what to do during your pomodoro breaks

so, um hi! i know that there’s a lot of these posts out there, but somehow i never find one when i need one, so here’s one more with a collection of things to do in those breaks!

one: short breaks

i. hydrate yourself and eat!

ii. exercise!

  • tbh you don’t even need a workout app or video for this. just do x number of x exercise (i like jumping jacks and squats). 
  • but you can also use an app like sworkit (ios & android) which has an option for 5 min. workouts!
  • or you can find a video on youtube! i personally don’t know any fitness channels but i’m sure you can find some. 
  • also you could just turn on your favourite song and dance to it. if you’re self-conscious about your dancing like me close the curtains hahaha

iii. find motivation to go on!

  • scroll through a studyblr and look at studyspo & motivational graphics!
  • make a small motivation wall – remind yourself of your goals, maybe how you will reward yourself, etc. 
  • here are some of my favourite graphics/posts: x x x x x
  • also here are some masterposts! 
  • watch a studytube video! studyign, nehrdist and tbhstudying are the studytube channels i regularly watch, but there’s probably many more. 

iv. tbh you don’t even have to be productive… 

  • it’s your break right? do something you enjoy or just relax!
  • watch a not-studytube video? 
  • read a chapter of a book you’re reading! or even start a new book why not
  • doodle! on your notes or on a scrap piece of paper. 
  • write? doesn’t have to be long, maybe one of these six word stories, or google writing prompts, you’ll find so many results!!
  • here’s a post on relaxation by @aurumstudies
  • also you can just scroll through tumblr. it’s fine. studyblr is not going to kill you.

two: long breaks

tbh you can do all the things you can do in short breaks, but there’s a little more options! 

i. hydrate and eat!

  • again, do it!!!! maybe in your long break you can even make something because you have a little more time!! 
  • here’s my food tag, there’s food pictures but also recipes in there!
  • have fun making something for you to eat after! 
  • also take your time! no one is going to die if you go a little over the 15 minutes timer because you’ve decided to make something a little too complicated. 
    • plus you don’t even have to eat it in your break, you can take your snack to your study space with you and eat it while rereading your notes or something. 

ii. exercise! 

  • with a little more time, you can find a workout even better! 
  • again, you can just find a video or an app. 
  • i really like the 7-Minute workout app (i only found it for ios but there’s probably an equivalent for android?)
  • a little related to this: take a shower! 
    • if you just exercised you might feel smelly/uncomfortable/whatever after so it might be a good idea to take a shower. 
    • also taking a shower really makes you feel better! baths are great too, especially with bath bombs. 

 iii. find motivation

for motivation you can basically just do the same things you can in the short breaks, so i won’t list them again hahaha. 

iv. tbh you don’t even have to be productive…

  • text or call a friend! if your schedule is tight and you really can only afford to take a 15 min break, make sure to tell them that you can’t chat for a long time. 
  • talk to your parents/siblings (or call them if you don’t live with them) and tell them how much you love them/appreciate them/etc. everyone loves feeling appreciated. 
    • or even just update them on what you’ve been doing! rant to them about how chemistry is muddling your brain or how you just can’t seem to understand this new math concept. chances are, they’ll sympathize with you and maybe (if they’re your parents or older siblings) share some stories of their own school life. 
  • put a song on and sing as loud as you can! even if you don’t think you sing well, sing. it will make you feel better. 
    • bonus points if you choose a song that reflects your current emotion or mindset! my personal favourite is stressed out by twenty one pilots bahaah 
    • also try opera. it’s really dramatic and you can act it out + people that are not classically trained generally can’t sing opera anyway so it’s not much of a matter of having a good voice or not!

v. misc, but productivity

if you’re really stressed about whatever exam, refer to this section. otherwise, enjoy your break. 

