Straight White Boy Problem #770

texting my Bros personal questions is actually really weird, so I dont do it. Girls can text guys and other girls pretty much anything though, which is crazy! The furthest extent for guys texting is like

“You ready for the game tomorrow?”
“How much money do I owe u”
“What’s for lunch at the cafeteria”

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(B)reak Free - Ariana Grande

(R)unnin’ - David Dallas or Ride - SoMo

(I) Know Places - Taylor Swift

(A) Little Too Much - Shawn Mendes

(N)ow I’m That Bitch - Livvi Franc (or Nothing by Lewis Watson too hard!)

(N)ever Be Alone - Shawn Mendes

(A)ll You Had To Do Was Stay - Taylor Swift

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(S)peak Now - Taylor Swift

(C)adillac Song - Ariana Grande or Cats Meow - Barbie or Crazy Rap - Afroman

(H)appily - One Direction 

(M)y Blood - Ellie Goulding or Mailbox - NeverShoutNever

(A)ll My Love - Ariana Grande

(L)ife Of The Party - Shawn Mendes or Lie - Jamie McDell or Love Me Harder - Ariana Grande

(F)un - Troye Sivan or Feeling Myself - Bey and Nicki or Fuck You Right Back - Frankee

I tag anyone and everyone just replace all the answers and what not :)

I’m so in love it scares me.


Bronson is a film that really rewards multiple viewings. Just when you think you have it (or Bronson himself, as played by Tom Hardy) sussed out, you see something new that upends all your conclusions. Those are the kinds of films (and people) we get hooked on, right? That’s a long intro to say, if you are into figuring out why people do stuff, you will like this video essay on what the Mad Dane, Nicolas Winding Refn, is up to here as a filmmaker. Though I always wonder if even Refn knew. Bronson, for all his violence and unpredictability, is definitely a psychologically static protagonist and I think the film owes its life to Tom Hardy’s unforgettable performance (and who knows how much to script doctor Kelly Marcel). Anyway, diehard Bronson fans, check out the insights in this commentary by Jessie McGoff.

Bronson: A Subversion of the Conventions of the Prison Film
by jmcgoff - My first ever video essay, completed as part of a course at Glasgow University, taught by Ian Garwood. My topic is Nicolas Winding Refn’s “Bronson”.


No Longer Empty, presents: 


A personal and conversational exploration into the new iterations of currency, value and exchange at this time of financial flux, growing debt and job insecurity.

From the virtualization of money to the rise of non-monetary barter networks, recent years have seen a re-thinking of forms and systems of exchange, and thus notions of value, commodity, and debt that surround them.

Inspired by the Bank building and the surrounding neighborhood, 26 artists from 15 countries confront these issues and how they are negotiated in the workforce, housing market, and in the every day. Curated by Chief Curator, Manon Slome, the public will experience a variety of media, from sound installations, projections, and film to participatory projects, immersive installations and large scale sculptures.

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Adventures In Not-So-Secret Identities

So I figured I owed this fandom some fluff, mostly because the largest things I’ve been contributing are filled with giant amounts of angst. Also, my guilty pleasures consist of reading fics where people find out Oliver’s secret identity because they are so so obvious, and if Lance knows Roy is Arsenel, than how much do you want to bet he’s not so far away from figuring out that Oliver’s the Arrow. Takes place sometime in the future, after Oliver and Felicity get together, but I’ve left the details ambiguous so it should stay in-canon.

Rating: T/PG-13 | Words: 1412 | Pairing: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak | In-Canon (at least for now)


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Quentin Lance would never have thought this would be the way he found out the identity of the Arrow.

In truth, he’s probably known for a long time; the signs were all there, but he pushed them down over the years, because he didn’t want to know, and really, once he’d crossed someone off the list, he’d try not to go back on them, because he usually ended up being wrong.

And Oliver Queen had the biggest ‘x’ through his name out of all the people he’d suspected of being the Arrow at one point or another.

How surprising that his gut feeling that Felicity Smoak would be the key to unhooding the Hood would turn out to be exactly true.

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hi ally! I just wanted to get some advice. I've been working full time for 3 years now and everyone assumes that I should have heaps of money saved up but I spend it on adventures and experiencing things in life. how to I make people see that's not a bad thing. I don't need to save money and I don't want to. I would much rather have experiences than money.

A while ago I realised something freeing, and that is that you don’t owe anyone else an explanation for your choices in life. If you aren’t hurting anybody, their opinion or validation doesn’t matter. I still lack confidence in this sometimes but stand by the belief that life is incredibly short and should be spent only doing what makes you happy. 

You don’t need to justify how you spend your money, your time or anything else. You do you, follow your bliss, live in a way that brings you immeasurable joy and that is all that matters. Hopefully others will see that you are pursuing your passions and it will inspire them to do the same for themselves.

whatever i’m going out to drink more, GOODBYE MY FRIENDS

take faith in that glee ends in five weeks*

I feel like almost every OTP has that one thing they said to each other in canon that justifies the entire ship.

"I was so alone, and I owe you so much."

