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Mom, you have no idea how much i owe you and your blog. I'm so, so grateful. I hope you're having a great day; you deserve everything great in this world. Thank you for caring. But please, please, put yourself first and take care of yourself! And let us know if there's anything, any tiny thing, that we can do for you- listening, making your soon to be published book a bestseller, anything. Thank you so much for everything.

Oh honey thank you so much for this kind and generous ask! I’m actually logging off for the night (or at least for now) to go out with my girl – we were out all day, and now time to head out into this thunderstorm because she has surprise dinner reservations.. somewhere! So yes, I am well taken care of! Thank you so much, sweetheart <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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ever thought of uploading more games other than mostly TF2/OW. I think you're funny and original so i would want to see you playing more games like playing them recording because you obviously play more games than TF2/OW... sorry i have a horrible english..

Yes, I do it sparingly as of current because when I make content on something unfamiliar to people I want to do it in a way that can be entertaining regardless of how much you know about it, which takes more finesse than it does to jump into games I can assume people already know a bit about. In other words, yeah I have.

I have a lot of feelings about Mariachi!Reaper.

a brush of silk (m.)

Summary: His favorite mornings are the long, lazy ones spent in your apartment.   (Vampire!Suga)

Genre: Smut, Romance, Fluff, Supernatural

Rating: Mature (18+) (graphic description of sex, sleepy sex, blood drinking)

Length: 5.4k

Sweeter than Sweet series

A/N: <3 written from Yoongi’s point of view, so it’s a bit different from the rest

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His head slams into the window as the cab screeches to a stop. Yoongi jerks awake and looks around blearily, blinking to wipe away the sleep from his eyes and look outside the window. 

“Hey, this is your stop, isn’t it?” The driver asks from the other side of the partition, his thumbs tapping anxiously on the wheel. 

He glances outside and sees the familiar entrance to your apartment building. “Uh, yeah. Thanks.” Yoongi yawns widely as he reaches for his bag, tears slipping into the corners of his eyes and aggravating his dry eyes. “How much do I owe you?”

The driver taps the meter with a beefy finger, his narrowed eyes watching Yoongi in the rearview mirror. It’s several won over the usual amount it takes to get from the office to your apartment, which means he took several unnecessary turns while Yoongi was asleep. He takes a second to search inside himself for the will to get pissed but comes up empty, so he just shoves several bills through the window and opens the door. 

The cab driver peels away from the curb without checking if Yoongi wants any change, and a flicker of anger awakens before almost immediately sputtering out again. Not fucking worth it. 

He yawns again as he trudges up the stairs to the apartment building entrance, lazily taking stock of any changes to the outside. Still clean glass and granite stone, still covered in bright green tendrils of ivy. The same piece of paper is stuck to the buzzer on the outer panel, telling visitors that the main doorbell system is broken and to check in at the front desk. Yoongi bypasses the panel and pushes the front door open.

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yooo rn these are pretty much it? they might change when i get to know some characters better or see other headcanons I like so much I integrate them into my art but YEAH

basically, nobody is straight


supergirl season 2a meme → [2/8] scenes

“I think I owe you an apology. For not creating an environment where you felt like you could talk about this with me. All those years we spent together growing up, the endless nights talking and sharing, now I realise they were all about me and my secret. There’s never been room for you, and that’s my fault, and I’m so sorry. I know this is not the same at all, but I do know how it feels to keep a part of yourself shut off. To keep it inside. And I know lonely that can make you feel. But Alex, you are not alone.”

K but Viktor forgets that he said Yuri could wait until after the Grand Prix to pay him, then the time comes where the competition is over and Yuri is like “ok how much do I owe you?” And viktor goes really, really quiet for a long time until he finally whispers “I’m not a prostitute, I just love you” and Yuri dies a little because, no, he meant for the coaching not the relationship, viktor, omfg

Translation: Kollektivet (The Flat Chat) - at 20:40 - 11.12

Who took my frozen pizza?

Not me.

It was me, had to fix some food.
I’ll transfer money, Linn. Sorry.

Okay, how’s Even?

How is Even doing?
Linn, you owe me a cold coke with ice.

Better, I think. Or, it seemed like it was going better earlier. I don’t fucking know. He’s sleeping right now. But I was texting with Sonja and she said he usually sleeps when he’s down. So, yeah. But he did eat half a pizza. So that’s good. 

Huh, I don’t owe you a coke? From when?

Ohh <3 Isak. To think that there’s so much care in that grumpy, little teenaged body of yours.


It’s just a saying, Linn.

But what are you guys doing tomorrow during the day? I’ve fucked up my 10% and have to go to school. But I don’t want Even to be here alone.

I’m home until 14:00 pm tomorrow, when do you finish school?


I’ll get home around one, so I can take over when Eskild leaves.


I can put together a week schedule. Report wishes and needs Linni and Nori, and I’ll add it in. Noora, you have Excel on your computer? 

