If you can draw, and you struggle with your body image, do a figure study of yourself

I’m serious. Even if you can’t draw, try it. strip down to your underwear, take some pics of yourself posing in whatever pose you want, and draw it. Trace it somewhow if you have to. I know it sounds scary, but I just tried it and i’m amazed with how much better I feel about myself and how much prettier i find my body. 

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please, hank green is probably just miffed no one ships him with anything, he's blander than a slight of soggy white bread. Him and his brother wig me out so much, they have like this cult following of impressionable young girls who they seem to ADORE preaching to, shit like how relationships work/how to be an adult & a grown up? THEY'RE MIDDLE AGED, UPPER CLASS WHITE AMERICAN MEN the fuck do they know? So yeah, fuck him, Funhaus actively encourage us so screw him and screw his opinionated ass

his audience is the reason i disagree with his post, he has a lot of young girls who probably do ship real people and he probably made them feel like crap when they all look up to him so much. people don’t have to like or even agree with RPF but the notion that all RPF shippers ship people because we think that relationship should be real and we believe those people should date in real life is so fucking annoying because (especially in the shiphaus fandom) we are under no impression that any of the guys are actually going to get fucking married in fact we all love and respect their actual partners.

people need to stop taking it so seriously and let RPF shippers have their fucking fun. 

we’re all aware we don’t actually know these people or know the kinds of people they would actually date we simply ship personas loosely based on people that we have fun with by creating things. someone like him shouldn’t be denying people’s creativity in any form.

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i was looking at the DoYaThing storyboard pt 8 you reblogged and I love the panel with Murdoc doing the pirate radio bc his body language speaks like "OH BOY OH BOY This show is gonna be great!" Murdoc: old and pickley, but young at heart

I know!! :)
It’s hard to put into words, but I love how he works.
Shit has hit the fan, mess all around him, but he’s still got a wide little grin on as he tries to keep his beloved band alive and running.
Ever listened to his Spotify radio shows? That’s what he was recording, you know :)
He claims in the show that he’s on a tropical beach in Hawaii relaxing and having girls bring him drinks, but, ha, nope - he’s in a grimy old spare room in London.


everyone please watch this

even the designers of Cars had no idea how that shit worked

In the middle of the last century, a now-outmoded technology—the manual typewriter—invaded the American workplace. To accommodate that machine’s shortcomings, everyone began to type wrong. And even though we no longer use typewriters, we all still type like we do.
—  Slate’s Farhad Manjoo, explaining why you are wrong, wrong, WRONG to type two spaces after that period. To save a copy editor a trip to the loony bin, read the whole story.

Hairdryers are powered by ghosts and other cool science facts on How Sh*t Works!

What transracial means: When an adopted child is a different race than their adopted parent.

What transracial does not mean: You can be born in the wrong skin and change you’re fucking race because why the fuck not. (Only acceptable for white people so they can back out when it all goes to shit)

What transgender means: When you do not identify with the gender you were assigned at birth (also an umbrella term for agender, genderfluid, bigender etc.)

What transgender does not mean: Pretending to be a gender you are not because no, that’s not a thing and gender and sex are the same thing, your chromosomes so define something that has nothing to do with your fucking chromosomes.

Goodness Can Survive Too - Deanna, Rick, and Beth

Once I started thinking about it after re-watching episode 5x15, I just couldn’t stop thinking about a possible future meeting between Deanna and Beth, and how Beth could help Rick come out of his wild married woman creeper state.

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Ever wondered what the inside of a dishwasher looks like while it’s cleaning your dishes? Find out in this video!