The marauders at a muggle disco though...

• Ok but Lily inviting the marauders to her muggle bestfriend’s disco.
• Sirius and James spend hours getting ready. Fiddling with their hair and making sure their jeans matched their shirts.
• Remus sat on the bed the whole time, reading through his book and laughing at the boy panicking.
• Sirius is absolutely flabbergasted at how, in 5 minutes only, remus can throw on a knitted jumper and jeans and still look amazing.
• The party is nothing like any of them have been to before. I mean, there is lights flashing all over the room! Music playing throughout everything! WITHOUT MAGIC!!!
• Lily’s friends parents are managing the bar so free drinks all around.
• Sirius for sure isnt complaining. He and Moony start holding the worlds best drinking contest.
• The winner is Remus but only because he is excellent in hiding his drunkenness. In reak life is pissed out of his mind.
• All of Lily’s muggle friends think James Potter is actually the cutest human their have ever laid eyes on and she has to admit she thinks so too.
• Of course James over hears this and spends the rest of the night boogying to all of the classic disco songs with Lily firmly at his side.
• Peter has kept himself seated directly next to the food table all night. He doesn’t want anyone distracting him from eating some wonderful snacks a girl told him were called Wotsits.
• When ‘Reach’ by S Club 7 starts playing Remus grabs Sirius’ arm and drags him to the middle of the dance floor.
• He dances like no tomorrow, pulling Sirius along with him. Grinding and kissing and wiggling.
• Soon enough James and Lily are there, screaming along the lyrics.
• (Lily taught them to James when he stayed at her house one time in the summer)
• The whole night ends with a drunken Sirius and Remus making out in the corner of the room and James and Lily dancing 'til they dropped.