"I prayed to you, Cas, every night."

"I’m burning up a sun just to say goodbye."

And then there are some that are like:

"I don’t just do what your brother tells me."

"Save your brother and my unicorn."

"Together or not at all."

And it’s like how can there be that many ways to say I love you without ever saying it? I dunno I think that’s beautiful.

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So female perspective please what can I do to be a good father to my daughter like what you wish your dad would/wouldn't have done

Oh wow! I don’t know that I am qualified but here is my experience. I think one of the most important things is when you are spending time with her, give her your full attention.  

A priceless gift you could give her is the belief that she can do anything she puts her mind to, teach her to be independent so she knows her self worth.  

Let her know she is your whole world and that you are there for her no matter what.  Support what she loves and encourage it.  

Respect her, no matter her age, she is her own human being.  

Teach her how to fix things. I wish my dad hadn’t been so much about gender roles and had taught me mechanics. 

Teach her she doesn’t owe men anything and teach her how to beat up any boy that doesn’t respect that.

Listen to her, truly listen. I wish my dad had truly listened to me, it wasn’t that he didn’t care it’s just he always had an answer for everything. I guess I needed less advice and more understanding. 

The biggest thing my father gave me was his support, his unconditional love, and he taught me how to respect myself, to not let other people make me feel inferior.

Love, Time, Respect and you’ve got it in the bag!!!

You are and will do amazing!!! ♡

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All your art is super awesome and I've fallen in love! What made you want to start drawing?

i was a very annoying and loud kid and someone thought it was a good idea to give me a pen and paper to keep me quiet and busy. 

magical babysitting skills.

edit: i forgot to say thanks. thanks <3


said: Who. :)

Who did I meet through this blog that are absolutely wonderful humans that I just freaking adore? I’ll tell you who!

My babies, glindyupland and elphababess, who are talented as Hell, lovely and I literally owe them my life and they don’t even know how much I do love them.

The first Disney blog I ever followed and who quickly became a dear: disneygirldreams

First follower I ever met/absolute babe/my baby: greenhattress

My personal savior: toprovethecynicswrong

My ultimate role models and babes: thatsmybreastsnotmypinlanyard & wdw-girl

Jack’s Fairy Godmothers (who I’m totally heartbroken I don’t even have a picture of them with him): fantasylanded & thebrightstar

This absolutely gorgeous girl: dcpdreamscometrue

My co-worker/bestie/roommie/sister from another mister: disneyguppie

My guardian angel (because she always took care of me from far away during pregnancy): flamesandpain

These ultimate cuties: nicholasbueller, littlekianni, postcards-fromfaraway, dancinbelle, thehollywoodtowerhotel, that-one-animator, cafededuy

And of course, YOU! Who always had a warm hug, a fab outfit and the most supportive, sweetest words I’ve ever received every time I am down. You never fail to cheer me up or at least, show me the most extraordinary amount of kindness and you have no idea how your little messages often get me through the night. <3

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So I'm on the asexual spectrum and am not sure if/when I'll ever have sex but I need to know from where you stand if love without sex (or least with out much sex) is possible? Cause I have read so many articles and stuff with really rude comments talking about how women owe their husband sex whenever the husband wants it and all that sort of crap and it's kinda disheartening..

Relationships and love without sex can and do work. Shannon and I both read this web comic called Girls With Slingshots that we both love. There is a couple on there where one person is asexual and the other is allosexual. And they have a great relationship that works for both of them. (You’ll have to dig back a bit but you’re looking for Erin and Jaime’s story lines.) 

Also, if you haven’t found it already, you might be interested in the Asexual Visibility and Awareness Network. It is a great and pretty comprehensive site with a ton of information for people on the asexual spectrum. There are also forums where you can talk and ask questions just like this one and get advice and information from other people who identify as asexual (instead of us, who have only an outside view of what it’s like to be asexual. The best information always comes from those who experience it firsthand.) 

Now, I want to address the second part of your message. Lesson one of the Internet: NEVER READ THE COMMENTS. Comments sections of online articles are literally where humanity goes to shit itself and die. Next to most of Reddit and 4chan, comments sections are the WORST place online. 

No one owes anyone else sex, ever. Plenty of relationships are healthy and happy without sex or with very little sex. Every relationship figures out what the right balance is for them. Not everyone is going to be on the same level as far as sexual contact is concerned but not everyone is right for you either. 

If you desire a romantic, but not sexual or mostly not sexual relationship, it is entirely okay (more than okay, actually, expected) to expect that that boundary will be respected from  your partner. In the case of our romantic asexual cartoon pairing of Erin and Jaime, Erin is okay with Jaime seeing other people to fulfill a sexual need. An open or poly relationship might be feasible if it’s something everyone is comfortable with if you date someone who is more sexual than you. 

Or you can simply date other people on the asexual spectrum. People who will understand and match your level of interest in sexual contact. 

Please please please do not internalize that terrible misogynist mentality that all relationships must include sex. Even couples who are sexual and enjoy sex go through periods where sex is not a priority or an interest. Sex does not define a relationship, the people involved in it do.