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What makes you think that Sasuke loves Sakura so much? What does Sakura like about Sasuke other than being cool or looks? Also, Why do you like Sasuke so much despite of the all the bad things he did in the past (sorry if I asked this before)?

1. Why would Sasuke start a family with someone he doesn’t love?

2. Sakura stopped caring about Sasuke’s looks from as early as chapter 49. She loves Sasuke because she knows exactly what Naruto is talking about when he says something like this:

3. Whether or not a character is “good” or “evil” has no bearing on my liking for them. Case in point - 6 out of my top 10 characters in the story were at some point considered villains. All that matters to me is how well they retain my interest, and Sasuke did that for me better than anybody else.

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how did you get interested in socialism and learn more about it? i've been interested in the ideology for a while but im not sure where to learn more.

TBH one of the best places to start would be reading Emma Goldman’s Anarchism And Other Essays and Peter Kroptkin’s The Conquest of Bread.  These are anarchist texts and I’m not an anarchist, but even so they’re very accessible to the layperson and serve as really good introductory texts for why society is fucked up and ways it can be un-fucked, and if you’re starting from zero they can give you the tools you’ll need to understand what’s going on in stuff like The Communist Manifesto.

I first got into this whole “socialism” business from diving into queer theory, and if that’s your bag then Leslie Feinberg is a good name to look for.

Followers, be a dear and fuck us up with some more recommendations

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Is this blog meant in a funny sense or in a dragonkin sense? I'll follow either way, just curious.

It’s a little complicated 
A lot of dragonkin follow the blog but it was originally a spinoff of dateawerewolfsuggestion, which is pretty distinctly a furry blog 
Toward the beginning I let it lean that way a little, but my status as a furry/scalie depends on how you classify total indifference 
My interest in dragons, like my interest in werewolves, is actually in terms of vore and mostly means full on literal dragons
But since I keep nsfw stuff off this blog, that tends not to show 
You can imagine it however you choose 


I’m not American and I don’t really agree with the principals of this particular holiday but I would like to take this opportunity to thank some creators:

@jugheadxreaderinyourhead for being inclusive in your stories, knowing how to keep a series interesting even with many parts and making awesome work with requests. My favorite is either The Inquisitive Snake or Hidden Rooms.

@thekillingquill for writing such a compelling, mysterious and interesting original character that it made me, and other people, want to read because of him. My favorite is Dark Side of Your Room.

@tasteofswallowedwords for an amazing crossover series and pre-show timeline of delinquent Juggie. My favorite is The Reaper.

@ju-gg for the incredible perspective on the Southside and amazing way to describe things. My favorite is Not Northside Material. 

@protectjugheadjonesiii for the most emotional series I’ve ever read, it made me sob constantly In a good way I swear. My favorite is Ever Since New York.

@tricksters-captain for providing me with much needed FP Jones quality content. My favorite is Oh Dear.

@southsidejuggie for making wonderful moodboards, specially of my girl JB. My favorite is Joaquin’s and Jughead & JB.

There are many I didn’t get to thank, most likely because I don’t know them, so if you think there’s someone who deserves some love and appreciation tag them so I can check them out :) 

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*chanting* Ace-spec Shinichi! Aro-spec Shinichi! Ace-spec Shinichi! Aro-spec Shinichi!

I can’t buy either, sadly. Shinichi is most definitely not aromantic, considering how aromantic is not interested in romantic bonds and, well… Look At Him. As for ace… he doesn’t seem like it when you read the entire material. I kind of think of him as such because I’m asexual, but I also don’t wanna project, especially when it’s refuted by canon material. Maybe not a sex repulsed ace… and I can definitely buy that. I don’t think it’s Gosho’s intent, though, so I’m not holding my breath.

Aroace Haibara, though…

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I don't think Tori and Bobby will have a brood of kids. She always speaks her mind. She'll be pregnant by next Christmas. After her first baby she'll voice how many they will be having.

Interesting! I disagree. I think Bobby and Tori will be quiverfull. I feel like her siblings always said she was a strict chaperone and rule follower. What makes you think so? (Mary)

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How interested would it be if Khorne valued the QUALITY of taken skulls more than the quantity - honourable combat is the proper way to praise the Blood God, not wholesale slaughter and massacres? In 40K, that is, we saw that on occasion in WHF.

Honourable combat has its place within the pantheon of Khrone, both in 40k and AoS, though admittedly more in the latter. 

A bit later, Kyoma and Itaru head out to visit… Some building for some unknown purpose! How interesting!

And I totally feel ya, Itaru. I, too, sweat profusely after being outside for like five minutes. It freakin’ sucks. But I’m pretty sure that where Itaru is simply fat, I am fat and also have atrophied muscle growth. It’s the perfect storm to induce sweating at the merest thought of physical exercise…

Whoa. whoa whoa whoa. It looks like Kyoma didn’t quite forget everything, as I had thought. He just remembered that he send Itaru a text about Makise’s murder, and he’s checking Itaru’s phone for it…

And Itaru promptly said that her murder happened last week.

Time shenanigans, lads. They’re afoot.


Symmetric Top-Down Photographs by Martin Reisch Inspired by Nintendo Games of the 80’s

Always curious to know what was hiding behind big buildings or beyond a thick forest, Martin Reischstarted to photograph landscapes from above with his drone. That’s how he discovered interest in symmetry and a similarity with old designs of Nintendo games where the view was looking down from above. Strangely, taking pictures from that point of you could be very much like a game of the 80’s.

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