“Date Night” (as per request)

“C'mon” Negan grabbed your wrist gently and lead you to a table and two chairs. The table had a dirty white cloth draped over it, and two plates with spaghetti bolognaise. You gasped at Negan, knowing how hard this must have been to get together, your eyes filled with joy.
“Sit down” Negan grinned, pulling out a chair for you, you sat down and gazed into his eyes as he sat across the table from you.
“So, [Y/N], how do you like this shit?” Negan asked, he had a silver tongue coaked with a vulgar language poison that you somehow found irrisistable. You and Negan hadn’t been together that long, a few months at most, but you two somehow just suited each other; Negan even got rid of his other wives. Just for you.
“Its amazing, thank you Negan” you smiled, your eyes were joyful and yet you had a nagging voice in your head that you couldn’t ignore.
‘You will never be good enough for anyone, let alone Negan, you’re too fat, you disgust me’ the voice hissed, you tried to ignore it, but in the back of your mind you knew it could well have been right.  But you didn’t focus on that, you focused on Negan.
“You’re more than fucking welcome” Negan smirked, you blushed, but the moment you looked down at your thighs you felt the creeping noose of anxiety and insecurity wrap itself around you. You were slightly bigger than most women, you always had been, but you were riddled with insecurity and anxiety about it and you hated it when someone even mentioned your weight; no-one knew this, of course, because you could never bring yourself to tell anyone in fear they would mock you even further. However, you were radient, a beautiful rose amongst dead daisies.
You and Negan ate, you drank the beer that he had stashed for this very occasion, the two of you even talked about things that were troubling you.
“God I fucking love your thick thighs…” Negan growled in your ear with sensuality, you blushed wildly as Negan took your hands in his and lead you to your shared room. He unzipped your dress and allowed it to fall to the floor, your beautiful skin shining in the dim light, Negan watched with hungry eyes as you took of your bra, freeing your large breasts.
“Not the panites [Y/N], not yet” he seductively ordered, throwing his signiture leather jacket across the room and onto the floor, you helped him unbutton his shirt and threw that across the room too, you bit your lower lip as you saw his erection. Negan yanked his belt off and unbuttoned his jeans before unzipping them and leaving them on the floor, he slowly took off his boxers in an effort to you tease you, but you pinned him to the bed and began to roughly kissed him. Negan picked you up in his arms and you wrapped your legs around his waist and he threw you up against the wall and teased the tip of his erection against your soaking wet enterance.
“Fuck me, Negan” you whispered, biting his ear lightly and tugging it as he roughly pushed himself into your vulva. You moaned loudly with pleasure with each harsh slam Negan threw into you, your legs quaked as Negan grabbed onto your plumb sides, loving the way your skin felt in his hands. Negan knew he was hitting your g-spot, but he also wanted to cum with you.
“Oh god, Negan, don’t stop” you managed to pant out, you began to scratch Negan’s back with your fingernails as you grew closer to orgasm, your moans of euphoria gorwing louder with each time Negan thrusted into you.
“FUCK [Y/N]” Negan cried out, you screamed his name as you exploded with orgasm, your wetness leaking onto Negan’s erection as his warm and sweet cum filled inside of you.
Negan carried you over to the bed, he collapsed beside you and pulled the covers over you.
“I fucking love you…” Negan whispered, grabbing your thigh with a playful grin.
“I’m not too… big for you?” you asked, still insecure about your beautiful curves.
“Fuck no! There’s just more of you to fuck” Negan winked, you blushed and felt slightly better about it; yet it was a tragedy that you couldn’t see how beautiful you were, just like how a rose can’t see how beautiful it is.

Rhett sat down to write letters to his four daughters…

Dear Rainbow,

I’m sorry. I’m sorry for not telling you I was your dad. I’m sorry for telling you I was your dad. I’m sorry if it seems like your life’s been a series of things you haven’t had a choice in. I hope now that you hold all the cards, you can start to make informed choices about how your life will be. I’m sorry you didn’t have that choice for so long.

I know that Hamilton’s your dad, but if you ever need another one, I’m here. If you need a friend, I’m here. If you need someone to kick Garrett’s ass (or any other guy’s, for that matter), I’m here. If you need someone to blame, I make a pretty good (virtual!) punchbag. I’m here.

         Also, I’d love to come to your band’s next gig, if that’d be alright?

