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i kept talking trash abt zen on twit, but in the end i came to really like him and i am so angry at myself


“Dan, you look really sweaty,” Phil remarked from across the room, looking at Dan as he tried with shaking hands to finish his tie. “It’s not even hot in here.”

“I’m sweating because I’m nervous, you twit!” Dan said, giving up on his tie for the moment. 

“Are you having cold feet? Do you need to borrow a pair of my socks?” Phil asked, but Dan looked at him with his face set in worry.

“What if Y/N’s changed her mind?”

“She hasn’t changed her mind. She’s been tweeting like crazy in the next room all morning about how excited she is,” Phil replied easily, turning his phone in his hands. “You can’t look, though. She’s done loads of pictures of her in her dress.”

Dan looked up from wiping his palms on his pant legs. “And?”

Phil simply grinned at him before his eyes went wide in realization. 

“No, wait. I’ve actually got an idea,” he said, and turned the camera on his phone on, pointing it at Dan. “You should make a video.”

“A video? Phil, I’m literally minutes away from getting married.”

“Exactly,” Phil said excitedly. “This will just be for you and Y/N. Just talk into the camera. Say how you feel.”

Dan let out a heavy sigh, rolling his eyes at his best man as he came to stand in front of him, camera on and waiting. 

“Ok…um…hi, Y/N,” Dan started. “I feel like a tit doing this. I don’t know what to say.”

“What would you say to Y/N if she were in the room right now?”

“I would say I feel like a tit doing this.”


“I don’t know. I would say I’m sorry in advance if I trip over my own feet or say anything that makes you cringe so hard you second guess this whole thing. I think the universe messed up when I met you because you’re too good. I would say I still can’t believe you picked me and my messes. My life is so much less shit now that you’re in it, and tbh I wasn’t even sure who I really was before you, and I’m waffling on right now, I can feel it.”

“No, that’s good,” Phil encouraged. “Say something to end it.”

“I love you to bits. See you soon,” Dan said, and let out a nervous breath as Phil turned his camera off.


“Yeah, actually,” Dan replied, surprised. He turned to the mirror to try his tie again, and found that his hands were much steadier now, an easy smile on his face as he thought of you.

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3. Feel My Boom

The models gather on a cold beach to film a commercial. How cold is it? Cold enough to make Mikey’s left twit quiver.

The commercial is for Boom Boom Boom, a fictitious deodorant, presumably brought to you by the same folks that produced other great scents like Spyder Byte and the role reversal fragrance.

If you’ll recall, Boom Boom Boom is Tyra’s new-ish term for defined abs. Apparently, this deodorant helps keep your abs looking good. It doesn’t seem like the folks at ANTM understand how deodorant works.

But that’s nothing compared to their lack of understanding on how a commercial is supposed to work. Who wrote the script for this thing? It’s almost like some kind of nonsensical e.e. cummings poem:

Ew. I don’t want to smell anyone’s fierce… with or without deodorant on!

Devin is laughed at for his weird, affected pronunciation of words and Justin should get laughed at for the way he rubs his belly like a proudly pregnant woman.

Nyle definitely has the advantage in this commercial because the audience doesn’t have to actually hear these stupid words pour out of his mouth. Tyra does note that his signing is pretty “ghetto,” though.

If he is guilty of over-doing it with his hand motions, it’s only because Tyra told him to do that. Even Yu Tsai urged him to do his ASL with more emotion. If anything was lost in translation, more power to him for looking like less of an idiot.

My other favorite commercial moments are Courtney’s shifty eyes,

and the fact that, while Lacey is willing to kiss Devin, she still plans on murdering him afterwards.

What a commercial! I’ll take six sticks of Boom Boom Boom. One for each of my soon-to-be awesome abs. 

