The Seeker who did not so much Fall as Sashay Vaguely Downwards.

Good Omens references suit him a lot. I made this based on my roleplay account’s URL, and I’m SUPER proud of how it turned out.

You can buy this on Redbubble as a print, on a t-shirt, or as a sticker, if you’d like! If you’re interested in me making a piece specifically for you, I take commissions! Hit me up for more info.

And here is the link to my Redbubble proper! I have a couple other designs of him up, as well as some Tailgate and Cyclonus designs!

Please don’t remove my commentary.

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2, 9, 18 and 25 please :) And I love your art!

2. How long have you been drawing?

uuhhh like forever i guess? i started digital art like 3 years ago though

9. How much time do you spend drawing on an average day?

it can vary from a half hour to 6 hours depending on the picture but i also take a lot of tumblr breaks

18. What are you currently trying to improve on?

realism, comics, and getting more notes on posts lol

25. Do you like to draw in silence, or with music?

Music usually


So based on this post I created an NVCR stained glass memorial wall for all the dead interns, depicting (more or less) how they died.

(Many patterns and images taken from google such as the lighthouse and the forest. If you see your pattern pls tell me so I can correctly credit you.)

I take requests!

don’t worry everybody, its not a bindi, its a zit the size of mars

my hands are swollen from hallowing out an entire mattress, my ankles are swollen because my rehearsal was moved to a basketball court today, i have a feeling my boobs are swollen too but i haven’t seen them all week (except this morning when i had a surprise nip slip in class) because i think this jog bra has become a part of my skin. 

i know ill get through this week cause i got melissa brown lookin down on me top right

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hey, I was wondering what kind of markers you use and how your shading looks so good when using said markers. thanks, love your art, just found your blog and its spectacular :-)

Hey, first of all thank you so much!  I use Copic Sketch Markers for my marker drawings as well as some colored pencil.  I usually lay down a base “coat” of marker first and wait for it to dry.  Once it dries I go back and and do another “coat” where I want the shading.  You can do this a couple of times before the paper won’t take any more ink. I also choose a darker color for the drop shadows.  I hope that helps!

spookacola  Francis works at a “Farmer’s Market” and sells a variety of cooked and baked goods for a good price. Arthur frequents the market, but never went to the fancy French place because none of it caught the attention of his snobby British tastes.That is, until a certain blonde-haired, blue-eyed Frenchman takes over the shop.Fran can’t help but notice the surprisingly handsome Brit with horrendous eyebrows and equally horrendous taste in food.Eventually, Art can’t help but finally visit the shop, unable to ignore how much he wants to try some of those macarons.Besides, how bad could the frenchie be?(spoiler alert: pretty bad). Art starts getting into the habit of visiting the shop every weekend, complaining about how terrible Fran is.Alfred points out on a weekend where Art is particularly prickly about Fran that “If ya hate him so much, why do you keep comin back to him? I mean, you go EVERY weekend-”. Art sputters about how he has no choice, nobody else makes sweets the way the frog does, and a whole slew of excuses.However, after hearing this, Art starts thinking about it, and starts wondering WHY he goes to Fran every weekend, and notices the unfortunate flutter in his chest when thinking about his Frenchman- er, THE Frenchmen.Meanwhile, Fran will NOT stop unintentionally fawning about Art to Antonio and Gil. It drives the up the wall, and they eventually just tell him to ask him out, to which Fran freaks the fuck out about.The next weekend, they both try to ask the other out in the most awkward way possible, but eventually get the point across.

Can you imagine their first date though? It would go terribly, of course, with both trying to be the gentleman. Francis and Art both slide open a chair for the other, then their eyes meet and they just glare at each other.

“Here, please, sit,” Arthur would say through his teeth.

Non, I insist, cher, I have this seat ready for you.”

They would bicker about what wine would go best with dinner (Francis has the right idea, but Art would never admit it), and they would have an explosive argument about who would pay for dinner (resulting in neither of them, as they get ejected from the restaurant for causing such a scene). Eventually, they would storm away from each other, ending the evening abruptly. 

