Okay so I exaggerated a bit but that’s basically what happened when I played…
I tend to forget to give them soldiers (pretty much body armor) when I get a new sword or when they run out;;;;;;
Neither were actually badly damaged at all, they only lost one life wwwww
I just found it funny that Izumi came all cool and then looked completely lame in battle because of me. And then Yamato-kun legit came next but luckily didn’t get hit since Kashuu took the damage. Although he was actually completely fine because he had soldiers xD

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You mentioned that Chris McCarrell does book-like Marius in Valjean's confession scene? Could you please tell me more about that? I haven't seen Broadway production and now I'm dying to know how it can be played that way (it's so hard to imagine, tbh).

 Yes he does! It was amazing because I was under the impression it couldn’t happen. I’ve been in a production where they told Marius to be stand offish from Valjean during the scene but it didn’t work with either of their characters.

 The thing is Aaron (who was on for Valjean) and Chris have totally different characters from what I have seen before. Aaron is exactly how I imagine Valjean when I read the book, which might have helped. Chris was adorable and pretty stereotype 25th Anniversary Marius through act I but in act II he really showed his character choices and he was brilliant. I think that year of doing understudy work under Andy really gave him the time to experiment and make choices he wouldn’t otherwise be able to make.

 Anyway, Chris sat there and listened to Valjean’s story and when it came to his line “you’re Jean Valjean.” it was this “Oh my God… Why would you tell me this?! What am I going to do now?…” He kind of rubbed his face trying to figure out what to say and then did the “What can I do that will turn you from this?Monsieur, you cannot leave. Whatever I tell my beloved Cosette she will never believe!” He took this line as a kind of ramble to try to forget what Valjean just told him and kind of pin him with a “You want me to lie to my wife about you? How could you?” Aaron rambled back but it came off more like “If you ever tell her she might as blame you as much as she would blame me.” and so Marius gives his word grudgingly and Valjean holds out his hand for Marius to shake and Marius shook his head just a dismissed the outstretched hand, exiting and leaving Valjean alone onstage.

 It was very book like. I loved it but I could see how other people that haven’t read the book could not get it and dislike Marius for it. Xx

"And then I found out how hard it is to really change, Even hell can get comfy once you've settled in. I just wanted the numb inside me to leave. No matter how fucked you get, it's always there when you come back down. The funny thing is, all I ever wanted, I already had, There's glimpses of heaven in every day. In the friends that I have, the music I make, The love that I feel, I just had to start again. "

-Oliver Sykes

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I don't think she realizes that Wicca is what you want/need/make it to be. It can incorporate everything, anything, or nothing. How is that hard to understand? Wicca doesn't even need karma. We can use what we feel close too, Christian Angels, Egyptian gods and goddesses, etc. I understood karma before I understood the faith I was raised in (Christian) don't say that's only a Hindu thing when I didn't even know about the Hindu religion till high school, smdh.

I agree my dear. As they say I just “let the shit roll off my back”. I think its rather selfish to have a belief system such as “karma” only available to a specific sect.

Some people are just closed or closed minded and looking for a fight


Please read!

hi there! my name is Gray and I’m a 16 year old transmasculine guy! I’m in a bit of a pickle right now though. I’m very low on cash at the moment, and 75% of the time I have to buy my own food, and find my own ways around, so you can imagine how hard that is for a transgender highschool kid with no job. I also need to start saving up for my top surgery, HRT, and getting my own apartment, all of which I would like to happen soon! I live with both my parents, and while my mother is okay, my father is transphobic, homophobic, and all around incredibly toxic.

So in order to help save up money for all of this, I’ve started art commissions! Even if you can’t afford them, please consider reblogging!

Commission Info Below the Cut:

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“So the goal was to find two unknown guys who had a certain vulnerability and sensitivity to them and also a toughness, and that was next to impossible to find…Tommy’s character for example, that kind of brokenness and vulnerability combined with that kind of animalistic rage that he had, very hard to find that. [It was] always one or the other, the big guy could play the sensitive side of it but you just wouldn’t buy him as being a tough guy. Really, I would say Tommy was the only one.”

“And then the other part, Brendan, Joel, man, Joel just …we saw a million people again. You know, you needed a guy you could buy as a family man and then also as a guy who’s ultimately going to be the best fighter in the world. Do you know how hard that is to buy a guy who can fight like GSP [3-time UFC champion Georges St.-Pierre] but you also can believe him in a classroom, you believe him with his children? That’s an incredibly nuanced role. Edgerton kills it.”

