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what happens if a male/inseminating creature were to fuck aaron in his human form? what about in his blob/monster form? like would he pregonate? how is babby formed?

He’d have to currently be sportin’ a set of ovaries and womb etc for that to happen. In theory, he could get pregonate the usual way.
Most of the time stuff is implanted into him and he has to focus on keeping it from being just absorbed into his mass.

He usually just kind of …absorbs the uhh.. genetic material though.

How is babby formed?

So this is fun: We’re having a baby!

We’re very happy and excited. We’ve also been keeping this kind of quiet because, well… we put ourselves out there a lot, but this tiny human doesn’t deserve a social media presence before it’s even born.

Everyone’s been very respectful, but I’m sure you can appreciate our position. It can be a little overwhelming sharing stuff like this, so all we ask is for people to be cool :)

Here some are answers to your presumed questions:

When’s the date?
Pretty soon. That’s why we’re telling you. It’s gonna be kind of hard to play off like nothing’s different, when there’s a small human around.

Names? Gender??
We don’t know yet. We’ll let you know eventually.

“Here’s MY Baby Advice”
We get that you want to help, but we have a wonderful family/friends support network, and we’re doing great.

You should totally [some joke about Desert Bus or naming auctions]!
No, and that joke wasn’t that funny the first time we heard it.

What about LRR?
This is the main reason for this post. We can’t just be like, “Kathleen is taking indefinite time off for secret reasons.” I mean, we could, but it’d be weird.

Kathleen will obviously be taking time off. Kathleen’s live streams and The Magnum Rewatch podcast will go on hiatus for at least several months, while we do baby things.

For Feed Dump, Graham and Ian will be hosting and editing, respectively.

Graham will host CheckPoint solo for a while. He will not be doing “the commercials”, sorry.

We’ve recorded a bunch of Qwerpline in advance, and we aren’t planning for her to miss episodes.

As for Desert Bus, Kathleen is planning to make an appearance or two, and while I have my usual driving/hosting duties, I’ll be playing it by ear as far as how long I hang around otherwise.

Looking forward to all my normal jokes transmogrifying into dad jokes,


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