I just wasn’t feelin’ it today. I struggled through some late night, last minute exercise. I haven’t eaten nearly enough, probably because I’ve been feeling binge-y all day. I should probably just go to bed…after all, it is after 10pm…but I just got into The Giver on Showtime, and I’m waiting for the boy to get home so I can show him how to do Olimar’s paw soak. Maybe I’ll have some grapes 🍇

Tomorrow’s a new day! 🌞

i feel like it’s really important that we dont shut up about how disgusting we find calvin and oli because they’ve literally been accused of sexual offences. like this isnt some dumb rumour these are real accusations made by real people….every time calvin or oli pop up at a one direction concert or get papped with louis, it’s like a kick in the stomach for all the people that have been affected by what they’ve done. and not just the girls who they targeted specifically, i mean anyone who’s ever been a victim of anything similar. we know that 1d and their team see everything we say online and if we’re loud enough about this then they have to do something about it, because at the moment there are people in 1d’s entourage who have had multiple allegations of sexual offences made against them. like these people need to be kept 10000000 miles away from underage girls, but instead they’re literally being flaunted at us through pap pics and fan pics. i dont know what more we can do apart from talking about it and expressing our disgust and concern and hoping somebody listens to us? but dont let this die guys because it’s really important and something needs to be done

The Signs As The Story So Far Lyrics
  • Aries:These days I tend to see red
  • 'Cause all the women swimming in my head
  • Are not the same ones laying in my bed
  • But I do my best to ignore it
  • Taurus:Give up and go home, alone, and suffer some more.
  • This head of stone let's no one in anymore.
  • Gemini:My walls are built up high forever bound to be steep
  • I've got a birds eye view of all the secrets you keep.
  • Cancer:You have no idea how unproductive it is to fall in and out of you as often as I do.
  • And lately I've been feeling grey but today,
  • I'm alright no thanks to you.
  • Leo:I know it's been a while
  • But I will not fake this stupid smile
  • ‘Cause you robbed me, fed me the line
  • Virgo:I sense your purpose
  • So tense inside yet not on the surface
  • And if this is worth it
  • Then why is there still small talk?
  • Libra:Stuck in your web, flailing my arms
  • Trying to break loose from your charm
  • Split up your mind, do you some harm...
  • No stranger to harm
  • Scorpio:I wish you'd stop running from your problems and run to me instead
  • Black and blue, eyes bloodshot red while she's passed out in her bed
  • Sagittarius:It cuts so much deeper
  • Why would I wanna see her?
  • Only had one beer
  • And I don’t wanna sleep here
  • Capricorn:Fuck an apology, I'm not sorry for anything
  • I've been holding back my apathy for far too long
  • You don't deserve what you haven't earned
  • And your place in my heart has just grown so small.
  • Aquarius:I’m not so open like the window you are
  • The glass just reflects the scar
  • Pisces:Damn it's hard to find sustenance when all I had was love for this and now you don't.
  • Now I just abuse substances to drown out your accomplishments, however few.

Started from the bottom, now we here. ✌🏻️You guys don’t know how much today means to me. I feel like all the hard work I have put into my body has been validated. I’m so happy. #RNRChi #running #runner #rocknrollhalfmarathon #me #motivation #inspiration #strongwoman #fitfam #fitspo #fitgirl #fitness #fitchicks #fitnessgoal #fitnessjourney #fitnesschallenge #fitnessmotivation #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlosssuccess #weightlossmotivation #weightlosstransformation #exercise #workout


Welp!  I don’t normally post commissions, but I’ve been thinking about it lately… so here’s some of the digital commissions I’ve been working on!  

I also had my first disappointed customer today, so I figured maybe I’d post what I’ve been working on so people can get a feel for what I’m doing and how I draw.  As you can see they’re all a little different.  If you commission me and you have a specific drawing of mine in mind, please let me know!  That way, you can avoid being disappointed, and I can avoid feeling like an ass for charging you for work that you’re disappointed with. 

Sorry for the mini rant, just want to address the issue for future commissioners!

Here’s my original commission post!

bottom right is for valenfield.
All other characters belong to their respective owners.  

Sins Of The Fathers

Requested by anon:  {can i get a one-shot where the reader and Dean are best friends and they flirt and play fight in front of John and he talks to the reader and Dean seperately and talks about how the reader guys should be together and how Dean looks at her and he can tell Dean loves her.}

Note: I hope this is okay- sorry it took me so long to write it! Today is my birthday, so I’ve had some time off from work to write:) I hope y’all like it!

