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Do you ever miss not be recognized? I feel like I would hate it being so famous, even while changing people opinions and working for the good of the world, I think it must be frustrating and stressful to be noticed everywhere

First, I’ll say whatever disadvantages there are to my awesome life are minuscule compared to how many great things I’ve been able to experience. 

Second, people are almost always lovely. Now, occasionally people will not be lovely, but we all have to deal with douche-bags, I just have to deal with complete stranger douche-bags who know a whole lot about me. 

Third, I love hearing from real people that they like the things I do. It’s a pretty remarkable gift to have someone walk up to you in “World Market” and say “Thanks for your biology videos, they’re helping me a lot.” Which literally happened to me today. Like, imagine a complete stranger just walking up to you and saying “I saw you do the thing you do today and I thought you did it really well.” It’s nice.

Fourth, I honestly think knowing that I could be being watched at any moment by a fan makes me a better person. I’m more careful with what I say and am more polite to servers and staff than I might be otherwise because I know they might know who I am. I find that the more I act this way the more I enjoy acting this way and the more I am just naturally more empathetic and careful.

Fifth, OK, yes, fine, sometimes it’s a little much. When I’m having a fancy dinner or walking through my neighborhood and close enough to my house to feel like my privacy is being invaded. Sometimes I’m hanging with friends who don’t know anything about YouTube stuff and after I get recognized the topic is 100% “Are you famous?! I didn’t know you were famous!” which is a conversation that tends to be awkward for me. And sometimes I’m just in a bad mood or sick or I didn’t shower or I’m in a magnificent hurry or I have to poop. Sometimes people expect me to perform in some way…and that expectation can be scary when you’re just trying to get milk on the way home from a long day at work. 

But overall, it’s wonderful. I like people, and I like being told people like what I do. I am very lucky that I’m anonymous to 99% of America but known to the 1% that I would probably most like to be known by…smart, thoughtful, compassionate, nerdy people. 

My people.


TG followers: important notice, please read

God knows I love TG, Ishida Sui and my fellow bloggers who take the time to have a nice chat with me about theories and characters <3.
However in order for my blog to remain this peaceful little corner of the TG fandom amongst others, I need some of you to understand a few things:

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lariren-shadow replied to your post “Besides, if anyone really helped Korra on her path of growth, it was…”

Bbbbuuuuuuttttt she became ~*worthy*~ of a/$ami. Tenzin isn’t really in Book 4 anyway





And Tenzin’s absences is a major bullet point on why Book 4 sucked, Jen. You know that I foam at the mouth about this point, don’t get me started.

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If you don't mind me asking, what did you study in college and how did you decide what to study?? I'm trying to figure it out right now, so I'm asking as many people as possible

I knew I liked business.. And I took some accounting classes and hated it so I tried supply chain management and loved it and stuck with it lol

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why do people who hate anders demand we bend over backwards to ""respect"" them when they won't respect us? i've said time and time again how triggering cullen is, how much he upsets me and so many others, but people shut me down all the time. somehow, relating to anders makes me a monster? but all the other characters in the fandom who've killed other people are a-ok to identify with?

This fandom is full of hypocrites (funny since they themselves call Anders an hypocrite huh) at this point I’m just rolling my eyes real hard.

I’m very sorry if anyone ignored your complaints and tried to drag you down, anon :(

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I've met so many E Asians who sound exactly like ignorant white people. Asking me whether my mother is a domestic worker, assuming my family back home is poor, buying into really offensive stereotypes about my country. And they honestly can't see how hypocritical it is seeing as I'm pretty sure they would hate that sort of thing directed at them by white people.


i hate those “if you’re x then unfollow me right now” posts because they are invariably followed up with how many followers they just lost

but i would argue that 90% of the people who unfollowed you did it because of how insufferable those kind of posts are and have nothing to do with the actual sentiment of the post

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There's one thing that I hate the most and it's injustice, you hear the word freedom of speech everywhere, but when it comes to certain ethnicities and religions it's like NOOOOOO you sit your butt down and shut up, while we kill your people and present your kind as the bad guy. And they're always showing that ALL of them are bad and corrupted. *Yes I am talking about muslims, arabs and black people*

I respect every ethnicity/culture/religion. You do you and I do me. I mean, of course I don’t agree with everything people say but I let them be because I know that I have some opinions too that people don’t agree with. We are all different. I don’t understand why there is so much hate. So many people hate muslims and Islam, but I’ve read the Quran twice and I know how beautiful it is. There is no hate in the Quran. The media draws Muslims as bad people, and it is sad that people are so quick to form opinions without doing research. Black people are amazing tbh, I don’t understand what the color of your skin has to do with how you are as a person. Bitches don’t understand that you are born this way.

TOpic to talk about since im bored: school

i honestly dont hate school that much. Its just the people there. Sometimes i feel like such an outcast u know. I pass by soo many people and all i can think about is how not one of them knows me or my name. I hate that because i always like to be the center of attention but sadly im afraid what people will think of me. I always imagine how hopefully i will b ‘popular someday’

Touka has never really been a favorite of mine but seeing people say she doesn’t care about Kaneki and how she HASNT CHANGED???? (LIKE REALLY?? EVERYONE MAKES A BIG FUXKING DEAL ABOUT TSUKIYAMA CHANGING BUT CANT ACKNOWLEDGE THAT TOUKA HAS ALSO DEVELOPED TOO?!?) I fucking hate how people misinterpret so many characters in this series!

