You know how Beyoncé has become such a feminist icon that even white feminists claim her? They’re always talking about her girl power and always sing “who run the world” and I love how FORMATION was a big “fuck you” to them. Beyoncé is black and she loves it. She acknowledges racism because she also fucking faces it and is an active supporter. So yeah, fuck y'all white feminists. Beyoncé ain’t your friend

i’m honestly amazed when i encounter people who don’t think white privilege is a thing that exists. 

Like, it’s amazing to me that these people ostensibly live in the world, have passed a high school history course, maybe a read a book or two, and don’t see how whiteness has become generally preferred in (especially) western society.  

That I benefit from that history isn’t personally offensive.  It’s not an indictment against my personal character.  It’s just how things have played out because literally generations of white people thought they were better than everyone else.  And I feel like I haven’t had to look very hard to see this…?  

When I encounter those people, what I often see is a child, sitting with their hands over their ears and their eyes clamped shut saying “LALALALALALACAN’THEARYOULALALALALALALA”

By the way, I dont wanna sound like I hate white people because I just dont. I even consume white culture. Im on Tumblr, remember? It’s like when you say a feminist “hates men” just for saying how some males treat females.
It makes me mad how things become relevant only if white people get affected by it. It’s just so typical white culture thing and I know some people are aware of this, but I cant believe some other people dont. And if you really care about people I thought you would like to know this. Things are not relevant only when white people get involved. It should always be something to care about or at least know that things happen even though it’s not on american TV.

If you wanna do something for poor countries, please know this. We exist.
Clinton: Yes, There Is A Bigger, Richer, Badder Right Wing Conspiracy
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Sean Burke had an especially relevant question for Hillary Clinton at tonight’s Democratic Town Hall on CNN. Sean is a Democrat and declared Clinton supporter, which is why his question was worded the way it was.

“Once you become the nominee and win the White House, how will you deal with right-wing attacks,” Sean asked.

As you might imagine, the audience howled just like I did.

“Well, Sean, I’ve had a lot of practice,” she answered.

She continued, “I can laugh up here, but it’s not easy. It is a brutal experience, and when it first started happening to me back in the early nineties when I was working on health care, you know, I was just unrecognizable to myself.”

“What talk radio was saying, what members of Congress and their allies were saying – I was just stunned. I could not understand how they got away with it.” she added.

Clinton then explained that she has had to learn to take criticism seriously, but not personally, before turning to the right-wingers who have dogged her for twenty-five years.

“They play to keep. They play to destroy. They are constantly doing whatever they can to win,” she warned. “And they have a history now, going back 35 years of going after people who they believe they can’t otherwise stop, unless they engage in negative attacks.”

After laying out some examples of what she was talking about, Clinton confessed that she saw the attacks as a sort of “perverse compliment” because they are afraid she will actually do what she says and stop them from imposing their agenda on America.

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anonymous asked:

Based off of the opening theme, any ideas on how Adam would become disillusioned/leave the White Fang?

He’d probably have to be forced out, since it seems like he’s convinced that his way is the only way and that his vision of a ‘perfect world’ is the only world that he would be happy with.

- Admin Doc

Locarno Film Festival to Highlight Polish Filmmakers This Summer

READ MORE: How Did a Black-and-White Polish Film Become the Year’s Surprise Foreign-Language Hit? The Locarno Film Festival has announced it will be collaborating with the Polish Film Institute and Fundacja Polskie Centrum Audiowizualne to bring five to seven films in various stages of post-production to the festival this year in order to be developed. The endeavor is part of the festival’s annual mission to aid aspiring filmmakers from a set region of the world. Previous years have focused on helping filmmakers from Israel (2015), Brazil (2014), Chile (2013), Mexico (2012) and Columbia (2011).  The creative minds behind the chosen projects will have the opportunity to screen their…

