Last time I shared this link on my facebook page I had to delete it for the amount of hate I got about how “ugly and disgusting” my problem is.
People were asking me to take it down or remove the video/pictures from it because it was too much to see.

I didn’t, because that’s exactly what I have to deal with everyday. Every single day, I have to see my mouth like this, and I have to feel how much it hurts. But makes people uncomfortable, and I can’t sadly solve this by myself. If you could help with a reblog, you could change my health and my life. Thank you guys so much

Two Princes

This is part of my Drabble Game and is written for the sweet @princess-of-erebor1992.

Prompts: “You do know I can see through your smiles. I know how much you’re hurting inside. You don’t have to hide it from me.” and “Be mine. Be mine forever.”



You stared into the mirror, taking in your reflection anxiously as you pondered the necklace around your neck. With a sigh you reached up and unclasped the silver contraption, tossing it into the box of seldom worn jewelry. Your mother had gifted you the collection upon her arrival at Erebor but you had been less than excited as you had never been one for excess flair. Even the pale blue gown of silk seemed too much to you. 

You had become so use to your tunic and breeches upon the road to the Mountain, that the dress was cumbersome. Yet, you had promised your mother and the royal sister, Dis, that you would at least try to act the proper dwarrow. Both had accosted you and warned you that Thorin’s coronation was more important than your own comfort. You hoped you were not the only one who received the threat and undoubtedly were not. Half the Company still looked like lost sparrows looking for a nest.

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my boyfriend of 2 years dumped me via text message right after we got back from going to prom together bc he "wants a fresh start for college" (he's going to college 2 mins from my house?) and his dad thinks I'm not good enough for him. I fell in love with him, he told me he's always known we were temporary and never intended to break my heart. He told me he loved me first. He was my first everything.. including my first kiss. He was my best friend. Ugh this hurts so much idk how to get over him

I’m sorry that’s petty as hell😭 it’s always hard getting over that first hump but time will heal. Eventually you’ll be like why in the fuck was I staying with this dude if he said we were only temporary? Also his dad can suck a damn dick LMAO I can tell where he gets his anus ways from aka the text breakup🐸🐸🐸
Keep your head up babe. You are enough. He probably just wants to try and get all the college girls… someone will end up with him and get played and you will be sitting in the sun like 🍸🍸🍸🍸😎 thank god I got away


When Phil contacted him, saying he was coming back to New York and asking about Clint, Tony didn’t respond for a long time. He thought. About how much Phil had hurt Clint by not coming back as soon as he was alive. And about how many times he and Clint had patched eachother up. And then he decided that he deserved this one good thing that had happened to him. “Clint? Can I talk to you?”

 I get asked a lot on here about relationships and dating so I thought I’d give all my main tips in one post! 

1) You like a girl but don’t know whether she’s into you or not: Just ask her out on a date! The worst thing that can happen is that she says no, but at least then you’re not wasting wondering whether it will or won’t happen.

2) You like a girl but she doesn’t like you back: The answer may seem obvious to most of you, but as someone who has been brokenhearted so many times over unrequited love, I just have to say move on. Don’t waste your time pining after someone who doesn’t feel the same, no matter how much it hurts. Go out and find someone worth your time!

3) An issue has arisen in your relationship: TALK TO YOUR PARTNER ABOUT IT! So many people ask me what to do when they have an issue with their partner and they aren’t talking to each other about it. The only way to resolve a lot of these issues is to talk it with your partner no matter how hard it seems because the more you talk to each other about these kinds of issues the easier it will be to talk about issues in the future.

4) You’re going through a bad break up: Try and purge the other person from your life, don’t hang onto things they bought you and try to stop talking to them for a while at least. If they’re in the same social circle don’t let it stop you from seeing your friends or going to events because you probably need to be with your friends rather than isolated. Indulge yourself, remind yourself of the joys of being single and do all the things you wanted to do like join a class or sport (especially if it involves meeting new people) and when your’re finally ready to get out there again HER is a great place to start!

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my parents basically shoved me back into the closet when i came out as a boy. what can i do to make them realize that i'm not changing who i am for them?

Be persistent. Just be careful though since you probably have no where else to go. Do you have a therapist? They could help be the middle man. Or another trusted adult. You should not have to live in the closet. Some rebellion might also be helpful with this. Or you could try talking to them about how you feel. They’re having a hard time just as you are but show them how much this is hurting you.

