I saw people calling Charlotte shallow and greedy so naturally I had to draw her getting married to someone she loves and is gonna treat her right (◡‿◡✿)



A little help from my friends

It all seems pretty simple to him. She knows, he doesn’t, she can teach him. Two plus two equals–– well, whatever. Point is, there’s nothing wrong with asking for a little help.

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Listen, if smashing skulls were an academic discipline, Grog would be the top of his field (that’s what Scanlan says, anyways, and Grog’s not sure what it means but he believes the gnome). But being the top means you gotta keep picking up new tricks, and sometimes that means asking for help from the person bodily chucking enemies across the battlefield. So, a few days after their most recent fight, Grog goes in search of Keyleth.

He finds her, as expected, in the garden. She’s tucked under a tree, sitting cross-legged with a book in her lap and a handful of dried herbs laid out next to her, mumbling quietly and looking over to the plants every now and again. Grog watches, kinda fascinated. He doesn’t get the whole plant thing, but it’s pretty cool to see her messing with them. It’s like Pike being all medi-titative, or when Scanlan sits still long enough to play a full song, like all the energy of raging but kept on the inside. Its own sort of art, y’know?

But Grog’s not here to watch Keyleth talk to her plants, he’s here to talk to Keyleth, so he clears his throat a little (just in case, cause he knows she doesn’t like surprises, and he doesn’t really blame her; they’ve had a lot of scary shit surprise them, and it gets mixed up sometimes) and calls out, “Keyleth?”

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ME; [Looking at SU leaks of Monster Reunion.] Aww, she’s so cute. Centipeetle is precious~!!!⭐️❤️😍😍

FRIEND : Ughh, her design is terrible! I was hoping it was fanart when i first saw her. 

ME :

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ogmgfg i need to GIT GUD w/ overwatch im only level 4 and i SUCK but im learning…….. just gotta figure out what heroes fit best……….. so far mercy and widowmaker are really fun lol, so is pharah… havent tried everyone out yet but its the game itself is nice

shout out to @fraenkysjunk for helping my Noob Ass