4 Insane Ways Tourists Are Ruining Famous Vacation Spots

When you’re a tourist, you’re subjected to plenty of advice about how to protect yourself from the many dangers that await you in a strange land. Unfortunately, the reverse is rarely true — no one tells the strange land how to brace itself for your dumb, vacationing ass.

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anonymous asked:

So, I was a vegetarian (and a vegan for awhile) I was gluten free, I can't remember the last time I went to a fast food place, I didn't smoke or drink, I never did drugs. What the hell did I do to make my body hate me so much?!

Although unfortunate, this is a perfect example of the indiscriminate nature of IBD.  It strikes anyone, no matter what sort of diet you follow, no matter how much you do or don’t drink or smoke, no matter how much gluten you do or don’t eat.  (IMHO, though, gluten has nothing to do with IBD, except for being a trigger food for some people.  I don’t buy into the whole “gluten is evil” sensationalism that is flowing around in the media at the current time.)

And I think it’s a really important thing for people to realise and understand - there is NOTHING you have done wrong, and there is nothing you could have done to stop it.  Life is a bitch sometimes and shit happens, even if you take the best precautions.

I don’t think it’s a karma thing, or like, you’ve done something wrong, it’s just an unfortunate set of factors that have led to you being diagnosed with IBD.  Since there is no known single cause, that’s why I say a “set of factors”, because my gastroenterologist explained it kind of like being in the wrong place at the wrong time, with the wrong environmental factors there to set off a potential genetic pre-disposition to IBD. 

So, to answer your question, you did nothing wrong.  And it is NOT your fault.  :) x

This tour has been..

So insanely detrimental to my health it feels like. It’s strange in the sense that I’ve gained hardly any weight relative to how shitty I’ve been eating. There’s been just no options for healthy food in this tour it feels like, and I’ve spent so much money that I could have saved. After feeling so gnarly I’m gonna have to get my ass in shape this summer, either in the lifting realm of things or cardio to get me feeling how I did when I was in college. No more beer, no more meat. How people can live this lifestyle the majority of the year and not become totally enormous is beyond me. Physical morale is low, gotta get motivated.


I don’t know how or why, but even with a sprianed ankle and one day at the gym with a sprained ankle, I lost FOUR pound last week. I did track everything and I have never went into my weekly points as much as I did last week, but I didn’t eat any “bad” food”-I guess you can say. I walked from class to class with my big/heavy ass boot, and avoided the bus, or the disabaility cart that drives people around campus. Got crazy looks, but hey, for 4 pounds I’ll take it! I’m almost out of the 220’s with a total of 26.6 lbs lost this year! 3 pounds to go!!! We’re beautiful, just trying to be a more beautiful us! Have a great week!

anonymous asked:

Lately I feel really bad about my image I feel like intead of getting better I'm only getting worse and I want to cry my eyes out, I'm so tired and depressed, and Im sorry but this is how I feel. I know it's stupid but I can't stop, I did as you told me and stopped worrying, ate food that made me happy but I gained a lot and now I feel so bad, I'm so sorry to bother ou with my stupid sorrow but I don't really have anyone else to talk to about this -_-

I feel so much guilty about this, even tho I  didnt say it to you to make you feel worse, but I hate telling people to skip doing and eating what they love. And me and my bro has a theory about eating what we love, however he truly believes he would get fat from broccoli because he hates them.. So Im really sorry.
You can talk to me anytime about it or anything else bothering you! really!
and sorry if im replyinglate !

Please dont be depressed. First of all you already look fabolous, maybe if its such a big problem, I know its hard to do the first step I wish I could be there to do it with you, but maybe you should go out for training or start to do it at home. 1 hour a day would be already enough and not rushing yourself is important too. Its anyway a slow process for everyone, so dont get depressed for not losing any weight. Usually if you do training the changing will be in the mirror not on the scale but as we usually see ourself on a daily basis we dont even notice the changing.

