Stop arguing that autism isn’t a disability as if admitting that we’re disabled would be the samme as admitting that we’re broken, less than, as if we’re only worthy of resources and inclusion for as long as we can argue that autism isn’t actually a disability. Start arguing that there’s nothing wrong with being disabled and that acknowledging that autistic people are disabled doesn’t take away from any of our points about how it’s okay to be autistic, how autism is a natural variation of human neurology and how autistic people are just as worthy of resources, support and inclusion as allistic people. 

How I feel about the RFA Members on day 8
  • Jumin:Can go fuck his cat
  • V:???????
  • Zen:Pls be my wingman
  • Yoosung:My gamer son, also pls be my other wingman
  • 707:That weird meme guy that


sometimes it hits me how this beautiful, majestic, confident boy is the same one who once cried because he didn’t think he’d ever be someone who didn’t care what people think. and I just think about how amazing it’s been to watch him grow and blossom into this incredible human that he is today and how after being put in a box for so long that he’s tried his hardest to get out of using gentle rebellion, that the world finally gets to see a more authentic version of himself, a more authentic version of this lovely, kindhearted angel, and I just. I’m so thankful Harry Styles exists.

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"If you eat meat, you're a racist!!!" This is why humanity has less than zero hope and will eventually make itself extinct.

I clicked on the link which actually led to the article and here’s her reasoning:

“The reality is, “animal” is wrapped around race. This is why the most ideal human being is a white man, and the most undesirable, primitive being is an “animal.” They are opposites because they both are racial spaces that bolster white supremacy. Black folks need to start understanding how our negative attitudes about animals strengthens white supremacy….This directly impacts how we understand what animal oppression is and this can be troubling because black people have a very different social experience than white folks.” 

Is it just me or does anyone not see how fucked up this sounds? 


hey, so i decided to do commissions or something, 

So a good rundown of how it’s goin’:

- Busts: Flat colors // 10$ ; Full color 15$ // + 5$ for a simple graphic background // +7$ per extra person

- Waist up or more: Sketch // 15$ ; Flats // 20$ ; Full color // 25$ ; +5$ for a simple graphic background ; +10$ per extra person

- +10$ to turn into a simple looping animation, prices and content will be discussed 

I will draw:

- human OCs and characters, not graphic nsfw and gore to my discretion, most stuff if i’m being honest 

I WON’T draw:

- anything i deem inappropriate or immoral, super complex backgrounds because let me say, you will be disappointed

PLEASE contact me at, I will only discuss commission things there as it is easiest for me.

thanks ily <3

you know, it makes me really sad when luke girls are so quick to turn their backs on him and write him off as so many bad things for the sake of hate trends that happen way too often with my stardust boy like lukes made me pissed, annoyed, sad - whatever, i know he isnt perfect but thats just being human and even on the worst of luke days (which really rarely happen despite how many days ppl choose to hate on him) hes still my favorite boy in the world™ i have so much love in my heart for the amazing, soft, sweet, gentle giant that is luke hemmings and i just dont understand how anyone could have even an ounce of hate for him let alone ppl who are meant to stick by him even through the hard times

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What would a gem be like with her placement between her eyes? Specifically a homeworld Rose Quartz, but I don't know how much that would affect her.

Well I’m skeptical of the existence of Roses besides the one we know, especially given the reaction Eyeball had to Steven’s healing power and how we don’t have any instance of people referring to Rose Quartz in plural.

Even outside of the Rose Diamond theory which is admittedly, part of my personal bias, it offers up something I like to call the Lapis Problem: if Homeworld can just crank out even five Rose Quartz and set them to work, how would they ever lose the war? It would be like… why would you maintain a standing army if you could just clone Superman a couple of times?

As far as a Gem with the placement you’re talking about, I think that with a gem directly between the eyes, it would have to be really small (like, Jasper’s gem) and even then it would look odd with the placement of the nasal bridge, unless she had a very flat nose, which could very well be a thing that you could make work. 

So my instinct would be to orient it upwards a bit, and place it in the middle of the forehead. From there, you could go off of Pearl and Peridot. If you’re suggesting you want to avoid that and group it more with the eyes, it might be cleaner to just go with Eyeball’s placement and have it supplant one of the eyes. 

Having it be between forehead and eye placements but not actually either of them might suggest an individual who is in some way conflicted or indecisive about the role of the head (thinking/rationalizing) and the eyes (perceiving/judging) but again, just from a design perspective, I feel like that would clutter up the face.

If you look at all of the canon Gems, their design is set up in such a way as to really emphasize their gem. Rose has something of an hourglass figure, and her chest and her hips form an ‘x’ with her gem at the center. This, combined with the wideness of her abdomen and the extra detail of the star-shaped cutout draws the eye significantly to that place. Pearl, for the same reason, has an especially high hairline and regardless of whether her hair is up or down, her bangs are always back and away from her gem. Her hair even curls back towards her face on either side of her jaw.

Jasper’s gem, while none of her facial features are moved out of the way to accommodate, it’s located dead center in her face, replacing the nose, and compared to other characters she has an especially expressive face with a lot of detail put there- it’s arguably the most detailed part of her design. The dip in her upper lip even seems to make room a bit. 

Even Steven, who normally covers his gem, virtually always has a big star on the middle of his shirt over it, he also has a nice chubby tummy and situations often contrive to tear or hike up his shirt to show his gem. His design is made with that particular part of his body as a focal point. 

