Narumitsu Week is less than a week away! In the meantime, here’s a handwriting meme for you all!

Remember to tag it #nmweek16 #handwriting so that we see it! 

  1. Your URL
  2. Your Nickname/Name
  3. What’s your favorite Ace Attorney game?
  4. Which Ace Attorney character do you relate to most?
  5. Write your favorite Narumitsu quote.
  6. What do you think Phoenix and/or Miles’ handwriting look like? Write their names the way you think they’d write them.
  7. Write the name of a Narumitsu fanfic you like.
  8. Give Phoenix a pick-up line to say to Miles. The cheesier, the better!
  9. How many Ace Attorney character name puns do you know off the top of your head? Write ‘em out!
  10. Defense or prosecution?
  11. Tag five people and spread the love!

Have fun!

I was tagged by @shefollowedfires , who is wonderful! Sorry this took me so long to do, I am terrible. 

The rules are as follows: list 5 OTPs from different fandoms, and tag 10 people. I’m tagging @fillmycoffeecupwithriddles, @artisan-kom-kabbykru, @agentverbivore, @griffinskane, @janadianna, @melindathecavalrymay and anyone else who wants to do it. Yes I know that’s only six, I suck at tagging people. 

1. Abby Griffin and Marcus Kane, The 100

Originally posted by the100positivitynetwork

2. Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter, Captain America 

Originally posted by belle333black

3. Anne Elliot and Frederick Wentworth, Persuasion

Originally posted by perioddrama

4. Emma Woodhouse and George Knightley, Emma

Originally posted by sed-semper-amico

5. Melinda May and Phil Coulson, Agents of Shield

Originally posted by dreamycupcake

5A. Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons, Agents of Shield

Originally posted by lizziehenstridges

5B. Donna Paulsen and Harvey Specter, Suits

Originally posted by anngoletiani

How do you expect me to only pick five?!?!?! There are so many more ….

Music Tag

Rules: Only using songs from one artist, cleverly answer these 9 questions and tag 10 people.

I was tagged by the awesome @definegodliness <3 It makes me happy to discuss music and I get to be clever at the same time haha, so thank you a ton for this :) I picked ‘The Doors’ to answer my questions.

What’s your gender?: ‘Unhappy Girl’

Describe yourself: ‘Soul Kitchen’

How do you feel: ‘Riders on the Storm’

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?: ‘Moonlight Drive’

Favourite mode of transportation: ‘Crystal Ship’

Your best friend: Although ‘People are Strange’, ‘The Unknown Soldier’ remains my best friend.

Favourite time of day: ‘Five to One’ - Waiting for the Sun

If your life was a TV show what would it be called?: ‘You Make Me Real’

Relationship status: Wishful Sinful

I tag @mariposaheart @aftersalt, @wordrummager, @besottedwanderlust @roman–empyre, @rhymesalot, @anniestears, @the-sum-of-many-poets, @cmesparkle, @chucklingpecan, @towardsnihility, @ambroseharte and anyone who wants to join in the fun :) <3

holetoastrangeuniverse  asked:

You've been tagged! Pick your 3-5 favorite fandoms and identify just ONE character you'd most want to date from each of those fandoms. Then tag at least five other friends here and ask them to do the same! Good luck!!!

Uhmmmmm how bout…

1.) Scream
Audrey. My little cinnamon bun child.

2.) Vampire Diaries
I’m having this weird urge to say Katherine….so I’ll just say Katherine. I like her attitude. Even tho she’s super extra and she plays people…. ;-;

3.) Orange Is The New Black
Stella. Always gonna be Stella. With her cute little Australian accent. It’s just..ouhmygod!

4.) Pretty Little Liars
ARIA! She’s such a cute smol little bean.

Fandom Tag


  • - go to this website:
  • - pick 15 characters from any fandom or whatever you’re into
  • - tag five or more people
  • - have fun!

tagged by: @gangnams​ thank youu

tagging: i feel like i’m spamming everyone so i’ll tag some new mutuals (hello!), if any of you are up for it! @jiminsguns @hobiini @ah-sugakookie @rapmonhyuk @princeminmin @itsrapmonster @parksjmin @happyrmday and anyone else who wants to do this

  1. mum/dad: hoseok (idk how to feel about this LOL)
  2. sibling: winwin (yesssss 我小时候很想有一个比我大一点点的哥哥。。。)
  3. grandma/grandpa: bin (lmaooooOOO okay)
  4. haunts you: eunwoo (* cue sounds of helen screaming in the distance*)
  5. boyfriend/girlfriend: taehyung (i feel so conflicted..but..yes )
  7. your best friend: jimin (<3)
  8. proposed to you: jungkook (hahhahaha..oh..)
  9. your boss: rocky (im older than u son i dont take ord-)
  10. random person you meet at a bar: wonho (*sweats nervously*)
  11. your rival: namjoon ( son ): )
  12. gave you your first kiss: inseong (  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  yes)
  13. drunk and singing karaoke with: i.m. (sigN ME UPPPP)
  14. played 7 minutes in heaven with: jin (b o i)
  15. gave you your favorite dessert: minhyuk (cute)

I was also tagged by @phan-at-dusk (the raddest bean) to do, whatever this one is called (do any of these tags have names? i dont know.)

