So people are hating pretty strongly on the Reylo ship and all I have to say to that is: 

I found Padme and Anakin’s dynamic to be a lot creepier than Rey and Kylo’s tbh 

No but forreal: 

Ship whoever you like. It’s not even a question of how canonically bad they are for each other, or how bad each character is individually, because shipping happens in a fandom space where you can, in fact, pick and choose which parts of canon to adapt and which to abandon

I don’t ship Reylo much but I remember enjoying a Reylo fic where they were both high schoolers and Kylo Ren was a nerdy art student because why not??? 

I also see people calling the ship “abusive” and I’m like “it is if you want it to be, it isn’t if you don’t” 

because again, fans and their derivative works can pick and choose which parts of canon to take from. Maybe a fan wants Ben to have never converted to the dark side, maybe a fan wants redemption, maybe a fan wants Kylo Ren to stay evil. Maybe Rey becomes evil, maybe Rey becomes more powerful, maybe Rey remains safe and happy.

Maybe they’re both high schoolers and canon is a distant, amusing idea. And to Reylo shippers: Don’t keep trying to defend your ship. There’s nothing to defend. Different interpretations for different fans are all valid if done simply for personal enjoyment, and all the “defenses” for the Reylo ship I’ve heard are just as idiotic as the “reasons people shouldn’t ship them.” 

Block the people who hate on your ship. Flag the posts that hate on your ship. Write your fics, draw your art, make your material, slap on appropriate warnings, and sail on. If somebody asks you to tag your material, tag them for tumblr savior or have the person unfollow you if you know you’ll be posting a lot more of the ship, depending on your preference. 

Because look, the Hannibal fandom goes the whole nine years with their canonically heavily abusive ship without ever bothering to defend it because they know exactly what they are and what they’re shipping and there’s nothing to defend. They just keep shipping anyway, because fiction gives us the opportunity to deal with morally dubious if not outright objectionable material in a way that doesn’t have any direct real life consequences. 

Just FYI if you guys ever notice me reblogging something that was reposted, just let me know (and if you can let me know the original source too that’d be A+++). I see a lottt of reposted art come through my dash and when I do I try to take the effort to go find the original source and reblog from them because the original artist deserves the credit for the things they made!!!! ! But I see sooo much there’s probably a good chance there are things that I didn’t catch.

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Literally have zero respect for art thieves and such because how shameless can they get? Or is it just some virtual fame that they're after? Are they even educated enough to know what's theirs and what's not? Cropping out a few pictures may take at most 2', but artists have to devote much more time and effort to their works, and it's really upsetting to see so many of them being distressed over this matter. Thank you for standing up to artists in general, and sorry if I rambled a bit too much.

Most of them are just not informed that reposting without permission is the same as stealing. Many people think the internet has a different set of rules from the real world because of the idea that “internet is a platform for sharing”. I reposted too way back when I didn’t know about these things, so I don’t like to assume they do and attack them, but people like these two… those who know exactly what they’re doing, or refuse to listen when you tell them it’s wrong… are the ones I don’t bother being nice to.

lestkarrkingofeurope asked:

(( Hahaha, new to your blog, found you while following your Hetalia blog and I've come to really admire your art style! It's really pretty! I would request, but seeing how you may be overloaded with a huge amount of requests, I shall refrain myself~ Hope you don't stress yourself too much over them! Good luck and looking forward to seeing more of your art on my dash~ ))

aaaaaAA you’re too sweet 😭❤️ that means a lot to mean rn bc I’m struggling with it sm!! 

Its true i’ve got a lot on my plate, but drawing can be v therapeutic for me so i don’t mind getting them! I just wanted people to know i probably won’t get to them right away considering how busy i am….it could probably even take a month before stuff is actually finished -7-;;;;

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All of your characters look so distinct so consistently, do you have any tips for avoiding same face syndrome? I'm sorry for bothering you I'm just really stuck at the moment. It's fine if you're busy you can ignore this I get it :)

not bothering at all! uh. i’m not sure how much help i’ll be, considering i do tend to draw faces far too similar (the boys especially) but you could always try………………??? playing about with the face shapes??? make noses pointier or rounder, alter the bottom half of the face (cheekbones, jaw, chin etc), make it narrower or squarer etc. generally if i think two drawings look too similar then i tweak things here and there til i can tell they’re different :( that was probably no help but, practising drawing faces from real life is also an idea, most artists will also tell you that. you’ll get the hang of it

+ if you’re worried 2 things in a digital drawing look the same: lower the layer transparency on both drawings, then place them over each other and see if the faces match up too much. if that makes sense??? you’ll be able to see them through each other and if the features are almost duplicates then you know where to start if you want to change things up!!