It’s not certain he’ll stay the whole week, though..

Why doesn’t he wanna go home?

He might go home, but is it okay with you guys if he wants to stay here?

Yes, where there’s room there’s hearts.


Where there’s home there’s hearts.

Home is where the heart is.

Thank you

(sorry I’m late, my laptop crashed on Friday, having major issues with it 😞  )

Linn: Who took my grandis? (norwegian frozen pizza)
Eskild: Not me
Isak: It was me, had to fix some food
I’ll transfer money to you Linn. Sorry
Linn: Ok, hows Even doing?
Eskild: Hows Even doing?
Owe me a cold coke with icecubes Linn
Isak: Better, I think. Or it seemed like it was going better earlier. I don’t freaking know. He’s sleeping right now. But I texted Sonja and she said he usually sleeps when he’s depressed. So, yeah. But he ate a half grandis though. That’s good.
Linn: Huh I don’t owe you a coke? From when?
Eskild: Aww <3 Isak. Who’d imagined that there’s so much care in that little grumpy teenage body of yours.
Isak: Whatever.
Eskild: It’s just a saying Linn
Isak: But what are you doing tomorrow?
I’m fucked with the 10% (absence limit) and have to go to school. But I don’t want Even to be here alone.
Eskild: I’m home until 14 tomorrow, when are you finished at school?
Isak: 1530 
Noora: I’ll be home around one, so I can take over when Eskild leaves.
Isak: Thank you
Eskild: I can set up a “guard plan” for the week. Tell me your wishes and needs.
Noora do you have exel on your computer?
Isak: Not sure he’ll stay the whole week.
Linn: Why doesn’t he wanna go home?
Isak: He might head home, but is it OK for you guys if he’d like to stay here?
Eskild: Yes, where there’s room there’s hearts
Noora: Ofc
Eskild: Where it’s house there’s heartroom
Linn: Where there’s heartroom there’s houseroom. (norwegian saying)


Killed for Breakfast

In 2010, Rebecca Aylward, was bludgeoned to death after her ex-boyfriend, Joshua Davies, was promised breakfast by a friend as a dare.
Davies lured her to a secluded wood near Bridgend, South Wales, where he repeatedly smashed a rock against her head until she was dead. Davies openly discussed with his friends about how much he wanted to kill his ex, but they assumed he was joking. A text message with a boy, who wasn’t named, reads:

 “What would you do if I actually did kill her?”

 The friend replies: “Oh, I would buy you breakfast.”

Days after killing Aylward, the text message conversation between the two friends was as follows:

 Davies: “Don’t say anything but you may just owe me a breakfast…‘”

Friend: 'Best text I have ever had mate. Seriously, if it is true I am happy to pay for a breakfast. I want all the details. You sadistic bastard. :)

You cannot have a reasonable or enlightening conversation until you understand that both someone disagreeing with you is neither gaslighting nor a personal attack on you unless they make it one, and that the “validity” or usefulness of an idea/its political merits are fairly disconnected from how comfortable the idea is for you to hear. That doesn’t mean you should settle for any old terms of conversation or engage with people who are coming to the table in bad faith or behind falsehoods- we all have to draw our own personal and ideological lines in the sand for ourselves and you don’t owe anyone discussion and time and energy. But politics and politics development are, to me at least, all about revealing ways in which I am currently wrong and will be wrong in the future- this is how we move forward, and in order to do that you have to untie your basic sense of self worth from how correct your politics are as much as can possibly be done.

It really blows mine when parents act like all the money you earn is owed to them, “after all I spent on you all these years” like my nigga I know how much they pushed safe sex in the 80-90’s you could have used contraception, you could have swallowed, didn’t have to bust it wide open unprotected but you did, I don’t owe you shit but thank you for doing what you HAD to do. FOH.

Sherlock feels John shaking and holds him tighter. “I’m here,” he says, because he is, that’s all there is to it. It is what it is.

He thinks of whispering, “John Watson, you are so loved. Do you have any idea how loved you are? You stepped into my world and gave it colour and light and beauty. I was so alone, and I owe you so much. I love you so very much. I’m sorry. I thought- I hoped- I dreamt you knew.”

But John is still trembling, tears are still soaking Sherlock’s shirt. The moment is not right. This storm of grief must pass, and Sherlock must be there, to hold John up. The moment is not quite there. Not yet. But soon.

