zero-striker  asked:

Do you have any guide or reference on how to draw Zarya's muscles? I absolutely love how she looks in your style!

Sure I have a few tips!!

The main thing I think about when drawing Zarya is to keep her thick and firm

She’s muscly, but refraining from drawing in well defined lines (top right) keeps her from being being grotesquely so.
I also try not to stretch her out too much! I like to keep her compact :v

This has been your local Fia on Zarya

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Saigenosweek day 5: AU Prompt (Ancient Egypt AU)

[Genos is a minor deity (or a subordinate of Bastet, Egyptian cat goddess) and Saitama is just a traveler who likes to help other people I’m bad with descriptions///]

Ahaha Someone asked me for some tips on how I draw simple muscles. Unfortunately, my inbox glitched on me again and that message was no where to be seen. I apologize to that person who sent me it and, hopefully, I can make it up to you with this.

This is a short and simple tutorial.

I just use basic shapes that goes well together. Mainly, these two shapes, oblong and square, when I draw big characters.

The arm muscles are basically like big curves to me.

Apply this with a line of action and this is what you get.

Your muscles don’t necessarily have to be big. They could be slim, long, round and etc.  This could also work really well if you have the basic anatomy down, but don’t stress about it. Just simplify them as much as you can without stressing over perfect details.

the colossal boy is very helpful when it comes to practising muscle structure thank you