6 Funniest Moments of ANTM Cycle 22 Ep. 7


best tv/movie characters:

[102/??] Sarah Michelle Gellar as Kathryn Merteuil in Cruel Intentions (1999)

↳ “Eat me, Sebastian! It’s okay for guys like you and Court to fuck everyone. But when I do it, I get dumped for innocent little twits like Cecile. God forbid, I exude confidence and enjoy sex. Do you think I relish the fact that I have to act like Mary Sunshine 24/7 so I can be considered a lady? I’m the Marcia fucking Brady of the Upper East Side, and sometimes I want to kill myself. So there’s your psychoanalysis, Dr. Freud. Now tell me, are you in… or are you out?“

bigbang199  asked:

Some people are saying that Kubo didn't like ichiruki from the start and was forced to do so by sj . And so in the end he followed his original plan . Is this true ? 95 percent of the series was a troll ?

What a horrible thing to say, don’t they realize that by saying this they are bashing Kubo himself as a person and as an author? They are pratically saying that Kubo lied for 15 years? Kubo created Ichigo and Rukia, when he was asked in interviews only about Ichigo he brought up Rukia too, when he was asked only about Rukia he brought up Ichigo too, Kubo gave them poems and matching looks, on twitter he talked with others about Ichiruki’s matching pants, on how he liked the calendar he drew (with the honeymoon spread) and wondering how he should display it at home, commented on many Ichiruki’s anime episodes saying how he liked this or that, he re-twitted many ichiruki’s tweets that said Ichigo and Rukia were romantic, I could still list many, many things but the point is Kubo created Ichigo and Rukia’s bond, he wasn’t forced by anyone, he enjoyed it and he saw them as romantic too. Claming that he didn’t like them from the start, is like saying Kubo is a horrible person that openly lied for 15 years to everyone. 

The horrible ending we got wasn’t planned from the start, this ending was probably a result that happened in the last year, something happened and Kubo decided to fuck everything up, nothing makes sense all the plot lines, all the unanswered questions, all that was built up in the story went nowhere and we got an ending that doesn’t make sense, with coulples that weren’t developed, with questions never answered, with plot holes never adressed and with the characters becoming something that went against what was stated in the manga. 

Dying in Style - Kaneki Ken

Once more Kaneki walks the path of a tragic hero. Once more he pushes away all who care for him, so he can sacrifice himself to save everyone. Looking at the twit pic Ishida-sensei just posted, it doesn’t seem like that will go well. 

1) Notice the buildings and the electric lines above him. Kneeling on red spider lilies, he is on his own grave, having jumped down from the high tower. 

2) Both of Kaneki’s arms are hidden from view. It may represent how he’s lost both hands of god:

—-loss of the red right hand:  The red right hand represents the righteous vengeance of god, while the right hand represents salvation through truth/action (thanks purgatoryandme). For Kaneki, salvation is realizing he deserves to be loved. The red right hand comes from Eto, the black goat or the twisted god of tragedy. In the coming year, Kaneki will probably pursue the truth of the world by investigating Aogiri. However, a twisted god will give a twisted truth. Kaneki is doing what Eto wants. He’s isolated himself from people who care for him. His self-destructive actions will weaken him. Weakened and isolated, salvation will be out of his reach. 

—-loss of left hand: The left hand represents ignorance/inaction begetting punishment. Kaneki is no longer ignorant of his childhood abuse. However, he is still ignorant of the truth that he deserves to be loved, so he takes self-destructive actions, which punish him by leaving him weaken and isolated.


3) The Avalokiteshvara is sometimes shown with 11 heads, which he uses to see and hear all who suffer. It looks like Kaneki has 11 tentacle stumps along his back in the new twit pic:

Here Kaneki has 11 tentacles (7 out and 4 drawn) :

Buddha has 11 bunches of rods here:

Here are 3 possibilities:

a) osterreich pic happens before new pic and the tentacles were cut: 

The tree bark has fallen off Kaneki, leaving the empty gray background. I talked about the 11 heads representing his 4 personalities and 7 parental figures here. The 3 stumps sticking up on Kaneki’s neck may represent the lingering effect of Eto, Rize, and Mrs. Kaneki, while the other 8 have been completely cut down.

b) new pic happens before the osterreich pic and tentacles are growing:

The tentacle growth represent how Kaneki’s multiple personalities will plague him again. Tree bark will grow around his legs, transforming him into what looks an Aogiri tree. 

c) the two pics happen at the same time (favorite):

Yes, the two pics may be seen from different perspectives. Notice the similarities between the two pics: Kaneki’s posture, red lilies,and naked upper body. Maybe the osterreich pic represents what Eto sees, while the new pic represents what Kaneki’s nakama would see. 