If you would like to talk to me more about it or anything else just write to me off anon anyhow and i will give you contact if u would like to! (because i cannot give proper answer now sorry)

Things I’m slowly realizing

 When you don’t eat your body revolts
When you don’t sleep your body shuts down

 When you don’t eat you can’t focus on your work
When you don’t sleep caffeine can only do so much 

When you don’t eat your body forgets how to process food
When you don’t sleep your body forgets how to 

Why did I think the statements “I only got three hours of sleep” or “I haven’t eaten anything today” were funny. Maybe it’s the environment I’m in or the people I’m surrounding my self with. Maybe it’s the food I’m being offered or the freedom I’m being given to do my work. In ways I wish I hadn’t moved out, I wished I had stayed at home. That would have been the safer option. I would remember to eat, and I would eat well. I would get my work done at reasonable hours and have people remind me that it’s okay to focus on my studies. But instead I don’t eat and I don’t sleep. I try to keep up with all the shit I did before and all the things I have to do now. I down play my stress so when someone brings up all the work piling up for these last two weeks I can laugh it off and say one of my catch phrases, “haha yea I haven’t even eaten anything today.” 

I’m constantly burnt out and I feel like my body is tearing itself apart. My mind is being pulled in five thousand different directions. I can’t focus. I feel guilty for every second I spend sleeping or eating but I always end up procrastinating. Every time a new message pops up on my screen I’m reminded of how little I focus and want to throw my laptop against a wall. No food and no sleep has destroyed me. Thank god I only have a few weeks left. 

luminille replied to your postRecipe: Makes four 1/2 cup servings. Me: HAHA,…

:o what did you make!?

I made chocolate mousse yesterday and it honestly didn’t seem like a lot! I made the same mistake last night when I tried to eat half of it and had to put most of it back. Here I am again with a big bowl of mousse.

reapersice replied to your postRecipe: Makes four 1/2 cup servings. Me: HAHA,…

basically me with food too. Whenever we order out it’s always, “how did we think 2 people could consume so much.” And then we do it over again.

Exactly! It’s like when you’re hungry you overestimate how much you can consume, and then regret it later, and then do it again.

anonymous asked:

We have this thing at my school where people can bring all different foods from their culture and you can pay and get food. I did it on Friday but I felt very sick Saturday and in afraid it's because of that. I didn't eat much and even though I was hungry my stomach still hurts

It’s Sunday and if you haven’t gotten sick by now, you’re completely fine! I would eat something small and see how you feel. Stomach aches are 95% of the time caused by gas. Feel better ❤️

Overcome Diet Excuses Easily

One of the hardest things about leading a diet group must be time at the scale – the dreaded weigh in. That’s the moment of truth when the dieter finds out how he or she did the previous week. The weigh-in people always smile sweetly as they listen to the lame excuses as to why the scale is up. Imagine hearing the following comments every week: “I had a lot of sodium last night.” “This diet is too stringent, I got hungry.” “This diet has too much food, I can’t eat it all.” “I needed to take a little break this week.” “It’s my medication.” “It was a birthday party, I had to ea
Overcome Diet Excuses Easily

So, in my science class today, we learned about the Minnesota Hunger Experiment. These people volunteered to starve themselves. I thought this was odd. I found it interesting how after the participants stopped eating, they became obsessed with food. They were always thinking about it.

 Later, when talking to my best friends Jade about it, I wondered why these people would want to participate in this. Jade said that some did it for the medical benefits of the experiment, some did it to see how far their bodies can go.

I understood that. Being a fifteen year old girl, I don’t have much control over my life. I don’t decide anything. I guess it would make sense to control when,or if, I eat.

I have just come to a horrible horrible realisation.

When I don’t get constant attention/company I can’t be comfortable and I was just thinking I had nobody to talk to and my brain went “you could make some warm food instead”.

The reason I need to eat so much is because I’m lonely, I try and swap company for food because they both make me feel better.

And that is why I don’t get hungry around other people so much and eat most at night.



This must be why I’m eating less safely atm, because I have people to talk to at uni.

How did I never realise this?