So while I’d say there isn’t a rule saying you couldn’t put a gem right between a character’s eyes, I think it’s important to think about highlighting. For the Gems, the physical gem itself is a major design point and it’s tricky to slap it in a fairly dense, detail-packed region like the face. If you really have your heart set on that placement I’d go with slightly wide-set small eyes and a flat nose, smoothing out the face to make room in that particular area. Alternatively, as I said, bump it to one of the canon facial placements we’ve seen- the forehead, eye, or nose. Other parts of the face that I think could work as gem placement are the tongue, either cheek, or situated on the sides of the head where the ear would be.

If it’s not so much about the face but the head, I do have a fangem with her gem on the back of her head, and as you can see, even though her gem is arguably ‘hidden’ in a front view of her character, I’ve put more detail around that area to spotlight it. Much like Lapis with the ribbon on her top, it’s a detail best observed from the back, and through that, you can guess where the relevant part of the character is even when you can’t see the gem itself. 

Right in the middle of the face would also be a bad place to put a big round gem like Rose’s unless you were doing Eyeball’s placement, or a cheek or ear placement.

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I honestly don't get people who judge others by how and with what they eat their food. I don't know why it even matters, if it gets eaten. I like my steak a certain way, I like my hot dog a certain way, etc. I don't know why it's people's business.

It’s not. The people who insist it is are miserable people who want to make other people miserable.

That being said, pineapple on pizza is a crime against humanity.

It seems to me people have a very naive view on love and relationships. Many seem to have this idea that once your “in love” and meet your “soulmate”…that somehow all other romantic thoughts or  emotional and sexual attraction to other people stops. It doesn’t work that way.

You will meet people you are attracted too, that you are tempted by, that you click with, and develop an emotional attachment too….it will happen over and over again…that doesn’t mean you love the person you are with any less…it means you are a living, breathing human being.

The key is having enough respect and love for the person you love and are with…to not take things to the next level and lie and betray them. That’s the key. That how relationships are tested all the time, and sometimes people fail that test no matter how much love they have for the other person. Because you will never run out of people that you want to bone…just saying. 

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Spirk headcanons please :)

Headcanon: When Spock Prime gets trapped in the parallel universe, he takes up the hobby of painting because it takes his mind off of things. It takes his mind off the loneliness, missing Jim, missing his whole family. He paints the enterprise on the walls of the cave he thrives in. Once he gets to new Vulcan, he paints in his free time. He paints mathematical and symmetrical structures that none of the humans that come to New Vulcan understand or get moved by. Spock, despite being very old and having a good understanding of human nature, cannot seem to grasp how to move someone with his art. He paints the Vulcan children “playing” outside in the open plains. He paints the sky in a multitude of colors. When coming across a large canvas, he decides to paint a whole person. It takes him days…weeks…months to figure out who to draw. It’s only when he stumbles across the picture in his belongings does he realize who he really wanted to draw. It was in the back of his mind the whole time, gnawing at him and he had no idea. But now as he looked at the picture in his aged hands, he set it next to the canvas and started painting. He wasn’t trying to make a replica of the Jim Kirk in the picture, he was remembering the moments he spent with the captain on the Enterprise. Those fleeting moments, when Jim smiled at him almost too kindly. He glanced at the picture, getting a pang of pain as he remembered those nights he, Jim, and Doctor McCoy all camped together. How he and Jim would flirt over the snores of the doctor, softly, whispering to each other under the stars. He remembered Jim reach for his hand, and him accepting it, curling his fingers around the others as they fell asleep. When he had started painting it was light out, sun filling his cozy room. It felt like minutes that he had finished, but he had painted the the whole night, the lamp the only thing illuminating the room now. Spock breathed heavily, feeling his old heart stutter. It was Jim. It was everything that had made him first fall in love. Jim’s smile, the way he had a subtle blush on his cheeks, his eyes glistening at Spock across the room. Spock reached out, and touched the face on the painting, not thinking. It smudged, and the smile was no more. He could easily fix it, but for some reason Spock suddenly felt broken. Staring at a broken face of the man he loved, galaxies away. Lives away. He wishes that his heart, his mind, his body would just give way and take him into the cold night. Why was he awake if he was not truly living. Living was being with Jim.

“T’hy’la. I’ll be with you soon.” 

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I don't understand how a human being could treat a precious little bean like you that way. You just seem so lovely and strong and I hope you're doing better ♡

((OOC: Thank you love. I won’t be better better for a long time, but i feel better than I’ve felt in a long time in this moment. ))

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"pretending to be the opposite sex" this sentence literally corroborates the fact that you think peoples gender is/should be based on their sex organs when does human behavior stop being sex based and start being environment based?

Your reasoning is flawed. Let me try to break this down for you: 

We have two sexes male and female.

We have socially constructed behavioral impositions on the sexes called gender. Those are bad and arbitrary. 

Sex cannot be changed. 

So how did you reach the conclusion that acknowledging sex can’t be changed means one believes people have to follow the socially constructed gender roles that are applied to their sex? 

See, kids, this is why you need to define your terms.


Daniel Day-Lewis reflects on how he feels about Abraham Lincoln

“I never, ever felt that depth of love for another human being that I never met. And that’s, I think, probably the effect that Lincoln has on most people that take the time to discover him… I wish he had stayed [with me] forever.”

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Never ask for help, never be an inconvenience, never do anything wrong, never have an unpredictable situation

You know where else I hear that shit?

Every teacher, therapist, relative that tried to beat the autism out of me. Every person that I tried to tell about my childhood rape. Every one who to this day wants me dead for being queer or femme or disabled or Arab, on and on goes the list.

Don’t be a burden, because society isn’t here for you, it’s here for everyone else. You’re not entitled to help, you’re not entitled to humanity.

How in this fucking earth can half a dozen different people two me that if I get sick in public it’s my fault and I deserve to be treated as a fucking problem instead of someone who needs help, and not hear what the fuck is wrong with that