I don't like HiroXAnyone except OC's

And not because I have my own. But because those OC’s are usually his age.

It kind of freaks me out how many people see the family like bond the team shows to Hiro and automatically think they should be screwing him.

He’s a child. A child prodigy. Most college students aren’t prodigies like him, their normal young adults in their early to late 20’s, to early 30’s. They are at the very least 19-to-22. The idea that Hiro’s paired with ANY of them actually disgusts me. And no… Honey and Gogo being female doesn’t make it better. Girls can be pedophiles too and I hate seeing that depiction. I’d rather HiroXOC if that OC is his age then that. Fucking deal with it.

It also adds to the fact I hate Hidashi with a burning passion of a thousand suns.

He’s a fucking child. Leave him the fuck alone ya creeps.

All of this is good.

I honestly believe that the only reason people ship Hiro and Tadashi because people think Japanese incest is hot and that is just gross. There is also no reason for Hiro to be shipped with any adults. Like at all

The Signs as ‘Relatable Quotes’


‘I threw a bitch in the well, don’t ask me I’ll never tell. I looked away as she fell, dumb hoe was in my way’


I don’t know what’s more awkward… answering Dora or sitting in silence whilst she stares at you


“What comes after the letter ‘P’?”

Normal people: “Q”

Me: “Uhh.. A, B, C, D, E, F, G………”


Someday your Prince Charming will come. Mine just took a wrong turn, got lost and is now too stubborn to ask for directions


I hate it when I think of the best comeback ever, and hour after the argument ended


When you’re seriously trying to watch something and your family is having a ‘Who can be the loudest’ competition


How to find the name of a song: Google as many of the lyrics you can remember and hope for the best


Police Officer: “How high are you?”

Me: “No Officer, it’s Hi how are you?”


Putting in earphones and it seems like suddenly everyone wants to talk to you


Reading a book: *having to reread the same part again and again because your thoughts are too distracting*


That awesome feeling of how gangster you are after rapping your fave part of a song without screwing it up


When people ask me ‘pls’ just because it’s shorter than ‘please’ I feel perfectly justified to answer ‘no’ because it’s shorter than ‘yes’

Please tell me there are actually people in America who hate guns and want them illegal… Because from a British perspective it is fucking crazy that they’re still legal over there.
It took one school shootup over here to make firearms illegal. How many more murders will it take in America for them to do it?

Hello everyone!

So yesterday Chloe made a tweet that sat very wrong with me. Many have seen it, but here it is again:

And this is just not okay. Chloe has been nothing but kind to the Agents of SHIELD fandom, and deserves no hate whatsoever. She deserves kindness, support, and love.

So this project has been created to show her how much her fans care, and want her to be happy!

At this point, this post is find out how many people would be interested in participating in such a project. At this current point in time, I thought a video collage, of all the reasons fans support Chloe, could be created, posted to youtube, and then sent to Chloe via twitter for her to see.

If you are interested in possibly participating, please like/reblog (remember, reblogs will help others see!). If you have other ideas, please send them along!


“I was going to tweet on my first day of shooting, and they were like, ‘Absolutely not,‘” Nichols tells TVLine. “Since then, I’ve had some time to get used to the phenomenon that is Teen Wolf, and I’m really excited to continue with it.

TVLINE | Part of that ‘phenomenon’ you mentioned is the fanbase. How have they been to you?

Insane, but also amazingly supportive, actually. I was a little scared because I started getting so many tweets after that first announcement — like, an insane outpouring from fans. So I thought, “Wow, people really love this show. … They’re going to hate me!” But they’ve been supportive: “I love you, but please don’t hurt Malia.”

TVLINE | As long as you’re not breaking up a major couple, I feel like you’re safe.
[Laughs] Well, I can’t imagine I’ll be doing that.

TVLINE | Going into this, how much did they tell you about your character?
Nothing. Nothing. I didn’t audition with the right sides, so I had no clue what I was doing. All of my audition lines were from someone named Kate, who I now know. … So I got the part and came to set for that first scene, and I was like, “Who am I, exactly?” So they explained it all to me about a half-hour before we started shooting. They were like, “You’re the mother of Malia and you’re half-coyote, half-werewolf.” (Like, OK, but what does that mean?) I probably watched about 10 episodes after that, just to know who everybody is.

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i will be moving more and more towards instagram and creating a youtube channel over tumblr. i will be posting on the crush website with my writing and will eventually get my own website to write!
there is a large amount of negativity on this site no matter how much i try and help people. i awknowledge that there are kind and encouraging people, but its really discouraging for me to get hundreds of hate messages a day.
just switching to new things will be better. i will post links to the other things i am doing but will be reducing what i do on here.
i have provided so many resources on here though, and i wont delete it! but im just trying to find different outlets