         I’m here,




Dear Rose,

First thing’s first: I love you. And I’ll keep on loving you, forever, because you’re my daughter. Second, I’ve screwed up, and for that I’m really sorry. I should have been there for you when you were younger, and I wasn’t. I could make a bunch of excuses for that, but I won’t, because the truth is I screwed up and you suffered because of it. All I can do is say I’m sorry, which I am.

I know you’re all grown up now, and probably think you don’t need a dad (and if you do, you’ve got Julien, which is fair enough – he seems a decent guy), but I just want you to know that, should you ever need a dad, I will always be here (y’know, until I die. But I’m not planning on doing that anytime soon).

         I will always love you,

         Your dad,



Dear Scarlett,

I know you don’t want me, and you say you don’t need me, but I want you to know that I’m here, always. I want you to know that I love you. I want you to know that I’m sorry for not being there for you when you needed me; I’m sorry for coming into your life too late. I know that you have a right to be angry with me, but I also know that when anger turns to bitterness, the only person you’re hurting is yourself.

I screwed up, but I don’t want that to define our relationship. I want us to be able to move forward and form a relationship on whatever terms you’re comfortable with. And I’d really love to meet my grandson. If you ever need me, for anything, I will always be here. I will always listen. I know I’m far from perfect, but I reckon perseverance is more important than perfection.

         All my love, always,

         Your dad,



Dear Ruby,

You are awesome. How you managed that when you have such a screw up for a dad, I don’t know. You’re strong, and independent, you’ve already found a guy who adores you (and are perfectly capable of kicking his ass if he ever messes with you), you make amazing music, and you are just generally awesome.

         I love you a whole heap,


P.S. Oh, and give me the dirt on this Jay girl Skye-Lo’s seeing!!

just some important things to note since yoongi will be releasing his mixtape soon and it is best to clear matters up now before any kind of stuff occurs.

not everyone will like it, that is guaranteed, but please do not voice such thoughts in direct / tagged tweets to bts or on their soundcloud. yoongi has been working on this for three years to refine it to perfection, he has spent tireless nights awake, hours upon hours of his time to exhibit his one true passion to us. three fucking years because he wanted it at the absolute best. he sat through everyone saying but when will yoongi drop his mixtape and I cannot imagine how stressing such words would have been for him, thinking that he needs to get it out sooner for the fans because that is just the kind of guy he is. now that it is finally coming, please do not throw it back in his face if it is not up to the standard you were expecting after such a long wait.

this leads me to the fact that there is a post circulating that says his mixtape will ‘contain frank and straightforward stories of yoongi unlike the song his group produces.’ this is all the more reason to not go spreading negativity on his music video / wherever he uploads the mixtape. yes, he is an artist and is certainly used to critique and negative comments, that is basically the brunt of what comes with being any kind of artist in the industry, but please keep in mind that this mixtape is going to be quite literally a piece of yoongi. it will include a lot of personal content about his life and everyone knows how yoongi is not necessarily an open person. he is going to be displaying a raw truth, a side of him that he has kept masked. yes, have your opinion, but please do not blatantly disrespect him because, by the looks of it, a lot of the content in the mixtape will revolve around his own life and experiences.

please do expect there to be some tracks on the mix that sound familiar. mixtapes heavily consist of samples used from other artists and songs (for eg. joke by namjoon uses the samples that run the jewels made for their song oh my darling) this is completely and entirely legal as long as the mixtape is not advertised for commercial purposes and the creator of the mixtape earns no financial benefit. that is also why namjoon and yoongi will not be able to perform the songs using such samples from their mixtapes at their own group concerts. it is super important to know this before you go claiming plagiarism on their content! everything is completely okay as long the mixtape is free – and no the original artist does not have to be credited, although it is respectful to do so.

