They all would be up my ass if I dissed and bagged on Sophie as well. Actually if I dissed and bagged on Sophie, Taylor, Lizzie, and everyone else they don’t like, then I’d be a queen among them. But since I don’t I’m the pariah. LMAO. Damned if I do, damned if I don’t. Doncha just love the hypocrisy?