Word Count: 2007

“Dean Winchester, give that back!”

A chuckle is all I get in reply and he takes off around the corner. I growl, feeling frustrated, yet having the urge to engage in the chase. Dean has a maddening affect of making me mad and happy at the same time. Like now. I had been trying to do some research with Sam, and Dean had walked in and stolen my notebook. It wouldn’t really matter, but I had written some other stuff in there that didn’t exactly pertain to the job.

“I said give it back!”

“You’ll have to catch me!”

“You son of a-” my curse is cut off by nearly running into John Winchester. He grabs my shoulder to keep me balanced, his bearded face unsmiling.

“I thought I told you kids no running in the house.”

“Yes, sir, it’s just- Dean took my notebook.”

John sighs heavily, and I can mentally hear him groaning about our shenanigans. “Dean! Give Y/N her notebook back.”

A dirty blonde head appears around the corner to the kitchen, Dean’s green eyes still twinkling with mischief. But he obediently comes over so John is between us.

“Give it to her, boy.”

“Aw, come on, Y/N, play along.”

“I want it back.”

“Why? You scared I’m gonna read it?” Dean grins as he opens the cover and begins to look at the first page.

“Mr. Winchester!” I cry, terror filling my being.

“Dean, give it to her.”

“Is there anything about me in here? How you can’t think of anything but me? Or how your dreams are full of-”

“Dean, enough.” John takes the notebook from his hands and gives it back to me. I’m sure my face is as red as the plaid on Dean’s shirt, and I run out of the room to hide my embarrassment.

In the few months I’ve known the Winchesters, Dean has been my favorite. His sarcasm and rugged good looks have me wrapped around his finger. It was out of kindness that John allowed me to live with them in the first place, something about a debt to my dad. Both my parents died last year, so I joined the dysfunctional Winchester family. Just let me say that for a sixteen year old girl, being in a house of two teenage boys and a father is not easy.

I close the bedroom door behind me and go to my bed, sliding the notebook under the pillow. Not the safest hiding spot, but the boys have been forbidden from my room by their dad. And they listen. Well, Dean does, Sam is a little rebellious to say the least, but this order he obeys.

As I return to the living room to continue my research, I catch a part of John’s sentence in the kitchen.

“I know you like her, Dean, but you need to simmer down. Girls don’t like to-”

“Dad, I- I don’t like her like that. We’re just friends.”

“Uh-huh. And so were your mother and I. Mark my words, Dean, treat her right. Y/N is a good girl, and I promised her father that I wouldn’t let anything happen to her.”

A warm sensation starts in my stomach. I fear John Winchester. He can be so calloused and harsh at times. I often wonder if I am just a burden to him. Hearing him talk about the promise makes me like him a little.

Dean’s denial bothers me a little. I had never expected him to like me, not the way I like him. But hearing him confirm my fears puts a little crack in my heart. I continue to the living room, plopping down into the chair across from Sam.

He glances up and shoots me a questioning look. “Everything okay?”

“Yeah, fine.”

                                               Three Years Later

I grab the Colt, cock it and unload the precious shell into the dark figure pinning Dean to the wall. The demon gives a scream, then returns to its fiery inferno with a flash of light. I shove the Colt into my belt, running to where Dean has slid to the floor, choking and pressing a hand to his side.

“Hey, hey, you’re gonna be okay.”

“The Colt-” Dean gives a cry as I apply pressure to his wounded side. “Dad’s gonna kill us.”

“I’ve got the Colt, and it’s only missing one bullet now. Mr. Winchester can’t blame us for what happened.”

Dean groans, and I know why he’s so worried. John has been obsessed lately with finding the yellow eyed demon and using the Colt to destroy him. We had split up earlier, he and Sam going to the outbuildings, while Dean and I searched the house. He had trusted me with the Colt, making me swear not to use it under any circumstances. But I was constantly defying John’s orders. Why would tonight be any different?

“Come on, we’re gonna get you to a hospital.” The wound to his side is deep and blood is just spilling from his body. I grab his hand, helping Dean to his feet. He inhales sharply, ever playing the tough guy and refusing to let on how much pain he’s in.

With Dean leaning heavily on me, we step out onto the porch as John and Sam come running up.

“What happened?” John yells. “I heard the gunshot.”

