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i kept talking trash abt zen on twit, but in the end i came to really like him and i am so angry at myself

Call for Submissions: Transgender Awareness Week

During Transgender Awareness Week, we want to use our space on GayYA to support trans voices (including people who are nonbinary, genderqueer, two-spirit, bigender, genderfluid, and anyone else who identifies as non-cis). Last year, we decided to host Awareness Week Series over the various LGBTQIA+ Awareness Weeks throughout the year. Though we hope to include everyone on the site at all times, we wanted to dedicate a concentrated space to people from a specific community to talk about how they’re represented in YA. The response from the community was phenomenal– we got to feature many fantastic and thought-provoking posts, and watched as the community fostered some nuanced discussions via our identity-centric Twit Chats. I personally remember feeling amazed as I read the posts that were sent in and scrolled through the Twit Chat hashtag. I realized I wasn’t alone in my feelings of discontent regarding the representation of my identities, or my hopes for what that representation could look like in the future. I got to meet and connect with so many smart and passionate people.

So of course, we had to do the Awareness Week Series again this year.

During the 2016 Trans Awareness Week, we’ll feature 5-7 posts from various trans contributors over the course of the week, and dedicate a space to talk about trans representation in YA.

Interested in contributing? Here are the details:

  • Posts should be between 800-2500 words, and somehow tie into trans representation in YA. Your posts may go through light edits or a collaborative workshopping process.
  • Send your post as a Word or Google doc to Please include a 2-5 sentence bio about yourself including links to your blog, Twitter, website, or tumblr. Any links you’d like to use should be included as hyperlinks in the post. If you’d like to include a headshot or other images please attach them to the email– do not embed images in the document!
  • We do not offer monetary compensation of any sort, but are usually happy to help you out in other ways if we can. Just ask!
  • The deadline for submitting a post is November 1st.

A Few Words of Advice:

We will consider any topic that is related to LGBTQIA+ YA, however please be aware that we try to avoid repeating similar takes on identical topics. The more specific you can be, the more likely we are to accept your submission. 

Lastly… we are EXTREMELY interested in post submissions from teens & young adults. Your voice is the most important in discussions about representation in YA, and we want to hear from you. 

Email with any questions. We look forward to reading your submissions!

sherlock really, really had no idea that he was john’s best friend.  he really, really didn’t.  he thought he’d projected a persona that made john think of him as a shit human being that was broken and needed a minder, and john certainly reacted that way.  and john was so angry when he came back.  but even beyond that, sherlock really didn’t believe he was capable of having friends, or being a friend, until the moment when molly said she could see him looking sad when john wasn’t looking, and offered to be a friend if he needed one.

and since he’s been back, he’s been excited about the prospect of having friends, and even twitting mycroft about his reluctance to do the same.  but this isn’t like molly, or greg (who hugged him, who dropped the waters gang to bring maximum backup to baker street, and i wonder how much that cost him).  this is john.  john’s different.  sherlock never let himself consider actually, really being best friends with john, because that’s not the plan.  that would put john in danger.  and even the slightest crack in his reserve is going to open a floodgate, and bring the whole plan down.  so he doesn’t let himself think about it at all.  so when John says it to his face…


Ok, I’m the only one completely dead because of the pics? I know that they are basically trying to get us back because after the last episode I’m betting that they lost a lot of viewers but the fact that the twit in which we were told that every cloth choice was for something is what it’s making me squeal with happiness. I’ve read some twits about how Emma could be like a pirate but I don’t think that’s the case for a number of reasons but the bottom line would be that if Hook is considered to be their archetype of how a pirate would need to dress Emma certainly doesn’t look like one. She looks more like a gentleman with that royal blue vest  plus the details on the sword’s hilt points out so someone who has more social status than a pirate.


Ok, I needed to say that, back to my prompts xd

Cauldron's Fumes |Pyr Prep|
  • Jezebel:
  • We win first place it is any surprise?
  • The teams were blinking on a strangely glowing billboard and an headmaster announces how we get to punish the losers.
  • "Seriously? That is so sweet. When I was in your grade I didn't get to do that!"
  • I gasp as Caligula laughs madly at the opportunity
  • (Caligula):"oooo ooo what do we do to them??"
  • I look over at 'fresh flares' they all were little colorful haired twits how they got 2nd place over some of my more experienced cousins.
  • I call over its caption the little petite blue haired girl.
  • "I like your hair.."
  • I pet it and wonder if I could make a colorful coat from them all.
  • I look over on the platform seeing the new recruits they got and guessed why.
  • (Dandy):"Ah so... lets just give 6th place some laxatives??"
  • (Romeo):"No we should boil them in the melted snow..."
  • (Polaris):"What!!"
  • (Tego):"Sorry guys its death for last place..." *awkwardly scratches head*

One of my favorite twit cam moments. Just look at how proud Cal is of himself and Luke having faith in him. While Ash and Mikey are very impressed. Then Cal is like fuck yeah, but probably surprised himself. 

Love Potions

Could Merlin be serious? Well no one knew but Slughorn sure was as he posted the list of assigned pairs for the next assignment. Of course being the third person in a group meant an odd man out, or woman. But still no one thought Slughorn would pair his favorite student to a struggling twit. Malfoy was hardly meant to be in the advanced class but Snape had gave him flying reviews. Which meant he was now stuck in a class of advanced students, or that’s how Hermione explain his struggles. He looked constantly tired and like he was always confused. She noticed the dark circles under his eyes as she sat down beside him on the work bench. Clearing her throat she laid her book out. “We’re doing Amortentia and I don’t care if I have to drag you kicking and screaming along the way, we will be the best in the class or so help me.” She threatened recalling how his nose felt under her fist the day she clocked him in their third year.

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