I still can’t believe it, all of this seems like a dream…don’t try to disappear~


Give me that role reversal AU with Prince Merlin where Arthur doesn’t have magic, is a deposed Uther Pendragon’s son and somehow becomes Merlin’s fakely magical manservant with a bitchy Gaius in tow. Arthur is the one who has to hide his identity as Once and Future King because… his friend Merlin is Crown Prince.

Give me Arthur pretending to have magic through science and sheer problem solving ability. Or how he doesn’t get credit for doing difficult things because he’s supposed to have magic anyway. And how much he adores watching Merlin do frivolous, beautiful magics  that he can’t even dream of doing.

Give me Arthur hiding Excalibur in his room when he’s not using it to defeat Undead Knights or plotting High Priestesses. Tell me about Merlin not knowing he’s Emrys, and just being a chilled out Prince who doesn’t know that Arthur has no magic at all and is actually in constant danger All The Time.

And bonus chalice, because Nimueh and Morgause are the evil queens of Camelot who don’t want to see the prophecy come true.


Some days I think on how far I am willing to go to make a pun.


they’re in a stadium packed with ten of thousands of fans, they’re three band mates between them and these two only have eyes for each other (source)

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How do you feel when you sleep with the fishes?

“There is silence. I dream for aeons in that dark house, that dark city…it is rare when someone disturbs me, and for that reason…for that, I am grateful. I can rest. I am at peace. This world tires me, after all. Existence tires me…”

Another fill for this prompt.

IV: Muffet sings karaoke with Papyrus.


One human hotel is used to house every single one of them during the transition period. It’s chaos in every way you’d expect and a couple more, but not all bad; Karaoke Night is a lot of laughs, for one.

Tonight’s theme is duets, and for Sans, staying safely out of that particular limelight meant finding a partner for Papyrus. Since Alphys and Undyne were already spoken for, he elected to approach the loner sipping ice cider at the bar. Muffet had greeted him with a scowl—yeah, he didn’t miss the hotdog stand either—and he’d gone with…

Something about admiring her discipline, since this was the only vacation any of ‘em were going to be having for a long while. He’d ordered something sweet with rum and ‘forgot’ about it as he left to find his brother.

By the time she totters on to the stage with Papyrus wearing four pairs of hot pants, three of them like armbands, and they (loudly) break out into I Wanna Be Like You—song and dance, kind of, thank god for the kid’s movie recommendations—Sans considers it to be effort well-spent.


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i cant vote on your link but im just saying, a pompadour delinquent zine is on the absolute top of my list of wildest dreams and i'd 50000% be here for it

Is there a reason why you cant vote?? Did i do something wrong or is it because you dont have a twitter account??

im honneslty SO HAPPY i love pompadour delinquents so much and im really glad to see people as enthousiastic about it as me :^D