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That's a joke, right? It's literally a scene from Harry Potter. They literally used a picture of Voldemort.

yah, but it’s not cool to poke fun at abortion like that. It’s real, it’s murder, and it’s stupid to call it pro-choice, because, unless it’s rape, which is totally different,  you chose the second you decided to get snuggly with your boyfriend. That’s my opinion, and I don’t care how many people hate me for it.

this one discussion we had in class was about like, if an ally and friend of a marginalized person witnesses an act that is a materialization of larger underlying structural violence & inequity that is very much either a direct or an indirect threat to the friends sense of safety and security, do they tell the friend?

and i was the only one in class saying no, i feel like you shouldnt. cuz i know way too many people who would absolutely jump at the chance to exhibit how good of an ally they are by publicly and loudly condemning something structurally violent in front of (or even worse, by bringing it to the attention of) their friend whose identity or demographic is the target of said structural violence.

also unless like im genuinely in danger, i dont want to know, with examples, how many people hate me or want to hurt me. i have way too many bitter feelings about the experience of being constantly surveilled (especially in a dysphoria sense) and in constant danger or in fear of being in constant danger (classic Minority Stressors™, you know) to want to be informed of every potential threat to my wellbeing, and i most certainly am not here to validate your allyship or help you work out your internal conflicts over how to proceed in the situation in the process

If you let weak ass words from people that don’t even know you affect you, you suck. Your parents should fucking letting these kids know it’s ok to be whatever the fuck they are and that opinions don’t fucking matter. Fuck everyone. That’s how my mom raised me, to speak my mind and do what I want. I just wish more people thought this way. You know how many people actually fucking hate me? Like, I can’t get a fucking shoe past without someone saying how much of a faggot I am. You think that shit affects me? HELL NO. You know why? Cause I fucking like myself and I’m stoked I have a shoe with vans. Niggas used to make fun of my big ass ears and my gap teeth and all that shit. I like both of them and so do all the girls around the world that fuck me and that’s all that matters, that I fuck with it. See, no one is telling these lil niggas to think like that. Everyone is telling these kids to be like everyone else. Here, look at this article on how to dress like your favorite rapper. Don’t think for yourself, no don’t do that! No one is willing to accept anything different. That’s why gay kids have such a problem with themselves cause everyone around them is making it seem like it’s wrong and all that shit. It’s rare you have anyone say hey, whatever you’re different, cool. Now let’s continue what we were doing. Ok. I’m ranting and going off topic and if your friends are spending more time telling you about some faggot comments someone said than about the shit you guys are into, that’s not your friend and they’re a faggot too.
—  Tyler, The Creator
The Clique

How many people hate us? More specifically me?

~ I’m black. +1 for the racists.
~ I’m female. +1 for the misogynists.
~ I’m pansexual. +1 for the homophobes +1 for the people who don’t believe that exists.
~ I got in the Clique when they were at their peak. +1 for the people who say “fake fans”
~ I’m in the Clique +1 for the people who say I romanticize suicide and depression and anxiety and that I like being like this
~ I like music that people around me don’t like +1 for the “special snowflake” insults
~ I like to call myself emo because that’s generally what my favorite bands are called and I feel comfortable with the term another +1 for the “special snowflake” insults

I’m sick of y'alls shit. Leave me the fuck alone, and leave the Clique the fuck alone.

i wonder how many people like legitamately hate me, atleast on here. i know i had some bad relations with people on here but im not sure if anyone would just see me on their dash and theyd go like “oh its that relish kid on my dash again.. i hate that fucking guy”

What the Signs ask Ouija

aries: could i set _____’s house on fire and get away with it??  

taurus: what is the point life?

gemini: how many people hate me? 

cancer: do you think im too emotional? 

leo: am i the fairest in all the school?? 

virgo: why do people not like me? WAIT I KNOW IS IT… *keeps listing unrealistic suggestions* 

libra: who will be my next love be?? 

scorpio: what bitch will i fuck next 

sagittarius: could i grow wings to fly out of this damn place 

capricorn: will i ever find someone who understands my desire for organization?? 

aquarius: are aliens real? have i ever been abducted? are they green? 

pisces: are there genies who will make my wishes come true?

rosemary asked me how many people hate follow me and like, I never really think about it usually but now I am and honestly, if anyone is hate following me I love to imagine them putting up with all my shitposting and shipping just for the chance to see me occasionally reblog something vaguely forward-thinking lmfao. is it worth it? is the constant barrage of cartoon characters gay kissing and garfield jokes worth it to be on the ground floor of me reblogging stuff like “drawing porn of teen girls is creepy”. is that a coveted position. honestly I don’t know why anyone follows me at all let alone hate following

You Comfort Him

I thought this preference seemed fitting with all that has been going on for us and the boys. Stay strong, loves. Xoxo


You had just come home from the store, putting away all your groceries for the week. You hummed to yourself in the midst of the silence when you heard the door shut. You smiled and leant on the counter, just waiting for him to come into view.