–  Anthony Tambakis, author of the “Warrior screenplay discussing the long journey to cast Joel and Tom in the film

Clairedevil fic

Okay, I’m not much of a writer, but the abysmal amount of clairedevil fics is killing me and I just ship these two so much… I just needed to write and get it out of my system. (It hasn’t worked. But yeah.) So here’s a fic, four years after 1x13 (because I have the feeling after the whole “I just don’t think I could let myself fall for someone who’s so damn close to becoming what he hates” thing, clairedevil is not going to happen for a veryyy long time, no matter how hard I wish. All I can hope for is that they become endgame.)

It was a cold february morning when Claire walked into the bustling ER. The crime rate in Hells Kitchen was (just) below the average in the country, but the amount of accidents hadn’t changed much. Over the years, she had thought about Matt and the Daredevil less and less, only sending a silent prayer that he would be okay when she saw him on the cover of newspapers.

Claire quickly changed in the locker room and scrubbed her hands before starting her shift. Patching up a few kids, calming a few hysterical relatives of patients and assisting doctors in treating the half dead were just some of the things she dealt with that day. Working in the ER was hard and almost always stressful, but she loved it. The rush of being needed, helping people in their daily lives, people coming and going. Rarely did she ever see the same patient twice.

Lunch rolled around and she was sat in the cafeteria, eating a sandwich, when her friend Hannah walked in.

“Ugh, so many people are vomiting today.” She slumped onto the chair opposite, Claire nodded sympathetically.

“Yeah, I heard there was a flu going round.”

“But why do they have to come here? They do realise that there is nothing you can do except wait it out, right? Could save me a lot of work.”

“I don’t know what’s worse, having people’s bloody guts all over you, or their entire stomach contents.” Claire laughed.

“Vom. Definitely.” Hannah said, in mock seriousness. She started unwrapping her lunch. “So have you thought anymore about what I said yesterday?”

Claire gave a heavy sigh, not wanting to go into it again. Why did she need to have a boyfriend to be happy?

“I know, I know, you don’t need a guy. But where’s the harm in looking? Besides, I want you to have a date to my wedding.”

“Jake proposed?!” Claire exclaimed, so loudly that everyone in the room turned to look at them.

“Yes!” She whipped out her left hand, which Claire hadn’t noticed that she’d been hiding, and showed off her wedding ring. With a huge diamond. Jake was a radiologist who worked a few floors up, with much better pay than nurses.

“Oh my God, congrats!” They both got up and hugged each other, jumping up and down.

“So? Will you be my maid of honour?” Hannah asked, pulling away to look at her in the face.

“Yes! Of course, yes!”

After they had wiped their tears and sat down again, Hannah was looking at Claire intently.


“So will you? Look for a guy? For me? I don’t want you to be alone at my wedding. Even if he’s just a friend, at least you have someone.”

“I have you! And Lisa and Andy and Margie.” Hannah gave her a deadpan stare.

“I’m kidding. I’ll look. For you.”

A few hours later, Claire got back to her apartment, heading straight for the kitchen. She shoved a few nuts in her mouth before preparing her dinner. Another night of pasta, but she was too exhausted to think of anything else. Her phone rang and she picked up without looking.


“Hi, Claire.” She sucked in a breathe, hearing the familiar voice.

“Matt. Hi. Are you okay?” She hadn’t seen him in four years, not after he got his Daredevil suit which protected him from any serious damage. He hadn’t needed her.

“No, yeah. I’m fine.” She furrowed her brows, not understanding why he would call her after all these years, if he wasn’t hurt.

“Is this a booty call?” She joked. Matt laughed, nervously. But it was a real laugh. Soft and deep and warm. She hadn’t realised how much she missed it.

“No. I- I just wanted to hear your voice.”

Claire smiled, not knowing what to say. She heard him clear his throat before speaking again.

“Also, to see if you wanted to have coffee sometime?” He asked, hopefully.

She was surprised, to say the least, but she agreed immediately. His voice, his laugh. There was no doubt in her mind that she wanted to see him again.

It was a wednesday afternoon when Claire stepped into a small cafe. She spotted him almost instantly. She was a few minutes early, and she should have known he would be too. As if he could sense her presence (which he could) he turned around and faced her. He took his glasses off, stood up and smiled, that lovely smile of his. She walked towards him and gave no hesitation before hugging him. She gave a small smile when she felt him take a deep breath, smelling her.

“Claire, how are you?”

“I’m good. Still working at the hospital. I’m the head nurse now.”

