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special_js1004 : .. i almost contacted (donghae) and said donghae-ya, lets go and exercise!!.. because you went in so braverly, hyung feels even more uneasy about that ㅜㅜ..because you are really sensitive to cold, wear more clothes, use the tools to keep warm well and you’ll feel quite lonely easily but just hang on for a little while more!! i miss you..(c)
special_js1004 : .. hyung, is this how you do a militery salute? Salute!!!Salute!!! you;ve now got the angle right and went straight into military discipline right? The weather keep getting colder so I’m worried. Be careful not to catch a cold!!! I mis you..(c)

I don’t say I miss you because I expect a response.

I say it whenever I see something that reminds me of the shape of your eyes or hear something that causes your laugh to ring in my ears. I say it because when I see or hear these things, the words begin to form in my mouth faster than I can imagine them.

I say it because I mean it. And I’ll mean it regardless of how you react.

—  (c.m.) // I miss you, even when I know I’m the last thing on your mind.

29 with bucky? If you die, I’m gonna kill you”

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“Daddy….” She came running down the hall, curls bouncing and her stuffed elephant dragging helpless behind her. Her shrill laughed sounds as he picked her up and swung her around in a circle. “Pumpkin!” He said joyously back, over joyed to see his little angel for the first time a few weeks. Then she came around the corner, his entire life, you. His smile broadened as he set Y/C/N down next to his leg, and you waltzed down the hall, your curls bouncing also as you flew into your husbands arms. “Bucky!” you squealed like a little kid. “Y/N!” he hugged you tightly, your little girl holding his legs. “How I’ve missed you both!” he cheered, picking Y/C/N and bring you both into a warm hug.

A few hours passed, and Bucky was tucking your little girl in, and heading her a bedtime story about a lost princess and how the prince saved her from evil people. You knew it was altered story on how he saved you and you two fell in love. You listened quietly outside the door, and smiled when she ‘ewwwed’ because the princess and the price kissed. Then you heard his work phone chimed a couple times and your heart sank, he had just came home, he almost didn’t this time. You walked down the hallway, and grabbed the ringing phone and brought it to yours a Bucky’s room, grabbing his travel bag from under the bed and placing it on the bed. You sat next to it, and laid the phone on it. Bucky came into the room soon after, his smile faded when he seen your tear stained cheeks and the travel bag. He sighed and shook his head, walking up to you and kissed your forehead. He took the phone and went to the living where you heard a muffled conversation, “Steve… I… home… I…. fine, see you in a couple hours,” you laid back on the bed and sighed as you felt the bed sag under his weight. “Babe,” you got up and crawled over to him and circled your arms around his shoulders, laying your chin on his shoulder. “I understand Buck, and so will she,” He huffed and turned his face and caught your lips in a sweet kiss. “I know, I just hate coming home and leaving again. Especially for another long trip,” he lulled his head back, you crawled into his lap making him look at you.

“Its fine babe, I understand, if she wasn’t in our life, I would kicking bad guy butt to,” you stuck your tongue at him, he smiled at you, kissing you again. “I know, I’m gonna miss you.” You nodded agreeing.

The next few hours flew, you leaned into Bucky, when you heard the knock it was Steve here to pick him up. You got on your tip toes, “Maybe when you get back I’ll be pregnant again,” you wicked and pulled away, Bucky was blushing. You giggled, “You better open the door before Rogers breaks it again.” Bucky rolled his eyes and went to the door, Steve was standing there a sad smile on his lips. “Nice to see you Ms. Barnes,” you chuckled, “you too Rogers.” Bucky shouldered his bag and headed for the door, “Hey Barnes,” you called, he turned and stared at you. “If you die, I’m gonna kill you,” Bucky nodded, you walked forward and kissed him once more, he turned to follow Steve, “That goes for you too Steve,” he looked at you and saluted. “Yes ma’am!”  


C-trans: I miss you all. How are you? Feeling tired recently? Remember  - Health is No.1! Don’t get too tired! Also, I know that you asked me to sleep early again. I did sleep early! :) I did take care of myself! So you must take care of yourselves! Alright?

Eng:  Been a long time talking to you guys. How is everything? Tired? Stressed? But hey… Don’t forget that your health comes first.

Jessica H.O’s comment:  Damn you got so skinny Jackson!

Hey Guys!!

Just wanted you all to know this is Carrie (Previously known as “the-lady-swan”) – After much prompting from i-know-how-you-kiss and b/c I miss all of you, I’ve decided to come back.

I let myself get WAY too involved in fandom drama but, the break has been good for me. It really helped me remember why I joined online fandom for OUAT to begin with and helped me let go of a lot of really negative feelings I was having. I really care about the CS fandom and anytime I saw false accusations being made against us or people ridiculing us or attacking us, I felt the need to stand up and say something – and it really put me in the line of fire. So I brought a lot of unneeded stress and heartache on myself and it’s no one’s fault but my own.

No pressure to follow me, I just wanted you guys to know I was around. I’ve really been diving head first into my video making…so that’s what this blog will mainly be for. I’m going to be very selective and protective of my fandom life on here so that it doesn’t get to the same level as it was when I blew up, haha.

(I also wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who constantly checked in with me and sent me love on almost a daily basis during my break. You know who you are. I love you and I’m so thankful to call you my friends.)

SO ANYWAY, HI FRIENDS…I’VE MISSED YOU!! As always, my blog will be all about positivity and hey if that’s not your thing, that’s cool. But if it is, I hope you will stop by every now and then to say hello. :)