Sunny Days-chapter 1

Summary: There’s nothing left in this world that isn’t hidden and Negan just found some gems.  

Word Count: 2,802 words

Warnings: surprise there. Not much for this chapter. Some hints at daddy kink. Let me know if I need to add any. Will get explicit in the future. This will be slow burnish.

Author’s Note: First foray into fan fiction. Not sure what I am doing, but this won’t leave my brain alone. I got this idea when I started thinking about how I would like to spend my days post zombie apocalypse and the movie Blast from the Past kinda popped up in mind. I’m not meant for roughing it. It’s been 12 years since I have written anything. @negans-network thanks for the encouragement. Here’s goes nothing.

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I love how the fandom is going to spend the hiatus doing 2 things:

1. Comparing Colin’s thumb to that of the one holding the ring box

2. Deciphering if the name in that first script tease underneath’s Emma’s speech says ‘Old Hook’ 

That’s the 2016-2017 Winter Hiatus. 

Fat Fashion Mega Post

Fat Fashion Mega Post

Okay my Fat Babes.

This post is going to be a lot of links, some discussion of size and some tips on shopping at some places. Ready?

First a few things to mention:

  1. Shops marked with an asterisk (*) will indicate where if you shop online you can get Ebates. This is my Ebates referral link, Ebates is basically getting a percentage of how much you spend on supporting stores online. I love it.
  2. I will…

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Funny how my dad was a building contractor and now I spend so much of my work life on construction sites. It feels so right. 🔨🔨🔨

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Mom (on the phone): What’s new.

Me: I found out today they are taking Emergency! off of Netflix.

Mom: Oh, that’s too bad. You will have to find a new show to watch. Did you watch all of the series? I’m sure they will have some new shows, right?

This just goes to show that 1. My family never listens to me. 2. Has NO IDEA how I spend my free time. 3. NEVER listens to me.

like obviously im not gonna like. stand on this rock to die on, but like. as funny as some of the beatles memes are like. as someone who was profoundly changed and enhanced and has a lot of sentimental value on the beatles (who honestly are still probably my favorite band by virtue of how much time I’ve spend analyzing and enjoying and loving their music), it does sometimes bring me down to see so many posts shitting on anyone who thinks the beatles had half-decent or even great music. music’s real important to me, and as cliche as it is, i turned to the beatles when I was finding myself and I know this is stupid and yada yada and most of it is jokes, but it still doesn’t make me feel good to see SERIOUS posts shitting on people who like the beatles, esp people who like. only know 3 songs by em, and none of their later, more experimental stuff. 

but i digress i guess :c


Shiro Expressions 1/?? (There are captions. I have a sailor’s mouth. I should give that back to them someday. Also I’m not funny. You’ve been warned.)

Some of these I’ve seen other people post before, but some I just haven’t seen enough love for. Pondering doing sets for the other characters, too; there are some great expressions in this show!

sometimes I wonder if its weird how much time I spend alone I mean I know people say they like being alone but sometimes it feels like the people around me arent alone like Im alone they always have siblings around or parents at home or are always surrounded with friends or find every chance to go outside where people are. but I spend so much time alone. alone like every day for hours on end I have the house to myself and I do what I want and I laugh with myself and cry with myself and I spend time with myself. alone like last week I didnt leave the house for four days and I didnt even notice it until I stepped out of the house and felt the air on my face and realized how long it had been since I had felt the air on my face. alone like when Im home alone doing my own things and the phone rings I wont pick it up and when people message me I wont answer and sometimes I dont get back to people for days, weeks on end. sometimes I wonder if this is really weird and unhealthy and maybe I should go out more and talk more and do more but sometimes, when Im home alone and doing my own things, I feel like I am the happiest I will ever be. just me alone.

watching @tcmbraider play tomb raider is truly an experience guys

  • are you stupid
  • don’t you dare laugh at me      (   -laughing intensifies-    )
  • i swear to god lara i swear to god
  • we’re gonna get this key, and then youre gonna get your stupid ass….
  • i’m stupid lyri
  • lyri we’re gonna get this boat. where’s my boat. oh. i already drove it out.
  • -spends like 10 minutes trying to figure out how to exit the boat-
  • can i shoot that -shoots it and nothing happens- awwwww
  • ok lyri… we got the door. so now we gotta get the boat.
  • -running into things while driving the boat- OH OH OH MY GOD. AELIN’S DRIVING.
  • fucking hell what the fuck
  • i don’t know what im doing you know
  • i hate you so much lara. just get in your stupid boat. i dont wanna talk to you anymore.
  • lets do this. or lets not.
  • -runs into a person-   oH MY GO D FUCKING HELL GO AWAY
  • i’m livin lyri. i’m livIN.
  • these controls man these coNTROLS. i just lost five years on my life.
  • im gonna park my boat. fuckin watch me.
  • oh my god i parked my boat. and she drove it away. i hate you so much lara.
  • i kiLLED A MAN

beholders-chroniclers  asked:

Hiya, I've got the weird question of the day. If you were thrown in the supernatural universe for 6 weeks with no connections or contacts how would you spend your time?

I think I’d pretty much be homeless

but since this is the spn universe, I’m assuming I’d meet Sam and Dean and become like a main character???

if so, I’d probably spend my time learning how to be a badass so when I got back here, nobody would mess with me

oh and I’d like to hug Sam at least once

let’s talk about how riley gave up her best friend for the holidays so she could spend it with her new family .   how she didn’t get a secret santa because lucas (  her BOYFRIEND ,  who would’ve gotten her name  )  left to texas without telling her .   how CORY DIDN’T HAVE SHAWN EITHER .   how maya had her pinched whenever she even said secret santa .   yet riley put on lil skits to show her how important it was to spend christmas at home .   all i’m saying is RILEY DESERVES BETTER ? ? ?


I know every mile, you’ll be worth my while..

Happy Valentines Day :)!
You don’t need to be lovers to celebrate v’day, just find a friend who loves you just as much as you do and spend a hella time together. Love will travel no matter the distance! (and #InternetFriendsDay)

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