 – and so I will end it with the point that yoongi has done all of this for free. he is not gaining any profit, he is not being paid, he is solely doing this to showcase his talent as an individual rapper, producer, and artist without the label of being an idol. three years he has spent on this, and although that sounds like a small number, it is a very long time to be working on something that you are simply creating for non-financial purposes. when you listen to every song on the mixtape, when you watch the music video, please remember that. all of this hard work that he has done on top of three years worth of promotions and creating content with bts was only to show us his potential, to display his capabilities. for free.

like I said, everyone will have their own opinion, some will not enjoy the mixtape whereas I am positive a lot more will absolutely adore it. but please, if you do not enjoy it, think about where you voice your opinions and how you word them because bts do check their social media, and from what I remember, yoongi is the kind of person that avidly checks it for feedback on his work. indeed, the chances of him seeing your comment are slim, but please, still keep it in mind that he may possibly stumble upon it.

anyway! I am super duper proud of him and I admire him and his work ethic around his idol schedules so greatly. I hope you are all ready to have your asses lit on fire by the proclaimed rap god min yoongi. it was nice knowing you all.

edit: please also remember that it is completely okay for people to dislike the mixtape. if they are stating such a thing on their own private blog or untagged on twitter or anywhere that bts will not potentially see it, then that is honestly fine. so basically – do not bully somebody because they say ‘to be honest, I am not really feeling it’ or ‘I preferred namjoon’s mixtape / hoseok’s 1verse much more.’ people are allowed their own opinion, it is just a matter of where it is posted and in what manner it is posted.

let us make this a positive and encouraging time for yoongi, since he deserves the absolute best after all of his hard work. 

Good Girls Gone Bad

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Pairing: LuciferxReader
Word count: 1,003
Warnings: Swearing, smut, fingering, squirting
Request: @fayemenelmir Hey. I just read like… all of your xreader with Luci, Cas, Dean, Sam, Gabe, etc and I wanted to ask you if you could write a second part for Hot and Cold (LuciferxReader)?
Tagging: @nerdflash @faegal04 @damalseer @i-am-not-a-freak @craftersdust @vika-hiddles @mein1928  @panic-everywhereabouteverything @thisistheonly-nameleft @snow-leopardfetishist
Hot and Cold

You sat on the end of your motel bed, gripping your towel around your chest. Your wet hair clinging to your shoulders as Dean paced in front of you. Lucifer sat next to you, looking bored. “Are you kidding, me, Y/N?” Dean finally snapped after what felt like ages. “How long have you been fuck buddies with the fucking devil?”

That got your eyes to snap up to him. “We aren’t ’fuck buddies’, Dean!” You defended yourself. “He’s my boyfriend.”

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I feel like it was my fault that I got abused as a child for as long as I did (I cant even remember how long it went on for due to me blocking it out or how old I was but I think I must have been somewhere between 7-9), I didn't tell him to stop or say no, I just fucking sat there and did nothing, and when I did finally tell him no he just stopped, just like that. I could have said no so much fucking sooner.

darling what you feel is common, but you need to know what you experienced is not your fault. it’s not baby. you are SO brave for speaking out about this. it doesn’t matter if he stopped only after you said “no”. abuse is abuse. whether it’s emotional, or physical; it leaves a lot of psychological and emotional damage. there is literally no excuse for abuse, ever. you were only a young child. and you were wronged. 

one of the things I’m really starting to see for myself, is that healing from abuse really does require opening up to a supportive and mature person. I can see that you have been strong for soo long, and I really wish I could have been there to reassure you that what he did was WRONG. carrying this by yourself is unreasonable. you need to know what you went through isn’t your fault. i’ll say it 10000 times to you every day if you need it, because I mean it. you need to be able to express that anger, and everything else you’re feeling to a trusted person.

selecting that person can be a pretty difficult step, especially if you suffer from an anxiety disorder. take your time with this, but I want you to consider looking over the professionals in your life. do you have a family doctor or a school counselor? both of these people are educated to be supportive and helpful in situations of abuse, whether you’re going through it now or you experienced it in your childhood. 

there are many many options now for brave survivors like you, angel. I have a ton more of resources and helpful information if you need it. it really is going to be a process, but I promise you can do it. you can actually get through this feeling. it’s possible and I truly believe in you. again darling, what you went through is not and never was your fault. you are a strong and beautiful person. you deserve recovery. 💗

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Hi! Can I have a scenerio request where you're losing sleep over a Kdrama and also not working on your homework for class and Jin noticing this and all becoming worried and such? I hope that request made sense! Fluffy and sweet please! ^^

You thought you were dreaming Jin’s voice in your ear.

“Hey, wake up!” He whispered to you, touching your arm lightly. You stirred before rising your head, realizing you were in your classroom, the other students talking amongst themselves as you and your boyfriend sat in the back. You yawned and smoothed down your hair.

“How long have I been asleep?”

“About ten minutes,” he said. You groaned. “You’ve been sleeping a lot in class. Is everything okay at home?”

