Here’s an updated WIP of the Dorian and Aelin picture I’m battling my way through - It’s from the scene in QOS where they kick ass in top of the glass castle.

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This is very much a WIP… (work in progress)

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The Crested Chameleon Chapter 5

Hey-o! It’s been a while since I last posted, sorry for the delay… Before we begin, I would like to thank some people:

britbunny0: You’ve reviewed every single one of the chapters that I’ve posted, and I would like to thank you very much, you have no idea how much your words keep me motivated. :)

The-Musical-CC: Once again, thank you for answering my question on Tumblr and for letting me use the ask as a reference for the story, it really helped me out for the dialogue here, and for future ones to come. ;)

May 16 writer: You’re just wonderful. I appreciate the fact that despite my late uploads, you still stick with me. Thank you so much for your kind words. Oh, and your suggestions to Fractured Fairy Tales, I promise that it will be updated soon!

Anyways, enjoy!

The reptilian creature looked around its surroundings. Furious that its prey got away, it snarled and the remains of its prison and stomped it into more splinters.

“Stand down.” a baritone boomed in the background. The chameleon turned to give a hiss at the insolent fool who had the nerve to order him around, but stopped in realization. Behind the chameleon monster stood a hooded silhouette that extended his hand. The creature approached the person before him and rubbed his snout against the bony palm sentimentally.

“Yes, it’s been far too long, hasn’t it?” the figure agreed as he scratched the chameleon’s chin affectionately. “And wrongfully so.” the monster lowered his head, allowing his master to stroke his head, catching a glimpse of something orange.

“What’s this?” the figure knelt down to pick up the object, a marigold and held it in front of his eyes for examination. He need not rack his brain on figuring out who it belonged to.

“La Muerte.” the figure determined. “Who would have known? And no doubt she had that backstabbing lackey with her.” he scoffed sarcastically. The monster hissed in accordance to the master’s remark. “But what could have possibly provoked them from waking you up my fiend?” he pondered, stroking the petals of the flower.

Complying with the question, the chameleon lifted his head towards a blank wall and projected the events that it had just witnessed. The master carefully observed what had unfolded before his arrival. From the two rascally children to the old man suddenly bursting in, and finally, the arrival of his old “friends” who assisted in the mortals’ escape from the scene.

“The little vermin,” he growled through grinding his teeth. “Where do they get off with the thievery of our treasures? And where does the little wench get off with-”

The chameleon hissed at his master, reminding him of the current situation.

“You’re right.” the master nodded. “My ramble won’t fix anything, will it?” he cooed the last word, stroking his pet’s head. “It’s only a matter of time before our friends find the key to stopping us. Well, I assure you I won’t let it happen again. We will dispose of La Muerte, and the mortals, and we will have our revenge!” the master cackled, before swishing his cape and vanishing with his animalistic companion.

A bright orb flashed in the grasslands of the land of the dead, scaring the few skeletal animals into hiding. The woman still kept her protective stance over the trio of intruders. Grandpapi was still out cold, and Manny and Frida were still whimpering and trembling beneath the guard. “It’s alright niños, we’re safe now,” she whispered to the kids and rubbed each of their backs soothingly. When their tension was slowly easing, the woman saw her partner flash in and ran into his arms.

“Are you alright, did it hurt you?” the man asked the woman, gently holding her face up to inspect for any possible injuries.

“I’m fine.” she nodded, blushing slightly. “I would have healed fast anyway. What about you?”

“Peachy. Even if it got me, what more could he do to me?” the man teased, brushing a few strands of stray hair from his partner’s eyes, making her giggle a bit.

Manny was the first to open his eyes, and breath a heavy sigh of relief. “That was close.” he yelped in pain when Frida sacked him in the arm. “Yeah, no thanks to you,” she said through gritted teeth.

“Right, sorry…” Manny glanced down guiltily at his feet, skimming the tip of his boot across the greenest grass he’s ever seen, suspicion striking them at their sudden change of environment. “Where are we anyway?”

“I dunno, the park?”

“But how did we-”

“Who cares?” barked Frida impatiently. There was no doubt that word of the attempted robbery was spread, and that monster was probably already on the loose. All Frida wanted was to get away from the two people who could possibly reprimand them, and law low until the whole things blows over.

“What I miss?” relief washed over Manny when he saw that Grandpapi was slowly waking up. “Grandpapi!” he cried joyously. As the old man was still trying to fully grasp everything that happened, Manny hurriedly ran to him and embraced him tightly. “I’m sorry I called you a pansy!” the boy cried regretfully. “And for making you come down to save us only for you to get knocked out, and-”

“Manny, please!” Granpapi interrupted his grandson’s speedy apology, putting an arm on his shoulder to steady himself “I’m still trying to regain consciousness!” Granpapi rubbed his head where it hurt and adjusted his glasses, dazedly taking in their surroundings.

