I’m trying to learn the muscles of the shoulder girdle based on some tutorials I found via Javicandraw. I didn’t watch the videos yet and don’t feel ready to explain anything about them but I thought I could share the process with you. The human body is not easy to learn, its movements are versatile and extensive. It takes time and practice to understand.

Woke up this morning thinking YM would probably get a kick out of my Spooktacular sleeping shirt complete with anatomically incorrect cartoon skeleton, so I decided to do one of those Draw Your Faves in What You Are Currently Wearing thing.

I did some tracing exercises in photoshop like suggested by Proko. I learned that what you see in reality varies a lot by the model – Is it a muscular person? I can see the muscles quite good but I have to estimate the underlying bones. Is it a skinny person? I see the bones a lot better but have to guesstimate the muscles. Btw, this is my 400th post. Time flies!


This summer I got a video request from one of my Youtube subscribers to showcase how I draw muscle tissue. Here’s a small tutorial for you guys to check out. If you have ideas for other tutorials feel free to comment below!

Ugh, I used to have such an easy, sketchy, stick-waist style before Nyapapa and Deja. Thanks, guys, for subconsciously influencing me to the point my style became semi-realistic. Now drawing is hard. People have varying body types, screw this

(JK, I love you guys and my art improved so much just by looking at your comics! Like, I actually know how to draw normal muscles bc Elli??? And different faces bc DAT Nuzlocke????? What is?????????)

# 1 of the “learn to draw your character consistently” thing. Maeva drawn as I usually depict her. Colours are probably weird, and it took me like, 4 hours, but I’m ok with it. I learned a lot about proportions. I still need to figure out how to draw muscles and fat. Poor girl looks at least ten pounds lighter than she’s meant to be in this. I’ll try to do another tomorrow, I need the practice. Before last month I hadn’t drawn properly in over six years