You nodded, suppressing another yawn. “Yeah, everything’s fine. I’ve just been watching this drama. It’s so good.”

“You’re losing all this sleep over a drama?”

“To be fair,” you said, “I take naps after school. I’m not sleep deprived.”

“But you come to school on three hours of sleep. That’s not healthy at all.” Jin always worried about you. At lunch, he’d always inspect your lunch to make sure you had a good balance of protein and fiber in your meal. He always made sure you did your homework, and that you were well-rested when you came to school. So, to see you so exhausted stressed him out to an immense degree.

“Do you wanna come over after school?” You asked, changing the subject. He gave you an exasperated look before turning in his seat as the teacher came in, giving you free reign to sleep a little bit more.

When lunch rolled around, your friends talked about something that you weren’t paying attention to, as you were too focused on watching the drama on your phone with your headphones in.

“What’s she looking at?” One of your friends asked, peering over your shoulder. Your other friend sighed.

“Some drama she’s been watching all week.” They pulled one headphone out of your ear, making you look up.

“What? Everything okay?” You asked. They sighed as Jin approached the table and took your phone from your hands. “Hey!”

“Eat your lunch,” he said. “You only have fifteen percent left on your phone?! We still have four hours of school left,” he nagged at you relentlessly. “How are you supposed to get through the day on such a low battery? What if something happens and you need to call your parents?”

“That’s what the office is for,” you groaned, taking a bite of your lukewarm food. “I passed out at like three am, so I forgot to put my phone on the charger,” you explained.

Jin clicked his tongue. “That’s it. No more drama for the rest of the week.”

“You can’t do that.”

“I can,” he said. “You received two F’s yesterday because you didn’t do your homework. You got two hours of sleep last night! Your phone’s dying, and you decide the best way to spend the little percentage you have is to keep watching this silly drama online.”

“It’s a really good drama, Seokjin,” you said, your voice getting smaller.  Jin could only sigh.  He didn’t want to nag you the way that he was, but he was in disbelief by just how much the drama was affecting you.

“I’ll come over today,” he said, confirming your earlier request, “and we’ll get everything done before you watch that drama again, okay?”

You nodded.

Jin would come over to your place an hour after school let out, giving you a good amount of time to yourself.

“Should I nap or watch the drama?” You contemplated, feeling tiredness prick behind your eyes. “If I sleep, I may be too drowsy when Jin comes over. Besides, I’ve gotta see what happens at the end of this episode.”

You were so sleepy during the episode that you were watching that you barely understood what was happening. When Jin came over, it took you a minute to realize that the doorbell was ringing.

“Hey—you look so tired!” Jin said when he saw your face. You yawned.

“I’m just a little sleepy. I’m fine, though.”

“I should go so that you could sleep-”

“No, no, I’m fine, I promise.”

He came in reluctantly and sat his backpack down. “Okay,” he placed his hands on your shoulders to ensure you were listening to him. “You get some rest. I’ll let you sleep for a few hours, and then we’ll do homework, okay?”

You yawned before you could respond, making him smile warmly and pull you into a hug. “Honestly,” you said as clearly as you could while being snuggled in his arms. “We can study first. I’m not even that tired.”

“Uh-huh, sure. Come on.”

“Hey,” Jin whispered your name lightly as he tapped on your cheek to wake you. You stirred slowly, and stretched before sitting up.

“What time is it?”

“It’s around 6:30pm. Your parents should be home soon, right?”

You smiled. “You sat here for almost four hours while I slept? That’s so sweet… you must’ve been so bored.”

“Actually, I watched some of that drama… it really is stupid,” he laughed. “I don’t see why you’re so attached to it.”

“Whatever. Let’s just study.”

The next day, you felt more energized than you had in a while. You promised Jin that you would sleep for the night instead of watch the drama, and getting a full eight hour sleep was probably the most rewarding feeling in the world for you.

You entered the classroom energetically, and smiled when you saw you boyfriend sitting in his seat with a pair of sunglasses.

“I get that it’s sunny outside,” you laughed, “but is it really necessary to wear those inside?” When he remained silent, you sat in the desk in front of him. “Jin. Seokjin, why aren’t you answering me? Are you snoring?” You listened closely to hear light snores coming from his mouth. Gasping, you took the sunglasses off of his face and revealed him to be fast asleep. “Jin! Wake up!”

