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how do you draw just like Kishimoto?

I have spent a lot of time practicing to make the characters and art style appear similar, to match the feeling as best I can. I started by studying as many panels and individual pictures as I could, and I was always waiting for the newest chapter to begin looking for new techniques. I believe I still have a long time before I can have drawing experience like Kishimoto-sensei, but thank you so much for saying my art looks similar! I will always keep trying to reach his level and experience ᕙ (° ~ ° ~) Please take care and have a good day/evening!


The Stories and Hands of Shoe Shiners

The New York Times Magazine has a wonderful feature today on shoe shiners, which includes some stunning photographs from NYC photographer Christopher Griffith, as well as some audio recordings of shoe shiners telling their stories. The feature is as much about how difficult life can be as an immigrant in the United States as it is about the art of shining shoes. An excerpt:

In a city now lousy with canvas uppers and flip-flops, the bootblack has lost some of his cachet. But he was once a highly romanticized fixture of urban mythology — in popular imagination, often a street-savvy scamp or a jolly older fellow, laboring to assist and delight. (For example, take the lyrics to Red Foley’s 1950 hit “Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy”: “Have you ever passed the corner of Fourth and Grand?/ Where a little ball o’ rhythm has a shoe shine stand/ People gather ’round and they clap their hand/ He’s a great big bundle o’ joy.”) In reality, the people who shine shoes in New York today are mostly immigrants from Latin America — mainly Ecuador — and they labor for the same prosaic reason we all do.

Jessica Muy shines shoes up to six days a week, 11 hours a day, at the Leather Spa in the lower concourse of Grand Central Terminal. She told The Times that a good day brings $80 or $90 and a slow one brings as little as $40. What extra she has, she sends back home to her young daughter in Ecuador. Alex Valente, who works at the East 55th Street branch of Leather Spa, has had better luck. “I made my dreams come true in shoe shining,” he said. “I raised my son here, put him through college, helped with his wedding, and now I’m retiring and moving back to my farm in Brazil.”

Nearly two centuries after Daguerre immortalized that Parisian bootblack, Christopher Griffith photographed the hands of 52 Manhattan shoe shiners. The images are difficult to place. Flesh bound in cloth: They suggest fashion photography or classical statuary or even religious imagery, shroud-wrapped bodies in deathly repose. […]

Griffith says he was struck by his subjects’ approach to their work. “Different shiners had completely different techniques,” he said. “There’s water techniques, there’s dry techniques, different textures of the fabric.” But all shoe shiners have one thing in common: the rag, the most disposable and yet the most indispensable tool of their trade. A long strip of fabric that gets twisted around fingers and then back over the flat of the hand, the rag works the polish into the deepest cracks, then buffs it till it gleams.

You can see the rest here. Note, there’s an article, some audio recordings, and lots of beautiful photographs, so scroll around. 

Sometimes I can be too critical when it comes to my art, so I decided to participate in a redraw comparison to remind myself how far I’ve come since I transitioned to digital, and how much more I’ll still be able to improve.
As an artist, your journey is never truly over, because there is no limit; every plateau and art block can be overcome, and each new piece or mistake will help you grow. Take your time, study often and never stop drawing. Your best is yet to come.

art giveaway

ok so j-helpless is doing an album giveaway (check it out here) to help motivate people to vote for bangtan, and i thought i could do something similar but the only thing i can offer right now is an art giveaway~

i know it’s not much, and i don’t know if anyone will be interested at all, but if it makes at least one person vote then it’s worth a try

how to enter

1. go here 

2. click the orange button on the right side (next to bangtan’s entry of course) 

3. watch the whole teaser 

4. take a screenshot at the end of the teaser and send it to me 

you don’t have to be following me to enter

after the voting closes (may 4th 12pm KST) i’ll randomly pick 2 people and i’ll draw you a thing of your choice (up to 2 people in a pic, not limited to bangtan, we’ll discuss your requests  once i choose the winners)

just please vote and check out how you can help in other ways here

a preview of my work so you know what to expect:

That was a cute episode. I love Steven’s love and enthusiasm for helping his dad, making him kind of oblivious that not everyone has the same intentions he does (it makes me sad to think about how everyone was laughing at Steven’s work gaahh). I like how optimistic Greg is, its easy to see how Steven is such an optimist. I liked the turn around in the end (Steven showing Buck how he felt by using Buck’s old drawing the same way he had used Stevens), kind of showing how you can’t force people to take your art a certain way (it’s an ‘abstract problem’, you can’t punch it) but you can show them and make them understand. And its nice to see a bit more about how Buck and his dad interact (pretty much like you’d expect from a teenager and their parent)

I also loved how immediately after finishing the picture Steven ran to show the Gems and just hopped up into Garnet’s lap. Like what, that’s so cute. Overall, very cute episode

ALSO - were the Gems building stools? It looked like they were hanging out all day trying to build stools. Why were we deprived seeing that?? I bet it was adorable.


does anyone want to buy things like this ? i can make small patches for jackets etc, cross stitch pixel art, quotes or song lyrics, anime stuff whatever

prices will probably start at £10 or so but will vary a lot depending on size, colours, how complicated the design is. like some things take me an hour some things take me 5 hours so. and id mail the things to u wherever you live

definitely not limited to the examples in the pictures!! could be pretty much anything  (although pixel art has to be limited a bit in terms of image size and no of colours. and i wont do offensive/hateful text etc ://// ) i can also do different fabric colours

they make Cute Gifts for your good pals. message me if youre interested!!!

does it ever just hit you how amazing drawing is??? like you can literally take a stick and put it to paper and create worlds and people and creatures straight out of your head????? you can make visual stories and convey emotions and give tangibility to your imagination anD MAN I LOVE DRAWING SO MUCH

I just realized Mark’s eating cotton candy in this picture and the thought of him doing that makes me laugh so hard. Like do you think he pulls it off with his other hand and eats it in pieces or do you think he buries his face in the fluff every time he takes a bite?

Also how much do you want to bet he took a cotton candy Warfstache selfie and didn’t publish it?

don’t worry everybody, its not a bindi, its a zit the size of mars

my hands are swollen from hallowing out an entire mattress, my ankles are swollen because my rehearsal was moved to a basketball court today, i have a feeling my boobs are swollen too but i haven’t seen them all week (except this morning when i had a surprise nip slip in class) because i think this jog bra has become a part of my skin. 

i know ill get through this week cause i got melissa brown lookin down on me top right

How other people take your struggle with your self esteem isn’t your responsibility. Do what makes you comfortable, and at your own pace. You don’t have to hide your feelings on your blog. If it makes them upset, they can unfollow you. I hope you feel better soon and learn to love your art as much as I do. ❤

Attention artists who do not want their are shared on Tumblr, especially if you use Devent Art.....

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE is someone posts of your art on a blog like the coffeeshop and you don’t want it there just send them a note before contacting Tumblr.

This is why:

1. Most blogs will take down content by request.

2. Most of the time they are just fans trying to show how much they appreciate your art and are trying to show as many people as they can.

3. Many artists get an increase in popularity and commissions after being featured on a tumblr art blog.

4. If the blogger is being respectful they will include a link to your page.


If you don’t want your art posted:

1. If you are using Devent Art you can turn off your social media share buttons.

2. Mark clearly in the description you don’t want it redistributed or even on the art it self. 

3. Ask to be put on a Do not Post list (DNP) many art sharing blogs keep them.

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How do you tolerate people who are rude to you? I've noticed some asks who say your art is weird and stuff?? And you have the most calmest response????? You're just super nice and it's incredible how much you can tolerate!

Haha, I just don’t see reasons in getting angry, mad, upset, or anything like that over a lot of things. It actually takes a -lot- to get me offended. And I think years of me being (for lack of a better word) a playful smartass with my close friends has given me thicker skin at letting any bad remarks affect me.

And I like to think I have a lenient personality, since I also tend to look for the good in a lot of things.

Especially since my art can be weird, haha! I was more humored at that particular ask than offended. :)



Thank you so much, Anon. There is such an unfair expectation that people should process trauma in a way that makes everyone else comfortable or more okay with what that person is going through–but that expectation is crap. You are completely entitled to your thoughts and feelings and to process however you need to. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to reach out and share this.

“I love your unlikable characters” would make a pretty good card/cross stitch/embroidery thingie, just saying!



