HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY, CHLOË GRACE MORETZ [FEBRUARY 10TH, 1997] (insp) “I’m five-foot-five and broad-shouldered with a short waist—I’m never going to have that Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue look. I’ve had certain projects tell me I need to wear push-up bras because I’m an A-cup, or I’ve been told I don’t have a pronounced-enough jaw, that I have a moon face. When I was younger I really took it to heart. I’ve started to realize that if I change all of these things that are my quote-unquote imperfections, like my little birthmarks and weird discolorations, my slightly lazy eye, or the gap in my teeth, then who am I? Am I a carbon copy of everyone else? Those things are what make me me.

I can’t gif for shit, but I want to talk about this. This scene makes me really emotional for some reason. I don’t know if it’s because clalec is my brotp or… Just the way she pats his arm, with such happiness. Like she’s not afraid of touching him, and I really like that. This compared to the movie hits me right in the feels because we had Alec sooo much worse to Clary in the movie, and it really made me mad. I love how he didn’t threaten her like he does in the books and she doesn’t use his sexuality as a weapon against him. I never really knew why CC did that because it was so out of character for the both of them. 

And it’s wrong for her to try to out him like that, but she really is just trying to help. I love that she’s at least comfortable enough to touch him and he accepts it. 

I just like that even if Clary doesn’t completely trust Alec, she still believes he’ll protect her. And that even though Alec doesn’t like Clary, he’ll still protect her no matter what. 

I just really want to see a brotp from them that I think the writers will deliver.


“Pilot” vs. “Detroit” Deleted Scenes: Problem Child (x)

Like mother, like daughter 

Do you ever lay in bed with your child after a long day and think to yourself how amazing this little person is

We had a really rough day today and here I am in bed with Autumn who is asleep. All I can think about is how much I love her and how peaceful she looks.


Pokémon HG Misty Figure from Bandai!

I love how determined she is here! Her pose is based on the original Pokémon Red & Blue (& Green) sprites where you battle her for the Cascade Badge! She’s very light and delicate, though! As you can see, she had a support stick to hold her which was a little unexpected; I honestly thought she’d have the support stick on her bent leg. In person, her hair actually looks more like a light orange than the more vibrant red-orange wer’re used to for Pokeani. Nonetheless, the details were done extremely well! I especially love the pokeball imprint on the bottom of her sandal. All in all, a beautiful figure and a must for any Misty fan!

You know for everything Teen Wolf does terribly, what the show does right and other teen shows fail at is to make all their adult characters real, with arcs of their own.

Too many teen shows make the adults incompetent but on Teen Wolf, the adults, the parents rise up to the challenge especially once they are read into the Secret World. 

They become awesome in their own right, even though sometimes they make flawed decisions. 

I really love how Lydia’s mom is getting an arc of her own, she started out as a typical mom in a teen show but over the course of seasons we’re shown more of her mom. Then this episode she rose to the occasion and became badass in a very believable way.

Also, how is Eichen house still operational? IT IS TERRIBLE. It operates like a Victorian age mental institution. I know they need its underground as a prison for evil supernaturals but seriously, how is it still operational???

16 Days of Outlander - The Way Out

I find that I deeply enjoy this episode. Yeah they added in a weird plot line where no one knows what “Lily of the Valley” is (even though it’s mentioned in the books multiple times as a special scent for soaps….) and Father Bain was still as dreadful as ever. There were some very fun parts to this episode for me.

Honorable mentions:

Favorite Costume (piece): Geillis Duncan’s RED shoes (Totally went all wicked witch from Wizard of Oz… love it.)

Favorite Book to Screen: Claire checking Jamie’s wounds…need I say more? I’ll let Jamie’s eyes say the rest.

Favorite Scene: Jamie explaining the words of Gwyllyn the Bard to Claire 

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This is the moment Claire realizes everything she’s been through has happened before. She knows she can go home, back through the stones, and back to the life she was used to. I also love how Jamie saved her a seat to make sure she sat next him… adorable, in love, sappy man. 

On a different note i have some very cool news about my personal life if anyone cares to know bc I’m so stoked!
So when I was at ta there was a girl behind me in the crowd who doesn’t live far from where I live and we talked a lot and at home she followed me on insta and looked through it and found a video from the other day where I sang and then SHE ADDED ME ON FB TO ASK ME IF I HAD INTEREST IN JOINING HER BAND BC THEY HAVE NO SINGER YET
She showed one of her guitarists how I sound like and they all love my voice and really want me as their singer!
After what kinda hell I’ve been through with my previous band I’m so excited for this new one - we have yet to meet up and talk about everything and all but it’s still gonna amazing ☺

theres this girl that was a senior when i lived next to her freshman year and i remember she really hated me and my roommate bc we were loud and annoying.. but i admire her soooo much now and i dont think she has a clue! shes openly gay and super into social justice things and just seems so interesting and sweet and cool and im so tempted to tell her sometimes. im not sure how well she remembers me at all but i love all of her fb posts and i wish i knew more people like her. im sending her my support and luv 💓

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Honesty i want to be as badass as Samus Aran. i love the metorid games and really like how her gender does not come up very often if at all.

I have always liked that about her, and the fact that Samus is 6 foot 3 and 198lbs without the power-suit on. She’s my height, and can still have a feminine body, but still look and be strong and muscular. I do enjoy that she’s become more acrobatic looking since Metroid Fusion/Zero Mission. Makes more sense to me, as she’s doing flips and whatnot. Too much muscle would limit her movement. Fun fact, her design without the power-suit in Super Metroid was based on Kim Basinger.

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authorkurikuri loserchildhotpants foxerica sleepy-skittles queerlyalex mailayukiimura annnnnd bicanthrope :)

oh my. i admit that i don’t exactly know half of the people you mentioned, or have just seen them pop up on my dash a few times.

@authorkurikuri is lovely and wise, that’s how i see her. very, very positive and magnificent when it comes to writing. she’s like this kind, positive force, you know? like one of those people that you know are up to good.

same with @foxerica. for example Erica’s selfie sunday? it’s such a positive event! i haven’t participated yet, but it just makes me so happy when i get to see the effects of it, yk? Erica will also fight the good fight and had my back too, on occasion. she’s so sweet, too! and gosh, don’t even get me started on all the heartache i go through when i read Erica’s fics.

@queerlyalex i see around a lot, but don’t know them well. still i got mad respect for Alex, yk? very talented and outspoken, and laid-back, i think? i wish i could say more. i’m also very intimidated by them. in a Senpai-Kouhai kind of way.

as for the others, i’ve read some pretty awesome fic by @sleepy-skittles, but saddly that’s it.

(i feel so bad, i’m sorry)

Anonymously send me a url, and I’ll tell you what I think of them!