ed sheeran's divide: [½]

“The whole album being called divide…There’s a lot of schizophrenic sounds on here, very different.”

This was kinda inspired by a bit in this fic, tho didn’t quite manage to pull it off as well as I hoped…

@masterkfox had some really good additions to us vs england culture stuff

as an american who studied for five months in England: Pants/Trousers, state religion vs “freedom” of religion, Articulated Lorry, “it’s pissing out”. I’ll let you know if I think of more. 

multiple flavors of british accents and the names for them all, how the UK is *not* part of Europe Thank You Very Much, Eurovision, the spelling of “tyre” and related absurdities, americans really are loud (our base volume is just naturally higher), british food really is terrible and they’ve never heard of salt, their entire country fits inside my state and they have no sense of how tiny they are or how big the US is

I FORGOT ABOUT LORRY and i told sam we call it a “semi” and they just lost their shit for ages like no thats a boner and i was just like the fuck kind of word is LORRY

pants vs trousers i still havent adjusted to and YEAH ALL THE DIFFERENT ACCENTS I DIDNT EVEN KNOW!!!! when we started dating one of my friends who watches a ton of BBC was like “what kind of accent” and i was like oh god i dont know was i supposed to know before i got involved what kind of girlfriend am i LMFAO

also all y’alls comments have been great + sweet!!!!!

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being the awful human that I am: what would happen if Nate DID die during Uncharted 4 chapters when Elena didn't clearly know if Nate was lying to her or not? in your opinion.

I don’t think there could be a worse scenario, honestly?

First off, Elena’s a reporter of international repute, so my guess is she knows who Alcazar is. She ALSO knows something is clearly up with Nate and that he is lying to her in some way - my guess is she probably thinks he’s downplaying the severity of the weather, or how nervous he is about going away on an illegal job, or if it’s become ACTUALLY dangerous due to pirates or Malaysian authorities or what have you.

So when she DOES hear about him dying, he’s on a different continent than he said he was, not with Jameson, but with Sully and a brother she never knew about, and they’re chasing a lie.

She might blame Sully for going along, she’d DEFINITELY blame Sam and Nate himself, but I think she might also blame herself in some way (ie “if I’d just pushed harder, asked him what was going on, even looked into his job sooner, he wouldn’t be dead”).

The life she fought to have with Nate for seven or so years has now crumbled over a lie told him by a jealous brother she wasn’t aware he even had. I don’t think words like “bitter” or “rage” or “regret” would even come close to covering it.

why-this-kolaveri-machi replied to your post “denugis replied to your post “still waiting on jared…’s baby” …”

‘babybirthing roomba’ omg jess

that was a self-indulgent in-joke with myself, did you get it?! (also somewhat with denugis who had commented on that previous item) (now i’m thinking about sam as a long-legged birthing roomba, i suppose he’d be okay with the blood and ought by now to be reasonably calm in a crisis but i also think he’d be one of those people who would be worried about holding a baby in case he dropped it) (tho really he could probably accommodate a whole child in a single enormous hand) (like baseball gloves)

guys, how do you go about learning new words in a language you’re not very proficient in yet so you can’t really read much yet or even understand children’s shows?
I own one of those ‘basic vocab books’ but most words in there are words I never use… How do you find useful words that you’re actually going to need?
And how do you go about memorizing those words? Normally I use flashcards but I’ve noticed this doesn’t really help me actively remember the words when I need to use them in a text or a conversation even though I always quiz myself on the meaning of the word in my target language so I don’t just practice recognizing the word.
The best thing would of course be to practice the words by using them but I can’t even figure out how to do that because there is no one I can talk Arabic to and I don’t know enough words to have a conversation anyway. 
It feels like being stuck in a vicious cycle where you need to know more words to learn more words and I’m pretty sure it’s not actually that hard. But lately I’ve been so frustrated to the point where I almost started crying in Arabic class because I feel like I’m never going to learn this language. If any of you know anything I’d really appreciate it. 


kingdom hearts appreciation week
↳day three// disney vs original worlds


can we just take a moment and think about what would’ve happened if Bryan Fuller wrote Sherlock.










(look how fricking excited he is omg)





just let this man write season 5, he’ll fix everything

when u gotta text someone but also gotta keep the hacker aesthetic