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Some Daddy Jacob Headcanons
  • He’s the fun parent
  • You have to hide the cookies away from him
  • He is completely proficient in babby talk
  • He totally does the “choo-choo” train sounds during feeding time
  • More food ends up on his face and clothes than on the baby’s
  • Seriously who’s the one eating here
  • You wonder if he enjoys “peek-a-boo” more than the actual baby with how much he plays it
  • Did I mention one of his favorite sounds is giggling babies
  • And said giggling is from him tickling their tummies and tiny feet, and scruffy, tickly kisses he smothers them with
  • Literally. Do not hand this man a baby if you do not want them to be tickled. He has no self control
  • Softly singing lullabies as he slowly sways side to side (▰˘◡˘▰) 
  • And the second he holds them against his chest they quiet down
  • like what the hell h ow 
  • He loves watching their mesmerized faces and amused expressions as he gets super animated and carried away with his singing
  • He totally doesn’t mind being the designated parent to get up in the middle of the night every night to calm your crying baby
  • He won’t admit it but he actually loves holding them snugly against his chest at 3am, rocking them back and forth as he hums a soft tune 
  • Hands down the best storyteller ever. 
  • Children are asleep every time 10/10 highly recommend how he do it nobody know but you ain’t about to ask questions
  • More than once you’ve caught him lounging, hugging your baby fast asleep on his chest
  • And chances are he’s asleep too, so you end up covering both your babies with yourself a nice warm blankie  *:・゚✧ヽ(〃^◡^〃)ノ

Linn - Who took my grandis? (Frozen pizza)

Eskild - Not me

Isak - It was me, had to make some food. I’ll send you money Linn. Sorry

Linn - Ok, how is Even doing?

Eskild - How is Even doing? You owe me a cold coke with ice cubes Linn

Isak - He’s doing better i think. Or it seemed to be going better a while ago. I dont fucking know. He’s sleeping now. But i texted Sonja and she said he usually sleeps when he’s depressed. So yeah. But he ate halv a grandis. Thats good.

Linn - Huh i dont owe you coke, from when?

Eskild - Ooh ❤️ Isak. Cant believe there’s so much love in your little grumpy teenage body.

Isak - Whatever

Eskild - Its just a saying Linn

Isak - But, what are you doingin the daytime tomorrow? I’m fucked on the 10% and have to go to school. But i dont want Even to be here alone

Eskild - I’ll be home til’ 14 tomorrow, when are you finished at school?

Isak - 15.30

Noora - I’ll be back home around 13 so i can take over when Eskild leaves

Isak - Thanks

Eskild - I can put up a plan for the week. Tell me your wishes and needs Linni and Nori, i’ll put it in. Noora do you have exel on your computer?

Isak - Not sure he will stay the whole week

Linn - Why doesn’t he want to go home?

Isak - He might go home, but is it Ok with you guys If he wants to stay here?

Eskild - yes, where there is room there is hearts

Noora - Off course

Eskild - Where there is house there is heartroom

Linn - Where there is heartroom there is houseroom

Isak - Thanks

Insane Zombie Pirate from Hell: “Rarrghh!!”

Matt: “Oh dear.”

Matt: “Was this movie always this scary?”

Edd: “Yeah, I don’t remember it being this violent…”

Tom: “Ha, that’s because you haven’t seen this one yet. It came out in the month that you lost your memories of.”

Matt: “Ah. That explains it.”

*Ding dong*

Edd: “Ah, that must be the pizza!”

Edd: “I’ll grab my wallet. Tom, take the cat.”


Edd: “Hi, thank you for the delivery!”

Edd: “How much do I owe y–”

Edd: “–ou–”

Edd: “?!?!”

???: “…”

???: “Why, hello there…”

Tord: “…Old friend.”

-Mod Matt

So I liked these so much that I’m making charms of them! :D

So now they are available for pre-order!  I do need to get an estimate of how many I need so they should be done around the end of March or early April. Will also come with small thank you pre-order bonus and preorder set discount! After pre-order is done discount will not be available!

Cute 1.5 inch one sided acrylic charms of Dragon Hanzo and Boof Bork Mccree. 

9$ each or 16$ for both! 16$. Discount only for pre-orders! So order now!!!!

Mccree will be on a frosted light pink and will come on a orange phone strap with lobsterclaw.

Hanzo will be on a cool seafoam with a sparkling silver phone strap and lobsterclaw

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Ease My Mind - Part 10 (FINAL!)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky Barnes is your best friend and, of course, you’re in love with him. But apparently Bucky is just fine with your platonic relationship - you’re going to have to do something about that.

Warnings: luke cage spoilers

A/N: WE’RE HERE! the end!!! i thought this was gonna be long but it ended up being kinda short?? idk how that happened. but anyway i really like it, i hope you do too, and thank you so much for being on this journey with me! your feedback and messages and enthusiasm has made this story so much fun to write so i really owe it all to you guys :) 


Luke and his ‘girlfriend’ Claire Temple were highly confused but also thrilled about Tony’s jail-bust and the reappearance of Dr Burstein. Tony wanted to celebrate by getting everyone drunk and ordering enough takeout to feed a small country, so even though every single person protested, that’s what happened. Steve and Luke bonded over their love of breaking stuff and, for the first time, Steve lost an armwrestling contest.

Which is why he’s a pouty, broody cloud of sadness at the briefing table while everyone else is just extremely hungover.

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