—the osterreich pic -Eto’s perspective: Kaneki is growing into an Aogiri tree. The dark tentacles grow out of him, strong and beautiful. Both arms are visible, for he’s embraced her twisted truths. He is smiling at her as if she is his mother. What looks like a tower is drawn lightly in the background, for Kaneki’s mind is filled with her. 

— the new pic- nakama perspective: The tree bark encasing his feet is not visible. In place of the tree trunk is empty gray background and Kaneki’s twisted and deformed feet. Three tentacles, which represent Mrs. Kaneki, Rize, and Eto, stick out of his neck. The three parasitic heads control him like a puppet. The bloody handprint on his right shoulder represent the punishment he has carried out on himself with his left hand. Only his back is seen because Kaneki has turned away from all who care for him. What his nakama see is a self-destructive person who has burned the bridges to salvation. 

Don’t lose hope though: When Shiro was at his lowest, defeated by Arima, Kuro appeared. Similarly, when Reaper is at his lowest, Haise may appear. This could parallel chapter 140 of Tokyo Ghoul, but this time Kaneki will wake up whole. No longer will what he sees and hears be distorted, and he will truly be able to help those who are suffering. 

Edit 2:

The twit pic was a response to this  and contained this message:




I think the first line says ”today is a great day”

The next two lines are from Ling Tosite Sigure CRAZY感情 STYLE or Crazy Emotional Style, which Ishida-sensei wrote in the pic he responded with. I found a translation here , which says:

“It’s okay if you die because of me.“

“At last, you started to smile.”

So maybe this was what Ishida was going for:

I posted about this already, but thought I should put it here to prevent confusion. Nevermind about the 3 possiblties.The two twit pics probably describe the present Kaneki.
The image of Kaneki as an aogiri tree reflects Kaneki’s and Eto’s romanticized view of abuse and death. This is how he’s dreaming now. Just because Kaneki knows the truth (remembers his mother physically abused him) doesn’t mean he view of it isn’t twisted. The image of Kaneki injured shows reality. Abuse is not good. It is not gentle.
***Note: The chapter in which Kaneki says he is tired of dreaming is ch 53 of tg:re Dream. Yes, the pun is Redream.

sherlock really, really had no idea that he was john’s best friend.  he really, really didn’t.  he thought he’d projected a persona that made john think of him as a shit human being that was broken and needed a minder, and john certainly reacted that way.  and john was so angry when he came back.  but even beyond that, sherlock really didn’t believe he was capable of having friends, or being a friend, until the moment when molly said she could see him looking sad when john wasn’t looking, and offered to be a friend if he needed one.

and since he’s been back, he’s been excited about the prospect of having friends, and even twitting mycroft about his reluctance to do the same.  but this isn’t like molly, or greg (who hugged him, who dropped the waters gang to bring maximum backup to baker street, and i wonder how much that cost him).  this is john.  john’s different.  sherlock never let himself consider actually, really being best friends with john, because that’s not the plan.  that would put john in danger.  and even the slightest crack in his reserve is going to open a floodgate, and bring the whole plan down.  so he doesn’t let himself think about it at all.  so when John says it to his face…


Ok, I’m the only one completely dead because of the pics? I know that they are basically trying to get us back because after the last episode I’m betting that they lost a lot of viewers but the fact that the twit in which we were told that every cloth choice was for something is what it’s making me squeal with happiness. I’ve read some twits about how Emma could be like a pirate but I don’t think that’s the case for a number of reasons but the bottom line would be that if Hook is considered to be their archetype of how a pirate would need to dress Emma certainly doesn’t look like one. She looks more like a gentleman with that royal blue vest  plus the details on the sword’s hilt points out so someone who has more social status than a pirate.