Quick note about education...

Just wanna say that I know I bash education a lot, seeing as how I personally hated school with a passion and feel much more productive without it, but I just want to take a moment to clarify that if YOU feel like that education could help YOU out, then by all means go for it!

I just try to stress the fact that education is not a mandatory thing in this day and age when it comes to art.  With books and web tutorials and whatnot, just pick up a pen or a tablet or musical instrument and you can basically learn tons of stuff just by practicing.  And I personally feel that I’m able to hone my skills more on my own terms by just sitting down and doing it.

But that’s not for everybody.  Some people benefit from more formal instruction, and it never hurts to say you’ve had some educational experience.  Look at your career realistically and ask yourself if education is a good idea for you.  There’s all sorts of paths available in this age, and there’s more opportunities for artists than ever to find success if they look in the right places.

So yeah.  Don’t let it be said that ol’ Gregzilla told you not to go to school.  Take care!

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ooh could you do the proposal style thing with j hope, rapmon, and suga too?

rap line and proposals here we goooo

Namjoon: i think that Joonie’s proposal would be very sweet. he’d have something planned out for months and months in advance with every little meticulous detail set out for all of those involved. i think it would probably be a big spectacle in a semi public place where everyone can watch and envy the gorgeous couple as their love warms the night sky. something like a big open space in front of your favourite art museum/concert hall or something artsy like that. he’d have a band, a group of dancers, a choir - the works. everything he can do to draw the world’s eyes to how perfect you are. i can see him rapping a little bit, but not wanting to take too much attention away from you. he’d get on one knee and profess his love in front of hundreds of people. it might not be the most intimate proposal, but it would definitely be something special and a night that you would never forget. 

J-Hope: Hoseok would be somewhere in the middle of Namjoon and Yoongi. he’d plan it out and want everything to go smoothly, but he’d be a lot more relaxed about it than Namjoon. he wouldn’t want to make a big show out of it, but he’d still want to impress you and do something unique. you’d meet him at your favourite restaurant only to find that it looks closed. he’d show up with the keys and explain that he’s rented it out for the night. there’d be a chef there to cook just for you two, as he tells you that you can have anything in the world, which would lead to a cheesey yet striking line about how you’re the only thing he wants. it’d be heart melting and soul crushing but in the best possible way and especially memorable. 

Suga: i see Yoongi being into very intimate and private relationships. i don’t think his proposal would stray too much from this ideology. he’d probably invite you over for dinner (he’d either get Seokjin-hyung to make it or get catering) and set up the space in a way he knows you’ll be most comfortable. he’d seem kind of nervous throughout the dinner but once everything felt right, the moment would come and he’d suddenly start rapping to you from across the table as he eased into his comfort zone. and with you so close to him, he’d automatically gravitate toward you, looking you in the eyes as he passionately relayed the lyrics that you inspired. it’d end with a question, him on his knee and a ring in his hands. it wouldn’t be a big event or an overly romantic setting, but it would certainly be perfect for you, the kind of girl he’d want to marry.

~ admin ariel

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hi! can you please do a tutorial on how to upload a drawing onto tumblr-- like from scanning, editing, then the final work that's ready to be posted on the internet? i drew something i'd like to share, but i've never actually done editing and such. thanks! also, can you name the programs that you use so i can download them as well? love your drawings, btw! n.n


i use photoshop cs5 and i draw completely digitally = no scanning, so im afraid i cant be of much help in that area BUT I FOUND this tutorial that might be able to help!

for editting, my advice is just play around with the options and tools available to you bc imo the best way to learn when it comes to art is hands on TEST THINGS OUT AND FIND THINGS U LIKE, and it can be daunting with so many things available but you can take your time aND dont feel obliged to edit!!! you dont have to - tbh i dont think ive editted any of the art i’ve uploaded onto this blog heh

for the canvas settings i just use the highlighted and then crop

+SAVE YOUR WORK AS PNG!!! jpeg is low quality and can make your work v.grainy

uMM THERES JUST SO MUCH FOR ME TO COVER SO IF YOU HAVE any specific questions please dont hesitate to ask!! ALSO, I THINK ITS WONDERFUL THAT U WANT TO SHARE YOUR ART  (•̀ᴗ•́)و