“Dean, are you okay?” Sam rushes to his brother’s other side, supporting him so all the weight isn’t on me.

“Y/N, where’s the Colt?” John’s eyes are fixed on me, completely ignoring his son who is bleeding to death.

“Not now, we’ve gotta get Dean to a hospital.”

“Tell me you still have the Colt.”

I want to scream at him as Dean groans softly, doing his best to hide the pain. I pull the Colt from my belt, tossing it onto the ground in front of John. I don’t care if I break the stupid antique.

“There, you happy?”

“Dad, we’ve gotta go. He’s losing a lot of blood.” Sam’s tone shows his concern, for which I’m glad. At least I’m not the only one with some sense around here.

John picks up the Colt like it’s a fragile piece of glass and checks the chamber. His face turns red, and I can feel the heat from his anger from where we’re standing.

“You fired the Colt?”


“After you promised not to?”

“Dad, please-”

“How could you?” John is shouting now. I ignore him as the boys and I make our way to the Impala. “I told you not to use this gun, didn’t I? We only have a certain number of bullets.”

“And you only have two sons.” I snap, opening the car door so Sam can help Dean in. “I used that stupid bullet to save your son’s life. Your welcome, John.”

“You promised me-”

“Yeah, well, I broke it.” I’m just as angry as he is now. And while Winchester is taller than me, I get up in his face and shout, “You’re a freakin’ maniac, John! Your son is hurt- he could die- and all you can think about is that stupid gun and seeking your revenge! Are you even hearing me right now? Your son is hurt, John!”

“Don’t ever disobey my orders again, Y/N, or so help me…”

“You’ll what? Kick me out? Shoot me yourself? Go ahead, Winchester, take your best shot.”

“Y/N, stop.” Sam grabs my shoulder and pulls me toward the parked car. “We need to go. Now.”

I turn my back on John and climb into the backseat beside Dean. He’s trembling from the pain and I ease him down so he’s lying down on the seat. His head rests in my lap and I run my fingers through his hair.

Sam starts the car as John climbs into the passenger seat. The Impala moves onto the highway and we begin the long drive back to town. Unbearable silence sets my teeth on edge. I’m still angry. Really angry. Everytime the Impala jolts or takes a sharp turn, Dean grunts softly as his injury is aggravated. That makes me even angrier.

“Hang on, Dean.” I whisper, my fingers running through his now sweat dampened hair. “We’re going to get you some help.”

He nods, his eyes closed. My heart- despite being angry- breaks to see him in such pain. I’m fearful as my clothes begin to soak up his warm blood. Nothing I do seems to staunch the steady flow, and soon, Dean doesn’t groan anymore when he’s jilted.

“Dean, stay with me. You’ve gotta stay with me.”

“Y/N?” Sam asks, trying to look back while keeping an eye on the road.

“Go faster, Sam!” I cry. “Dean, open your eyes. Please, open your eyes.”

“Dean?” John has turned in his seat, reaching over to touch his son.

“Get your hands off of him!” I don’t mean to shriek, it just comes out that way. “Don’t you dare touch him.”

Thankfully, we pull up at the Emergency entrance just then and Sam jumps out to get help. Within minutes, a pair of medical personnel run out and get Dean onto a stretcher. I try to follow them down the hall, but a nurse stops me and makes us all wait in the waiting room.

Being in the same room as John is impossible, so I pace the small hallway in front of the nurse’s station. One or two sweet looking ladies stop and ask if I’m okay, and I tell them I’m fine. I guess I look a sight with my clothes all covered in blood.

Minutes pass by, hours drag on. My body refuses to pace any longer and I sit down in a chair by the nurse’s desk. I tell myself that I am only going to close my eyes for a moment, when I’m being shaken awake.

Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I look up into John’s face. Anger resurfaces, but then I see the the red in his eyes, the lack of sleep evident on his face. His drooping shoulders are a tell-tale sign that he has been worried.


“He’s resting. Doctor says he’s gonna be okay.”

I sink back into the chair, relief hitting me hard. I don’t mean to, but tears begin to roll down my cheeks and it’s impossible to hold back the sobs. John kneels down beside the chair and rubs my shoulder. I can’t be mad at him right now. Later. I’ll be mad later.

“Y/N, I’m sorry. You- you were right. I’ve become so blinded by my need for revenge that- I’ve lost sight of what’s really important.” He sniffs, which surprises me. Not once have I ever seen him show emotion like this.

