I was talking about SWOL deku with @ravefirell and yea this happened lol XDD and thank you anon, sry for the unexpected answer pffft

I have to make a correction. Although the previous post aimed to be a simplification, it was not a precise one. The orange painted quad is shorter and lower as suggested before and the sartorius is quite an important and useful line that should not be missed.

This happens when I try to rush a topic ^^ Hope this is closer to the truth and more helpful for future drawings.

I did some tracing exercises in photoshop like suggested by Proko. I learned that what you see in reality varies a lot by the model – Is it a muscular person? I can see the muscles quite good but I have to estimate the underlying bones. Is it a skinny person? I see the bones a lot better but have to guesstimate the muscles. Btw, this is my 400th post. Time flies!


Beautiful and Beefy Mom flexing her muscles! Torino has regrets now in agreeing to this arm wrestling match while Toshinori is in awe.

(5 month old artwork that I FINALLY got around to finishing. I think I didn’t get around to finishing this cause I was still practicing how to draw muscles and got frustrated after some time. Tried cleaning up some of the parts I had trouble with and colored in Torino’s pain in the butt hair. I think it’s alright in the end! :D)

Ahaha Someone asked me for some tips on how I draw simple muscles. Unfortunately, my inbox glitched on me again and that message was no where to be seen. I apologize to that person who sent me it and, hopefully, I can make it up to you with this.

This is a short and simple tutorial.

I just use basic shapes that goes well together. Mainly, these two shapes, oblong and square, when I draw big characters.

The arm muscles are basically like big curves to me.

Apply this with a line of action and this is what you get.

Your muscles don’t necessarily have to be big. They could be slim, long, round and etc.  This could also work really well if you have the basic anatomy down, but don’t stress about it. Just simplify them as much as you can without stressing over perfect details.