lost girls and their totems

“[people] forget that invisibility is a superpower.” — banksy

the fox symbolizes cunning and wile. but though the fox is often seen as a trickster, she also is the totem of quick analysis and keen observation. those represented by the fox may not be noticed, but they notice others. they are well attuned to the outcasts and the loners in society.
sunflowers, while being more obviously representational of cheer and light, are also symbolic of longevity and loyalty. 

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I don’t say I miss you because I expect a response.

I say it whenever I see something that reminds me of the shape of your eyes or hear something that causes your laugh to ring in my ears. I say it because when I see or hear these things, the words begin to form in my mouth faster than I can imagine them.

I say it because I mean it. And I’ll mean it regardless of how you react.

—  (c.m.) // I miss you, even when I know I’m the last thing on your mind.
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C-trans: I miss you all. How are you? Feeling tired recently? Remember  - Health is No.1! Don’t get too tired! Also, I know that you asked me to sleep early again. I did sleep early! :) I did take care of myself! So you must take care of yourselves! Alright?

Eng:  Been a long time talking to you guys. How is everything? Tired? Stressed? But hey… Don’t forget that your health comes first.

Jessica H.O’s comment:  Damn you got so skinny Jackson!


140314 東方神起! White Day special video to Taiwan fans!

Y: Everyone, do you have good time at White Day?

C: Do you know how to speak “I miss you very much” in Chinese?

Y: Of course! I know! Is “Wo hen xiang nimen!

Y: Changmin, how about "I love you”

C: Wo ai ni! …… Plz support our 7th album “Tense” & repackage “Spellbound”

cr: sunflowerme | trans by DeniseJCChen

le-orginalna  asked:

*phone guy voice* Hello, hello, hello um... I don't know what to ask... I missed you a little c':*hug*

well how can u not miss me? XD

wow i love me a lot ;-; xD

jk thx u le XD