  • work on a different subject! seriously, it refreshes your brain so much. 
  • use a different study method for the subject you’re studying. obviously keep in mind what works and what doesn’t for you. if you know for a fact that flashcards don’t work, don’t use flashcards. 
    • if your go-to study method is making mind maps, try flowcharting/making cause and effect diagrams instead. if you like re-reading your notes, make flashcards. if you usually watch videos, record yourself saying your notes and listen to the recording. 
    • point is, try something else. 
  • study another area of the subject. this works especially for all englobing exams, but even with unit exams you can do this. 
    • if so far you’ve only studied key concepts, try finding the most important vocabulary and studying that. 
    • or if unit 1.1 gives you trouble, try 1.2 and 1.3 and go back to 1.1 after. 
  • watch a documentary? i don’t have netflix but i heard that there are multiple educational documentaries on various subjects on there! also you can probably find some on youtube, in addition to other educational videos. 
  • come up with mnemonics for lists and vocabulary! also write them down somewhere, especially if you’re a reading/writing type of learner. 
  • decorate your notes: doodle in the margins or highlight some key concepts. here’s my tag for tips on note-taking which also has some tips for decorating them!

so i hope i could help and you liked it! i know for sure that i helped myself hahaha anyway you can always leave suggestions in my ask for other masterposts or tips posts! 

- ant

💧   why bother? 

  • if you’ve studied even the most basic biology, you know that water is essential for many of our body’s most important functions. over 70% of our body is made up of water!
  • according to the uk’s national health service, effects of dehydration include dizziness, headache, tiredness, loss of strength and stamina and dry mouth, lips, and eyes. if this dehydration is chronic, it can cause damage to your kidneys, kidney stones, muscle damage, and constipation.
  • asapscience video - what if you stopped drinking water? i know this is going to the extreme, but i just want to scare you into drinking water.

💧   how much should i drink? 

  • daily water intake calculator
  • you should be drinking enough that your urine is clear to a light yellow, like lemonade. i know, it sounds gross, but it is an accurate indicator.

💧   at restaurants

  • most drinks like soda and alcohol will dehydrate you even more. instead, go for a glass of water. 
  • “but i just can’t bring myself to turn down a drink!”
    • water is cheaper, in fact, it’s usually free
    • if you’re a picky eater, there is no risk of ordering a drink you won’t like
    • get something healthier like sparkling water or tea
    • if you really want a drink, dilute it with water
  • use a straw. it’s just fun to drink with a straw.

💧   at home / out and about

💧 tracking water intake

  • mark your bottle with time goals
  • here’s a fancy bottle that tracks your water and connects to an app
  • apps!
    • idrated - calculates a goal for you based on age, gender, weight, and exercise, tells you how hydrated you are and when next to drink more
    • waterlogged - set reminders for drinking water, and keeps track of how well you’ve been doing 
  • you can do it in your bullet journal
Survey #128 : Random

What is the drinking age where you live? 21

Have you and a friend ever gone after the same person? I don’t think so

What is your favorite flavor for a smoothie? Strawberry Banana

What is your cell phone wallpaper of? Lock screen is me and some of my sorority sisters and home screen is me and my pseudo

How old is the last person that you kissed? i don’t even know lolololol

How much water have you had to drink today? Some

Do you think that Megan Fox is attractive? Yes

Are you a virgin? Yes

^ Are you proud of your answer for that? Yes, because I haven’t been with the right person yet.

When did it last thunderstorm nearby you? Not sure

Has the electricity ever gone out when you were at school? No, actually

Do you ever color tint your photos? Ew no

Why did you stop liking the last person that you liked? LOLLLLLLLLLL because he’s a lying cheating asshole

Name one person you are subscribed to on YouTube: Bethany Mota

Do you lead people on? If I do, I don’t try to.

In school, how was / is your attendance record? Good

Do you want someone dead? No!

Where were you at 11:47 pm last night? Probably my bed watching Netflix

If you were paid 1 million dollars to spend the night in a supposed haunted house, would you? I guess

What were you doing at 7:00 AM? Sleeping

Is it possible to be single and happy? Yes

Have you ever been told that you were going to Hell? I don’t think so.

How do you feel about your hair right now? Ew

Favorite fruit? Banana

How many U.S states have you been to? I don’t feel like counting

How many states have you lived in? One

So do you and your ex’s have a good relationship? Nope

When’s the last time you were kissed? A week ago

What are you listening to right now? Cruise - Florida Georgia Line

What’s your favorite song at the moment? I’m not sure!

