• Country Boy:yeah and them Injuns...
  • Me:Native Americans.
  • Country Boy:what?
  • Me:They're Native American not Indian.
  • Country Boy:What's the difference?
  • Me:Native Americans are from America. Indians are from India.
  • Country Boy:Oh I bet you don't like people callin' 'em "Red Skins" too.
  • Me:I don't.
  • Country Boy:yeah that stuff doesn't bother me.
  • Me:that's because you're a white dude.

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I heard that Jensen kept checking up on Jared during photo ops and autos and even during some cast dinner that some fans saw and that he was just worried. I watched the con videos with him and Misha or just him. It was easy to see that he was sad and missed Jared. I'm not saying he didn't have some fun, because he did, but you can see how hard he was trying for the fans and putting on a smile for us even though he was worried. And Jensen and Misha spent literally 15 minutes talking about Jared!

This is very accurate, yes. What you mentioned happened indeed. Jensen was very worried and he kept checking on Jared, he even told us at his M&G that he made sure he left Danneel as his represantative back home and that she went to help Gen+Jared with the kids. He was pretty worried and he wanted to make sure his buddy was alright! He missed him and he didn’t hide that, he said so plenty of times. Misha was worried about Jared too and he talked about him a lot. They both love him! They’re such good friends, their love and appreciation for Jared warms my heart.

EXO react to comforting you when your dog dies

Aw anon, I completely understand what you’re going through right now. I remember when I lost my dog that I’d had since I was little, I was heartbroken. I hope this cheers you up. Things do get better.

As you’ve not specifically asked for 6 members, I’m just going to randomly pick. This post explains it in more detail. Also, I’m so sorry this took so long for me to do.

Note: Y/D/N = Your dog’s name

Baekhyun: “Will a cuddle with [yours and Baekhyun’s dog] make you feel better? We don’t like it when you cry,”

Chanyeol: “Babe, are you okay? I can’t imagine how hard this is for you,”


Y/N: “Y/D/N died this morning,”

Chen: “I’m sorry, come here”

Luhan: (Ignore him smiling) *Tries to comfort you when you’re crying*

Sehun: “I can’t watch you cry, because I’ll end up crying,”

Tao: “I know how much you loved Y/D/N, I loved him/her too,”

I mean really, how hard can grilling be?

You put the stuff on the meat, the meat on the grill…should be a piece of cake. I hope it’s a piece of cake. Now I kinda want cake. 

  • Rub Rose:Hey Jaune!
  • Jaune Arc:Hey Ruby! Is that what I think it is?
  • Ruby:Yup. Here is that scythe my Uncle Qrow wanted to loan you. He says it is a little finicky but a big guy like you should be fine with it.
  • Jaune:Thanks! Everybody says I should find some way to beat on Grimm from a distance instead of being close enough to smell them. I mean, how hard can it be?
  • Ruby:Just don’t let it get out of control and you’ll be fine! And practice away from innocent bystanders and people who laugh. Trust me, they just get in the way and bleed. Have fun!
  • Jaune:Thanks!
  • *He looks over the package worryingly and mutters in falsetto "You’ll be fine!” “Have Fun!”. He drops the scythe and cringes as it flies open. Hours later Jaune stumbles into the JNPR dorm room. He is covered with sticky red leaves and looks evenly pummeled. Nora, Lie Ren, and Pyrrha stop what they are doing and look at him in shock. Jaune grins back.
  • Jaune:Forever Fall’s trees are hard to practice on when your scythe always collapses. I got tired, angry, frustrated, and sticky causing the Grimm to come. I gave one a tiny cut with the scythe before it collapsed so I then used it beat it and two others to smoke and then smoked the remaining two with one wave of Crocea Mors.
  • Jaune:The gun mode of the scythe had better be amazing if I’m going to carry one. I really like my sword.
  • *Jaune falls flat on his face.*

why ppl wanna act like being a teenage girl makes u exempt from legitimate criticism of ur art? like .. im well aware of how hard it can be to put urself and ur art out there in the world as a young girl and how unfairly some ppl will judge u, but i cant stand how with liberal mainstream tumblr feminism, pointing out how bad something is (in that it has only the interests of white cis girls in mind, and erases the experiences of those who arent) is interpreted as misogynistic … ???

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been creeping in the lifeguard au tag, so that au with jikook?

“who is abs?” taehyung asks casually and almost falls out of his chair when jungkook lunges at him, grabbing for his phone. 

“what the fuck! are you reading my messages?” jungkook asks and taehyung blinks at how red jungkook is before realization dawns on him and he leans forward. 

“wait jungkook. what are you hiding? who is he?” 

“he’s none of your business!” jungkook snaps and taehyung leans back and whistles. 

“you must like him a lot,” taehyung says and jungkook freezes. 

hoe don’t say it hoe don’t say it hoe DON’T SAY IT. 

since you put a heart emoji next to his name,” taehyung sings and the ensuing punch to his arm hurts a lot but taehyung can barely feel it, laughing too hard at how red jungkook’s face is. 

Give me the name of a character or pairing and I’ll write a three-sentence fic about them.

