Kira is officially not apart of this blog anymore.

It solely belongs to Cicero once again. I’m still working on her blog just a lil bit, but it is official. Any asks sent here will be answered by Cicero and Cicero only. Kira’s threads have also been moved to her blog. For the time being, you may still use Cicero’s tag to answer her threads till I give out the new blog link.

This blog has been updated with all traces of her removed. (Except past rp’s/queue stuff/etc etc; do you know how long it would take for me to delete everything like that? Not happening. I mostly mean in the rules. Her bio/verses page is gone. Stuff like that.)

I figured this would make things easier and less confusing for those who send asks or interact with both Cicero and Kira.

As soon as I am finished with her blog completely, I will post links and begin to follow all you lovlies on her blog.

anonymous asked:

Tbh i looked back into your deviantart gallery and i remember one of your favorites being an edgy reuniclunius (again sorry for bad spelling)

i didn’t even notice the spelling till now

its spelled reuniclus

i gotta delete a lot of shit dear fuck

(also just outta curiosity, how long have you known me for and how’d u find my blog??)

I wouldn’t be angry at the like if it didn’t contain:
1.False accusation.
2.Wrong information.
3.Dragging Larry into it.
4.Homophobia at it finest.
5.Heteronormative bullshit.
6.double standards.

And I wouldn’t be fucking furious at it if didn’t cause these aftermaths:
1.Kaylor shippers receiving hate for things they didn’t even do.
2.Kaylor shippers told to kill themselves.
3.Kaylor shippers bullied to the point of deleting their blogs.
4.kaylor shippers self harming after being clean for so long

I don’t know how many more hate messages till the first kaylor shipper commits suicide and that will be on you. whoever sent that hate you’ll forever look back and realize how silly this thing is but it cost somebody their life please stop.
Think before you fucking type.
Is taylor’s straightness/dating life really that important that you wouldn’t mind if you have somebody’s blood on your hands.
Do you know how many people suffer from self harm and the slightest bit of hate will be triggering to them.
Fucking think before you type you motherfucking idiots.
Shipping is all fun and games but somebody’s life isn’t.
Do I need to spell it out for you:
T H I N K. B E F O R E. Y O U. T Y P E. B E C A U S E. W O R D S. A R E . L I K E. A. K N I F E. A N D. T H E Y. L E A V E. S C A R S.