What was the last movie you watched? John Tucker Must Die

Do you have a nickname? Jess

Are you comfortable with your height? Yes

What’s the latest you have ever stayed out? Uhhhhhhhh idk, like 2 maybe

Over 25 Things You Can Add To Your Bullet Journal

This post was inspired by this article here. These additions are in no particular order. 

1.  Daily To-Do Lists: Sometimes it’s easy for busy people to forget important calls we need to make, things we need to buy, or work we need to get done. 

2. Blog Post Ideas: Personally, I have a note app in my phone for this. But I can see why it might be better to dedicate a page in my journal for such. 

3. Fitness Log: If you are anything like me (a.k.a. lazy), this could seem like a challenge to even add to your journal. In my habits log, I have a spot in my chart for physical activities. For you athletes, it’s probably best to have an entire section. (Tip: add the hours/minutes you work out, how much water you drink, and what activities you did)

4. Food Log: Keeping track of what you eat is super important. Sometimes we overeat and others we go to bed realizing we only ate breakfast. For those who want to be super-journalers, you could even add the calories/sugars/carbs to your log. 

5. Gift Lists: Whether someone’s birthday, a holiday, or special occasion is on the way, or even in the future, keeping a list of gift ideas is so smart. 

6. Grocery Lists: Personally, I do not agree with putting your grocery list in your bullet journal. My reasoning is that I am a creature of habit and I have always used a small notecard or note on my phone of the things I need to buy. Afterwards, I throw it out or delete it. But if you are someone who likes to bring a journal into the store, go for it. No judgement here. 

7. Goals: You can keep up with goals by year, month, week, and/or day. It’s nice to have a written reminder of the things we want to accomplish. 

8. Recipes and Food Prep Ideas: I’ve seen many journals that have recipes written down in them. It might even be smart to create a small folder in your journal for cut out recipes or ones you print off the Internet. 

9. Daily Affirmations: YES! Tell yourself in words how important you are, how great your life is, and that you can do anything! I would do this on the top of every new page or create a page and write one a day. 

10. Business Plans: For all of you that have your own business, this is a great idea. I have a section of my journal dedicated to my photography business. 

11. Birthdays: Keep track of all the important birthdays; parents, siblings, celebrity crushes, dogs, presidents, great-aunts, great aunts, etc. 

12. Work Hours Log: Incredibly important! When I babysat, I kept a log of which family paid me, for how many hours I was there, and with what kind of payment. 

13. Wishlists: Make a list of things you are saving up for or hope to one day be able to have. Boats, cars, food, pets, cameras, etc. 

14. Gratitude Log: It doesn’t have to be a holiday for you to be thankful for things. I have a page of people that I’m thankful for and a page for things, events, etc. that I am also thankful for. 

15. Quotes: It’s good to keep yourself inspired. Write down quotes that make you feel good, sad, smile, etc. Song lyrics count as quotes! 

16. Illustrations and Doodles: I actually have an entire other journal for doodling. It kind of looks like the Burn Book from Mean Girls, but that’s beside the point. (I can post pictures if you are curious)

17. Jokes: Ever think of a joke and scold yourself for not writing it down? I have and do constantly. You could also write down jokes that you didn’t come up with just to look back on and smile. 

18. New Discoveries/Interesting Facts: I love finding out new things. Writing down what cool things I’ve learned might actually be a good idea since I am continuously learning and sometimes forget things I just discovered. 

19. Travel Log: Did you go on vacation? Log it! Did you got to the mall? Write it down! Did you walk to the mailbox? Well…I guess you can log that too. 

20. Family and Friend’s Favorites: Make a list of things that people like. Scents, places, colors, tv shows, etc. Know the people in your life. 

21. DIY Projects: I have so many boards on Pinterest with DIY ideas. My room is like a huge DIY mess! I love it. 

22. Chore List: Remember the trash? Oh that’s right, you didn’t because you didn’t have a fancy chore list in your journal! Dedicate a page to the things you need to get done around the house. 

23. Bucketlist: I’ve seen some good pages for these. Crochet a blanket, skydive, travel across the country, go backpacking, write a book, buy a car, kill a man, drink some water, etc. 

24. Story Ideas: Sometimes I will be driving to school, watching tv, dancing, and an idea for a story will hit me. I have a page of just short synopses of stories in my journal. 