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Graphic Novel - Example Two

The colour scheme throughout the comic is in black in white. This portrays the hopelessness, emptiness and desolation of their post apocalyptic world. Being a convention of the horror genre, this stylistic choice forces the audience into the characters shoes. This technique signals how the characters lives have become black and white themselves. Having the colours of the modern world drained from their lives, everything is now about survival.

by Veewo Games

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“How to become a Super Phantom Cat?” Mr White pacing around his floor thinking “ It must be so cool if I could become a Phantom cat, I could be a phantom supercat and save the world!” White have these thoughts when he was still a little boy, after he&cat. One night, the Flash cat show up. This truly master told White that if he wanna become a Super Phantom Cat he need to collect enough data to be transformable. “Step into the adventure to collect data, you will become …

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Oh how the tides have turned; when white becomes black and the spark drains from your eyes. Your kisses burned like fire and sex gave chills like ice; but how sweet you are to offer me shelter in the void of light.

Locarno Film Festival to Highlight Polish Filmmakers This Summer

Locarno Film Festival to Highlight Polish Filmmakers This Summer

By Elle Leonsis READ MORE: How Did a Black-and-White Polish Film Become the Year’s Surprise Foreign-Language Hit? The Locarno Film Festival has announced it will be collaborating with the Polish Film Institute and Fundacja Polskie Centrum Audiowizualne to bring five to seven films in various stages of post-production to the festival this year in order to be developed. The endeavor is part of the…

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why you’re not colorblind

one commitment I made in the new year is to learn more about racial injustice and how to, as a white person, become an ally for people of color. this issue is really important to me, and the fact that I can even call it an “issue” shows my privilege - this is not merely an issue for people of color, it’s their whole lives. in my whole life, I have never had to wonder if something that happened to me was because of the color of my skin. people of color have to ask themselves that question almost daily - and that breaks my heart. so that’s why I think it is so important for white people to learn more about systemic racism so we can join the fight against injustice. 

our church in Chicago is very racially diverse and learning about Jesus there has been an amazing experience for us. this past Sunday, we dedicated the entire church service to talking about racial injustice. we listened to a panel of people from all backgrounds and races share their experience growing up in this country and what is means that privilege and systemic racism exist in light of the gospel. what does Jesus say about racial tension? how do we faithfully live for Christ with the tension in the air that is so intense you can almost cut through it? these are big questions and I don’t intend to answer them here. what I want to write about and reflect on is something I used to say before I really learned about privilege - “but skin color doesn’t matter to me - I don’t see color!” I didn’t want to believe that I made assumptions on people based on how they look. I certainly didn’t want to believe I could be at all prejudice. The problem with saying your colorblind, though, is that it devalues someone’s deeply rooted identity in their race or culture. To be Black in our country comes with beautiful culture and roots to connect with. It also comes with the hardship of living in a system that was set up to put you at a disadvantage. By saying I am “colorblind,” I not only devalue the beautiful parts of your culture but the hardships you have had to endure because of it. no one is colorblind. we all unfortunatley live in a society where we are taught to make assumptions about people based on how they look. I could go on and on about this, but I will stop for now. I just feel fired up right now knowing that it is time for white people like myself to ask themselves hard questions and stand up against the injustices our system is built around. 

more on this later (even though it’s just me here, lolz).

Really and yall still dont see it yet? 😒😒….remember every agenda start off with tip toeing to distract from the seen to become the unseen that’s how WHITE SUPREMACY RELIGION WORKS! #Beingblackisgreatness#blackpeoplearebrilliant#blackisbeautiful#blackmenarekings#Blacklove♥#ILoveblackpeople#blackisbeautiful#theblackwomanisgod#blasGod#iloveblackmen#blackmanisking#naturalhair#naturalbeauty#theblackmanisawarrior#ase #theblackwomanispersonification#Jamaica#Caribbean#worldwide#proudtobeAfrican#ase#blackunity by queenbeautifullll
Rappers are ACTORS!