@calum how does your hair grow so fast, pls share your ways

how to grow weed

Tips on how to grow weed is one thing that many people will always have just by going to 420college; this plant can be grown either indoors or outdoors. The only thing that is a must do is takinggreat care when handling the plant. Continuous enriching the plant with fresh an enough air and at the same time changing the lighting system annually is always required.

Though learning how to grow weed is an easy task, one should always know the kind of fertilizer to use. When one is growing hydroponic weed, a ph. meter is always necessary. When one suspect the weed is about to be harvested, one should use a microscope to note the color change. Sterilization of the tool used when harvesting weed is important to avoid contaminations of the product. All these tips are always important to observe when learning how to grow weed.

What if they had a garden

Hux: Has only vegetables and poisonous plants in neat, uniform rows, each with clear markers as to what they are
Kylo: Only has weeds (nobody tells him that’s what they are) because it’s all he can keep alive, they are a messy tangle
Han: Grows weed. Hides it behind signs that say “No Weed Here. Just some Weird Tulips”
Leia: ~Organic Veggie Garden~ she also tries to sabotage Han’s “not-weed” plot
Rey, Finn, and Poe: all share a plot bc Poe is the only one who knows how to care for plants so they’re all easy stuff to help teach Rey & Finn how to care for them
Maz: Grows weed and tobacco. Will fight anyone. Doesn’t share. Flips off Han on a daily basis bc he tries to steal from her plot.