To do:

-Booker“Don’t leave me…”, “On a scale of one..” or “ok but consider this”
-Joel - “I’m getting bad vibes…”
-Sam“Ha! Loser!”, Professor!Sam HCs (though I think this has been done before), heated argument, cleaning his office and he gets upset (I’ll probably combine the last two)
-Rafe - Petplay with reader as the owner (they asked for fluff which is why it’s under the ‘clean’ category), giving Rafe a tattoo
-Jacob Frye - “There are certain moments…”

-Booker - “You wanted me to be rough…” and “Not a sound…”
-Sam - “Oh good does that hurt?” OR “Tell me how much you want…” OR “Don’t complain…”

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I hope for your sake non of your white faves fuck up rn. I understand how much it hurts and how disappointing it is. It's like ur hearts being ripped out but hopefully they stay in their lane or the actually understand the issue they speak on or if they fuck up and et called out the actually apologize and learn from the experience.

honestly!!!!! like I’ve already had enough with a couple of my non black poc faves fucking up I can’t take a white fave fucking up too

2016 truly is year of the #cancelled but I don’t wanna cancel a white fave so they better be good :(

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can you do one of Eric coming to the hospital after you get in a really bad car wreck?

“She might still be a little out of it,” came the nurse’s voice from the hallway, rousing you from your nap. “That’s fine. I just wanna check in on her.” You smiled when you heard the familiar voice. Eric poked his head in the doorway, checking to see if you were awake before walking in, plastic back in tow. “Hey,” he said, setting a small basket of flowers down on the bedside table. “How are you feeling?” You nodded as much as you could without hurting yourself, “Better.” “Good,” he said, pulling a chair beside your bed and taking a seat. He examined you closely, moving your hair gently from your face to observe the stitches over your eyebrow. He took a sharp breath in through his teeth when he saw the extent of the damage. “Damn,” he murmured to himself, leaning back in the chair. “Yeah,” you said, “broke my nose, too. And my foot… and four fingers.” “And slipped a disc, and sprained my shoulder,” you added. He looked at you, green eyes moving from your black and blue face, the contusions on your collarbones, and across your swollen joints. “Oh,” he perked up after a moment, “I have some stuff for you!” he lifted up the plastic bag. You couldn’t hold back the smile that spread over your face. “Okay,” Eric said, smoothing out the blanket on the edge of the bed, “First, something to listen to.” He pulled out several CDs from the bag and set all but one down on the bed. “This one,” he said, laughing nervously, “I made this one, uh, for you.” You grabbed the plastic case from his hand and smiled down at it. He had drawn pictures of little bandaids and pill capsules surrounding a big frowny face, with “GET BETTER” scribbled over the top of it and stuck it beneath the front of the case. You flipped it to the other side to find the tracklist, also in Eric’s barely legible chicken scratch. At the very bottom he had written “in case you need me” beside his beeper number. You smiled up at him as he pulled something else out of the bag. “I brought my Discman so you could listen to it,” he set the player down on the bed and struggled to untangle the headphone wires. “Just put new batteries in it too, so you won’t have to worry about that.” “Eric, thank you. This is so sweet, I really can’t even–” he cut you off as he set the Eggos down on top of the Discman, “I’m not done yet. Wait until I’ve given you everything to tell me how amazing I am.” You rolled your eyes at him, unable to hold back a laugh. “Close your eyes.” He told you. You tried to raise your eyebrows, but felt immediate pain from the tugged stitches. You did as you were told and closed your eyes. You heard the bag rustling and then felt a very light pressure on your lap. “Open,” Eric said. You could tell by his voice that he was grinning. When you opened your eyes you were greeted by the sight of a floppy stuffed dog sporting a robe and slippers. You immediately pulled the toy into your arms and hugged it. “Eric, this is perfect. I love it. Thank you,” he grabbed your hand and gave it a light squeeze. The two of you talked for a while, discussing what classwork you would need to make up and which chapters of what textbooks you would need to read. Eric promised he would make a copy of all his notes and get them to you as soon as he could. He even offered to read the required chapters to you if you wanted. He told you how several people had asked where you were, and had sent their regards. After a while Eric glanced at the clock on the wall. “I’ve gotta be at work soon.” “Oh. Okay,” you said, trying not to sound disappointed. He kissed your hand gently before standing up. “I’ll be back tomorrow, okay?” You did your best to nod and smiled at him. He exited the room and you listened to the sound of his boots as he strolled down the tiled hall. You grabbed the discman and popped the cd he made you inside, sliding the headphones over your ears. You leaned back, still grinning at the thought of him as the first track started to hum in your ears.

At some point, Prowl is going to have to thank that human who went about telling everyone she met how much she wanted to hurt and/or kill Prowl. What’s-her-name, it sounded something like Jazzy-car? Juicy-car? Regardless—her informal poll is proving to be an invaluable source of information as Prowl puts together a list of mechs who currently might want to harm him.