While laying in bed, they would both turn over the events of the night and regret would settle heavy in their guts. Arthur would get up, grab his coat, fully intent on storming to the Farmer’s market to wait for it to open in a few hours so he could apologize - only to find Francis coming down the street looking nervous - he had the same idea, you see. They meet in the middle of the road apologize at the same time.

“Can we start again?” 

They’d laugh about it later, of course. (Spoiler alert: their second date goes much better) 


For being my best friend in the world, Thank you

This is the second day prompt, stars (first day). I tried to do a comic… and lets just say I dont know how to haha.

This comic is based off of ep 37 where Gon and Killua have a talk about their friendship and Mito’s relationship. After the talk, I have a headcanon that Gon takes Killua off to see a better view of the night sky. Since Killua has always been stuck at home, and even when he was out, Killua was too busy with assassinations that he never really took the time to care for anything around him. So as a thank you for being his best friend, Gon gifts Killua the stars ☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆

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Your art is so great! I love your Marvel fanarts :D I really hope you do more soon! Maybe you can try to draw Thor? :P just curious how it would look (sorry for my english)

Thank you so much!! Haha I hardly ever draw Thor, but I gotta say he looked suuuuuper fine during the AoU party ;) Have a doodle :3


(( What is this? You are probably wondering at this point. Actually I don’t know but besides from that– How about a collab? :3 Alfred here is taking pictures with his friends to show to someone that he is indeed not lonely with no friends (like the mun huehue ;; ). So pretty much what you can do is draw your character near Alfred doing whatever you want, ( ect: thumbs up, smiling, kissing cheek, whatever xD Hold a water gun whatever is to your heart’s content! ) and either post it tagging myself or submitting it into my inbox. It’s not a must, I just would like to see what people would do in this situation with their muse is all! ( o w o ) Heck, it could be yourself as a mun if you want. I’m making one with myself xD. You can also add a background, whatever you want!

Kitty mun has talked enough, so she will go back to her hidey-hole if you don’t mind. u w u ~

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Hi! I just wanted to tell you that your arts is fabulous and that you are insanely talented! Wow... I just love EVERYTHING you draw. Can I ask you a question? For how long have do you draw? Like, when did you start? I so struggle with drawing and your works looks effortlessly beautiful. Keep up the good work :)!

Hi anon!

Thank you so much for your very kind message about my art and for taking the time to contact me! :D

I just love EVERYTHING you draw. 

You haven’t seen my horses….They look like tiny sausages with a pony tail. The horror. xD

For how long have do you draw? Like, when did you start? 

A loooong time ago! When I started to draw, Internet didn’t exist, you could smoke in planes and Duran Duran was at the top of the charts xD I started to draw when I was 8 (around 1985) and now, I’m 38 so it was 30 years ago. That’s why my art looks (sometimes) effortless. I started a long time ago ^^

I so struggle with drawing

Don’t worry!

1) It’s normal to struggle when you are new to art or even after 1,2 years of practice so don’t give up!

2) I still struggle. With hands. With horses. With my own style sometimes! So, that was the bad news of the day: the struggles never really ends…but it gets better :3

Have a great day anon and happy arting!

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Since your art is amazing and I can't take art classes: do you do any? I want to know if you van become that good at art without classes??? Thank you have a good day

I don’t currently take any classes, but not for lack of wanting to do so. In school I took a few drawing classes as electives, and on my own I’ve taken a few figure drawings classes and would love to do so again. I’m sorry to hear you’re not currently able to take any art classes because they can be beneficial, but take heart that there is so much you can do on your own. 

Improving your drawing depends heavily on practice, on pushing your limits, on drawing from life, all around you, as often as you can. There are all kinds of resources available outside of a classroom setting! I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned just from other artists around tumblr, admiring their work, reading what they have to say about their process, etc. And that’s just one corner of the internet.

If you enjoy it, keep drawing! You can do it.

(And thank you! You have a good day too!)