Darkness blooms in the uncertain scleric glow.

A margination of corners.

Help me, but do not help me.

I have gotten on this way, long enough.

Succumbed, in a quiet way, I have been

to the dim light of her house.

A way of not being what is.

Quiet hemorrhage.

I have forgotten how to long to speak.

Willow becomes the white muse.

Not humming. Not a movement that moves.

Just meadow. 

Just calculated earth pale and glowing

in the salutation of godresin.

One quiet, reigning day

unwheedling meaning.

People on here don’t seem to have any idea of self-awareness.

How are you going to fight racism with more racism?

How are you going to fight homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, etc with more of that?

How are you helping mens rights by trumping on womens rights?

How are you helping womens rights by trumping on mens rights?

How do you become so Anti-Feminist that you become Anti-Woman?

How do you become so Feminist that you become Anti-Man?

How do you blame EVERY Black person when a cop is shot dead?

How do you blame EVERY White person or cop when a minority is shot dead?

How do you become so pro-black that you become pro-racist?

How do you become so pro-white that you become pro-racist?

Do you people even realize that you’re causing more harm than good? That everything you do is harmful to someone else? Do you now see the tremendous lack of self-awareness? Do you really?

To be clear, this post is calling out Radical pro-Blacks, radical pro-Whites, Black Supremacists, White Supremacists, Radical Black Tumblr, Radical Anti-Feminists, Radical Feminists, Radical SJWs, Radical Anti-sjws, and all those cringey as fuck people who have “I’m everything that Tumblr hates” in their fucking blog description.

You all lack self-awareness to the T. You all are the literal epitome of shit. You all cause more harm than good. You all don’t give a flying fuck about what you’re “fighting” for. All of you just want plain Supremacy.


Stop fucking acting like you care so much when all you do is trump on somebody else for your pleasure.

Start being honest and say that you don’t give a shit because its fucking true.




I thought it was her. I didn’t think so because she’s supposed to be in Gotham, but in DC Universe Rebirth #1 *SPOILER*. She’s moved to Metropolis! 

So this is also the direct continuation of DC Universe Rebirth #1

This makes things easier. Unlike Superman Rebirth that continues with a personal story about how Clark White will become Superman, this story will focus on Lex Luthor and everyone’s response about him becoming a hero. I still need the text but the preview looks like they’re going to start fresh with new status quo already intact.

So I’m replacing Superman Rebirth #1 with this, but do I want to digital this or Trade it? The art looks so good I want to Trade it.

Action Comics #957

I don’t like the idea of starting with a number so high but I’ll make an exception as I already view Action and Detective as an anthology than continuity

anonymous asked:

How did you become a shark boy?

Haha I love sharks. Great white sharks are my favorite animals in the planet. There so interesting and mesmerizing. Their size alone is breathtaking. I have yet to seen one in person but its one of my dreams to go cage diving with them. 


Quick guess and possible spoiler:

After Action Comics #52:
Somehow, Solar Flare/Energy Supes will merge with one of the Loises and that’s how she becomes Superwoman.

Whether it will be:

Lois Lane-White: A humble homemaker and mother from Middle West America, who secretly fights crime and exposes illegal operations as ‘Author X’, but, also more secretly, dons the mantle of Superwoman, strange visitor from another dimension, with power far beyond those of mere mortals, fighting for Truth, Justice and the American Pie.”


Lois Lane: Ill mannered reporter from the City of Metropolis, who openly fights crime and exposes illegal operations thanks to her journalistic skills, but also secretly, dons the mantle of Superwoman, strange visitor from the Daily Planet, with power far beyond those of mere mortals, fighting for Truth, Journalism and the American Press.“

Is anyone’s guess.

Last time we checked, Superwoman/”Lois Lane from the Crime Syndicate on Earth 3: Evil Tyrant and, now, mother from yet another dimension, who openly  dons the mantle of Superwoman, strange visitor from another Earth, who, with power far beyond those of mere mortals, and Amazonian skills, fights against Truth, Justice and the American Way.”, was still a prisoner in the Earth these events took place.

