Do you know what I need.

I need flustered, blushing Cecil.

I need a Cecil who would love to speak to inform Carlos of what a marvelous thing he’s doing with his tongue on his neck but is instead reduced to “oh!” and “oh!” and “goodness!” while threading long fingers through that perfect hair.

I need a Cecil who presses his face into Carlos’ shoulder after initiating a kiss, embarrassed of how flushed he is and still completely and utterly at a loss as to how he could be so lucky as to have Carlos as a boyfriend.

I need Cecil getting completely unraveled by a few calculated (bcoz Carlos mentally catalogues all his reactions for further use and is very methodical) touches along his wrist, his lower back, lips brushing his cheek.

Cecil giggling every time he thinks about Carlos the day after they… you know!



Daily preferences #123

Requested by @candice-suga Numbers 1 and 27


“I think we should ditch today’s classes.” Yoongi said as you were peacefully walking hand in hand on your way to school.

“What?” You chuckled, turning to him.

“The weather is so fine and I’d rather spend my whole day with you than being stuck in class.” You continued to walked, getting closer and closer to jail.

“Yoongi, we can do it on week ends…” You sighed. “Can you imagine how many classes we’ll have to catch on if we ditch?”

Your boyfriend stopped and made you stop too as your fingers were still strongly interlocked.

“Don’t you want to have a funny day with me? Don’t you want my hugs, kisses and my presence?” He pouted.

“Of course I do… It’s just-”

“Then let’s go!” He turned around and pulled on your arm to make you follow him.

“But our parents are going to get warned! We are going to get in trouble because of your stupid idea!” You half screamed as you were going through the wave of student which were taking the right and civil way.

“Shut up and kiss me already!” Yoongi turned around in the middle of the pavement and made you stand right in front of you. In this quick gesture he passionately crashed his lips on yours before tickling your tongue with his.

“It’s a stupid idea… but let’s go.” You were left panting.

Henry catches himself looking at Daryl even more often now.

Catches himself almost staring too long at Daryl; not that there’s anything stopping him from drowning in the sight of his pretty boy, no, it’s not that. Daryl knows Henry loves watching him.

It’s that Henry knows why he’s staring at Daryl more intensely now. He’s become thinner. So thin his jeans hang loose around his waist, his legs just a shadow behind denim.

It’s that Henry catches himself from going to just stare at Daryl’s fragile apperance over to actively provoking to see more of how deliciously skinny his boyfriend looks. Henry catches himself one morning when he’s in one of his moods, one of those days where he simply takes everything in his hands, and lays the skinniest jeans he could find among Daryl’s clothes out for his pretty boy to wear. He wants to see everything. Wants to see how perfectly those jeans Daryl probably wore ages ago working on the corner cling to his perfect legs.

He smiles when he lays out one of the tighest shirts out he could find as well.

i somehow tumbled into the wikihow hole of articles about like, “how to get pregnant on club penguin” “how to catch your cheating boyfriend on club penguin” “how to kidnap someone on club penguin” and i’m honestly impressed, club penguin seems extremely fucked up, i should’ve gotten into this when i was younger


I am so very grateful for everyone in their support of me yesterday. I still don’t know why I wanted to be held so badly after the procedure but it just crashed on me hard. Husband sent a text to boyfriend telling him to come down and he brought meta. Boyfriend told meta about how I wanted to catch up on dishes and she did.
Thank you all for being there for me yesterday.