Ok, I needed to say that, back to my prompts xd

Cauldron's Fumes |Pyr Prep|
  • Jezebel:
  • We win first place it is any surprise?
  • The teams were blinking on a strangely glowing billboard and an headmaster announces how we get to punish the losers.
  • "Seriously? That is so sweet. When I was in your grade I didn't get to do that!"
  • I gasp as Caligula laughs madly at the opportunity
  • (Caligula):"oooo ooo what do we do to them??"
  • I look over at 'fresh flares' they all were little colorful haired twits how they got 2nd place over some of my more experienced cousins.
  • I call over its caption the little petite blue haired girl.
  • "I like your hair.."
  • I pet it and wonder if I could make a colorful coat from them all.
  • I look over on the platform seeing the new recruits they got and guessed why.
  • (Dandy):"Ah so... lets just give 6th place some laxatives??"
  • (Romeo):"No we should boil them in the melted snow..."
  • (Polaris):"What!!"
  • (Tego):"Sorry guys its death for last place..." *awkwardly scratches head*
tumblr, can we talk about this


So I finally manage to watch one of the movies and it’s the one with Jane Seymour in it and look at MAIN BAD GUY CHAUVELIN:


and you know, the Pimpernel twits him about not being able to tie his cravat right and he’s like this seething emo mess of sound and fury and malice and basically SIR IAN PLAYED THE UBER FUCKBOY BECAUSE LOOK AT THIS:

…. as a general rule, I DESPISE emo fuckboys now with every fiber of my being and so Jane Seymour as Marguerite trying to stomp on his fuckboy ass is SATISFYING but GOOD LAWD is it a difficult job to do.  But she does and I mean, we know Sir Ian can play Villains like nobody’s business (see: Magneto) but I can say I have never thoroughly enjoyed hating a villain so much.




One of my favorite twit cam moments. Just look at how proud Cal is of himself and Luke having faith in him. While Ash and Mikey are very impressed. Then Cal is like fuck yeah, but probably surprised himself. 


The New Screen Savers 72: MegaBots Battle – Hosts: Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ and Patrick Norton Father Robert Ballecer and Patrick Norton talk with the Matt Oehrlein, the co-founder of MegaBots, who is creating a 10-ton combat robot for battle. We also talk with the amazing maker Evan Booth, who is making things entirely from a Keurig coffee maker like a robotic hand. Frederick Van Johnson shows us his favorite camera strap and how it works with his gear. Megan Morrone gives us our first look at the white ceramic Apple Watch Edition Series 2! And, we answer your ‘Call for Help’ and the 'Mail Bag’ questions. Guests: Matt Oehrlein, Megan Morrone, Evan Booth, Frederick Van Johnson The New Screen Savers will record live, every Saturday at 3PM Pacific on It will be made available for download and streaming later that evening at
The New Screen Savers 72: MegaBots Battle by TWiT

External image

Hosts: Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ and Patrick Norton

Father Robert Ballecer and Patrick Norton talk with the Matt Oehrlein, the co-founder of MegaBots, who is creating a 10-ton combat robot for battle. We also talk with the amazing maker Evan Booth, who is making things entirely from a Keurig coffee maker like a robotic hand. Frederick Van Johnson shows us his favorite camera strap and how it works with his gear. Megan Morrone gives us our first look at the white ceramic Apple Watch Edition Series 2! And, we answer your ‘Call for Help’ and the 'Mail Bag’ questions.

Guests: Matt Oehrlein, Megan Morrone, Evan Booth, Frederick Van Johnson

The New Screen Savers will record live, every Saturday at 3PM Pacific on It will be made available for download and streaming later that evening at

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