“I love my boys. I really do. And I’m grateful that you used your good sense when you did. If you hadn’t, Dean might not be here right now. You did a good job.”

“Careful, John, you don’t want to let yourself be known as a softy.” I tease through my tears. He cracks a small smile.

“We’re lucky to have you. And I’m glad Dean has you looking after him. You two were meant for each other.”

“Oh, no, we’re not like that.” I can feel my cheeks flushing. “He doesn’t think of me like that. We’re just-”

“If you say just friends, I’m gonna laugh.” John shakes his head. “I’ve seen the way he looks at you, Y/N. And I know my son better than you think I do. Dean’s in love with you. Never doubt that.”

“How do you-”

“Trust me. I know.” John stands up and walks away, his hands in his pockets just like Dean does. I watch him disappear around the corner, my head spinning with this new piece of news. Is John right? Is Dean really in love with me?

I stand up, walking down the hall to find Dean. I needed some answers.

anonymous asked:

To anon: it's not creepy at all to tell a teacher thank you, even if it's been a long time. I work as a teacher and whenever students tell me how much they appreciate what I have done for them, even if it's something simple like "hey today was fun", it feels absolutely incredible. So do not hesitate at all to appreciate and thank a teacher who helped you. It really keeps us motivated. We love to hear how our students have grown. If you can, stop by and visit or meet to grab a coffee. :D

I second the coffee thing! Ask them in an email if they would be up for it and are available anytime soon to catch up. I’ve done this with some of my undergrad professors (and I’m going to a barbecue at a grad professor’s house soon too) and it’s really nice.

part I
you asked me how I was
doing today and I told
you that I’m still figuring 
it out. each day is like a 
1,000 piece puzzle and 
sometimes pieces are
missing. I told you, 
“we’ll see. we’ll see.”
you asked me when the 
day will come when we 
no longer have to wait, 
and all I could say is 
“we’ll see. we’ll see.”

part II
it’s been three nights since
I’ve slept and even longer 
since I’ve slept peacefully. 
it feels like I don’t fit into 
any box, I have no shelter. 
it feels like someone started
to put me together and then

part III
I let anyone pull me apart 
if they want to. I snap easily. 
I keep myself divided into
pieces so it’s easier to take
what you want. I try to let 
my destruction be easy. I try
to be easy. 

part IV
there’s always going to be 
assembly required in a 
healthy relationship. there's 
always going to be late nights
with spinning heads. there's 
always going to be this. always. 

part V
there’s a million stars but 
somehow you made it seem
like there weren’t enough. I 
painted myself with stars and
told you that after awhile you
will see. you never bothered 
piecing me together. you never
let me feel whole 

part VI
living life with a puzzle piece 
mind makes it easier. being only a 
piece makes it easier. I was 
never good at being completed. 
I was never good at being finished. 

—  puzzle piece mind (1:12 AM)

Hey everyone, 

I have decided i want to run a project called “Our Story.” A recent post that is on my tumblr, was from a very strong girl who shared a story and was very empowering ! There have been overwhelming responses to her story being shared and i believe we all have a story to share. 

With the Project Our Story, it would be similar to as the post this beautiful girl posted. You can share a picture of what represents you and give a testament or you can just share your feelings. Referring to what has happened to you and how it has created the beautiful person you are today. 

Please feel free to talk to me if need be, if you would like to share you story please write to me. If you wish to remain anonymous or wish that your name not be published with the post i can do that as well. 

I believe in the fact we all work different paths of life, but we all can inspire one another. I may not have all the answers to the things some people ask, but if i can provide you guys with inspiration and testimonies than you can find the peace you have been looking for. 

I will be creating a separate page for this as well on my blog, so as stories come in there will be a place for people to scroll through and read. 

Thank you for taking the time to read and thank you to all who decide to share their story. 

Have a lovely evening, 



I’m experiencing the ultimate first world problem and we hit our data limit so my internet usage is restricted to wifi soooo I haven’t been on the social media much today. I joked that I had to be left alone with my thoughts but seriously what did I do with time before I had an iPhone????

All the emoji praise hands for a Zumba instructor I adore and have as much fun in class with as Sarah aka Joel to give me my Zumba fix while my dearest gym buddy hasn’t been feeling well. Today was a hot sweaty fun mess!

No I’m home and gonna have tacos (abitofsilliness & thatsminethankyou come over I know how much you love them!!)and TV time with Kev!

Umm 4 days till Georgia y'all!!