Confused yet? You will be.

“Look! Up in the sky! 

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Oh, crap!: it’s Superwoman.”

whenever there is a post/article/piece of media out there telling ppl to vote because otherwise they are complicit in their oppression is Really Bad and just fundamentally doesnt understand how marginalization works 

The Semites of the Jewish religion always have referred to themselves as God’s chosen people.  However, they have debated amongst themselves the reason they were chosen and what they were chosen to do.  I have answered these questions in the following way: they were chosen to help all of the other non-white peoples of the world living under white supremacy domination to understand that no matter how much you may mix with and intermarry with people who classify themselves as white, no matter how light-skinned you may become through loss of melanin pigment, no matter how straight your hair may become, no matter how much you may shrink the size of your nose, no matter how many doctors, lawyers, judges, professors, scholars you may produce, no matter how many Einsteins, Freuds, Marxs or Rubensteins you produce, no matter how much money, diamonds and gold you may obtain, if you are classified as non-white under the conditions of white supremacy domination, when the hammer of white supremacy falls, you will be under that hammer.

The Semites of the Jewish religion were chosen to teach a very important moral, and that is, never disrespect or be ashamed of the Black genetic heritage of Africa, and speak up for, own up to, protect and defend that heritage with your very life, should conditions and events ever call upon you to do so.  Be proud to be Black and be proud to be non-white.  This is a profound lesson in self-respect for all the people in the world.


Frances Cress Welsing

This Sister too good.  I remember seeing one of these so-called Jews walk up to a cracker and ask wrongly if the cracker was a Jew.  Despite being an indistinguishable population, crackers hate Jews–just like they hate mulattos, quadroons, octoroons, kwk.

It’s funny how gay narratives have become very common now and pan to the white gay who only experiences minor discrimination, if any at all. However, the experiences of the gay POC are completely ignored because they won’t make the big bucks on the box offices and people just really don’t give a damn about us.

““I’ve been watching characters with middle-age white-guy problems since I was a small Indian boy,” @azizansari wrote in an email to @nytimes. The actor is just one of a number of Asian-American actors who have emerged as fierce advocates for their own visibility — and as frank critics of their industry. “Everyone seems to be becoming slowly aware of how overwhelmingly white everything is,” @azizansari said. “It’s almost like the whole system is slowly being shamed into diversity, but it’s moving at a snail’s pace.” He added: “Just look at the movie posters you see. It’s all white people.” The staff photographer @heislerphoto took this portrait of the actor and creator of @netflix’s “Master of None” while on #nytassignment. Visit the link in our profile read more about Asian-American representation in Hollywood.” By nytimes on Instagram.

the recipe was incorrect about how many cookies there would be

plate on the far right is plain sugar, plate in the back was rolled in cinnamon sugar, plate on the far left was rolled in cinnamon sugar, had an almond stuck in the middle cause i underestimated how vaguely boob-cookie shaped they’d become, and glazed with egg whites cause i remembered that’s a thing you do with some recipes and i have no idea what i’m doing and had enough dough to experiment.

since my senses of taste and smell are still almost completely gone i have legitimately NO idea if these are good, just okay, or god awful. and i’ve eaten a lot of them.


Final Work Assessment 3: Curated Experiments 


This piece explores the concept of erasure. After brainstorming the myriad of concept possibilities, I settled with the idea of erasure of identity. Therefore my experimentation process was more materially inclined. I investigated my concept with low shutter speed photography, photo comics, sculpture and time lapse. Zhang Huan’s, ‘Family Tree’ served a rich source of inspiration as it provided great insight into the idea of identity and how one could interpret it. The opaque white liquid that become a recurring theme in my experiments was inspired by the act of washing rice and the murky water it created, not only does it achieve an intriguing aesthetic it is also an ironic reflection on the currently prevalent issue of ‘white washing’ in mainstream hollywood media. Slowly, as I proceeded though my experiments it revealed and refined the concept that would dictate my final work. 