“Huh?” He jerked awake. You clicked your tongue at him.

“You’ve been on to me all week for sleeping in class and look at you, fast asleep with a pair of sunglasses so that no one could see your eyes. Why are you so sleepy today?”

He sighed and put his head down on the desk. “That… that drama…”

You cackled loudly. “I knew it! It’s good right?”

“I just wanna know what happens for the next two episodes and then I’m done watching it. Besides, I’m nowhere near as bad about it as you are.”

“I could just tell you what happens in the next episodes that you missed if you’re concerned about losing sleep-”

“No! Don’t spoil it!” He whined, making you laugh more. You leaned in and kissed his cheek.

“I won’t. Just get some rest, sleeping beauty.”

He gave you a look before setting his head back down on his desk, leaving you to yourself until the teacher came in the room.

Hi~~~ I hope you liked it! I know it’s relatively short and I apologize~ it feels like it’s been a while since I wrote a Jin scenario and I’m sorry for that~~ also this is completely unrelated but while writing this it reminded me of when Yoochun’s drama ‘Three Days’ came out and I stayed up until like four am on a school night watching it. it was a horrible decision but it was lowkey worth it lol. thanks for submitting! ^^

EXO - Giving the dog more attention

                                                    part one can be found here
                                            (3am = a lot of mistake most likely)

Chen: Things had been so hectic lately that you and Chen hardly spent anytime together. He was busy promoting and you where busy with your own work schedule. He had come home after a long day letting out a sigh, noticing how quite the house was as he made his way through. You where probably still stuck at work he thought, also that was quickly displaced as he heard your voice coming from the bedroom. Leaning against the door frame he watched as you sat on the bed having a deep converstion with the dog. Clearing his throat he scrunched his face up as you looked at him with a grin, patting the space beside you with a grin. 

Kai: It was little moments like these that Kai loved the most. You had just gotten out the shower and where getting changed and Kai was relaxing on the bed, script in hand. Your giggles filling the room as your two dogs tried to bite the ends of your robe. Kai laughing at sight, “cute…” You turning in little circles as the dogs followed around, before jumping onto the bed beside him. “You love playing with the dogs more than me,” he teased. “And you love reading that script more than me!” Poking your tongue out as both dogs jumped onto the bed, snuggling between you two. He could never get enough of these moments.

Tao: He couldn’t be annoyed that you where ignoring him and giving all your attention to the dog. There was just something about you sitting there without a care in the world as you played with a dog. Perhaps it was your smile that had him smiling as well, chuckling as the dog started to nip at your hands as you squealed. He could honestly just and stay and watch you like this forever.

Chanyeol: All day things between you and Chanyeol seemed tense, and the both of you had no idea why. Neither of you had said or done anything, well that you can remember of, but you two where both walking on eggshells around each other. You two didn’t even look at each other or attempt to speak even though you sat beside each other, although the dog was in between. Instead, he was focused on the tv and you focused on the dog. Praying that this would somehow ease the tension.

Kyungsoo: Why did he think that bringing you and your dog along to a photoshoot would be a good idea? He really didn’t think this through properly, he was just to focused on wanting to spend some time with you no matter what. But during a little interview he had to, his attention was constantly being pulled away to you and your dog. Letting out giggles as he watched you two run around, shaking his head as he tried to calm himself before asking to redo the interview. 

Xiumin: He really hadn’t meant to snap at you but things for him had been going terribly ever since he rolled out bed. Spilling coffee on him, messing up during practice, nearly falling down stairs; it was like the universe was against him today, but he knew that was still no excuse for his actions. So Xiumin looked for you through the whole house, calling out your name as he looked. “(Y/N)!” Stopping he saw you in the study, calling out your name softly so that he could apologise, but you didn’t react to his voice. Your eyes closed, humming sotly to yourself as a hand rubbed your dogs belly. He let out another sigh, knowing that for now there was no use in trying to talk with you.

The party hadn’t been going on for very long and Hope wasn’t exactly having the best time yet. Seeing her boyfriend should have been the highlight of coming over to this island, that was if she could find him. In the mean time she sat down on one of the stools and her eyes roamed the crowd of people. After taking a drink of beer she held it in both of her hands. It was definitely going to be hard to find who she was looking for in this crowd. “Didn’t realize how many people you could fit on one island.” Hope said to herself mainly. 

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Prompt:  “I don’t wanna get up– you’re comfy.”