I hope you all had a lovely day!!

Reading for S/C V

The grid pattern is back, and so am I, now that I’ve been given the metaphoric green light to doing readings again for S/C! Huzzah! (However, you know you’re feeling a bit rusty when you have to go back and read all your previous readings posts, just to see how you used to do it! Eeek.) This reading explores where many of the players stand after the glory of the past weekend (looking at you, Pentacles!), and a little about where our Royals are at moving forward… 

Happy reading!

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So while I’m not feeling super photogenic today I just had to take some pictures showing off this amazing necklace from mossofthewoodsjewelry! And how can I in good conscience show you a beautiful Lily of the Valley specimen without telling you all about its toxicity? I’m sure all of you know of my poisonous plant adoration by now anyways. I mean, I’m most excited for my study abroad because it will give me time to visit the Alnwick Poison Garden.

Lily of the Valley, or Convallaria majalis, contains three similarly named toxins: convallarin, convallamarin, and convallatoxin, which are all glycosides. Convallatoxin can cause slow or irregular heartbeat, leading to heart failure in extreme cases. Other effects this plant has on the human body include gastrointestinal problems and skin rash or hives. Just a sampling of why you don’t want to ingest this plant.


I decided to post some of my selfies today. I’ve been going through a lot of really bad down periods in the past few weeks of my self love and confidence journey, and have started to really get mad at myself for coming back to my old self-loathing image of myself after so much progress! Everyone has their own reasons, and everyone is fighting their own battles and EVERYONE is going to go through those periods where they just don’t feel beautiful, regardless of how everyone else sees them to be. Stay strong 💪🏻 because we’re all beautiful in our own way and we should all love that! 😘😘

Am I Good Enough? (Luke Hemmings Imagine) - Alternative Part 3

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Alternative Part 3

3 weeks and Luke and I haven’t spoken. He’s not spoken to anyone. Not even Calum, Michael or Ashton. “Hey Ash, have you heard from Luke?” I ask him. “Uh, no. He’s not spoken to anyone at all. Do you wanna go see him today?” He asks. “I don’t know if I should. I mean he might still need to think, I-I don’t know.” I’m confused about Luke and I, no words have been spoken so how do I even know where we stand? “(Y/N), this is not just Luke’s feelings that are being considered here. Yours are too, you’re apart of that relationship. And Luke needs to speak to you, so you will talk to him today.” He affirms, leading me into my way of life. Ashton and I drive down to Luke’s house. A place where I used to once live. “Wish me luck.” I shakily say, stepping out the car and walking to the front door. The door opens after a couple knocks, Luke opens the door looking as happy as ever. As if he’s got no cares in the world. “(Y/N), hey. Come on in.” He invites. “No thank you. I just wanna ask one thing.” I timidly speak. “Yeah, sure.” “Have you thought about us?” He looks down to the ground, this mustn’t be a good thing. He does that face all the time. “Look (Y/N), I love you. You know that, but I’m not wanting a relationship right now…” My heart breaks into a million tiny pieces, this entire relationship has basically been one-sided, I put all the effort in. “…I do love you, but just not as much as you love me. I realised that the reason I don’t tell my parents is because I don’t want to be in a serious relationship especially at this time. I’m 18 almost 19, I’ve got loads of things ahead of me at the moment and a relationship isn’t one of my main goals. When I’m ready for a relationship you know I’ll go to you and-” I cut him off not wanting to hear anymore of this, it’s too much to hear this. Him saying that he doesn’t love me as much as I hoped, him saying a relationship isn’t the most important thing to him, him saying I’m not as important to him. I don’t want to hear this. “I get it Luke. I understand…” He looks at his feet, wanting to break eye contact with me, he can see how hurt I am. “You want to be ‘free bird’. It’s cool. Have fun with that, and your career. I’ll see you around.” I walk back toward the car where Ashton sits. Luke watches me walk into the car, beginning to tell Ashton what happened, and worst of all he watches me cry into Ashton’s arms. He simply walks back into his house, acting as if he saw nothing. It’s just all went wrong. I’ve lost Luke, and the worst part is I’ve loved someone who never truly loved me. I was just there for the sake of it, I wasn’t there cuz it was 'fate’ or 'destiny’. It was false.

Michael Imagine “School Crush”

A/N: i wrote this a while back so i’m posting it cause i feel so bad that i haven’t been active. Please keep sending requests and feedback and you can also keep requesting the number imagines, more of those will be up soon. Happy reading!