Through my time-lapse type video I aim to explore an immigrants process of assimilation and thus erasure of their identity. I began this piece with moulding three pairs of faces with plasticine, one in colour and other in white. Plasticine doesn’t harden and like one’s identity can always be reshaped. I then recorded the faces being flooded and edited the clips using Adobe After Effects, incorporating sounds files from ‘Audio Productions’. It is fascinating to notice the potency of normative social influence a phenomenon investigated by Solomon Asch’s conformity experiment in the 1950s. This evokes the notion that erasure can also occur through uniformity. Hence why the faces end up white and almost indistinguishable from their white background and to each other. The flickering effect is used to emulate a flickering light bulb and the loss of function. It is my belief that different cultures exist for us to learn and evolve together, if we are all the same how can we can experience and grow?

It never gets old how vegans suddenly all become elitist upper class wealthy white people whenever meat eaters try to shame us into shutting up in order to excuse, justify and continue their destructive habits.

‘Cause truth be told, the angriest and most militant vegans are actually POOR people of color.  But who gets all the attention and is thought to make the most noise?  White people.

Funny how that works.  

disclaimer: I’m not exempt from these dynamics because I’m an overseas Chinese grad student who grew up in the United States. this is only my personal intuition from interacting with people and reading remarks.

idk it’s not hard to imagine how poor and/or rural white people would become resentful of urban immigrant families who are well off, where one or more parents are working in tech and then look down on “those hicks”.

especially when people from these urban families turn around and adopt politics that blame rural white people for existing on stolen land (pot calling the kettle black if we’re talking about families who moved to America for white-collar jobs).

I rarely see this brought up in the circles I’ve been in online, because people want to appear the most oppressed or avoid questioning the party line for fear of being ostracized as [hated outgroup].


Hayyyyyyyyyy! I do a show every Friday at 8pm CST called BOPS AND BANGERS. Listen to me LIVE at I play hella good music and talk mad shit! Tonight I’m gonna play some Fifth Harmony, AlunaGeorge, Drake, and much more. Plus, I’m gonna talk about how Taylor Swift has become a white supremacist icon. It’s going to be lit hunties.

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Considerations for styling the `pre` tag

You’ve probably used it. It’s that very special tag in HTML that allows for the white space within the tags to actually be honored. For example, four spaces will actually be four spaces! That’s unlike how HTML normally works, where white space “collapses” (the four spaces will become one). The <pre> tag is useful indeed.

Do you use the <code> tag inside?

The “pre” of a <pre> tag literally means “preformatted text” – which doesn’t say anything about what that text is. A <code> tag, semantically, says the text within is code. Makes sense to me! I always use it when placing blocks of code, which in my experience is the #1 use case.

function cool(x) {
  return x + 1;

Quick aside: Notice there is a line break before the text starts in the block above. That line break will render, which can be highly annoying. There is no great CSS way to handle that. The best way is just to start the text on the same line as the <pre> tag, or programmatically remove the leading white space.

External image

Picking a font

Since the primary use case of the <pre> tag is blocks of code and code is generally written in a monospace font, setting a monospace font-family is probably a good idea.

Lucky for us, the “user agent stylesheet” (the styles you get in the browser without adding any of your own CSS at all) already sets font-family: monospace;. So, you could just do nothing at all. Or, you could get fancy.

