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Ok I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who was upset that they didn't pay enough attention to Eliza. I feel that they could have put more effort on Eliza and the other women on the show. They showed more Fallon and Paul Ryan.

they definitely paid way too much attention to the guest stars and ignored the actresses who actually put a lot of work into the show and have been involved since the beginning, and they pretty much skipped over Eliza’s whole story and ignored how important she was to Hamilton’s life which is really annoying

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Setters with their s/o who likes to play with their fingers?

Thank you for requesting! Because you didn’t specify, I’m going to go ahead and write these as headcanons.

Sugawara Koushi-

  • he finds it very sweet
  • he’s very bashful about it tho
  • blushes a lot and giggles
  • plays with their hair while they play with his fingers

Kageyama Tobio-

  • gets embarrassed and asks them what they’re doing
  • goes along with it but only because his s/o seems to find it enjoyable
  • doesn’t really know how to react so he just sits there in silence
  • finds it kind of awkward but if it makes his s/o happy !!

Oikawa Tooru-

  • he finds it funny and asks them what they’re doing (but in more of a playful tone than kags)
  • teases his s/o about it for days
  • switches their roles and plays with their fingers too
  • doesn’t shut up about how cute his s/o is (thoroughly annoying his team)

Kozume Kenma-

  • fear and confusion
  • “s/o what are you doing”
  • “s/o please stop” (they don’t)
  • he is very flustered someone save him

Akaashi Keiji-

  • he just looks at his s/o with a blank face for a second while he tries to figure out why they’re doing what they’re doing
  • shrugs it off and continues doing whatever it is he was doing before they started playing with his fingers
  • is very casual about it and honestly doesn’t mind one bit
  • starts holding their hand a lot more after the first time they do it

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Just a Reminder

Cait’s latest comments to Vanity Fair Italy make it clear how she feels:

Cait: “What really annoys me though, is when people insist that we’re together: it’s not true.” [emphasis added]

Clearly Cait’s not talking about reporters in the above statement–she’s talking about fans. No credible reporter asks Cait a question about whether she is dating Sam and then insists that Cait must be lying if she says no. The only people who do that are The Extremes (i.e., Outlander tinhatters).

If these fans claim to care about and respect Cait, how are they demonstrating that caring and respect by continuing to insist that she is with Sam and to claim that Cait is lying when she says they aren’t together?

Just a thought.

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I just want to say;

99% of you have never met me. Some of you have never seen me. & except for a select few of you, you all are always so kind to me in the few moments I get to speak with you all. I want to thank you all for following me, and allowing me to share MY Halloween with you. I started this blog for me, a little over a year ago. It was just me and my mom paying attention to the content on here. Before I knew it there were thousands of you

None of you have ever gave a shit about how I talk, how I look, or my annoying personal/family Halloween/holiday posts. You’ve all been so kind to me, and I just can’t thank you all enough for making this blog so much fun to run. In a world full of hatred & fuckery you guys give me hope that not everyone on earth is a butthole. Thank you all!

- Kat

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What do you think about fan-theories? Do you like to read them and maybe laugh at how off-track the readers are, or do they just annoy you, and you'd rather the fans just waited and read for themselves?

WE LOVE THEM. We love reading how readers interpret things happening in the comic or why character acts the way they do. It’s a) fun and b) gives us INVALUABLE indirect feedback on how we’re doing re: narrative, character development and storytelling.

So please share your theories with us if you want to. We might not comment on them much because if you’re right we’re not going to tell you and spoil everyone else, and if they’re completely dead wrong we might say that they are (and in rare cases explain how something that’s already happened in the comic should’ve been interpreted because of all the information that is already available, see: Benny’s outburst at the beginning of chapter two, why Wight left Ratan alive, and why Wight and Modra got together so quickly), but we’ll enjoy reading the heck out of them.

Also your theories about how the story will turn out will have zero impact on how the story will actually go, since the No End has been planned nearly in its entirety and is very unlikely to change drastically anymore. You’ll just get to feel accomplished if you were right about something, haha.