“Have a nice nap?” a deep voice sounded from behind Granpapi. He cautiously turned his head to see the same security guard from the museum, glaring his hauntingly familiar eyes at him damningly and seeming to relish at the intimidation he was sending to the old man. “Puma Loco. I’ve counted down the decades since you’ve done us wrong, now prepare to-”

“Listen punk!” Manny cut off the security guard before he can finish his threat. He didn’t care about the trouble he was in right now, he wasn’t going to let anybody insult his family. The boy planted his feet firmly on the ground, stood up straight and looked the jerk who talked down to his grandfather straight in the eyes. Frida already had a feeling that this wasn’t going to end well, so she ran to take cover behind the most seemingly approachable of the two strangers. The woman sensed her distress and put a comforting and protective hand on her shoulder.

“Manny, no!” Grandpapi desperately pulled Manny away from the stranger’s direction, but the teen wasn’t having any of it. “I don’t know who you are, but nobody talks to my Grandpapi like that!” the boy ignored all of the shushes and warnings to stand down. He instead pointed a clawed finger at the man. “So you just shut up, respect the elders, and let us go home!”

The security guard stood completely unfazed throughout Manny’s tirade and did not flinch once despite the claw being a mere inch away from his eye, and simply brushed off the teenager’s with his unchanged body language, and chuckled amusingly. What happened next was a sight that Manny wouldn’t dare forget. One minute the man before him was a middle-aged hunchback standing only a few inches taller than him, and the next he morphed into a much taller, slender, man-like tar creature who towered menacingly over the boy with his arms crossed and his furry white eyebrows crossing over his green eyes. He directed his red skull pupils onto Manny. “Well now you know ,boy. And I suggest you never cut me off again.” Manny flinched when the man raised his black-gloved hand towards him and flicked the belt buckle into spinning with one of his spider-like fingers, transforming the superhero back to his regular persona. Poor Manny was frozen in fear, his face was drained of any color, his teeth chattered loudly, and his legs looked like they were about to give out any moment. As if the thing didn’t strike enough into him already, he had to utter a simple “boo!” and that sent the boy running, joining Frida in cowering behind the woman and hanging onto his friend for dear life.

The divine being ignored the child he may or may not have traumatized for life and diverted his attention back to the old man, carrying on with his threat as if that infernal pest hadn’t butted in.

“I’ll admit, we crossed paths sooner than I expected, but I can’t say I’m complaining.”

“I-I not dead yet!” Grandpapi boasted, but his body language was betraying all facades of bravado.

“I can arrange that.” the god grinned maliciously, showing off his razor sharp teeth, and positioned his fingers to snap. Seeing what was about to happen, the woman gasped and quickly materialized from Manny and Frida’s side, where in the next minute, she appeared to have popped up in front of the tar thing, taking a completely different form. She too transformed into a divine figure, a much prettier and more graceful one who donned a long, red dress that hugged her slim curves, and a giant hat of the same color from which her long, black hair flowed out. And Manny and Frida were able to make out faint, vibrant marks on her face, and the flames in her eyes from the anger she had to her partner.

“Xibalba!” the god jumped back in surprise of the goddess who popped up in front of him. “You know better than to take a life prematurely, especially when I’m around!” she punctuated her scold with a sharp poke to the man’s chest.

“La Muerte, have you forgotten what he did?!” Xibalba argued.

“I remember very well what he did.” La Muerte reminded her husband, with a tone of sorrow, anger, and betrayal. “But now is not the time for revenge. At least not around the little ones, look at them!” she gestured to Manny who was having a panic attack, not unlike the ones his mother was prone to, and Frida trying to coach him through his frenzied breathing. The goddess turned back to face her husband. “They don’t even know why they’re here, and the least you can do is not scare them further.”

Xibalba held out his finger and opened his mouth to protest once more, but stopped when his wife gave him “the look”. “Si Muertita,” he grumbled under his breath to not let the mortals hear his weakness.

Grandpapi was about to get down on his knees and thank the goddess for defending him, but his act of gratitude was short-lived when he saw her shooting him a death glare similar to that of her husband’s and heard a growl rumbling in her throat. Seeing that she wasn’t so willing to forgive and forget either, the super villain decided to just stay quiet for now.

While the adults were bickering, Frida was gradually making progress in calming Manny down. “Deep breaths dude, deep breaths.” she constantly guided him. Once the tension died down, La Muerte turned back to the youngsters who were glaring at her big eyes and colorful facial patterns. She knelt down to their level as best as she could and flashed a small, but kind smile.

“So,” the goddess spoke in a calm and maternal tone. “I take it that you two have some questions about our current circumstances.”

“Duh!” Manny and Frida exclaimed. Before the goddess could say anything else, the two of them started overlapping each other with a series of their own questions. La Muerte was only able to make out a few of them. “Where are we? What are we doing here? Who the heck are you people? How do you have teleporting powers?”

La Muerte held up a finger to each of their lips to silence them. “Let’s just take an easy, I promise I have the answers. But to start off with one of the crucial ones, we’re in the land of the dead.”

“Doi?” Manny looked to Frida, who was just in the same state of confusion.

Phew, that was a long one! Anyways, I hope you enjoyed it! There will be more to come soon, I promise!

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