There is an article from 2009 by Michael Tuck who explored “font stacks”. That is, listing a bunch of fonts in a single font-family declaration such that the most ideal choices come first, and fall down the stack toward less ideal choices. His example stack for monospace fonts takes cross-platform pre-installed fonts into play:

font-family: Consolas, "Andale Mono WT", "Andale Mono", "Lucida Console", 
"Lucida Sans Typewriter", "DejaVu Sans Mono", "Bitstream Vera Sans Mono", 
"Liberation Mono", "Nimbus Mono L", Monaco, "Courier New", Courier, monospace;

External image

I’m not sure how that stack still holds up across all platforms today, but it looks like a great start.

Alternatively, you could load up your own custom @font-face font and use that (font stacks still apply). Or, use a service. Typekit has 23 monospace font offerings, as I write this.

To wrap or not to wrap?

This is rather a personal preference. Personally, I’m split.

When coding in my code editor, I prefer it when long lines that break the width of the visible area break down onto the next line down (rather than cause horizontal scrolling). When looking at code in articles, I prefer the code doesn’t break. Weird, I know. On CodePen, we make it a user option since the world is so divided on what they prefer.

External image

When styling, you’ll have to make the choice. If you go with wrapping, fortunately, you can maintain the <pre> tag’s unique ability to preserve whitespace and get wrapping, like this:

pre {
  white-space: pre-wrap;

If you go without wrapping, you don’t have to do anything. Except, you should consider what happens in the case of really long lines. Really long lines will happily bust out of fixed width containers or stretch the width of containers unexpectedly. To prevent that, I’d suggest at least:

pre {
  overflow-x: auto;

External image

You might even consider a max-height and total overflow: auto; if you want to avoid obnoxiously tall blocks of code.

Perhaps make it auto-expanding

Some people, perhaps even you, dislike both line wrapping and horizontal scrolling. There may be a solution! You can keep your <pre> blocks the default block-container width, but allow them to expand when interacted with:

pre:focus {
  width: min-content;

External image

Will this ever be going into an email?

Perhaps some way or another, the HTML you write ends up used in an email. <Pre> tags can be dangerous in email, as your CSS doesn’t apply to emails (which can help the lines wrap), so the default non-wrapping text happens and long lines can break email layouts.

On CSS-Tricks, back when I was auto-generating the email newsletter from the RSS feed, I had to generate a special RSS feed that would process the HTML and ensure that inline styles were forced upon all <pre> tags like this:

<pre style="white-space: pre-wrap;"></pre>

That way I was doing all I could to ensure blocks of code with long lines wouldn’t break the layout.

Do you need syntax highlighting?

There is no shortage of syntax highlighting options out there. You can web search around for them. Personally, I’m a fan of Prism.js as…

  1. It’s small in file size;
  2. It has no dependencies;
  3. It has sensical class names; and
  4. It allows you to customize a copy with just the stuff you need.

External image

The only thing I’d give up Prism.js for is some kind of clever way to inject the <span>s (used for the coloring) server side instead.

Do you label the language?

I personally like seeing blocks of code identified with the language that they are.

Like this:

External image

One way to do that is to label it using a data-* attribute (perhaps one that your syntax highlighter already requires) and then display that, like:

<pre data-lang="HTML"><code>
  <h1>Example code</h1>
pre[data-lang]::before {
  content: attr(data-lang);
  display: block;

I don’t think that’s a particularly accessible way to do it, so perhaps someone can chime in in the comments about that. Maybe a title attribute would be better?

Controlling the spacing

If you use actual tab characters in the blocks of text within <pre> tags (not just multiple spaces that look like tabs), you might be surprised at how wide those tab characters render.

Tabs render as 8 spaces wide by default, ludicrously enough.

External image

Seems like 4 spaces is more normal in coding environments. Fortunately, you can control it your liking:

pre {
  tab-width: 4;

Personally, I like spaces anyway ;).

Other options

It’s not a trivial amount of effort to get code blocks displaying nicely on a site, but very doable. If you’d rather leave the job to someone else, CodePen offers Embedded Pens that can showcase blocks of code nicely (along with a preview), and embedded GitHub Gists are also popular.

from CSS-Tricks