Character: Legolas 

The water of the river felt nice against your bare feet. A beautiful tree stood just before the lake. You and Legolas had been sat there for a while, that long you forgot how long exactly. Carefully, he traced his finger down your hair causing you to smile. Lost in your paradise, you forgot about everything that was going on, all the chaos, all the bloodshed. Everything. 

“Where is y/n and Legolas?” You heard the loud shout of Gimli. Not wanting to move from the extremely comfortable Legolas, you gave a grunt. As the sound of your friend’s worry got louder you both knew you would have to go, “Y/n, I think we should go, they seem like they’re worried, even Gimli.” Legolas said.

“I don’t wanna get up– you’re comfy.” you moaned, leaning your head against his chest. 

“As true as that is, our friends would be lost without us,” he laughed. Slowly, standing up and brushing yourself off. Legolas quickly followed. “We are over here!” You yelled, of course, they wouldn’t think to look at the massive tree. Most of them let out a sigh of relief. “We were worried, what have you two been doing for hours?” Gimli asked as you and Legolas looked at each other.

Requested by @flyingpotatoeduck

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18, 19, 20, 21?

18. What’s your favorite headcanon about any character? 

Uuuuumm….either trans Kurapika or that Gon has dyscalculia!

19. How did you discover HxH? 

I had heard about it on and off but never sat down to watch it until my friend @ban23 decided to watch it while i was visiting! I liked the 2011 version so much that I delved into the fandom and found out about the manga and the 1999 version~

20. How long have you been in the fandom? 

Maybe a year or so?

21. I know the full dub hasn’t been released, but based on what we have do you prefer the dub or the sub?

I think I like the sub more right now! I cant wait the see what the dub does for ahem….certain arcs though…

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☁️ it took me so long to find this emoji I'm ashamed

I’m going to be honest , I’ve just been copying and pasting the emoji haha. 

Waiting For A Girl Like You - Foreigner : “I’ve been waiting for a girl like you
to come into my life”

The sun was warm on your face. You kept your eyes closed a little longer, trying to sleep just a little more before the day. Breathing in happily you dug a little more in your cocoon of white duvets and sheets. Then you felt it, Bucky’s wandering gaze on your face. Smiling softly, you opened your eyes. There he was. The love of your life, James Buchanan Barnes.

“How long have you been watching me?” you teased your boyfriend.

“Not long enough, doll” he replied, the sun giving his features a soft glow.

You both sat in comfortable silence, enjoying your first lie in together in a long time. Bucky’s hand went wandering, tracing and mapping the slopes and curves of your body and you sighed happily in response.

“You know , I’ve waited all my life for a girl like you” he admitted suddenly , voice still raspy from sleep. Your heart warmed with love and you hovered over him to press your lips to his gently. 

“Well , you have me now Barnes” you kissed him again , the sun warming your naked back.    

send me a “☁” and i will put my itunes on shuffle, pick my favorite line from the first song that comes up and use it for a starter.

For @princepsmarmoreum

It had been a long day of training and plans for the next battle. Now a feast was served for dinner, everyone drinking and in high spirits for Robin’s birthday which had just passed but due to a battle they couldn’t celebrate.

Robin sat next to Lucina since Robin’s son, Morgan, was on cleaning duty.

“Hey, how have you two been? You and Morgan?”

She was just a concerned mother, wanting to know how far into their relationship they were.

«The Doctor and Korrok sat quietly and ill at ease with each other for several minutes. The Doctor found his attention straying to Rose, watching her laughing and smiling as she danced, her happiness radiant as a sun. Korrok picked up his cup of mokru and drained it thirstily; he slammed the cup back down to the table and looked at the Doctor with fixed intention.

“How long have you been in love with her?” he asked.

The Doctor quickly turned his gaze away from Rose. “I don’t know what you mean,” he said, his jaw clenching at the lie.

Korrok gave a sigh. “I have one eye – I’m not blind.”

The Doctor opened his mouth ready to protest further, but the words did not come. For whatever reason he could not find it within himself to lie to Korrok further.

“It’s not as easy as that,” he admitted quietly, his gaze falling to his clenched hands. 

“Love never is,” Korrok reasoned. “But that should not be a reason to deny its name.”

The Doctor lifted his head sharply, looking into Korrok’s one eye. “I’m not denying anything. Did you hear me deny it?”

“You deny it to her.”