Anyways, I tag @natchos, @fakeanimeboy and anyone else who’s interested in doing this I guess


- Go to this website:

- Pick 15 characters from any fandom or whatever you’re into

- Click randomize

- Match this list to the numbers below

- Tag five or more people

- Have fun!

Who I put:

danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, LeafyIsHere (Youtube)

Shiro, Allura, Keith, Lance, Pidge, Hunk (Voltron:LD)

Elder Price, Elder McKineley, Elder Church, Elder Poptarts (Book of Mormon)

Oikawa Tooru (Haikyuu)

Waluiji (The Mario Franchise)


1. Mom/Dad: Allura (how fitting, space mom is my mom)

2. Sibling: Keith (awe man he’d be the best big brother)

3. Grandpa/Grandma: Hunk (I really don’t know how to feel about this)

4. Haunts you: Pidge (No, what did I do to Pidge! More importantlywhen did they die so they could haunt me?)

5. Boyfriend/Girlfriend:  Oikawa (Honestly, I live a blessed life)

6. My ex: Elder Church (He finally realized that he was better with Poptarts)

7. Best friend: Shiro (*chants* dad friend! dad friend! dad fri-)

8. Proposed to me: Phil (I politely decline and point him towards Dan)

9. My boss: Leafy (He would either be the *best* or *worst* boss There is no in between)

10. Random person you met at a bar:  Elder Poptarts (I bet he asked the bartender for poptarts instead of booze)

11. Your rival: Dan (Listen, I know Phil propsed to me and all, but he’s all yours now. Let it die, Dan)

12. Gave you your first kiss: Lance (I mean, I’m not gonna complain[”but what about Keith??” Ah, see, I was a wee child, and lance was hanging out with his boyfriend, my brother, and it was a small cute kiss. See, its fine, klance can still live])

13. Drunk and singing karaoke with: Waluiji (I’M SCREECHING)

14. Played seven minutes in heaven with: Elder Price (Again, not complaining. Was I his gay learning curve?)

15. Gave you your favorite dessert: Elder McKineley (what a sweetie, I must forever Cherish him)

fandom tag

I was tagged by @moonbyuls-abs <3 (senpai noticed me!)


- Go to this website:

- Pick 15 characters from any fandom or whatever you’re into

- Tag five or more people
- Have fun!

1. mum/dad - JB (got7) i hope he buys me lots of food and teaches me how to break dance

2. sibling - Hyunkyu (vromance) this would be amazing??? he’d probably sing all day everyday around the house and we would actually do fun stuff together

3. grandma/granddad - Dowoon (day6) omg no he’s such a precious child he would probably be a really adorable grandpa

4. haunts you - Moonbyul (mamamoo) yes she would haunt me in my dreams with her beauty

5. boyfriend/girlfriend - Sungjin (day6) <3 haha i feel like im just going to make him play guitar and sing to me 24/7

6. your ex - Amber (f(x)) dang she probably got sick of me and figured out how lame i was 2 seconds into dating me :(

7. your best friend - BRIAN– i mean— YOUNG K (day6)!! this would be really great i feel like we would actually be good friends and we both like to eat so

8. proposed to you - J-Hope (bts) omg~ is this what they call fate? lol jk

9. your boss - Jimin(bts) I fell like he’d be almost too forgiving because im a total clutz and would miss and forget lots of things but he’s too nice to fire me

10. random person you meet at a bar - Wendy(red velvet) well im technically not legal to drink yet so let’s hope she doesnt find out O_O

11. your rival - Jae (day6) oh gosh how is this possible I feel like i wouldnt be able to take him seriously and it just ends up being him thinking that we’re rivals even though we arent really

12. gave you your first kiss - Roy kim… he’d probably regret x1000 right afterwards. i’d also crawl in a hole from embarassment

13. drunk and singing karaoke with - Suga (bts) this would be so fun i can just imagine him singing like that time he sang a duo with hoseok we would both be terrible at singing (even though he’s probably better than me lol)

14. played 7 minutes in heaven with - Rapmon( bts) oh gosh namjoon i think we would both be awkward beans

