Ahaha Someone asked me for some tips on how I draw simple muscles. Unfortunately, my inbox glitched on me again and that message was no where to be seen. I apologize to that person who sent me it and, hopefully, I can make it up to you with this.

This is a short and simple tutorial.

I just use basic shapes that goes well together. Mainly, these two shapes, oblong and square, when I draw big characters.

The arm muscles are basically like big curves to me.

Apply this with a line of action and this is what you get.

Your muscles don’t necessarily have to be big. They could be slim, long, round and etc.  This could also work really well if you have the basic anatomy down, but don’t stress about it. Just simplify them as much as you can without stressing over perfect details.

i watched the first ep of voltron last night and i woke up this morning thinking about the Perfect Beefy Daddy and

i just wanna draw The Beef….

How to draw Shoulders - A Process Tutorial


Shoulders! How do they work?!?!

No, really. I honestly have no clue. Maybe it’s because I was born with hunched shoulders and they look a bit wrong compared to other people’s. But even if your shoulder looks normal, it probably is one of the most complex mix of muscles in your whole body. Because the range of motion of the shoulder is so big, there are a lot of muscles at work when moving it. Man, there are even a lot of muscles at work just to keep your arm in it’s place. So this week I plan to tackle and understand shoulders so I can finally draw them right.

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@xclang Hi lil’ fella!
First of all, sorry for taking so much to respond, but questions likes these need proper answers.
So, you want to take a ride to the difficult -but yet magical- world of drawing?
If you just started, I advise you, it will not be easy and takes weeks, months, years to be a pro. The first rule is NEVER. DISCOURAGE. YOURSELF.
You’re learning, and it’s normal to fail. It’s human to fail at our first tries. No one started with perfect lines.
Lines! The first thing you need to have is an excersized hand. Go crazy! Fill pages and pages with lines and curves, and try to draw circles too.

This is an excersize that we did in my school for the first WEEK. Yep, a whole week filling papers and papers of grids like this

till making them acceptables (free hand, no rulers!).
You will notice the movements of your hand being more flowy if you practice a lot.
About the fact that you can just mimic pics you see, it’s perfectly fine for starting! But I would suggest you to not copy other artists’ work, start instead from life drawing or photos.
About this, if drawing for you is just a hobby, all I can say is, draw whatever you like. Mimic pictures but by doing so (ask permission and give proper credit to the artist you’re copying from), try to learn by those lines to do something different that’s only yours. It takes time, but we all started from there (I was instead stupid enough to draw just the pictures that were in my head, in fact, they were just horrible (´。• ω •。`) ).
But if you realize that drawing is PRETTY DAMN FUN and GOOD, then, consider the following:
(mind that from a step to another it takes lots of time and understanding)

-I think the human figure is the best to start with. I see you like anthros (or ‘furry’), so the whole base to learn about is human anatomy.
Eheh it isn’t scary as it sounds, really! We start really slow, and step by step, you can learn it all.
Skeletons is the base. Watch some skeletons, lots of skeletons!

Positionable skeletons!

Don’t get in the detail, just watch it by its basic shapes

here’s a simplified version of a human skeleton. The purple dots represents the joints. Try to have some fun and modify his gesture, so it doesn’t seem like a robot.
So, start with a circle to position the rib cage

draw the spine

then position the pelvis (is it the right name?) and the head

Go crazy with limbs!

-It’s time now to put some masses on that skelly

Much better! Still a mannequin but it’s a start.
Watch lots of images and reference and make your mannequin move

You can even print some references and trace the mannequin over it, so you can have a better undestanding of mesurement, but after that you have to do your best to do your own by just watching!

-Put on them some muscles!

Posemaniacs is great for poses, and through it you can have a better understanding of where to put muscles and how they work.

Practice, practice, practice, and mostly important, Constancy! The minimum of hours required to see some improvement is of six hours daily. Always if you want to take it reaaal serious. But I repeat, if you would like to learn drawing just to let those things out from your head just because, just do so!

Here’s a great artist I would recommend you, look his movements and confidence, it’s pretty neat!
Here’s instead a bunch of videos that gives you a first correct approach to mimic a figure (useful even when you’re doing life drawing).
QuickPoses aaand here’s a pretty good site to excersize your speed, full of hundreds of models photos. Read also those useful tips the site gives at the end of the page. (See an artist drawing real fast, even if the images are from posemaniacs
Let’s get crazy over this giant font of resources!  and follow the blog that created it, cool things my pal, cool things!
I think that’s pretty much everything… you start with humans, then go learn some animals, then fuse them together (???), and then there’s perspective, composition, and all amazing stuff that comes after if you’re filled with determination! (I think that’s a famous quote from somewhere?).

These were just focal points, but I hope the full idea was clear. English isn’t my first language so I may  have done some shameful errors, but let’s say I have tried.
Stay amazing! I’m so proud of you being able to read all of this ♡
Have a wonderful day, and have fun!

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Skeletons images given by my comic professor
Athletes from (x)
Muscles anatomy chart from (x)