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okay that Luss with the fibro!tsuna is cute but imAGINE BELPHEGOR IS GIVING HIM SHIT bc like there has to be a reason he's said to sleep a lot whenever he isn't on a mission. What if he has narcolepsy so he knows how annoying it can be for your body to suddenly decide that no, I am NOT going to work that way and you must shift into this very specific position if you want to be comfortable.

i don’t know much about narcolepsy besides a quick google letting me know that belphegor is probably the equivalent of a cat who takes awful spontaneous naps during the day and keeps everyone up at night with incessant shitposting / texting because he can’t sleep

he and tsuna would probably get along during their bad insomnia streaks!! by which i mean they both emerge from their rooms the next morning quoting things that belong on /r/showerthoughts

they’re a little closer in age too, so maybe tsuna will, um, not react as badly to belphegor sending him care baskets? not as badly as he would if luss was sending them? although he is probably infinitely more wary of bel’s stuff tbh on account of it being, well, belphegor. maybe he can send stuff in return. i’m not sure what you send a narcoleptic though….. otc drugs sounds kinda sketchy. maybe chamomile and stuff to help sleep.

bephegor: ushishishi, is that an invitation?
tsuna: Why Is Everyone Like This

also ‘ you must shift into this very specific position if you want to be comfortable’ made me think of the human equivalent of those slightly broken earbuds / headphones that you have to twist into a mobius circle to hear out of both sides

How MC Annoys The RFA Members


When MC sneaks up behind Jumin and blows into his ear. He will go red in the face and huff. Then makes MC regret it when he catches them.

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Its hard being with a hacker sometimes because Seven is always on his computer. So MC will do their best to distract him by any means necessary. Sometimes Seven gets a bit annoyed by this, but understands that MC just wants some attention and lovin’s. So he will stop what he’s doing when he finishes a large portion of work to spend time with MC. Its usually either cuddling or watching movies.

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When MC tickles Jaehee. She HATES it because she is super sensitive, but its honestly so cute when she giggles. In return, Jaehee will make MC stop usually by bringing them into a really good kiss that will make them forget what they were doing before.

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When MC makes it really hard to keep the beast under control in public, and they do it on purpose. He will slightly enjoy it, but it annoys him because he can’t do anything about it. This is most apparent when MC gestures for him to bend down to their height, to just give his ear a nip. Ohhh boy, does that get to him! That time calls for him throwing MC over his shoulder to find somewhere private so he can punish them.

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Sometimes when Yoosung is playing LOLOL with a microphone on, MC will make and say some inappropriate things in the background to embarrass the poor boy and to get a few snickers from the other gamers. Other than that, MC will also lick him, usually on his cheek, just randomly and the lick is super sloppy. He will then run after MC so he can get his revenge by tickling them.

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ok sorry for tmi but why do i have to poop 3-5 times every morning like I can’t possibly be eating THAT much and it’s annoying af

how do ppl go like once and be good for the day what is ur secret

Continued from here with @aandag

Another night out with Dag. It was turning into a routine thing if, you know, once a week for two weeks really counts as a routine. They texted in between so it wasn’t like they didn’t keep in touch and then randomly hung out. 

Anyways, they were at the club TJ was a partner at and they were downing beers and shots like water. Of course TJ was already tipsy, borderline drunk actually, and he was talking - not about fish this time. He was talking about how annoyed he was with homosexual stereotypes. So the kiss was fitting because in two weeks of getting to know Aandag, there had been no signs that he was gay, or at least TJ didn’t see any, and now he was kissing him.

 TJ froze for a good five seconds, trying to process what was happening before finally coming to terms with the fact that his new friend was kissing him. He sets the beer down on the bar counter top and that same cold hand goes to the side of Dag’s neck, holding him there as he returns the kiss.

Leah Murphy was barely in that episode and when she was, she was awesome. Exactly how I wanted her to be if she ever came back.

The growth is evident not only professionally but personally. She didn’t cause a scene at any encounter with Arizona which in that last moment even surprised Arizona.

It seems they’ve remembered how they initially intended to write Leah (no more annoying than our beloved April who you all hated until literally the end of season 8) before they decided to drop her in the middle of the Arizona/Calzona mess and make her insufferable and unlikable.

SO here’s hoping they’ll continue this path for the duration of her arc. Very nice.


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people only seem to text me when they need someone to cry to or want something and it's just so frustrating it makes me feel only useful when they're sad and i hate it. like i dont mind being messaged if youre sad but just.. ugh

this happens to me ALL THE TIME. it’s annoying as fuck and i get how u feel,,,, for a while i just stopped helping people with their problems (like my friends bc they never ask how im doing) so then everyone was like Wtf??? wyd and i was like ask me how in doing im tired of being A DOORMAT im a person w feelins