Harry sauntered into the kitchen and sat down at the island. There were dark circles around his eyes. His body sagged with exhaustion. Overall, he looked tired.

“Hey, babe. How was your day?“

He sighed. “It could’ve been better.”

You watched while he fumbled with his fingers. He didn’t even look up at you since he came in. The melancholic expression plastered on his face told you that something was bothering him. And you planned to find out exactly what that was.

You swung around to the other side of the island. You wrapped your arms around his torso, laying your head upon his shoulder.

“Whatever it is…Harry, you can tell me.”

“It’s nothing you need to worry about.”

“Well, it’s something that is bothering you. And I’m interested in whatever that’s bothering you.”

Suddenly, he began to cry into the palm of his hands. He shook with each heartbreaking sob. I turned him in my arms, trying my best to console him.
“The band…everything is falling apart.”

I blinked back tears. Seeing him so upset made me upset too. I knew he had been stressed lately, but I never expected it would lead to me cradling him as he cried his heart out.

“You guys are going to work it out. I believe in you…all of you. No matter what you will still be the most important thing in some of your fan’s lives. You are going to get through this.”

He nodded in agreement. “You always know the right thing to say.”


“Can we go now?” Niall asked for the fiftieth time since you arrived at the mall.

He seemed to be annoyed and irritated. This little ‘façade’ has been going on since he woke up this morning. It didn’t concern you deeply before because you thought it was just another grumpy day. Now, it was beginning to make you curious as to what was on his mind.

“Niall, this is only the second store we’ve been to.”

“That’s only because you were in the first store for three hours. I want to go home, Y/N.”

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing. I just want to go home.”

“What’s so important at home? You promised you would take me shopping.”

“That was before,” He complained, rolling his eyes.

“Before what?”

“Before I knew what people really thought of me. Before I found out how many people hate me.”

You put the clothes back onto the clothing rack, and you turned to face him. You were utterly baffled. No one around you heard the appalling revelation, but you chose to take Niall by his hand. You led him inside the dressing room.

“Sit,” You demanded.

He sat on the small bench with a sigh. You stood before him with your hands on your hips. The rage flowing through your veins was uncontrollable.

“What the hell are you rambling on about? Who hates you?”

“I was on Twitter earlier-“

“Niall, those people aren’t real fans. They’re trolls. Do you not know how many people love and adore you? I’m one of them. I love you so much it hurts sometimes and to hear you talk like that…it makes me upset. You don’t know how loved you are.”

“It doesn’t seem that way. Everywhere I look, there’s someone who doesn’t like my hair, my accent, or my voice. It sucks.”

You kneeled down in front of him. “I love all those things about you. Your family and friends love all those things about you. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks because the important people love you the most.”

He smiled. “You’re right. I’m glad I have you by my side.”

“I’m happy to be right here. I never want you to feel insecure about other people’s opinions. They’re not worth it.”

“Okay. Thank you, princess.”


“Jesus, Nick Jonas is so hot!” You admitted, biting your lip as you watched the television screen.

Your best friend, Y/B/F/N, hummed in agreement. The two of you were watching the Kid’s Choice Awards together. It wasn’t often that you checked out other guys but when you did, you sure did mea every word you said.

“I’m right here, ya know.” Liam said.

“Yeah, so? Nick is still hot, and I’m still intrigued by what’s underneath his shirt. If you catch my drift…” You joked, laughing.

“Are you kidding, Y/N?”

“Not in the slightest. I mean, look at him. His abs are peeking through his shirt.”

You heard a door slam and saw that Liam was gone. You looked at Y/B/F/N, who just sat with her mouth agape. Your heart sunk at the thought of really hurting Liam’s feelings.

“I’ll be back.”

