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1. Go to this website:
2. Pick 15 characters from any fandom or whatever you’re into.
3. Tag five or more people.
4. Have fun!

1. Mom/Dad:Hibiki Lates

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2.  Your Sibling: Ren Akatsuki

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D-do you have any idea how hard it must be to live with a tsundere as your sibling? It would be a living hell.

Me: Hey what do you want to eat?

Ren: I wouldn’t want to eat anything with you… Although I wouldn’t mind eating ice cream.

Me: … Goddamnit Ren just say ice cream.

3. Your Grandma/Grandpa: Erza Scarlet

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Honestly, I think Erza would be the kind of grandma who would be all fun and games but as soon as you fuck up, you’re dead.

4. Haunts you: Juvia Lockser

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NOOO! This mean Juvia died! But at the same time we can be together forever!?!

5. Your boyfriend/girlfriend: Sherry Blendy

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BUT MY BROTHER IS REN! Did I steal my boyfriend’s wife!?!

6. Your ex: Lyon Vastia

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Talk about the one that got away.

7. Your best friend: Natsu Dragneel

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To be honest, I think Natsu is the one character I would get along with the best.

8. Proposed to you: Lucy Heartfilia

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I would have to decline. I feel like I don’t have enough in common with Lucy.

9. Your boss: Gajeel Redfox

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………………..oh god.

10. The random person you meet at the bar: Yuka Suzuki

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To be honest. I just put the first 15 Fairy Tail names I thought of. And Yuka was definitely the most random.

11. Your rival: Toby Horhorta

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YESSSSS. I am the natural predator of Toby.

12. Gave you your first kiss: Wendy Marvell

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13. Drunk and Singing Karaoke with: Jellal Fernandes

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…I feel like Jellal would be a sad drunk so we would be singing sad song all night.

14. Played 7 minutes in heaven with: Cobra/Erik

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Me first getting this result: YESSSS! I don’t even care if I get poisonied.

Me being able to only find this one gif of Erik: I FUCKING SHIP ERIK AND KINANA! (I may had rewatch this episode after finding this gif).

15. Gave you your favorite dessert: Gray Fullbuster

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Thanks Gray. I do love eating ice. I need to stop chewing ice though. You’re not helping me break the habit.

I live a sad life where ice is one of my favorite dessert.

Five Adorable/Precious Things – How can I pick only five?

Reblog, don’t repost! And tell your followers five adorable facts about your muse, then tag five people to see what cute things their muses do! 

1. Smile: Yu honestly when he isn’t burdened by all he has to bear in the world and all he’s suffered in his short life has the most beautiful, precious smile on the planet ???? I’ve read posts in the fandom that it could ‘cleanse you of your sins/cure cancer’ it’s just so …earnest and pure and kind. Maybe it’s because Yu has every reason not to smile but he chooses to (which makes it even more special ) to his family and friends even when he’s suffering regardless. That kinda makes it even more adorable/beautiful in my opinion because man this boy has a gorgeous smile. 
2. Hidden List!  These are all precious in the sense that it shows how big a heart Yu has. Too big, sometimes. Yu has a list in his locker of all his squad members birthdays because as forgetful and careless as he is about his own birthday, he’s thankful all the time for getting to meet his family in the chaos of war. If you’re precious to him he’s going to remember the date of your birthday and clumsily write in his outdated handwriting – not out of being dumb but lack of education due to his ‘upbringing’ in Sanguinem to try and remember some good things he can forage for you! Even if that means risking a Horsemen of John.
3. Family Affection. While Yu isn’t openly affectionate with people he doesn’t trust, he has a very soft and open spot to be playful and generous in his affection particularly towards Yoichi and Mika. He’s generally seen in manga panels throwing his arm around Yoichi and the two of them laughing over something together. He shows his affection sometimes in different ways for the girls, throwing occasional words of affection and praise for something they did, while playfully teasing them in the same breath. He has been known to ruffle Mitsuba’s hair and he has been known to suddenly face Tenjiryuu. Either way, he has different ways of showing his love for his family regardless of what member, from Mika to Narumi, everyone has a special ‘way’ that he shows. 
4. Children! Yu obviously was a wonderful and protective brother, who always inspired hope in his first family. That same kindness he shows with children as seen here: 

And he’s very protective of them. Protective in the sense if you’re an enemy he will chase you down and kill you if you think of even touching them. But for all his fierceness and intensity, children soften him and he’s able to show his namesake, ‘Kind’ to them in response! He will risk himself every time to save a child, not wanting any of them to suffer the kind of life that he has/had, as best as he can in a world as ruined as there’s – he’d like to be a force that uplifts and guards them.While also brightening their day as best they can by assuring them that ‘they’re safe with him’.

5. Flustered! Yu isn’t one to know how to handle compliments very well. Due to often not placing himself first, he thinks it isn’t really necessary and he’d rather the attention go to a loved one rather than himself. A part of him feels it doesn’t fit him at all when he hears good things about himself, and will often mumble and brush someone off, like Guren, or go beet red in the wake of Shinoa complimenting him on saving her life during their way to Shinjuku. He often raises his voice in pitch and automatically starts getting hot in the face if you say something kind about him – because it isn’t necessarily something he’s used to before he met his family. Kindness isn’t something that has been dealt a good hand to him by the world, so when he has it, he often fumbles and stammers and protests loudly in confusion much to everyone’s amusement as he blushes like a tomato. Afterwards of course, he’s likely to mumble a quiet ‘thanks’ or ‘uh’ and try to change the subject!

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