Favorite J.W. scenes:  [1/?] Dead Man’s Blood

↳ “You got to understand something. After your mother passed, all I saw was evil everywhere. And all I cared about was keeping you boys alive. I wanted you prepared, ready. […] Sammy, it just… it never occurred to me what you wanted.”

sleepy hollow meme | 3/3 scenes

1x04, The Lesser Key of Solomon


Alexander Siddig in Kingdom of Heaven (2005)


Anna Torv On The Set of Fringe:

July 13, 2010.

i am frightened by the crowd

for we are getting much too loud

and they’ll crush us if we go too far

•Ellis’s Eight Favorite Single-Issues of 2014•

(5) || Amazing X-Men #3 (Aaron and McGuinness)

"I hereby claim this ship in the name of the X-Men. Anyone who objects… pick up a sword and step forward.”


"You are the sunshine of my life,
That’s why I’ll always stay around,
You are the apple of my eye,
Forever you’ll stay in my heart. ” ()


shiromura is an important ship, i am in shiromura hell and my fronds are doing a good job at making sure i never leave


the blacklist and james spader have completely taken over my life

someone send help


"You’re thinking…Oh my God you’re gonna get an A, right?"