I promised I’d make another one if my previous UT animation was well-received.

And,Well,It’s got over 6k views on Youtube already (Which is the most I’ve ever gotten,Wow)

So anyways,This dub is also from Paper-Mario-Wiki (I’ve always wanted to do something with this specific one ever since I heard it,So yeah)

ANYHOO,I don’t exactly like how this one turned out (I mean I made it in like a day),But I still hope you enjoy it!

Undertale Ask Meme!

Frisk: Do you have determination?

Flowey: What makes you bitter?

Toriel: Who do you hold closest to your heart?

Sans: Do you worry about the future?

Papyrus: Do you like to surround yourself with friends?

Undyne: How strong would you say you are?

Alphys: What are you passionate about?

Asgore: Do you have any regrets?

Mettaton: Do you enjoy the spot light?

Muffet: What is your favorite dessert?

Asriel: What are your hopes and dreams?

Chara: Have you ever been really sick?

Napstablook: How is your self esteem?

Temmie: hOi r u TEmmIE?!

Angry Dummy: Are you an annoying piece of garbage?

have some fun sera facts !!

  • LOVES fighting dragons
  • “out of my head, bitch balls!”
  • cole says this “you like to dance, but can’t. you hate to sing, but can”
  • when varric repeatedly questions cassandra about past lovers, sera interjects and tells him to stop
  • helped varric smuggle goods through a bannorn 
  • stole all the lard from the skyhold kitchens once
  • gets upset if bull sacrifices the chargers
  • is part of the “hate this rubbish” guild with bull
  • got custard all over the stairs at skyhold
  • put an entire beehive into cullen’s training dummy but doesn’t remember how she did it
  • offers to get a drink with cassandra if the inquisitor and cassandra break up
  • filled solas’ bedroll with lizards
  • starts a prank war with vivienne
  • is best friends with blackwall, calls him “beardy”
  • can eat incredible amounts of food in one sitting
  • sends josephine’s ruffled underclothes to leliana
  • tries to get josephine to order her things from orlesian catalogues
  • smiles at clouds
Natural Hair for Dummies (#2)

How to Comb Natural Hair

Combing natural hair can be a pain, if you don’t do it properly. So here are tips on how to properly comb your hair.

  • To the people too lazy to read this whole post, just read everything in bold.

Tip 1: Choose the right Weapon. Choosing the right comb that works for you is crucial. For me, a wide-toothed comb works best for my hair. 

Here are links to choosing the right comb:

Tip 2: COMB IN SECTIONS!!!!! I can not stress this enough. My heart just breaks every time I see friends and family combing their hair in one go and then blaming all the shed hair and pain on their having natural nappy hair. No, you have to make small-to-medium sections in your hair and then you can comb it.

Tip 3: Only Comb Your Hair When it’s Damp. Again, love yourself! Don’t comb your hair when it’s dry because that will cause breakage. Spritz some water or a mixture of water and oil from your spray bottle at a distance from your hair, or apply a moisturizer of your choice ( I use a leave-in-conditioner ), and then proceed to comb.

Tip 4: Comb from the Tips/Ends of your Hair to the Roots. This just makes life  a lot easier.

Tip 5: Finish Section by Twisting or 3-Stranding. When you’re finished combing a section either twist it or 3-strand braid it in order to prevent shrinkage. I personally twist it because when I 3-strand, my hair gets even more tangled, but when I twist my hair, it maintains it’s softness. 

Bonus Tip: Fingerdetangling. Try softening up your hair with your fingers first, and then comb, it causes less shedding and makes combing softer.