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How would Reinhardt react to being called dad? He's such a sweet and caring person, I'm sure everyone are his children lol.

OH BOY AM I GLAD YOU ASKED. I live for this giant of a man, if you couldn’t tell.

  • The first time it happens he isn’t even phased. This is totally acceptable to him. If it was on accident he’ll laugh, pat them on the back, and tell them he’s honored by their slip up
  • Once it starts to catch on he thrives under the title
  • He can and will pick the other members up and swing them around like children. No one is safe. I’m looking at you, 76.
  • He has so many life lessons to share and advice to give, he loves it when the others seek him out for a few words of wisdom
  • Probably drags some of the younger ones off to learn how to fish the ‘old fashioned way’ even though no one really does that anymore
  • Can you imagine him walking in on one of D. Va’s streams and asking what his precious daughter is doing? Who are these people you are talking to? Can she introduce her super cool dad to them? Why is she yelling at him??? HE IS HIP, OKAY.
  • Cooks the biggest dinners, no one goes to bed hungry. Ever.
  • Kisses everyone on the top of their heads like the precious babs they are
  • Has a large reclining chair that he loves to sit in with some of the younger members on the arm rests or on his shoulders while he tells them stories of Overwatch’s beginning

In need of some real Hip-Hop? If so then definitely check this out, French producer Dela Feat. Reach with How To Fish. Hope you can enjoy this like we do.

So, I was having a slow day with fishing. I had caught…. What, three common fish? And I wanted some sharks.. I needed some real money. And so, that fateful day, I decided…. To contact the Gods. And what do the Gods like in return for their favours? SACRIFICES! So I said the Holy Chant, and sacrificed some common, yet tasty, fish.

External image

Then I moved to another area to get a good spread of sacrifices, chanted my wish, and threw the delectable fish back to the depths. I threw two more fish out, then wandered around the island so as to find whether or not my pleas were heard. Then, I saw a huge shadow, larger than the rest, and…

External image

I realized that yes, I had been heard. A few minutes later, I had caught another two of these monsters. And then, I saw a fin.

External image

It wasn’t quite a shark, but it would get me the money I needed. Heading around the island once more, I saw two more fins! Oh my word, had I pleased the Gods with my humble sacrifices?!

External image

External image

Apparently so. This happened until my pockets were full of sharks and other large fish… Saw Sharks, Hammerheads, Napoleonfish…. Until I finally went home, box full of the deep sea creatures. Selling eleven of the monsters in one go, I was able to pay off my loan… And get the money needed to build a bridge.

External image

And that, my dear people, is how you fish.

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How would not eating fish help the seas?

First off in the article right there it says “The main stressor to these gentle giants is the intense fishing pressure in several countries, including China and Oman, especially for shark-fin soup.”
but I mean besides that it’s pretty obvious.
Commercial fishing is completely detrimental to our oceans and is killing most of the oceans populations and ruining coral and other very important factors to sea life flourishing. Our oceans are literally being depleted because of overfishing. One of the main ways they do it is bottom trawling - they drop heavy nets down and just crush and sweep up whatever’s on the floor of the ocean. Usually with certain fish in mind, but catching anything that happens to be caught in it - dolphins, turtles, rays, sharks - anything. They’ll be thrown back dead- all while crushing precious coral in the process. Long lining is another method they use. Then there’s shark finning, but this is long enough - google it. There’s literally no reason/need to eat fish so. I love all the creatures in the ocean but besides that we as humans NEED the ocean to be healthy and we need all the animals in it to stop being endangered and already extinct or on the verge of it, for our health. I don’t think people get that, hopefully we wake up as a whole someday before we’re left with a empty polluted sea…because we’re on the way, pretty damn fast fast.

“The loss of ocean biodiversity is accelerating, and 29 percent of the seafood species humans consume have already crashed. If the long-term trend continues, in 30 years there will be little or no seafood available for sustainable harvest.” - (x)

*and before anyone sends me a anon bitching about how their uncles friends brother fishes all the time and wants me to coddle them about it, I’m not talking about a lone guy on a boat fishing for his dinner..I’m talking about commercial fishing, I’m talking about the fish you’re served at restaurants and fish in your local grocery store. I’m talking about the majority. Don’t waste your time.


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