15. gave you your favourite dessert - Youngjae(got7) <3 youngjae my love, sunshine, most precious, sweetest person thank you for giving me my favorite dessert because thats the only thing i’ve ever needed in life

I guess i’ll tag @tetsvrxu @eggbaek @sexythroatbitchohyescats wow i really have no friends oh well

Things I am Currently in Love With 💕

tagged by @eottaegatigallae and @binjinjin  TYSM for tagging me i havent done a tag game in foreveRRR

one video game: pokemon. any gen 1 game is my go-to and esp now with pokemon go 

two bands/artists: im in love with so many groups tho like how do i pick ok off the top of my head im thinking astro and infinite bc comeback next week! 

three shows: W, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Reply 1997 

four people: jungle fairy Mr. Cha, my husband LTY, MJ, Mark Lee 

five songs:

  • Russian Roulette - Red Velvet (lowkey slipping into the rv fandom) 
  • Don’t Say Goodbye - Davichi
  • MOBB - Full House (the mino and bobby unit this song is 🔥)
  • For You - Chen, Baekhyun, Xiumin (moon lovers ost)
  • Boombayah - Blackpink 

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anonymous asked:

You've been tagged! Pick your 3-5 favorite fandoms and identify just ONE character you'd most want to date from each of those fandoms. Then tag at least five other friends here and ask them to do the same! Good luck!!!

Oooh, yay! This is a fun and slightly torturous ask, anon, because how do I choose just one? *cries* It’s possible I may cheat…just a little bit. But here goes…

1) Gilmore Girls

-Luke Danes and Jess Mariano:

Originally posted by butshedidntgoaway

I simply CANNOT choose. Luke and Jess have ruined me for most real life contenders–other fellas simply cannot compare haha. Wit and wry humor, coffee, music and books, and I-know-you hearts of gold. *dies*

Luke is 100% to blame for my love of backwards-baseball-cap-wearing men (I legit sprout heart-eyes, I kid you not) and I’m always on the lookout for dark-haired cuties who aren’t afraid to talk Bukowski, Austen, or Dickens and write note in the margins.

Could someone airmail me one, please? I’m totes down for a Mail Order Boyfriend.

2) Jane Austen

-Mr. Darcy:

Originally posted by sociallyawkwarddarcy

I’m generally more inclined to be attracted to the Henry Tilney types who are full of sarcasm and friendliness and outright good humor, but I’m always intrigued by the silent types. They’re mysterious, sometimes duplicitous. Or in Darcy’s case, just plain adorkable. ;)

I would so NOT be opposed to a man with ten thousand a year who’s bewitched body and soul by my fine eyes and liveliness. And I’m pretty sure if he proposed with the words “you must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you” I’d swoon onto the carpet right there. Can you blame me?

3) TVD

-Elijah Mikaelson

Originally posted by sikanapanele

He’s cultured, sophisticated, and abides by rigid moral laws which I respect. Elijah is the kind of man who would drape silky elegance into my hands and show me a world of refinery–all fine wine, manners, antiquated knowledge, and chivalry. Like me, he’s an old soul dwelling in a modern world. Plus, he’s dapper as all hell. *fans self*

Order me up one courtly gentleman, por favor!

(P.S. In an alternate universe where I was a badass immortal creature with a rap sheet, I’d definitely pour myself a tall glass of Klaus Mikaelson. But as far as real life preferences are concerned, he’s a tad too possessive and moody for me.)

4) Grey’s Anatomy

-Derek Shepherd

Originally posted by abigayle12000

What more do I need to say besides who wouldn’t want to date McDreamy? Renown neurosurgeon. Charming. Has fantastic hair, the kind a girl could spend hours curling in her fingers. Saves lives. Knows “it’s not just the thrill of the chase.”

Excuse the pun, but dating Derek Shepherd = NO BRAINER. 

Check Hell. To. The. Yes. next to that box, okay?

5) Dawson’s Creek

-Pacey Witter:

Originally posted by thoughtsofvintage

He’s such a wiseass, but that’s what I love most about him? He’s quick. Intelligent. He has a humorous quip armed and ready at all times, the kind of man who keeps you on your toes. Makes you laugh when you’d rather cry. Challenges you to step outside of your comfort zone. Sails you away to unforeseen horizons where you discover new places and feelings within yourself. He’s a little lost, but finds himself.

Friends-to-lovers is my weakness in real life and in fiction. Romances built from mutual caring and open, honest communication make for the best relationships. And Pacey is the kind of man who is always there. Loves forever. No matter what.

Who wouldn’t want to date a man who throws his whole heart on the table and loves a girl with every ounce he possesses?  

