“Wanna go through da city, boy?”

Motorcycler!Tanaka and Richboy!Ennoshita AU? Hell yeah

Hello, my name is Lizard and I do draw weird pairings (and tumblr ate the quality of my drawing)

A lovely request for rossarod


I read the tags and someone mentioned “wear a helmet!” so then I though “what if they aren’t moving?” and then “WHAT IF THEY ARE ON A KIDDIES RIDE?”

Also, the kiddies ride lose a screw or two with Tanaka on it and it malfuctioned… so yeah, probably they gonna die

anonymous asked:

Headcanons that whenever Connie and Reiner get bored they re-enact pro wrestling fights in their underwear, putting each other in ridiculous holds until they just start laughing and make out

OMG YEs! And they put on like bedsheets as capes and sometimes even make makeshift masks!

I literally know no shame, anon…