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how would one go about becoming your friend?

honestly, just come chat with me! you can inbox or im me on here, i don’t have a skype because my internet lags too much so we can’t really vidchat or anything, but i got a twitter earlier today so we can now chat on there too.

it doesn’t really matter what we talk about. you wanna chat poetry, theology, mythology, history, art, your crush, your pet cat, what you ate for breakfast this morning, all of it’s good to me. i appreciate all forms of conversation and if i talk with you once i consider you a friend, so the quickest way to become a friend of mine is just to shoot me a hello! i’d love to get to know you :)

@twinkeelie​ said: Rainy day Yamatsukki for the art recommendation please! :3c

Anonymous said: I was thinking how about Yamaguchi and Tsukki taking a walk in the rain but the umbrella is pretty tiny so they kinda have the huddle together and Tsukishima tilts it more over Yamaguchi so the rain is dripping on his shoulder from the area that the umbrella can’t cover but he doesn’t care because Yamaguchi just looks so happy.

personally i think tsukishima would overthink things so much that he wouldn’t even notice he was starting to get drenched in the rain lol thank you for this prompt!!

So I’m slightly tipsy and I suddenly decide that 3 am is a good time to take a hike to the mail box (it’s a long way away, okay).


wait. oh my god.


*screaming intensifies* 

These are actually amazing, better than I ever could’ve hoped for (also, they’re real I can hold them oh my god). Thank you so much @emuyh-art, your art never fails to amaze me ^.^ [also the lil’ doodle holy shit I’m dying]

Open Commission.

Hi guys , 

Finally I opened my official commission post. I’m much appreciated to all your supports which help me get enough motivation and braveness to do this.

This year, my father is going to retire from his job, which make my family step in difficult household fund level. So I have to do things to help my family out. And it would be less difficult to me if I can have my way out of this problem through drawing art, which is a part of my strong point.

Commission in detail please click here.

How to pay through Paypal, please take a look at this post. 

And if you can’t commission me this time, please help me share this post. I’m much thankful for that.

don’t worry everybody, its not a bindi, its a zit the size of mars

my hands are swollen from hallowing out an entire mattress, my ankles are swollen because my rehearsal was moved to a basketball court today, i have a feeling my boobs are swollen too but i haven’t seen them all week (except this morning when i had a surprise nip slip in class) because i think this jog bra has become a part of my skin. 

i know ill get through this week cause i got melissa brown lookin down on me top right

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With Undyne's strength, Alphys tech, and general monster magic, is it possible that they could recreate anime after they reach the surface

I’d watch an Undertale anime, I’d sign up on crunchy roll for that and contribute to the Kickstarter.

You know Papyrus would volunteer to voice like 20 characters and Alphys would need 50 takes before she could confidently say her lines, Undyne would forget and just go improv, and when you consider how much great art a village of @temmiechang ’s could produce, I’m sure it would be great. You’ve got a great comedy writer in Sans, and Toriel can do the catering and first aid when she isn’t busy throwing a few puns of her own in. Mettaton would be head of merchandising and PR. Shyren and her sister and Napstablook could do the original music, and Jerry can be Jerry.

I don’t know how they would feel about recreating “Monster Hunters” and “Pocket Monsters” though.

The night he lost his queen…

What if Pixal was gone forever? The scene of episode 59 showed how much Pixal is important to Zane. He may not know it but it’s because of her he keeps going (in my opinion). I’m pretty sure if it was someone else that was in danger, Zane would still think and act cleary. Of course, he will also be angry but he will know what to do. 

However, when it comes to Pixal, he just loses it. An anxiety takes over him and he just can’t think straight. You all saw how he panicked when she dissapeared in his system. That proves how much Zane needs her and it worries me. I like to think there’s a reason on why they’re together (like her in his head and stuff).

It’s because she keeps him sane.




Hello everyone! I’ve opened up regular commissions again! YAY! I tried my best to balance a good range of prices with a non-overwhelming number of options, haha.

Please read the following if you’re interested! If you can’t afford/don’t want commissions right now, signal boosts are appreciated! Thanks so much!