25. Period Log: People with periods, this is a great tool. I have an app and pages dedicated to my period. I keep track of my PMS Symptoms like acne and bloating, my Period Symptoms like cramps and nausea, and my Blood Flow. Sorry people without periods if this grosses you out, but guess what it’s not gross and it’s important for us to understand our period. 

26. Words That Make You Happy: Some words are fun to say and others are fun to write. Put both in your journal! You could also add words that you want to use more often. 

27. Things That Make You Happy: For example, in my journal, I have my favorite tv shows, scents that I like (freshly mowed grass), feelings I enjoy (a sunned carpet under my bare feet), or just random things that make me happy (mature oak trees with orange and yellow leaves next to a well build fence). 

28. Monthly Habits: Get to know yourself and improve yourself! Things I keep in my habit log are my hydration levels, if I blogged that day, did I work, did I study, did I spend money, did I go to the movies, etc. 

29. Story Titles: Sometimes a phrase pops into my head and I just think, “That would be a good book title.” 

30. Made Up Words: This is something I recently started doing. I was playing Scrabble and I was trying to make a word, as the game goes, and I had the letters “B-O-O-L-I-E-S.” For some reason, it made me laugh. 


  • 2 oz strawberry vodka
  • 1½ oz whipped vodka
  • 2 strawberries, thinly sliced (plus extra for garnish)
  • Soda water
  • In a shaker, add ice and both vodkas. Shake vigorously and set aside.
  • Muddle the sliced strawberries in the bottom of a glass. Fill the glass with ice and top with the vodka mixture. Stir gently to incorporate the muddled strawberries throughout and top with soda water (it’s up to you on how much soda water to add.
  • This is a pretty strong drink so you may want to take the edge off with more soda or if you like it strong, skip the soda all together). Garnish with a strawberry and sip leisurely on the back patio.
#SelfCareSunday: Keep a Self Care Journal

Today’s #SelfCareSunday idea is to keep a journal to reflect on your daily self care. Make it part of your nightly routine to sit down for five or ten minutes and write about your day - your feelings, needs, frustrations, joys, and the ways you took care of yourself. Remember that there will always be things that you “could have” done for self-care. That’s okay. Try to focus on the things you did do to take care of yourself and praise yourself for them. Here are some examples of things to write about:

  • Physical self care: What did you eat today? What did you drink, and how much water? Did you get physically active? How did you sleep last night? Did you shower, brush your teeth, take medications, use lotion on dry skin? Talk about all the ways you took care of your body.
  • Emotional self care: What were your feelings throughout the day? What are you feeling now? Did you connect with friends and loved ones today? What things did you do today to relax, laugh, or smile? If you’re feeling down right now, what’s just one small feel-good thing you can do before you go to bed?
  • Psychological self care: Think again about your feelings today. If you had upsetting feelings today what things did you do to cope with them? Have you processed those feelings? Did you happen to utilize any recovery resources today, like a support group, a counselor, an online survivor group, a book, a website? Did you do anything to manage stress today, like write a to-do list or go for a walk to clear your head?
  • Self affirmations: Fill in these lists (or make some of your own!) - five things I love about myself, five things I am grateful for, 2 things I did today that I am proud of, 1 goal for tomorrow.

If you’ve been noticing a lot of whiteheads or blackheads appearing in your skin you may not be consuming enough water

White/black heads usually form due to an excess amount of sebum (oil); there is a specific balance of water and oils in your body but when you’re not drinking enough water your body overcompensates by producing more oils. This overproduction of oil is the most common cause of white/black heads and of course this all increases if you’re consuming greasy foods as well.

Anyways, drink enough water! Google how much water you should be drinking based on how much you weigh (because 6-8 cups isn’t standard)

Being Pregnant is Awful

I know people don’t talk about how awful pregnancy is because you’re supposed to be “grateful”.. but I feel like we should be able to acknowledge that this process is extremely difficult, painful, stressful and just plain awful. 

I know it’s different for everyone. Some people have sick-free, no complication and lovely pregnancies, but that’s not the majority. I haven’t had a good sleep in 5 months and I feel as if my body is failing me. Let me be more specific..