Okay, I will stop yammering now even though I could continue haha. Thanks for thinking of me, lovely.

xx Ashlee Bree

So like three days ago @shortandsweet was sweet enough to tag me in one of those “do the thing and tag other people!” things that I don’t often do because picking specific people to tag stresses me out. (How do you chooooooose. I don’t wanna forget anyone but you can’t tag everyone. I love you all please don’t hate me.) Anyway the thing is list five things that make you happy so I’m gonna do it because yay positive things!

1. Books
2. Traveling
3. Sharing food and laughter with friends
4. Swing dancing
5. Kisses

I’m tagging @thewalrus-said @fetchmethatpitcher @winterswanderlust @delilahbe @bailsthethird @freanisi @defying-all-stereotypes @ofgeography and anyone else that wants to do it!

Thanks @book23worm for tagging me in this ages ago, it was super fun! Sorry it took me so freaking long!

Rules: Go to the website:, pick fifteen characters from any fandom or whatever you’re into, tag five or more people and have fun.

I ended up picking 15 players on the Dallas Stars, because why not. Might as well be full on hockey trash.

1) Your mom/dad: Patrick Eaves. I mean, he’s probably a good dad?

2) Your sibling: Patrick Sharp. He’d give me beauty tips, obviously.

3) Your grandma/grandpa: Mattias Janmark. OH NO BUT HE’S A BABY

4) Haunts you: Johnny Oduya. Okay.

5) Your boyfriend/girlfriend: Radek Faksa. NO HE’S MY SON HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME

6) Your ex: Jason Spezza. He giggled when we broke up, probably.

7) Your best friend: Ales Hemsky. Eyyy dangles!

8) Proposed to you: Jordie Benn. OH. Oh my.

9) Your boss: Antoine Roussel. OH GOD ROUSS BOSS = BEST BOSS.

10) The random person you met at the bar: Kari Lehtonen. Ahahahahaha.

11) Your rival: Tyler Seguin. OMFG. I will enlist jazzy’s help in hitting him over the head with rolled up newspapers all the time.

12) Gave you your first kiss: John Klingberg. I don’t know how to feel about this????

13) Drunk and singing karaoke with you: Jamie Benn. YES YES YES YES YESSSSS OH MY GOD OH MY GOD GIVE THIS TO ME.

14) Played 7 minutes in heaven with: Stephen Johns. Oh.

15) Gave you your first dessert: Cody Eakin. Should I trust a ginger with sweets? 

I tag @somethingnerdythiswaycomes, @dartheighter, @lahs-ellah, @wherethefuckisthatjigsawpiece, @ladysstardust, @the-barn-rat, and anyone else who wants to do this? I’m tired I can’t think of names anymore just have fun with it XD

Fandom tag~~


-go to the website:

-pick 15 characters from any fandom or what ever you’re into

-tag five or more people

-have fun!

//omg Katie this is the first thing i’m doing this morning. let’s see how my day pans out after. XD//

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I was tagged by @theyaminebula and @strikerkev (thanks you guys!)
Rules: answer everything, tag at least five people, and use the tag #cherrysbookwortag
1. Name? Isabela
2. How old are you? 16
3. Your eye color? Light brown
4. Your natural hair color? Same
5. Current hair color? I never changed my hair’s color but it just looks a bit darker now
6. Where do you live? São Paulo, Brazil
7. Any pets? Yup, 5 dogs
8. Fave song at the time? Hard to pick, but I really like Rev 22:20
Let’s Get Bookish
1. Fave book of all times? Hard to say, I really like “Capitães de areia"
2. Fave book series? Well, I’m not gonna lie, I’m always gonna have a soft spot for pjo
3. Explain why you love books in three words? They’re portable adventure
4. Fave female character? Capitu
5. Fave male character? Leo Valdez
6. Fave character (anything else)? Toothless
7. A book that broke your heart? Convergent
8. A book everyone loves but you don’t? Well, most of John Green’s books
9. Fave genre? Adventure/supernatural
10. Fave author? Too tough to pick tbh
11. Currently reading? Nothing really, just fanfics
12. How long is your TBR list? Uh, like the rest of rangers and Monteiro Lobato’s books
1. Chocolate or chips/crisps? Chips, althought I’m not a big fan of both
2. The book or the movie? I like both, normally the movie
3. Reading or audiobook? Reading def
4. TV or YouTube? YouTube, I just watch TV when there’s football or something like that
5. Smartphone or laptop? Smartphone, It’s much better and easier to carry around
6. Hardcover or paperback? I don’t really care but I prefer hardcover
I tag: @bubblegoddess , @professionalstrawberry , @i-like-pink-lolzz and I sincerely don’t know who else