You got up from the couch. Then you went up the stairs to you and Liam’s shared bedroom. You entered the room to see Liam sulking on the bed.

“Liam, I’m sorry.”

“Go apologize to Nick Jonas. I’m sure you would like that.”
You chuckled. “Come on, Liam. I love you. Nick Jonas doesn’t even come close when compared to you. You ruined me for anyone else.”

“So, you think I’m hotter than Nick Jonas?” He asked, picking with the fluffy pillow.

“Yes, I do…way hotter.”

He smiled, and that was all you loved to see. Liam’s smile could cure cancer if that was possible. It never failed to make your day. All that you wanted was for him to be happy.


“Lou, I’m home!”

You hummed as you walked into the apartment. You took off your jacket and placed it on the coat rack by the table for your keys. The room was absolutely silent. You walked further into the living room to see Louis sitting in the dark. The lights and the television were off.


“It’s over.”

Your heart accelerated. You slowly approached him, holding back tears. “Louis, what are you talking about? I thought we were fine.”

He raised an eyebrow. “Nothing’s fine. The game is over, and Doncaster lost…badly.”

You felt this huge sense of relief. You almost wanted to burst out laughing, but you could see Louis was seriously upset over this.

“Is there anything I can do?”

“Can you go back and make Donny score the last twenty points we needed?”
You locked your eyes on his. He sighed and kissed your lips. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap at you. Just hold me?”

“Now, that I can do with no problem.”


“I came as soon as I heard. Is she going to be alright?” You asked one of the boys, running into the waiting room.

“She’s not doing so hot, but the doctors promised she should fine after they do some surgery.” Liam offered, smiling softly.

I ran up to Zayn once he entered through double doors. He melted in my arms, sobbing lightly. I rubbed his back up and down to sooth him. I had never seen him so upset and vulnerable.

“It’s all my fault.”

“None of this is your fault, Zayn. Your sister is going to make it through this. She’s so strong, and she has her wonderful brother by her side.”

“Y/N, what if she doesn’t make it? She is everything to me…How would we survive without her?”

A tear slipped down your face. “Don’t talk like that. She is going to come back better than ever. And she’ll you have you to thank for it. If you hadn’t called the ambulance as fast you did, then she would not have made it this far. Zayn, you are her hero.”

He snuggled further into your neck. “Thank you.”

Being bisexual is so weird like

At first I debated if I was straight or gay, and I was really excited to know I didn’t have to pick?

And for the longest time I was really chill about my sexuality and telling people (other than my own family bc that would be bad)

And like, I thought the bisexual community was really accepted in the lgbt+ group?

Then I had a guy who told me it wasn’t real. A grown man swore at me and told me I was wrong, I was confused, I had to pick one or the other, bisexuality didn’t exist.

Then there were video games that started giving out bisexual characters, and I was super excited?? But people would start changing them. I kinda expected straight people to change bi characters to be straight, but it shocked me when I saw that even the gay and lesbian communities would erase a characters identity as bisexual to fit their needs.

And it’s weird being bisexual because I know who I am, but it took me a long time to realize just how erased we are. How people see us, even how they just assume we are. The misconceptions, the erasure, even by people we would think would be on our side.

People in the community who tell me that if I were to marry a man, that makes me straight, or a woman, I become a lesbian. People who say I’m greedy or that I’m just bi so I can have lots of sex.

I’ve been seeing it a lot more lately too, and it scares me a bit. How can I be safe, when not even people in the lgbt+ community accept my identity?

Nonetheless, no matter how bad things might end up for me, how many people turn against me, or hate me for who I am, I’m gonna keep going on. It’s pride month, and no matter what I’ll be proud to be bisexual.


a combination of a request and number 44 on this list! and with this, finishes my requests, and i know i’m extra super annoying, but I would really like some more!

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Word Count: 674

“Why did you bring me here?” you questioned Luke. He had pulled you out of the office, and driven you to the beach when you both should have been finishing the urgent quote that sat on your desks. Instead of papers filled with nonsense, in front of you was the most breathtaking sunset. Purples mixed with pink while the rays of the sun mixed perfectly with the blue that was still visible in the sky.

“I needed to get away from the office,” he shrugged.

Still confused, you asked him another question, “And you needed to bring me along?”

“’Course I did, you help me to forget,” he smiled. When you had started interning at Luke’s company, you would have never guessed you would have been best friends and business partners with him.

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