Jungkook as a boyfriend

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  • Probably the most annoying thing in the universe but you love him too much
  • Pouts at least 100000 times a day because you beat him at bowling
  • gets made fun of by his hyungs because they walk in on you two cuddling
  • “at least I have a girlfriend hyungs…..”
  • Jimin and Taehyung are probably crying in a corner together
  • The hyung line are about to get ready to have Jungkook skewers for dinner
  • Acts annoyed when you cuddle him but secretly loves it
  • “Baby why are you cuddling me?”
  • “Okay I will quit”
  • “NO!” he ends up cuddling you instead because he loves you
  • Likes to be a living meme in every serious fight you two have
  • “Jungkook yo-” “how the hell does your face do that?”
  • Jungkook does his meme dance while the Six Flags theme song plays in the background
  • Laughs because you tried to copy his dance but you just made it like 50 times better
  • Probably he cooks a little bit I dunno
  • Shoves too much food in his mouth at once.
  • is shy when it comes to kissing you
  • but once you start he is all over you like a jungle gym on a playground
  • likes to tap your butt and act like he didn’t do it.
  • “Did you just touch my butt?”
  • “No pfft you are just too full of yourself”
  • touches your butt again until you turn around and catch him.

It started out with me looking at Garrus and thinking ‘wow thems some sharp teeth I wanna draw them’ and somehow I ended up with a bunch of shakarian doodles. whoops.

I assume given all those teeth that turian mouths can open a fair way, but given that we never see anything even close in game, this is solely conjecture on my part

Today I learned I CAN’T FUCKING DRAW 

But I tried. Uh well here’s the kimono I did a mockup of. Without color it’s really not that impressive but hey I tried. There was an attempt.

 And also a beautiful Let the man dream.

This “scan” is really bad, I acknowledge that. Maybe I’ll do another when it’s not 2 am. *shrug*

Needed Me Pt. 4

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^^ Yeah… Its a Stiles gif. Meaning this is more about him than it is about Theo. Sorry Raeken fans but you’re welcome Stilinski heart throbs.
Warning: Foul language, blood, a horny stiles, tears, a succubus (that’s you, the reader, btw), and I don’t know what else, just read!

Part one// Part Two// Part Three//

A doorbell woke you up from your failed TV binge session.
It was dark outside indicating that you’d been sleeping for a few hours.
Damn it.
You ditched school and didn’t come back the next day.  
You were planning on not coming tomorrow either.
The person began banging on the door  and it irritated you.
“I’m coming!”
When you opened it, something barged it’s way in and closed the door.
He was shaking, his hands were unsteady, and you could see that he was distraught.
“Stiles, are you okay? What happened? ”
Stiles ran his hands through his hair trying to calm down.
You reached out to touch his hand but he shivered away as if your hand was made out of fire.

There was no warning.
No signals.
Just a blur.
His lips tried to mesh with yours and his hands tightly grasped your hips.
Accidentally, you moved your lips against his, causing a wave to course through his body.
You pulled away as quick as you could, his hands still rested on your hips.
“Stiles! What are you doing?! ”

The innocent side of him was almost destroyed by him inadvertently activating your powers.
He was in heat.
“I don’t want to talk about it ”
He tried to lean in and kiss you again but you turned your head away.
“You need to tell me what happened to you, does Malia know you’re here? ”
That upset him.

He pulled away and punched the wall.
As his hand came off of it, a blood print of his knuckles, decorated the bland wall.
“Stiles, stop it! ”
You grabbed him from his elbow and nudged him towards the couch so you could bandage his hand.
“I know you don’t want to talk about it but tell me what happened”

His heartbeat was beating slightly faster than usual but that was due to his anger.
The kiss didn’t seem to affect him at all because he had adrenaline pumping through his veins already, it tends to affect calm hearts.
Stiles was not that easy to control.
You sort of thanked God for that. 

“I, uh, I was done with my classes and trying to avoid Scott so I went home and came back for lacrosse practice. I walked past the gym room… ”

His voice trailed off and you could hear the tears bubbling up inside of him.
You finished up bandaging his cuts, placed a hand on his arm, and rubbed it gently to soothe him, “Go on”
Stiles looked away from your hand and continued.

“Theo was in there, I could tell because of his voice, but he wasn’t the only one. I walked inside and found them”
“Who’s them? ”
“Theo and Malia, they were fucking ”

You pulled your arm away in disbelief.
Malia of all people?
Why would she do that?
It’s not like Theo’s an incubus.

