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ok hear me out. genderfluid hanzo who occasionally wears beautiful flowy dresses and tracer and maybe even lúcio pick out dresses for them and even give them matching jewelry sets to go with it when on a date with mccree, mccree loses his shit bc wow hanzo is gorgeous but he tries to remain calm and collected but he can't help it and absolutely fawns over their outfit and dips them and kisses them and then gushes to everyone about how gorgeous hanzo is and how much he loves them

reasons to love jeonghan
  • his voice (it may not be the most powerful but it’s really mellifluous) 
  • he’s so caring and kind to his members
  • hair (it literally never looks bad)
  • predebut jeonghan
  • dino, who’s baby are you?
  • dokyeom, who’s idiot are you?
  • minghao, who’s sunflower are you?
  • his laugh/smile
  • can make choosing between banana milk and strawberry milk seem like a moral dilemma
  • he’s so sweet to minghao and always patiently explains things to him
  • cheEKBONES
  • cuddly jeonghan
  • mom jeonghan
  • he’s so gorgeous
  • when he forgot how to spell ‘woozi’ lmao
  • jihan
  • jeongcheol
  • gyuhan
  • when he made the others sing BGM for him when he introduced himself on weekly idol
  • angel jeonghan
  • he’s so motherly and takes care of the younger ones so well
  • always feeding the others
  • literally the only one who didn’t expose jihoon
  • voted by the others as the one with the best personality 
  • confidence
  • basketball skills
  • fan: jeonghan, who’s the most handsome guy in the world?
  • jeonghan: jeonghan kekeke
  • he’s really mature and open about his insecurities and anxiety and stuff so i hate it when people only see him as the ‘pretty guy with the long hair’

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matt & nicky r the ultimate bros 

let me tell u why, with some help from @delphyc

  • matt & nicky literally only text about 5 things:
    • relationships
    • dorm things
    • exy/practice
    • plans
    • and neil
      • how gorgeous neil is
      • what he did today
      • random snippets of conversations overheard 
      • they sometimes take pictures of neil just…being neil
        • the captions on the pictures are usually things like “my son!!!!” or “I caught him sleeping in the library again.” or “those girls are calling him cute. we’re going to fight them at 8. be ready.” 
  • matt is in communications. nicky is in business. they have overlapping classes and u know what that means?
    • they have cram sessions because they both do all their studying the night before the test 
    • matt supplies the coffee, nicky supplies the notes and rewards (gummi bears, reeses, and saltwater taffy. whenever they get thru a section they get a reward) 
    • they stay up all night and study and go to practice then go to the test in the morning buzzing on coffee and sugar 
    • then they crash after classes are done and get up just in time for afternoon practice

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