Overwatch pokémon AU

because no one asked for it!!

Well, I’ll explain all of this, because it’s my first post on this blog. 

Hanzo is the Dragon type Gym leader, the Gym belongs to the Shimada Clan and them control Hanamura. His father died and the elders of the clan make him the new leader, Genji desapear after a big fight that he had with Hanzo about the control of the gym.

Jesse McCree is a traveler who just want to see the world with his friends and maybe colect come badges. He was adopted by Gabriel Reyes, part of the Elite Four.

They met in Hanamura when Jesse was wandering around the city with his Lycanroc, at first the cowboy was a little upset about the gym was closed and he doesn’t know anything about the leader. Hanzo offered train with him in the friendly way and they fought in a pkmn center field. 

If you wanna use a reference about the region, you can use Unova/Teselia and Johto. 

All of this sketches are McHanzo-ish ones because is my fav, obviously i’ll post the rest of the characters and their pkmns.

Remember you can ask for everything!! ENJOY!!