“Stiles, I don’t know why someone would cheat on the most kindest soul I know. I was even jealous of her because she had something so unrealistically real and not a lot of people can have that in one life”

Stiles looked up into your eyes and you saw the anger was replaced with a spark and surprisingly, lust.

“That’s why I need this, why I need you. You’re the only person I can think of right now, it’s like if I don’t have you, I’ll implode”

Your heart started to run.
You could feel the heat and lust rolling off of his skin.
It tingled in places where you’d never thought it would for Stiles.
Something you’ve only just recently had for Theo.
After having sex with him, you could still feel how good his energy felt surging through you.
But this was more of an emotional energy.

Stiles snaked his hands up your shirt, making you shiver from his cold hands.
He pulled you in close and kissed your shoulder then led a trail up to your neck.

“Stiles, I know you’re hurt right now but, ” you pushed him back so you could meet his eyes.
“This is not going to make you feel better”
“This morning by your locker, I was waiting for you, I had to see you. The night before, when I was laying in bed with Malia, only one thought was in mind. Are you okay? Why haven’t you texted or called me? Why didn’t you come to school yesterday and today? Then it started to become dirty. How do you moan? How does your face look when you’ve been fucked right? Now I realize, I see you every day, so not seeing you yesterday, drove me crazy. Thoughts of you made me hard all day”

Now there was no doubt that you were dripping wet.
Stiles felt this way?
But no matter how bad you wanted this, you pushed him away.

“I did almost kill Theo. Scott is right, I’m out of control and I’m monster”

Stiles hushed you, gripped my waist with one hand, and tucked your hair behind your ear.

“No, you’re not. Monsters twist things inside out and hurt everyone around them. When I was a nogistune, I loved the feeling of others pain and fear, I thought I was a monster because of it, but it wasn’t me. So if you’re a monster, then so am I. You do what you have to, to survive”

This was wrong, but you haven’t manipulated the kid and yet, he wants you.
I have to be careful, you thought.
Kissing him back with restraint would cushion the blow but once it went down to the nitty gritty, his heart beat would be off the charts.
You took off your shirt giving him an incentive to do the same.
“Fuck, you’re more gorgeous than I imagined”

Stiles groped your chest, massaging it through the bra.
You bit your lip so you wouldn’t moan.
The moans were like crack to men, once they heard it, it was like a song stuck in your head constantly replaying.
Stiles took notice and smirked.
Whether you wouldn’t to or not, you were going to moan, scream, and cry in pleasure before he was done.
He unhooked your bra, made you lay on the couch, crawled towards you, then took a nipple in his mouth.
He rolled the other one in-between his pointer finger and his thumb.
You were so sensitive, you felt like screaming.
He was making you feel so good, and he was taking his time with it.
Stiles moved on to the other one, doing the same thing.

By this time, your core was burning hot with desire.
Stiles licked the crook of your neck, distracting you from the hand creeping into your leggings.
He palmed your woman, feeling how unbelievably hot you were for him.
“No panties? You bad girl, wait, is your pussy all wet for me? It feels incredible”

Stiles slipped in a finger,slowly pumping inside of your entrance, making it harder for you not to moan, you could tell that this frustrated him because he slipped in another, going faster than before.
You were weak.
He put you in a bad situation.
You crumbled underneath him once he used his thumb to stimulate your already hardened clit.
Once you let out a moan, they came spilling out of your mouth like a waterfall.
In-between each moan was a breath, fueling Stiles’ desire.
“There we go, that’s what I want to hear”

It didn’t take long, before his heated touch, his sexual and emotional energy, drowned you in pure ecstasy forcing you to come on his hand.
He continued until you rode it out until you stopped throbbing after each wave of pleasure.
Stiles pulled his hand out, showing you how much he turned you on.
Your juices glistened his hand with a shimmery sheen.
“I wonder how you taste”
Before he could taste his fingers, you stopped him.

“Stiles, if you do that, you won’t have any, control over yourself, it’s an aphrodisiac, and if you choose to have sex with me, 1% of your life will be drained”

He didn’t look like he cared, Stiles wanted this so bad and for so long.
The only reason why he didn’t get mad at Malia was because he knew he could finally get a chance with you.
1% didn’t mean shit to him.
He was about to lick off his fingers but you stopped him again.

