So I work at a pet store...

and today a young child came up to me (probably around 8 or 9) and asked me “Is it okay if I get a female betta for my male betta because he’s making a bubble nest but I dont want him to be lonely” I explain to her plain in simple why male bettas make bubble nests, breeding, etc but by no means should she put a female betta with a male betta and she understands instantly. She simply wanted the best for her betta and both her AND her younger brother agreed. 

I’ve also had another child who was around 5, she kept whining to her mom that she wanted a betta. I explained in cantonese how much work a fish was and how long they can live. I tell her and her mom to go to the library to study a little more and if they have questions they can come back and ask. She instantly stops whining and agrees.

If children understand, are patient, willing to learn and listen. So can you. Just saying. 

You said that, according to cladistics, if X is a descendant of Y, X is a Y (birds evolved from dinosaurs, so birds are dinosaurs). Then why aren’t we all fish? Where do you draw the line?

The real problem is that “fish” isn’t a scientific term. How you define “fish”? If you’re going to make “fish” a clade that includes cartilaginous fish, ray-finned fish, and lobe-finned fish……then yes, we are fish.


In need of some real Hip-Hop? If so then definitely check this out, French producer Dela Feat. Reach with How To Fish. Hope you can enjoy this like we do.

So, I was having a slow day with fishing. I had caught…. What, three common fish? And I wanted some sharks.. I needed some real money. And so, that fateful day, I decided…. To contact the Gods. And what do the Gods like in return for their favours? SACRIFICES! So I said the Holy Chant, and sacrificed some common, yet tasty, fish.

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Then I moved to another area to get a good spread of sacrifices, chanted my wish, and threw the delectable fish back to the depths. I threw two more fish out, then wandered around the island so as to find whether or not my pleas were heard. Then, I saw a huge shadow, larger than the rest, and…

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I realized that yes, I had been heard. A few minutes later, I had caught another two of these monsters. And then, I saw a fin.

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It wasn’t quite a shark, but it would get me the money I needed. Heading around the island once more, I saw two more fins! Oh my word, had I pleased the Gods with my humble sacrifices?!

External image

External image

Apparently so. This happened until my pockets were full of sharks and other large fish… Saw Sharks, Hammerheads, Napoleonfish…. Until I finally went home, box full of the deep sea creatures. Selling eleven of the monsters in one go, I was able to pay off my loan… And get the money needed to build a bridge.

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And that, my dear people, is how you fish.

Determination 🔥_🔥

OMG Reka?????????????????? AAAAAAAAAAAA yOu you just Killing me  I’m so happy now!!!!!  Look at that mahou shoujo fish How adorable… I’m…………I'mmmmmmmm AAAAAAH THNAK YOU SO MUCH(mm♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ That’s compellingly attractive…

Watching Finding Nemo as a kid: “oh my gosh this is so cool they expressed marine life so well!”

Watching Finding Nemo as an adult aquarist/marine science student: “wow those corals would never be together in nature. Oh my god occelaris clownfish don’t live in condylactis anemones. Jesus no that’s not how this works. Oh my god this movie grossly un-educates people on what marine fish keeping is like. No no no those fish would never be in that tank together. That tank is way too small for a porcupine puffer. The fuck you would never have gravel in that tank. Oh my god I can’t imagine how many fish died from misinformed parents buying their children marine fish/nemos after seeing this movie.”

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Berkley Ugly Stik Jr. Spincast Rod & Reel Combo, 3’8″/Ultra Light, Orange

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Maria Surkova

The sinuous inks of Russian artist and illustrator Maria Surkova portray wise women accompanied by mythical, sometimes grotesque animal familiars. No matter how disgusting these zombie elk, fish and wolves may seem, they guard their human allies ferociously. Maria’s women, in turn, appear to be a part of nature and the cycle of death and rebirth, carrying an ancient strength in their eyes. They are not afraid - they tame wild horses effortlessly, take care of wounded predators, and live alongside their animal companions in peace.

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