The Doctor glanced away. “I have my reasons.”

“Reasons…” Korrok smiled. “For reasons I cannot begin to comprehend, Scrawny likes you.”

“Rose,” the Doctor corrected. “Her name’s, Rose.”

“Are you going to interrupt or listen?”

The Doctor sighed. “Go on then, talk – I’m all ears.”

“So I see.”

The Doctor folded his arms, not amused. “Do you even have a point? Or are you just trying to annoy me even more than you usually do?”

“I have a point.”

“Then I wish you’d hurry up and get to it.”

Korrok looked at Rose. “She deserves to be loved.”

The Doctor found his attention drift back to Rose, watching her twirl and spin. He shook his head. “Not by me.” He looked back to Korrok. “She deserves better.”

Korrok laughed. “I won’t argue with that.”

The Doctor frowned, then his mouth twitched into a smile, then he laughed too. “So that’s your point?” he asked, amusement still in his voice. “That I’m not good enough for her?”

“No.” Korrok shook his head. “My point is that you love her and that she loves you, and something as rare and wonderful as love should not be ignored.”»

- Strange Magicks, by @lillibetm3 (Chap.25)

Yesterday my stepdad sat me down and talked to me about why exactly he wanted Hayds to go to the lake with them so badly, and I kid you not this is exactly what he said, “Kaels, I love you to death, but you’ve gotta talk Hayden into going with us tomorrow. The only reason I’m pushing it as much as I am is because, knock on wood this doesn’t happen, but you’re both young and we have no idea how long this will last. Maybe it’ll last for the rest of your lives, but nobody knows the future..I just want to be able to take photos of us all having a good time together, make memories while we still have the chance, ya know? It’d be nice to have something good to look back upon if things ever do take a turn for the worst, again, not saying it will, but..I just want to enjoy time with the family.” And I understand where he’s coming from, I do, really, he’s absolutely right, but Hayden and I have overcome so many obstacles so far in the 8 months we’ve been together and quite frankly I can’t see us breaking up any time soon. I’m in love with them, my heart belongs to them, and as long as they’re still in love with me, I believe we can fix any problem that comes our way. Another thing, he said “family”, he was referring to Hayden as “family”, this is the first relationship i’ve ever been in that my parents have ever taken seriously and that..fuck that’s so small but the fact the he considers Hayden to be FAMILY is incredible to me. God I love them so much.

You asked me to come over at midnight.
it was the first time I heard from you in months.
I got dressed and quietly tried to sneak out the door.
I sat on the pavement waiting for you to get here and when I got in the passenger seat and the door closed
I felt a rush
You didn’t even have a shirt on
We got to your house
And climbed through the window.
Your lips tasted like cigarettes.
I hated how you smoked.
But I missed the taste.
You kissed all over my body
Yet somehow I was the one out of breath
No stings attached.
That’s what you said.
But I’ve been in love with you for as long as I can remember.
But I won’t tell you that.

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For the prompt thing: 56 or 80 for hotch/rossi (idk their ship name??) thank you!!!

“You’re awake,” Rossi smiled as Hotch’s eyes fluttered open. The blinding fluorescent lighting of the hospital room made him wince. 

“How long have I been out?” Hotch asked.

“Just a few hours, the rest of the team are already back at the hotel,” Rossi explained as he shyly stroked Hotch’s hand. “Aaron, I can’t stand the thought of losing you.”

Hotch rubbed Rossi’s hand with his thumb, gently squeezing it. “I’m not going anywhere. It’ll take more than a stray bullet to take me out. I can’t believe you’ve sat here and waited for me to wake up. Do you think the team knows?”

Rossi smiled and planted a chaste kiss on Hotch’s forehead. “I don’t think that matters.“

“It matters if Strauss finds out,” Hotch reminded sternly. 

Rossi chuckled, “If Strauss had any idea of the fraternization on this team she’d have to transfer each and every one of us. They wouldn’t have a BAU. I think she’d rather look the other way than say anything directly.”

Hotch shrugged, “But what about you? Dave, I understand if you don’t want to be with me. I’ve got so much baggage…”

“If you can deal with my past, I can deal with yours. Besides, you’re the only one who has ever truly accepted me for who I am,” Rossi smiled and ran his hand through Hotch’s hair. “How could you think I’m anything but hopelessly in love with you?” 

“I love you too,” Hotch smiled.

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