So today’s the day. You are finally going on a date with the guy you’ve liked since as long as you can remember. But how did this all come about? Well I’ll tell you. You were sitting in science by yourself because you didn’t have a lab partner. You see you’re not the most popular but you are extremely smart and nice but not everyone likes nerdy people like you. So you were sitting just minding you own business when the bell rings for class to end and as one of the most popular people in the school walks past your workspace she ‘accidentally’ knocked all of your books to the floor. This caused one of your binders to open and your papers to spill everywhere and just your luck the teacher didn’t see a thing. So you kneel on the floor to clean up the mess that the brat made of your books and when you reach for one of your papers you are beaten to it by a pair of pale hands. You look up and lock eyes with the boys you’ve had the biggest crush on, Michael Clifford. You blush furiously and look back down at the mess you’re cleaning up muttering a small ‘thank you’ when he hands you a piece of paper. Since science was your last class of the day it didn’t matter how long it took you to clean up because there was no one coming in after you. Michael stayed until everything was cleaned up and somewhat organized. He was quiet mostly, sometimes saying a small ‘here you go’ when he handed you a piece of paper. As you collect your books in your hand and stand up he stands up with you and gives you a smile and you return it. “Thank you for the help you really didn’t have to.” You say to him. “But I wanted to.” He says with yet another smile. You start to leave the room and he walks about a step behind you and when you get into the hallway he speaks again. “So where are you going now?” He asks. “Well I have to go get my things from my locker and then I guess I’m going home. Why?” you ask. “Just wondering.” He says nonchalantly. He continues to follow you and he starts talking yet again and you wonder why he is still even interacting with you.  “I don’t know of we’ve ever had a proper introduction but my name’s Michael.” He says. “Yeah we’ve had a few classes together before, I’m Y/-“ “Y/N” He cuts you off. “How could I not know your name you’re one of the prettiest girls I’ve ever met.” You blush a deep red at his compliment. “T-thanks  I just didn’t think you would know because I don’t have a lot of friends and I’m shy and people generally ignore me.” You say as you look down to open you locker. “Well I don’t think you should have to deal with all of those petty popular people anymore. I hate how they always pick on you, I see what they do and I’ve decided to stop ignoring it myself.” He says matter-of-factly. You gain a little confidence in talking to him now so you take your bag out of your locker and sling it over your shoulder as you turn to face him. “And what could you do about it? You can’t make them like me and you can’t make them stop picking on me.” “Lets be honest I’m one of the most intimidating people n this school right?” he asks and you nod and start walking towards the entrance of the school. “Well you see if people start associating you with me then if they did anything to you they’d have to go through me right?” He asks you another question. You respond a little confused. “Right?” “Right. So I have a proposal for you.” He says as he stops walking right at the front door and he turns to face you. He looks you straight in the eye and says. “You. Me. Date tomorrow night it’ll be a surprise ok? I’ll pick you up at 5.” You’re too shocked to even respond and again you blush a really deep shade of red. “I’ll take that as a yes.” He smirks and opens the door for you. “oh and of course I’ll need your number for obvious reasons.” “Of course Michael.” You say exaggerating the ‘of course’. That night you guys texted until about 3 in the morning and the next day he took you to a pizza parlor and then you guys got ice cream and took a walk in your local park. It was one of the best dates you’ve ever been on. You guys just talked about anything and everything and you enjoyed each other’s presence. At the end of the night as he dropped you off he asked you to be his girlfriend and of course you gladly accepted. You guys quickly became the school’s most talked about couple because you and Michael were so different. But he was right, people almost immediately stopped bothering you and picking on you. And if you were ever along for just a few minutes and someone tried to mess with you in any way Michael would instantly appear at your side and say a simple ‘is there a problem here?’ to whoever was bothering you and that would be enough to scare them off. All in all, it was the best proposal you’ve ever accepted.

Dear Directioners

I may not have been a Directioner from the start, but I love you all. I feel the love that the fandom holds, even with the drama and rumors. I’m so glad to be in this family no matter what bc it makes me happy. :) The fans, memories, and all the music I have devoured mean so much. I will never forget Louis, Harry, Liam, and Niall, but I’ll always remember Zayn’s part, too. I love them for what they do to make us happy and I love them for being themselves. I will always remember how they make us feel special when we feel like nothing and how we do the same for them.
So Directioners, let’s celebrate 5 years with the band. Today we remember and thank the boys for all they’ve done, no matter how long we’ve been in the fandom.