“What?” he breathed.
“I love you Stiles and if I let you do this, I’ll be breaking a promise I made you”
Stiles put his hands on opposite sides of you.
“Y-you love me?”, he stammered.
“Of course, I do”, you gave him a reassuring smile and cupped his face with both hands.
“What promise did you make me?”
“I told you the minute you found out what I was,  that I was never going to use my powers on you, so please I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me for what I’m about to do”

He furrowed an eyebrow but released once you pushed him off you to straddle his hips.
With your hands still on his face, you allowed the aphrodisiac to course through him in bright red waves.
He still had an ounce of resistance in him, so you quenched it by kissing him.
He wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you in close with him, not wanting to let you go.
You grounded yourself into him, making him groan, you knew he had finally submitted to you.

The absence of his lips burned as you looked into his eyes.
You spoke, your voice dropped into a frequency his brain would listen to.

“Stiles, listen to my voice. You came here because you were upset, we talked about Malia, we hungout for a little while and then you went home”
“I did? ”
“Yes, we never kissed and I didn’t tell you I love you”
“But I love you”

You paused for a second as you saw pure innocence in his chocolate eyes.
This was him speaking, something pulled from his current thoughts.
A tear unknowingly streamed down your face.
You had to be strong.

“I know, and you know that I love you too, but as a friend, okay? ”
“I don’t love you like a friend”
“I know Stiles, but you have to tell yourself that it’s because of what I am, not who. Now when I snap my fingers, you’re going to go home and go to sleep”

You climbed off his lap and looked at him.
Now he’ll never be in danger.
You snapped your fingers and Stiles broke out of the trance.
He looked at his phone and yawned.
“I’m tired, I think I’m gonna go home now. Thanks for listening, Y/N, I love you”
You tried to not cry and forced a smile.
“Love you too, Stiles”
He chuckled softly and left.
You heard the Jeep start up and drive away.

You’re head was full of sad thoughts that you failed to hear a buzzing sound.
The next thing you know, three men dressed heavily in metal stood over you,  saying your name over and over again.
Then lights went out.

 Part Five


My idea of how Crane looks like in Arkham Asylum/ pre-croc attack always varies, but usually it’s some form of combination of Alex Ross’ Crane, Cillian Murphy, and Crane from the animated series.

I saw a picture of the Scarecrow action figure without his hood and it just became my relation to what he would look like, so to me he’s have patches of gauze all around his head.. I’m still trying to figure out how his face even works. Like, is it just wrapped with gauze or is  sewn to his face? that can’t be very hygienic! maybe he changes  them every so often and sews in new ones, lol. idk, some even say it’s merged with his skin. I wanna just get in his face and figure it out haha. same with his filters!

How do your eyes sparkle when you talk about the things you love? How do they look when you smile? How does it feel like to hold you? How does it feel to have you in my arms? Are your hands cold or warm? And would they fit in mine? or no? Do you have freckles? or only when the sun shades on you they would shine? How does your face look like you’re asleep? Does it look angelic? or does your bad attitude cover it too? How many moles you have on your body? Has anyone counted them for you? How do you act when you’re excited? How do you act in the cold, sad nights? Do you shout your pain? Drink up your pain? Smoke in your pain? or do your eyes fall tears and call for a soul to wipe them away? Do you have any weird habits that anybody ever noticed about you? or is there a thing left to be noticed about you? How about your lips? What do they taste like? How can I have strong feelings for you when I haven’t even met you? I’m longing for the answers, I’m longing to reach you.
—  Maram Rimawi
yo but can we talk about

The way Dominic Zapata framed the cross during that wedding scene?

In such a staunch, catholic country… we see a primetime TV show, on one of the country’s largest TV networks show a scene where two women get married in front of family and in front of God. We see two women keep their faith, and keep their love. Yes, this is in Jade’s imagination. But Dominic Zapata just used this scene to raise a big middle finger to the hypocrisy of it all. Man and woman does not a sacred marriage make. It’s love. It has always been about love.

He first shows Jade walking towards David. The music is drab. The colors are drab. Her face is freaking torture. And then there’s a match cut. David turns into Althea. Who is portrayed by the immensely talented Glaiza de Castro. Again, congratulations on making your face emote all the colors of the rainbow. You can probably warm the heart of the coldest dementor. I WANT TO SEE YOU CRY IN HD.

Suddenly everything seems brighter, more colorful. Jade smiles and stops looking like she’s on her way to the electric chair. She looks heavenly. Like the sky just opened up and showed her the meaning of life. Rhian Ramos, how does your face DO THAT?

And she realizes, in her imagination, that yes. Yes she is ready to get married to the person she loves. And that the rules of the country she’s in doesn’t matter. All that matters is that their love is pure. And what’s more Godly, more sacred, than a love that is pure? 

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