Monday Part II

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She did as she was told, stripping bare and anticipating for Ashton’s arrival patiently while on her knees. The first time he had asked her to wait for him bent over, she was a bit uncomfortable; it made her uneasy at the notion of being in such an amatory position with no one in the room, but she has grown used to it. The wait was the best part of the entire experience. It was suspenseful, and it made her heart race with anticipation. He was bound to come in at any moment, but not knowing exactly when made things… erotic; it was inexpressible, really.

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Birdhouse in Your Soul

Pairing: Bruce/Helen
Word Count: 423
Song: Birdhouse in Your Soul, They Might Be Giants, 1990.
Link: Ao3

for @bagofgroceries.

A/N:  I love this song, btw. ;) So delightfully weird. Just like Bruce. <3

No matter how much he tried, Bruce couldn’t stop sneaking little peeks at Helen while she worked.  


No, not Helen.  Dr. Cho.  

He’d never actually called her Helen except in his mind.  It was always Dr. Cho.  No matter how many times she insisted that he call her by her given name.  

The way she said his given name.  Bruce.  It had never sounded so…so much like a possibility before. Possible humanity. Maybe he really WAS just like everyone else.  

Maybe he wasn’t so much of a threat.  If Hel–Dr. Cho could be around him with such ease.  Could smile at him with such light-heartedness.  Could laugh at his dry attempts at humor.  He really wasn’t that funny.  Or at least, he didn’t think he was.

She was, though.  And brilliant.  A creative mind that rivaled…well…any he’d ever encountered. He considered the opportunity to work with her as nothing short of miraculous.  Why, just a few years before, he’d been living in hiding.  And now look at him.  Working in a state of the art lab in Stark Tower…with some of the brightest minds of his generation.  

What a time to be alive.

“Bruce?” Her hand reached out, touching him softly on his forearm.  He nearly jumped out of his skin, turning and knocking over a pile of books he’d been thumbing through.  The stack fell onto the floor of the lab.  

“I’m sorry…” he blurted before he could stop himself.  He backed away, retreated from her outstretched hand.    

Her brow furrowed and she retracted her hand.  "No, I’m sorry.  I forgot myself.“  

He shook his head rapidly. "You aren’t–”  

“I just…I’ve been talking to you for the past…half hour and you’ve been staring off into space…I thought maybe you might…want some tea or something?”  

He sighed, closing his eyes and pinching the bridge of his nose.  Anything to draw attention away from the fact that he had overreacted to a simple human gesture.  Arching his back like a feral cat and skittering away from warmth and the threat of affection.  

“Tea would be great,” he said.  

“Chamomile?” She said with a smirk.  Her eyes twinkled and he chuckled.  

“Are you saying I need an herbal chill pill?”  

The smirk spread into a full smile.  "I’m saying you maybe shouldn’t…take yourself so seriously.“  

"Well, Dr. Cho…it’s not me I’m taking too seriously…” he said, following her to the kitchen.  

“Well.  The Other Guy gets too much of your attention…” she said over her shoulder.  "And please call me Helen.  BRUCE.“

get to know your elusive mun

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name: emily
pronouns: she/her
sexuality: mmmmbiiipannnsssexuallllsomewhereinthere
zodiac: taurus 
taken or single: single
five facts:

  • i live in dc and i talk abt it constantly bc i rly am that pretentious 
  • i have too many rose lalonde rp blogs
  • i take dogs too seriously
  • im rly color sensitive
  • i waited my entire life to write an essay on watergate


how long ( month / year ) : uhhhmmmmm???? if we include my garbage emo phase then like 6 years (yikes) but for just homestuck rp on tumblr then more like 3
best experience: i mean?? i met my ex thru here so that was p legit @ the time

M U S E   P R E F E R E N C E S

female, male, or nonbinary: ladies
favorite face: any face where she smile
least favorite face: any face where she not smile

W R I T I N G   P R E F E R E N C E S

fluff, angst or smut: angst
plots or memes: y not both
long or short replies: long replies for para bc Luv that shit but short replies for script
best time to write: nighttime
are you like your muse?: not aradia no but i guess i share some similarities w my strilondes

tagging: anyone!!!! srsly if u readin this then u tagged son

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The Shadowmoon Clan. He, personally, has never interacted much with them, simply out of wariness. The amount of Shadowmoon WARLOCKS always seems to be far too many, and Durotan does not favor their dark magic over their old shamanistic ways. Despite his grievances with the classification, he keeps quiet, mostly because one such Shadowmoon stands before him.

She has the symbol printed on her forehead-that’s how he knows-and she is a great deal smaller than him, lacking the hard muscle that many orcish women possess. She looks peculiar, as do any Shadowmoon, but then again, he is a Frostwolf. Stormfang’s pelt draped over his person probably looks ridiculous to her.

Nodding his head politely, he introduces himself. “Hello, stranger. I am Durotan, of the Frostwolf Clan.” His tone is firm, but still oddly soft.

“You are Shadowmoon, I see? What is your name?”