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Hey :) I've been vegetarian for my whole life (no gelatin and fur, leather as well) and I mainly life on an organic diet. I tried to be vegan but my mom wont allow it (my sister almost died of vitamin b12 lack) I feel really bad for eating egg/milk..

Hi kawaii-neko-ai ! :)

We have to respect our parents of course, but they have to respect us as well. I understand that for many parents is more likely concerns than just force their sons and daughters to eat meat. article it might help you out a little, it seems that your parents at least don’t give you a hard time, but it will help:

There are many ways to get your vitamin B12 at a good level.

Fortified Cereals
A wide array of cereals now exist with the percent daily value (DV) of vitamin B12 added in. Vegans can eat the cereal with soy, rice, or almond milk.
List of Cereals High in Vitamin B12.

Fortified Soy Products
Most vegans consume soy both as a dairy substitute, and as a source of protein. Many soy products now come fortified with vitamin B12. Check the nutrition facts of the product to be sure.

Fortified Drinks
As more and more people are becoming vegan companies are seeing the benefit of fortifying drinks with vitamin B12. Drinks like Vitamin Water provide a healthy alternative to soft drinks.

Vitamin Pills
Consuming vitamin B12 directly through pills is a great way to to ensure proper levels of vitamin B12 with little fuss. A wide variety of supplement pills are readily available at

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Can you explain to me what is this whole BBC calling pythacarus a "bromance" cos I have no idea what happened

Sure :)  Now I didn’t see it happen but on a show called Points of View some guy described their relationship as a ‘bromance’ totally going against everything we had seen and some lame family were talking about the show too.  Basically they brushed the whole thing under the carpet, didn’t mention the #saveatlantis campaign or the fact that this canon gay relationship had happened and had a lot of support from fans.  They made us so angry and I saw the posts on tumblr and I just laughed so hard (and shook with anger too) because how they think they can call this a bromance WHEN JOSEPH TIMMS who played Icarus said he falls HOPELESSLY IN LOVE so how dare this stupid show allow this comment.  It just makes me mad because we got a canon relationship bewteen two men and they wouldn’t acknowledge it above a bromance.  So yeah thats what happned.  But I believe in their story IT IS A ROMANCE A LOVE STORY and nothing some ignorant ass on the BBC say is ever going to change that :)

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Tbh I don't think kishi have any reason for all this bullshit about these 12 years. Nothing of this seems make sense. No matter how hard I try to think about, I just can't think about a good reason. But what makes me really sad is sakura's situation. She is impotent. She can't do anything because she passed out (?). Like... really? Some situations seem stupid and forced. I'm starting to really not care about the characters but sakura.

Kishi will have a reason for it, whether it’s good enough or not everyone can judge for themselves but he will have a reason of course, yes I really want Sakura to wake up soon, but see she had to be like this for Sarada to be able to leave because Sakura wouldn’t let her go off like that, but yea everything seems forced. 

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If I'm having a conversation face to face with someone, and another person starts talking somewhere else within earshot, I have zero chance of following just what my friend is saying no matter how hard I try. It's like my mind can't distinguish between/track one voice or the other (this also happens with music/tv on in the background although not as bad as with real people talking). Is that a typical ADHD thing or does everybody have that problem?

APD with ADHD making it worse? I have the same problem.


I also have the same problem, but I don’t know whether everybody does.


  (&. cigspack)

  rolling her eyes at yet another bitter remark
  her ex makes, she’ll let out a sigh of frustration.
  if it wasn’t for their current situation, she would’ve
  been in her own apartment by now, not having to
  deal with all of this. “could you stop being childish
  for just a second? i dunno how hard that’d be for
  you but you can try.”

can we all take a moment to appreciate how hard alexturnersmuse goes just for me in the tags on my selfies:

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I need your opinion. So, a couple months ago I found out my girlfriend was smoking cigarettes and she had already gotten pretty addicted. I encouraged her to stop and she did for a few months. I just didn't think it was healthy. I just want to protect her. She's so precious to me. She's slowly killing herself, right? Anyway, she started smoking again and it's gotten to the point that she choose it over me. She doesn't respect the fact I don't want it near me. Should I be upset over this?

As a former smoker I understand the struggle and how hard it is to quit. You can only go so long without the urges getting too strong. It’s very very hard, but you do have a right to be upset. But don’t get upset to the point where you’re getting mad or fighting with her about it. It’ll stress her about even more which will make her want to smoke.
Just speak your mind and let her know how much it hurts seeing her slowly kill herself with them. That’s all you can do

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Her leg does this weird pop at around 0.03 and the but is twitching but I’m sure this was for practice I’m sure. God, I know how hard it can be to animate lol

Oh very much so, there’s a lot of little pops and floaty bits here and there.  I haven’t done character animation in nearly 5 years.  But I took the week out to learn rigging to a functional state, and then animate her.  It was a good learning experience, but it’s back to work now.  Hope to do more in the future!


Life neurotically defines itself by its opposite, by death - almost as if one were vanishing all the time, as if one were shrinking like Benjamin Button all the time. How hard it can be to spend one day without thinking about death at all. Like the irregular smoker who cannot smoke one cigarette without thinking about cancer. to end all the time, even if one is of great health, it feels as if life ends eternally, and this gives centre and meaning to life. - ANDRE VANTINO