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I was emotionally abused for years, and I now have an intense fear of asking anyone for anything. A major thing my abusers did was to make me feel like they were the only people allowed to have needs and feelings, and that I didn't deserve, for example, to ask for food, or to express that I was sad. How do I get it into my head that most people won't react as badly as they did if I ask for help, and that my needs matter as much as anyone's?

You can learn it by practicing. Start with things, like “can you hand me the ___” or “let’s do _____” or even “I’d rather eat ___.” When you see that people respond well, you may feel more confident to ask for or talk about other things. 

This Valentine’s Day, Carl’s Catering is offering a sumptuous dinner with live romantic music under the quarter moon.

Whoah. That got your imagination running, ei? Read it again. Softly and slowly. ;)

This Valentine’s Day, Carl’s Catering is offering a sumptuous dinner with live romantic music under the quarter moon.

Let your loved ones feel overjoyed to the moon. Show them how much you love them to the moon and back! Treat them for a lovely dinner with food courtesy of Carl’s Catering  via  International Eat All You Can Buffet set on Valentine’s Day.

To give us a preview of how and what the food will be like, the beautiful people behind Carl’s Catering invited us for dinner. Oh, it was a lovely evening with the power women behind Carl’s Catering: Mesdames Nienie Buenaflor, Nena Bichara, and Deanna Reyna. Arch. Bless was there, too. We did miss Mdm. Maricar Manjon.

After brief pleasantries and introductions, what transpired was a millenials vis a vis what we now call the Titas of Naga pre-Valentine date. Food were served one after another. Plate after plate went around our table as we went about our friendly banter.But yeah, blogger duties first. :)

The Titas lamented that all we do is take pictures before eating. Tita Nena actually said that what we do is take pictures and the Titas did the eating. During their time, they said that they pray first before they eat. With that, Tita Nienie led the Grace Before Meals. After which, we started with chopstick-ing, forking, and digging through plate after plate of what Carl’s Catering prepared for us that night.

For starters, we had these lovelies:

External image

Sushi and Maki – sho sharap! :)

External image

Liver Pate on Crostinis

External image

Salsa Fresca on Chips

External image

Mozzarella sticks with herbed mayo dip

External image

Salmon Sashimi

External image

Tuna sashimi

It was a good mix of the Hors d’ Oeuvres and the Japanese Station they will have during the International Buffet on the 14th: Sushi and Maki, Liver Pate Crostinis, Salsa Freska on Chips, Mozarella Sticks with Herbed Mayo, Salmon Sashimi, and Tuna Sashimi.

We were told to watch our pacing because they were just laid on the table to whet our appetites. Dinner was to be served, still. So in between bites, Tita (Architect) Bless animated stories while Tita Deanna was very particular with story details as she listened intently.

Then, dinner was –

External image
External image
External image
External image

A majorly Spanish feast with an American twist: Callos, Salpicado de Carne, Bacalao ala Vizcaina, and Baked Salmon in honey mustard sauce.

Gosh! Everything was too die for!

External image

What was on my dinner plate? Everything! 

We finished off with what we call Brazo de Mercedes…

External image

… but the Titas call it by another name. Caconica?

Ahhh. I’m betting that the International Eat All You Can Buffet will be a totally romantic and gastronomic way to enjoy Valentine’s Day! For only PhP 1,000.00, you will be flown to the moon with these well-curated food choices:

External image

It was indeed a very pleasant evening. The Titas were not loud but amazingly hummed through our tete-a-tete over the sumptuous food we had. With poise and class, our table was filled not only with good food but also with great and meaningful conversation coutrtesy of the lovely Titas.  If they refer themselves are gurang, oh wanna grow gurang just like them. Just take a look:

External image

BB loves the Titas of Naga

External image

love-ing out loud! :D

I must say that the Titas are waaaaay prettier than us. Haha. I definitely wanna grow gurang just like them!!

So yes, the Titas of Naga and Carl’s Catering is inviting everyone to their International Eat All You Can Buffet under the quarter moon with live romantic music in the background on Valentine’s Day, February 14 at The Clubhouse of Jardin Real de Naga, Del Rosario, Naga City. Live music will be provided by the Elevation Band back to back with Pork Barrel. Cocktails will start at 6:00 while dinner will be served at 7:00 pm. It will be an unforgettable night with open bar dinner and dancing. There will be contests and prizes, too!

To reserve your seats, contact Carl’s Catering at 0919.649.0053 or 0905.410.0535. You may also send them a message through their Facebook page.

Come one, come all and see the lovely Titas of Naga for yourselves! Have a gastromantic evening with Carl’s Catering. :)

Celebrate V-Day with Carl’s Catering This Valentine’s Day, Carl’s Catering is offering a sumptuous dinner with live romantic music under the quarter moon.


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