“That’s great! I’m happy for you.” She nodded, but felt a sneaking suspicion, from the tone of his voice, that somehow, he already knew.

“What about you? The news tell me that the Daredevil is still running around.”

“Not so much, anymore. It’s mostly thieves and drug dealers.” He gave a shrug and one sides of his mouth moved upwards into that smile. She was still awed by his face. She took in every detail, etching them into her memory.

“And Nelson and Murdock? How’s Foggy and Karen doing?”

“A lot better. We have more than enough clients and a new office with flowers.” Matt leaned towards her on the last word.

“That’s the dream.” Claire nodded, the smile clear in her voice.

“Almost.” He looked straight at her and once again, she felt like he could see her. She tried to keep her breathing and heartbeat as normal as possible, not wanting to let Matt know how she was feeling but it was a lost cause. The moment his lips quirked upwards in that insanely adorable way of his, she knew she was gone.

She touched his chin, the way he had four years ago and leaned in. She kissed him softly. He kissed back. She sighed into his mouth, the same moment that he did, making them both laugh on each others lips.

Claire pulled away and brushed Matts hair away from his face with her fingertips.

“What about now?” She whispered.

“I’m living the dream.”

And on a Wednesday, in a cafe, I watched it begin again.

The end.

(Okay, so those lyrics in italics up there is from Begin Again by Taylor Swift. Sorry, couldn’t resist :D Hope you like it. Even though it’s terrible. I can’t write, I’m sorry, but CLAIRE AND MATT. MATT AND CLAIRE. CLAIREDEVIL. I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH. MY FEELS. MY EMOTIONS. JUST. ASDFGHJKL!!!)

i think, as long as i am in australia, i will probably spend my weekend nights alone, it wasn’t sydney, it isn’t melbourne, it’s me and the way i cocoon and forget to adventure, it’s me and the way i am quiet and low key and not always thought of, it’s me and the way america is excited by me, reminds me to be a magnet, i don’t know why i don’t live in stars hollow yet, i don’t know why some people get green cards and other people can’t have what they want no matter how hard they want it, i don’t know, most of the time everything is ok but tonight i am bitter in a passive, resigned way, i try to cushion myself with the beautiful way some people see me but it doesn’t work really, the internet doesn’t notice me, ben doesn’t call, popularity is a social disease, it’s fine, it’s fine, it will be fine, this t-shirt is old, it used to be jade’s, she cut the neck off it, i took it to america with me the first time i went in 2003, i had a good haircut then, i was carefree, it fit me better, looser, at least there are photos to remind me i lived it, i don’t know…

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Does your parents know your Bi? Just wondering. I'm straight but I get uncomfortable when my mom makes rude comments about gay/lesbian/bi people. You know when your parents say shit outta line and you can't say anything to change their minds. I bet if I was gay, she wouldn't even look at me. I can't imagine how hard it is to come out to parents who disagree. It sucks that others have to feel bad about love. How did love ever become a bad thing to feel?

I was caught off guard by how deep this was, woah.  

But no, they don’t know.  I think they are in denial, more than anything.  Like, I haven’t really hidden it, but they also haven’t asked and I think it’s because they know what the answer would be so they’re choosing to stay ignorant.  

And yes I definitely know what you’re talking about, it sucks. They don’t outwardly act homophobic or anything and they don’t hate queer people, but they do unintentionally say some pretty homophobic stuff because in their mind it doesn’t seem homophobic.  I also know that if/when I ever just blatantly come out to them that they will be severely disappointed. 

But yeah, I heart you.  The world is a sad place sometimes *sighs dejectedly*

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Do you have any tips on the barge battle/command deck in Bioshock Infinite? I can't get through it no matter how hard I try and I need some tips :)

Okay here is what I recommend, don’t do the level… I’m joking.
Okay so when you are going on the levels to get to the barge , you need to focus on getting filled ammo and killing enemy’s with the vigors, you need to use possession to control the bots, the use return to sender to keep yourself alive on the way up and, when you get to the top you need to set traps for the enemies using the vigors and all around the barge there is ammo and salts to refill with, the two weapons you really need to use is the rocket weapon and any single shot weapon that is provided, then you just need to use the single shot weapon for head shots and the rocket weapon to fight bots if needed, then while you find you need to stay in constant motion, this keeps you alive and gets you away from danger. When you call the bird aim for the blimps that are on the sides, then you just need to be repetitive in the motions when you fight.
I hope this you and anyone that is having trouble on the level.