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I dont know how important this is, but I remember that in tg we learned that Kaneki and Hide were in a play when they were kids and that Kaneki played the Prince/King, he also mentioned how he was "forced into it". His cape also had the aogiri symbol on it so its been foreshadowed since back then that he would become the OEK, another thing also..Hide plays the "witch's servant" in it, does this mean that he will go against him in the future? (if he's alive)

This is an incredibly good point, actually. Now is a great time to look back at that play, I think. 

Hide shares this anecdote with Touka to point out that Kaneki can act a part. That just because he seems like he’s playing the tough guy who has it all together, or the aloof loner, he might be something very different underneath. 

Unfortunately, Hide is worried here about Kaneki acting so that others don’t see how much he’s hurting or how scared he is, not acting in the sense that he’s only playing a part, but really has a different scheme. This is a scared, shy kid, acting the part of the bold character on a stage because he was forced to do it by peer pressure. By the same kids, ultimately, who teased and bullied him.

And right now, with their dying wishes, Eto and Arima, two people Kaneki admires more than anyone other than maybe his own mother, have asked him to take on the lead role in their play. Two people who, once again abused him in their own ways.

The realization Kaneki has during his mental conversations with Rize during Yamori’s torture is that his mother was too weak to refuse. To say no to anyone and choose herself or choose Kaneki. To choose at all. At this moment in his account, his mental construct of Rize is pointing out a moment where he too, was unable to say no.

And here we are again, with Kaneki unable to say no. Like his mother. I mentioned already that Kaneki spent so long terrified he’d hurt the ones he cared about and become a violent person at heart like his mother was, and that accepting this mantle from two very violent people was so clearly the wrong move for him. Being unable to say no is a trait he shares with his mother as well. It is a trait they share as victims of abuse, but it was what Kaneki was so determine to overcome before.

Here we see him seemingly making the same mistakes again. Being forced into the leading role against his will.

Up until now, it seemed like the title of Witch best fit Eto, but Eto is backing Kaneki, the king in this confrontation.

The makeup implies we will see Hide on the side of the Clowns, though I don’t know who the Witch might be in that case. Perhaps he will work directly under Itori - she has yet to even show up, so maybe she has a bigger role to come (I hope).

Or perhaps its someone else?

In the root A drafts, Ishida added more of a plot to the school play, though it’s unclear if that plot was intended to be the plot in manga canon or not. Basically in it, the Prince and the Witch’s Servant used to be friends until the Servant was tricked into betraying the Prince by the witch, but then the Prince confronts him, and the Servant begs for forgiveness, and the Prince accepts as long as he promises never to betray him again or something. @coromoor as a good post about it here [x]

So far, it seems that Hide is working/has been working with the CCG, not the Clowns, but the makeup definitly looks like the Clowns.

Honestly, seeing as everything in this chapter and the last point to Kaneki taking up the role of the OEK as a mistake for him, and a falling back on old, harmful patterns of behavior, I don’t know what I think about the plot of Hide opposing Kaneki being the wrong idea. Plus, not to put Hide on a pedestal, but the whole “was tricked into working for the Witch” seems like it’s more likely to end up being “was cornered into” or “decided to work for despite not actually being loyal to.” But who knows.

I think someone needs to guide Kaneki away from wherever his current mindset is going, and Hide could be that person. Maybe he ends up using an organization he isn’t really loyal to in order to do it, like in TG when he used the CCG the same way.

People seem to move in and out of the Clowns for all kinds of purposes, so who knows.

Or maybe the plot of the play will be something different and that plot was written to reflect the scenario of the reunion during the Anteiku raid, with Hide showing up decked out in CCG raid gear, the CCG being the Witch in that metaphor.

But I think you bring up a great point about the play here, anon, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it comes back into the story, along with, hopefully, Hide.

Sometimes you consider taking them back no matter how much they’ve hurt you just because the pain of being without them hurts too much for you to bear.
—  D.N. // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #153

So here’s the reason why i have been so inactive for this 2 days-

My cousin decided to go to italy,but left her kids to their grandpa at first,but then the grandpa decided that he wanted to go somewhere and he left them to me and my dad (kinda my brother too)

and both of them are too energetic and i cannot handle that much energy- 

the other reason is that i was working on some story boards and stuff like that. i might post them tonight,but the kids are still over now (thank god my brother distracted them with xbox or i would have been dead right now.

I watch him in the kitchen, and I think of how much it hurts to love somebody. How deep the hurt is, how almost unbearable. It’s not the love that hurts; it’s the possibility of anything happening to the object of your love.
—  Augusten Burroughs, Magical Thinking