I have severe heart burn that refuses to ease up during the day or night no matter how many Tums I take. Multiple times during the day I feel as if I will pass out before I make it to my destination. I am in pain everywhere all the time. Sometimes it gets so bad that I can’t walk, or of course, can’t sleep. I always feel dehydrated no matter how much water I drink. I use the bathroom 6+ times a night. Let’s not forget the 3 months of morning sickness that you want to be over after the first trimester, but it comes back with a vengeance. I’ve never had allergies before, but since being pregnant I somehow have them. I cannot read without getting confused, I will have to re-read this post 5 times and will probably still have errors. My hormones are fucked. I can barely go a day without crying. The list goes on and I am just exhausted.

I have expressed my woes to others only to get responses like, 

“Are you SURE you’re not just looking for reasons to be upset?”
“Some people have it worse.”
“You’ll be alright.”

My boyfriend is the only thing keeping me sane throughout this process. Even though I am looking over at him sleeping peacefully while I’ve been up for the past 6 hours itching from sudden allergy symptoms, trying not to throw up and trying not to cry. I need him well-rested.

This was a emotional rant. I needed to do it, I might delete it. I might not. I feel at ease. I am extremely excited to have a child. It’s always been a priority for me. I am grateful, I am blessed, but I am also tired.

Self care Sunday:



Skin Care

Cleansing the body

Hair care

Hand care

Foot care

Oral Care


Tips on combatting the heat (while mentally ill)

This post brings up a very good point, that high-dosage psych meds can cause sun sensitivity and higher body temperature, which can be dangerous in the summer. 

I think it’s important to also compile a list of tips for mentally ill/otherwise neurodivergent folks on how to keep cool (credit to gendermoony​ for the idea).

  • First and foremost, drinking water is really important
    • If you’re low on spoons and getting multiple glasses of water/getting to a drinking fountain/etc. is hard, and you are able to carry a waterbottle, those are really good for staying hydrated.
    • You can set a reminder on your phone to drink a certain amount from the bottle every so often (eg: timed reminders to finish one 16 oz. bottle in 2-3 hours).
    •  Plant Nanny (also available for Android) is a cute app where you input your height and weight and it estimates about how much water you should drink every day, and sends you reminders. Every time you drink water, you give your plant a drink too and help it grow!
    • There are other, less game-ified apps out there too if that works for you. Phone reminders are very helpful.
  • A lot of people like to wear heavy clothing or blankets for sensory issues. If you can, try to choose one of those at a time so you don’t overheat.
    • If you’re wearing, say, a weighted hoodie, take it off before getting under a blanket.
    • I recognize that this can be very hard to do for some people, but wearing too many layers in the summer can cause one to overheat.
  • Sunscreen
    • Write a reminder note to put on your mirror or set a phone notification to put on sunscreen if you can.
    • You don’t need to cover your whole body every day, but if you are able to put a little spf lotion on your face that can really help out that skin.
  • Other tips
    • If you can open your windows or turn on a fan, moving air can help your skin cool off.
    • Floors are often cooler than the air so lying on those is nice.
    • Basements and lower floors are cooler than upper ones.
    • Ice packs are nice, but don’t leave really cold ice on your bare skin for too long, or it can cause minor frostbite, even in heat.
    • Try to wrap ice packs in cloth or use them over your clothes if you’re using them on one spot for a long time.
    • If you have spoons to take a shower, you don’t need to take an ice-cold one to cool off! The water evaporating from your body after a lukewarm shower will cool it off nicely.

Remember these are just tips and not things you have to do. Feel free to add on if you can think of more suggestions, or ways to make various tasks more accessible.

NHL Players and Hangovers:
  • Jonathan Toews:Drinks green kale and spinach shakes with electrolyte enhancement
  • PK Subban:Looks at himself in mirror and smiles; is completely cured
  • Tyler Seguin:Drinks more and parties through
  • Andrew Shaw:How much coconut water can one person possibly drink in an hour?
  • Michael Latta:Lies around all day and leaves comments on Tom and Andre's latest instagram posts
  • Claude Giroux:Grilled Cheese and AC/DC music cures anything
  • Eddie Lack:Eats tacos and then sleeps it off
  • Johnny Gaudreau:Hangover? What's that? Where do you buy one?

I have literally 2,5h of sleep left before I will have to wake up and study
I feel dead inside