shy0sassy0spinosaurus asked:

1 7 10 12 13 14 15 (those are some nice asks) :v

1: Take a picture of your workspace.

7: Draw a same pic with your dominant and non-dominant hand.

10: Draw a gijinka of your blog.

i think this is good

12: Favorite thing to draw?

Monsters!! and Robots :3

13: Least favorite thing to draw?

Feets and backgrounds

14:Draw a pic of yourself like how you look just now.

15: Any weird artist behaviour you admit doing?

idk, i think it me keeping biting the end of my tablet pen

grumpyr3aper asked:

Mom can you give advise on drawing hands?

Oh boy, I’m not really the best at giving advices for hands, I really suck at them ;v; not as much as I suck at drawing feet but still

I pretty much use the method that the majority of artists uses- I fragment the hand in shapes and then put them together trying to give them an actul form

plus I usually imagine a small triangle where the thumb flexes to have a better idea of how it works

Sometimes I try to use a structure for the fingers too


but I remember a rule about the fingers, that is, there should be a “u” between them and not a “v”

and look at references. A lot. Sometimes I take photos of my own hand in various pose to practice, or look at hands in paintings

surrealscars asked:

Do you have any advice on how someone could improve their artwork? And also not compare themselves to other artists? Sorry if I am bothering in any way with these questions.

 Draw a lot a lot, a lot, a lot. Find people whose art that you like. Find out WHY you like it. Be curious about the world. Draw hands and feet. You’ll hate it at first but just do it. Study people like Andrew Loomis. Buy Rapid Vis and complete every lesson. Read stories to keep you inspired. Don’t compare yourself to others and if you succeed in that last part, tell me how. 

anonymous asked:

Can you make a tutorial on how to draw heads, hands, legs/feet and a full body from different point of views?

I’d love to, but I don’t think I’m the best person to ask that ?? like my anatomy is -10/10

I can uh give you tips though, i guess?

    When you’re drawing, please, please, don’t be ashamed of dividing the body in cubes or whatever just because the cool kids don’t do that in speedpaintings/streams. They’re most likely used to draw the pose after several times drawing it.
Dividing in parts only helps you to get hang of the curves and have sense of what looks anatomically correct. It’s also the best way to have an idea of perspective (much easier to imagine a cube in persp than a foot).

     Simplify your gestures. Don’t make several times the same line just to correct something you didn’t like. Move on! You’re practicing. It’s a sketch. Don’t bother making it look like a first born lineart (?? i don’t make sense i’m sorry). Practicing with a pen instead of pencil and eraser is very helpful.

    It’s recommended to practice anatomy on paper instead of a tablet. You kind of have to feel the flow, y'know? Also, don’t keep rotating the paper. Keep it in place.

lmao hope it helps somehow?? idk It’s been some time since I last studied anatomy tbh so yeah

graceisalwaystired-deactivated2 asked:

Do you have any tips for drawing pin up girls? Also hands...I need advice on hands...

Hey graceisalwaystired! I hope you don’t mind me replying this publicly, since I know many others (including myself) struggle with the same issues :D

I think for starters this blog by Paul Richard - BabeLab (NSFW) is a really really good place to start. It basically has many bite sized posts teaching how to draw pin-up girls, and all from an amazing artist.

Beyond that it’s really just about searching even just the term “pin-up art” on pinterest, and trying to hunt down the ones you love. Find out who the artists are that did your favourites, find all their work and study them. Then, draw heaps! (Bill Pressing’s not a bad place to start. Super stylized/exaggerated shapes.)

As for hands and feet! There are some tutorials out there teaching tricks to drawing them using shapes and objects, but ultimately I just always fall back on reference. I almost always take a photo with my phone of my own hands/feet or my partner’s. It might sound like a bore but you end up saving SO much time, trust me!

Hope that helps! And, feel free to send me your drawings if you’d like and if I can find the time to, I’ll try to help out! (those will stay private) Have fun!!

a typical drawing in my style:

- eyelashes
- freckle
- boot shaped foot. the foot is a boot
- aura of death radiating from page
- have you ever seen an arm Or a hand before in ur whole life
- SLOPPY!!!!!!!!!
- stupid t-shirt design

this is my holy grail, and i keep books like this in great condition.  unless my dog gets a hold of it, but she only did that to one book of mine.

they give examples of how to draw, and how to make it better

even better drawings

gives examples of feet and hands, they show you how to draw heads and bodies, as well as telling you of what not do to

even many different characters with different body types, 15 characters in all, different hair styles, different eye types, cover designs

but i just love the way of how they make it better, every time.

it just amazes me.  and i got this when i was like 13

anonymous asked:

1-10 evens for the artist asks?

2. How long have you been drawing?

ive been drawing ever since i can remember! i only started being serious about it a few years ago

4. Do you have a DeviantArt, personal website, or art blog?

i do technically have a deviantart and an art blog, but i hardly ever use them and i havent used my art blog in about a year or so

6. What’s your least favorite thing to draw?

i hate drawing feet sometimes but hands are pretty difficult too

8. Do you draw professionally, or just for fun?

just for fun rn!

10. Are you confident about your art?

most of the time! i have my off days tho