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Oooo nice messages I wanna chime in! I've been following you since before your ocs for DAI were made. Your love for Cullen attracted me and the memes kept me here. Also your art is lovely and I love how you draw muscles.

YES you have been here for so long :’))))) so u were originally here for this

but stayed for shit like this


jshdjshdsdf i love u tysm

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Do you have any guide or reference on how to draw Zarya's muscles? I absolutely love how she looks in your style!

Sure I have a few tips!!

The main thing I think about when drawing Zarya is to keep her thick and firm

She’s muscly, but refraining from drawing in well defined lines (top right) keeps her from being being grotesquely so.
I also try not to stretch her out too much! I like to keep her compact :v

This has been your local Fia on Zarya



Son of Goddess of beauty, banished to the earth by the Garuda after he decided he had no redeeming quality other than his body and look. Sanji suffered starvation for a few months during his early stay on earth. He was later taken in by Zeff for the rest of his stay on earth, finding beauty in the art of cooking and adores it.

Later, he fell in love with another demigod, Zoro; son of god of war.



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i love how u draw muscle Can u tell me tutorial how to draw good muscle (like big upper body but keep the lower body small. thank u also i love your black hat ^_^)

everything I’ve learned was self taught so hopefully I was able to explain well enough for you to understand!

Observation is learning, the major point is to notice what differentiates the two men. The highlighted areas should serve as a guide to what gets larger from the baby man. 

Do your best and don’t stress if it doesn’t come out right at first! with practice your art with improve and if you need any advice I’ll try my best to explain :)

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How do you draw muscles so well??? When ever I try it always ruins it,,,,,especially with pretty girls,,,,I'm only good at drawing generic anime chicks and I wanna get better at muscles, especially on women. Any tips?

So for this Imma use Ai’Rita’s body type since hers is probably the best transition from skinny girl to buff mama without getting too into it. (Spoiler Alert: I got too into it)

Now I’ve been drawing dudes alot longer than girls so literally the only thing I did differently is putting the muscles on a “smaller” body essentially.

I start off with shapes even though I don’t use shapes, I just go by memory since my lazy ass cannot for the life of me look up a reference to save my life.

Boom, hourglass, this might help you, I wouldn’t know since I don’t use it.

Here’s what I use:

I use the blue lines to help figure out where the boobs go because I swear to god it is impossible to tell other wise for me. Like you would think “Oh just put boobs where the chest is!” No, there’s a whole fucking science behind it I’m sure and if I don’t use the blue lines as guides the girl gonna have some chameleon eye tiddies I swear to goddess.

Now when I start the shoulders I usually make them where they look a little lumpy I guess? (I don’t know technical terms for anything jot that down) I jsut know dudes have that when they buff so I just put that on my girls. (This is probably all wrong btw)

Add the…fuck what’s it called, collarbone!!!! That thing! The “ends” of it should reach the junction between the near neck lump and the beginning of the shoulder lump if I’m not mistaken. (Again I know no terms, don’t quiz me)

My favorite part is the arms, I’d look at drawn references for this if you want to see actual defined lines, I put the lines where the muscles would be kinda strained if a regular person were to flex.

This references was a really good use for me starting out:

(If anyone could please help me find the creator so I can properly credit I would love, pinterest seems to not know wtf sources are jfc.)

Of course the above arms are pretty weak compared to what guns I pack my girls with but it’s a good starter.

Fill out the rest of the body, unless you’re girl is skinny af bordering on unhealthy there really shouldn’t be a thigh gap? I usually don’t draw most girls with them since I never see girls with thigh gaps? And the ones I do see are your Generic White Girl™ and it’s usually on some tumblr aesthetic blog so…..yeah.

Draw in the abs, give the girl a nice set so she can do some curls ups and get a kiss from her girlfriend as she does okay? She gotta be able to reach the girl. (Apparently bellybuttons are more in the middle of the stomach???)

Add in the “extras” near the top of the abs on either side so she that way when she goes shirtless at the gym in front of a couple of dudebros they’ll piss their fucking pants because she looks like she can benchpress them and their moms combined without breaking a sweat.

I don’t know if this is accurate at all whatsoever but I give my girls a ‘V’ going down since it looks nice to me and further reminds me how fucking gay I am for girls.

Finish with that, add some clothes, then step back and look at the proof you made with your own hands of how fucking gay you are for girls and how glad you are they exist in every shape and size. (And don’t worry, screaming into your pillow is normal)

i cant believe the lego batman movie cured my depression

Saigenosweek day 5: AU Prompt (Ancient Egypt AU)

[Genos is a minor deity (or a subordinate of Bastet, Egyptian cat goddess) and Saitama is just a traveler who likes to help other people I’m bad with descriptions///]

Ahaha Someone asked me for some tips on how I draw simple muscles. Unfortunately, my inbox glitched on me again and that message was no where to be seen. I apologize to that person who sent me it and, hopefully, I can make it up to you with this.

This is a short and simple tutorial.

I just use basic shapes that goes well together. Mainly, these two shapes, oblong and square, when I draw big characters.

The arm muscles are basically like big curves to me.

Apply this with a line of action and this is what you get.

Your muscles don’t necessarily have to be big. They could be slim, long, round and etc.  This could also work really well if you have the basic anatomy down, but don’t stress about it. Just simplify them as much as you can without stressing over perfect details.

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hey, hino, sorry to bother you but I wanted you ask if you have any advice on how to draw them thicc muscle bois for beginners, like i've been practicing and trying but none of the ones i draw come out looking right and they often look disproportionate.

hey it’s never a bother! i’m just trying to think how to explain since i’m really bad at explaining ^^;;
i think to me it just depends on your style. sometimes it just doesn’t fit even if you actually used references and all–even for me actually. so as an example, when i draw, i just try to balance it out with my style.

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