You Remember Stiles, Right?

You Remember Stiles, Right?

Word count- 913

Plot- You’re a werewolf and had to leave Beacon Hills but have just come back. Your best friend is Stiles’ sister and you have a sleepover and run into Stiles in the morning.

Everyone in the office stopped and stared as I made my entrance to the front desk. Being the girl that left during the year out of the blue and never telling anyone can bring some unwanted attention to you. The school seemed to be the exact same way I left it but the people that surrounded the halls were quiet and curious. I knew I’d have to answer questions about what had happened and why I disappeared but today just wasn’t going to be that day.

I hadn’t seen or talked to any of my friends since I’d been back and the anxious feeling at the pit of my stomach told me that it wasn’t going to end well. I wasn’t sure how they’d react to seeing me again after all this time but I could only hope that they wouldn’t be furious.

As I peered round the corner, I saw the signature brown hair of Cassie scurrying through her locker. Walking up to her felt like hours. I swallowed and tapped her shoulder.

‘Hey, listen… Please don’t hate me. I know what I did was wrong but I really need you right now and…’ I hurried over my words, scared that she’d storm off on me but she didn’t she quickly interrupted me, dove into me and hugged me as tightly as possible.

‘Y/N! OMG! Where have you been? Have you any idea how worried we all were when you left? Please tell me that you’re not going to leave us again?’ She had tears in her eyes as she pulled away and wiped her face.

‘Oh, thank god. I was so scared you’d just ignore me. I’m not going anywhere now. I promise, I’m home.’ We both smiled as we hugged again and went off to meet the other girls.

I wasn’t ready to tell Cassie or the other girls that I was in fact a werewolf because I didn’t know if she knew about what her brother and his friends got up to after school. All I had to concentrate on now was to fix my relationship with Cass, get through school and hopefully get in Scott’s pack.

A few days had gone passed and Cass invited me over to Papa Stilinski’s house to have one of our famous sleepovers. Being able to get back into my human routine felt so relaxing and made me forget that I was supernatural.

Arriving at her house, I noticed that her brothers Jeep was not there indicating that we would be alone tonight and I wouldn’t have to be worried that I’d accidently wolf out on him. Stiles was a unique person, unlike anyone I’d ever met. That might be the reason I have always had a crush on the awkward boy.

We had the best night just watching movies, catching up and gossiping about all the new couples in Beacon Hills. Deciding it would be a decent time to go to bed, we made our way to her bedroom and shut our eyes for the evening. I was the first to wake up and thought it’d be cute if I went and made her breakfast for being such a good best friend and not questioning my about my problems until I was ready to speak.

Opening the fridge, I found everything I’d need to make pancakes. I cleaned up as I cooked to make sure I didn’t leave a huge mess to clean up after I’d finished. I was facing the stove in just a tank top and my underwear when I heard someone coming down the stairs, assuming it was Cass, I started to make up a little song and dance for her.

‘I made you breakfast for being such a good friend last night Cass…’ I turn around to see Stiles, shirtless with a smug look on his face.

‘Omg, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know you were home. I was just making breakfast for Cass. I’ll be back, I should probably go put some pants on. If you want any, just help yourself.’ I tried to act confident, like I wasn’t bothered that he was staring at me but I couldn’t look him in the eyes. His eyes followed me as I went to walk past him, he softly grabbed at my arm.

‘Wait, when did you get back?’

‘Um, like a week and a half ago, maybe.’

‘Do you realise how worried all your friends were… how worried I was. You left Y/n, without even saying a word. I thought you were dead and the first time I see you is now. While you’re in my kitchen making breakfast in your underwear. You have no idea what you do to me.’

‘I’m sorry, okay. I didn’t want to leave. I didn’t have a choice.’ I looked away from him, feeling ashamed of myself. He grabbed gently touched my chin and pulled it up so that our faces were only inches apart.

‘Don’t ever leave me again.’ He kissed me, without even hesitating I reached up to wrap my arms around his naked torso while his hands wondered from my face down to my neck. All I felt was utter bliss when we pulled apart, I couldn’t help but smile.

‘Sit down and look pretty and I’ll finish the pancakes’

And with that Cassie came down the stairs.

‘What’s this? You made me pancakes Y/n? How lovely. Ooh, you remember Stiles, right?’

‘Yeah, I uh. Yep. I remember him.’