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non-serious review of pinups


nice chest view, dynamic composition, shows brian’s personality really well, HOW DO YOU DRAW BODY HAIR SO NICE?  like omg i cant stop staring at the che- i mean fish, love the lighting,


playful and full of energy, nice nip peek, compositionally interesting as well but not as dynamic as brian’s but overall still very appealing to look at, please assume that i love all the colour schemes of all the pinups because if not i’ll be repeating myself over and over


damien in a pinup pose, very romantic, i love Damien’s expression, the ‘come hither’ look though it makes me think of the dreamworks face, also i love his black nail polish, his also shows the least skin but it’s still very classy


also in a classic pinup pose like for damien but holy shit look at of all that cheese, also there’s some chest there that too and a little hint of underwear



ehem, anyway

also in a classic pinup pose but he’s on a beach drawing a heart, very cute, colours are spot on as usual. artistically a very pleasing piece and also the one that shows the most skin


def the sexiest of the bunch no doubt with his expression and amount of skin shown leaves just enough for the imagination, also i LOVE the angle like holy shit him just looking down like he’s looking straight at you from the top of the stage like holy shit


straight up cute with a hint of skin but more a little diegetic because the sunglasses are pulling down his shirt…. ehem but anyway, but it def shows off his personality with the dog and the whiskey and the whittling

overall, brian is the most dynamic, mat is sexiest, joseph’s pissed me off the most (unrelated to the actual art itself), craig’s is the cutest (but that’s cuz he’s my bias and everyone is cute) and hugo is best pinup because cheese

Characters Interacting: A Trick I just figured out while doodling and don’t want to forget.

So this is a cool little trick, and I don’t wanna forget how to do it, and I think it would help other people too!

So if you’re like me, drawing two or more people interacting with each other, such as like. Hugging and stuff. Can be a little difficult!

So. Say I wanted to draw tiny Florent and Lucian sitting next to each other and leaning on each other for support.

Here’s how you start!

So instead of starting with the character skeleton we all learned in those how to draw manga books we read as youngins, trying drawing blocky shapes that represent the character’s general shape first instead.

Treat those blocky shapes like how a wood carver would treat a block of wood, and start carving out the shapes of your characters in a really rough sketch.

Clean up that sketch and bam! So much easier!

I’m going to stop there because you get the point.

Now go! Draw characters interacting! Draw hugs, and snuggles, and german suplexes!


nightfurmoon  asked:

Hey I saw that your accepting requests! I honestly love how you draw Black Hat's body with all the mouths and teeth, you should do that more :3c

He follows the idea “the more inhuman and gross, the better”

mika and yuu in c3 for @yuichiroswife