Prices are in USD (Paypal only!) and are based on how long it takes me to draw the thing. See below for the specifics! Note: I may charge extra if I can tell right away that it will be exceptionally difficult for me to draw or will take me much longer than normal to finish. If that’s the case, I’ll be sure to let you know before I start drawing and give you an accurate price quote up front. As for subject matter…

I will gladly draw:

  • OCs/Fan Characters
  • Fanart/Fandom stuff
  • Furries/Anthro
  • Body Hor.ror/Mild (as long as it’s not super intense; if you’re not sure, just ask!)
  • Mecha (with sufficient references)
  • Creatures (monsters/dragons/large animals etc)

I am NOT comfortable drawing:

  • Po.rn (sorry!)


A “bust” includes the head and upper chest, and sometimes an arm if the character design is simple enough. “Fullbody” is the whole character.

As for non-humanoid characters, “bust” includes small, simple animals (think something like Pikachu or a house cat), while “fullbody” includes larger animals like a horse or a dragon.

SKETCH - Loose and fluid with simple flat coloring. (I don’t have many examples of sketches on hand, sorry! I tend to post more finished drawings.)

Bust: $10 (+$5 extra char.)
Fullbody: $16 (+$8 extra char.)
Page: $25 (default monochrome - ask for quote for full color)
Background: solid/pattern/color splashes only

PAINTED - Clean lines and full shading with textures and effects.

Bust: $25 (+$15 extra char.)
Fullbody: $45 (+$25 extra char.)
Background: (+$10-20 depending on complexity)

OTHER - If you have something else in mind, just ask! 

(Art Blog / Personal Blog Art Tag

I’ve done plenty of pieces that were done in a style different from most of my other work. Like the style of a specific piece I’ve done in the past and want me to repeat it? Link me to it and I can give you a price quote!


Please include:

  • “Commission: [your name/tumblr URL]” in the subject line of the email
  • short description of what you’d like
  • Any visual references you have. Descriptions are OK, but I need something visual to go along with that in order to know what you mean! Image search results will also work if you don’t have anything/don’t draw. 
  • Optional: any extra details about the commission itself that you’d like me to know (whether you want transparent/solid/patterned background, a deadline you want me to finish by, specific dimensions so you can use it for your phone/desktop wallpaper, etc)
  • Where to send the invoice, as well as the final high-res digital file, if not the email you used to contact me. 

I usually have my phone on me so I can see email alerts, but sometimes I’m easier to reach on tumblr - send me an ask/IM to let me know you sent an email about commissions if I don’t respond quickly.

Thanks for reading this far! Again, signal boosts are very much appreciated to help me get the word out if you’re not interested in commissions right now.

Thanks so much for your support! <3

Hey Guys! So a lot of you may know my friend @pokedeer! Pokedeer has helped me in more ways than I can count! They have done so much for both myself as well as everyone else in the giveaway community, and have helped many people get shiny pokemon over the last 9 months or so. 

So I’d like you to join me in showing our appreciation for Deer! Send them a kind ask to their askbox, do a giveaway in tribute to them, draw some fan art for them, take a picture of a pokemon you got from and talk about how much you enjoy it, or even post a story about a time when Deer helped you out! Remember to Tag @pokedeer in any of these, and hash tag it “#pokedeer appreciation” so we can track them and reblog them as they come up. 

Also, for this post, I’ll be hosting a reblog giveaway of all the shiny Deer pokemon! You will get one of each of the pictured pokemon below if you win. You may enter twice (one like and one reblog). Entries close Thursday February 4 and the winner will be notified on the 5th: 

Also, as my own personal tribute:

On Monday, February 1st at 8PM EST, I will be hosting a GTS Race on my twitch channel with Boo of @pixie-pals, Lightningrod of @tiny-bird-giveaways and @leafy-yawn! We will be giving away Shiny Deerling (all 4 season)! Info on deposits will be posted right before! The live stream will be here: 

On Wednesday, February 3rd starting at 8PM EST, I will be hosting a WTW live stream with @pokedeer! We will be wonderhunting for Deer type pokemon, giving out prize event pokemon to people that trade us with the message of the day (tba). 

And On Thursday, we will have our regularly scheduled Heart Gold Stream, also with Pokedeer co-hosting. For my regular Heart Gold watchers, at the end I will transfer up and raffle off NotDeer! That’s right! One of you will be the owner of NotDeer by the end of the night! 

Link to where the Live streams will take place is here: 

Come join me in just thanking Pokedeer for everything they’ve done for us!