the voices of my characters, as i imagine them!!! some are more accurate than the other (leno is 100% accurate whereas mojito not so much….), but overall i’m super happy with the result! Names under the cut ->

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Translated into Basic as the “Demon of the Depths”, it’s also known as “Water Demon” or “Demon Fish” by the people. The creature is a massive predatory fish that swims the oceans of Dromund Kaas.

On average, the adults can reach up to 10.7m (35ft) in length and weigh up to 22,680kg (50,000lbs). With shimmering black scales, six pearly-white pupiless eyes, spear-like teeth, and a bioluminecent lure on its tongue, this creature was the source for many tales and stories when Dromund Kaas was first settled.

Demon Fish are notorious for their foul temper and the tendency to attack and eat anything that gets in its way.  Luckily, these fish live in the deepest depths of the ocean and it is very rare to see one near the surface.

However, when one does come up to the shallow waters, it’s tradition for Sith to come together to hunt and kill the beast.
The black scales are light as shimmersilk but tough as durasteel, thus it is used for Sith armor when one is killed.
The meat is cooked in various dishes that are served only to the most distinguished and honored Sith.
The lens in the eyes are prized as ornate gemstones that go onto become decorative pieces in art or furniture.
The teeth are used as a source of ivory, used for carvings, sculptures, art, and even decorate the hilts of some lightsabers. It is rumored that the spikes on Darth Marr’s armor is made from the teeth of this fish.

(special thanks to @inquisitorhotpants for the name since she’s the Sith linguist. also ran out of things to say for now. can’t draw. pic under the thing. you’ve been warned.)

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when people post a photo saying how much they love fish and animals but they’re holding one in their hands that they just hooked through the face???

Alright I got out of class 45 minutes early so I came home for lunch and to do the homework I’ve procrastinated on

Apparently both my roommates are home

I’ve been crooning to my fish how much I love them in a itty bitty baby voice like “ooohhhh, my little baby babies, and oh look at my boys, you’re such cute little babies, oh, look at you swim, you’re so cute, and my shrimpies, you’re my bitty babies, the itsy bitsy little pretty pretties.”

they heard.

they heard everything.


I want Mags”


Black actresses in lead roles: 2014