Fairy Tail Asks List!
  • Natsu:How do you motivate yourself not to give up?
  • Lucy:Do you have a good relationship with your parents?
  • Erza:Do you consider yourself as a strong person?
  • Gray:Who help you through your hardships?
  • Wendy:Are you good at making friends?
  • Happy:What is your favourite food?
  • Carla:What class do you consider yourself as? Etc. Middle class or working class.
  • Lily:Do you know/practice any martial arts?
  • Gajeel:Have you regretted anything that you have done?
  • Levy:What type of novels do you like to read?
  • Juvia:Do you have a crush on anyone?
  • Mirajane:Have you change a lot from your childhood self to your current self?
  • Laxus:Who cause you to change as an individual?
  • Lisanna:How do you cheer up your friend?
  • Freed:How many languages are you fluent in?
  • Elfman:Have you ever been in a physical fight before?
  • Evergreen:Do you have a good sense of fashion?
  • Bickslow:What colour is your eyes?
  • Jellal:Are you trying to redeem yourself for anything that you have done?
  • Meredy:Are you a cheerful and bright person?
  • Ultear:Do you let go of the past easily?
  • Sting:Do you have a best friend?
  • Rogue:Do you have nightmares often?
  • Minvera:Would you do whatever it take to win?
  • Cana:Do you consider yourself as an independent person?
  • Makarov:Who is your role model?
  • Mavis:Are you good at coming up with plans?
  • Zeref:Do you want to live forever if you could?
Tips for immersin self

Hi tis me again with another glaringly obvious question.

so how do you guys like immerse yourself in your language? Like I already pretty much only listen to German music, but I’m finding it incredibly difficult to immerse myself in other ways.

With TV, I literally find it an uphill battle to i) find anything that I like in German and ii) anything I can understand. And I’ve already said before about how much I struggle with books.

I just dunno how else to like immerse myself. I mean I already have conversations…with myself in german stop JUDGING ME I’M NOT CRAZY and I talk to my dog in german. I learn at least 25 German words each day and I regularly read German news articles and explore German websites.

But I know the immersion gap is still there, cause I’m simply not progressing much. But what else is there to do beside the TV and Book switchover?

I could start writing all of my college notes in German but I am terribly worried I’ll never understand anything I did. Ah idk just yeah any tips for immersing myself more would be helpful thanks everyone again

People who speak languages with grammatical gender, how do you keep track of which word has which gender? I mean, for native speakers I would assume it’s largely innate but are there mnemonics? Tricks? Sincerely, someone who’s struggling a lot right now. Thanks

i thought of angels
choking on their halos

(get them drunk on rose water)

fallen angels who rip the feathers from their backs and devour them hungrily, scrambling for every last shred of their former lives and trying to cram it back into their bodies, panicking when grace starts to bleed from cuts in their skin, slurping it from their veins, desperately trying to force themselves back into what they once were. all the band-aids in the world won’t hold divinity into your bones.

star wars character asks:

leia organa: do you tend to be more of a follower or a leader?

luke skywalker: if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

rey: what’s one thing you are hoping will happen this year?

han solo: do you view yourself as an optimist or a pessimist?

c-3po: how many languages do you speak?

finn: what do you consider to be your most heroic moment?

anakin skywalker: do you believe in destiny? 

kylo ren: who is your biggest icon/source of inspiration?

poe dameron: do you currently have a crush on someone?

bb-8: are you good at keeping secrets?

padmé amidala: do you consider yourself an idealist?

yoda: do you give good advice?

obi-wan kenobi: what is your biggest regret?

r2-d2: what is your favourite thing about your best friend?

if you ever need to explain Striking Fear to someone, show them this comic

161007 Yixing weibo update - birthday essay

Today is my birthday haha October 7th. I must be busy with something at this moment but i still want to show you these words i’ve written down.

Long and established brand

Grateful and thankful to my Xingmi-s. This year is the 12th year since the name Xingmi was born. It wasn’t easy, it really wasn’t easy on all of you. Thank you. Thank you for the birthday support you did for me, thank you for every piece of LED that you’ve rented for me, thank you for doing charity in my name (though i wished you would do it in your own name and in the future tell people that you are my Xingmi), thank you for liking me, thank you for supporting me, thank you for writing me letters, thank you for allowing me to see you wherever i am, thank you for protecting me…. (let me insert this: the leaders that help lead to sing birthday song to me during Hangzhou concert, you’ve all worked hard. don’t have to be wary of what people think, if you want to sing it, just sing. you shine the brightest)

Aihh this is endless. There are too many things i want to say, it can’t be concluded in a few words, so i’m not going to list them all down otherwise i would never finish writing this.


My birth 20 over years ago has made my mom gone through a lot. It’s wasn’t easy, really. And recently i’ve come to realize that moms are an amazing existence. When she’s with you, she’ll keep talking to you, not caring whether you are listening. The moment she opens her mouth, there’ll be no end. Then you would find her noisy, then you would think ‘what does she even know’, and then later you would think that she’s always trying to tell you what to do.

Aihh actually the reason she’s bothering you is because she’s worried that you did not hear her. We are all always looking down (at our phones) with very minimal eye contact with people while having this and that type of earphones in our ear. She just hopes that by using a loud and clear voice, her opinions will accidentally go into your ears and be transmitted to your brain. She just wants the best for you. She is right. Sometimes it’s true that she doesn’t really understand, but she’s trying to protect you from her own perspective, not hoping to see any harm get to you, because her heart aches for you. She is right again. She keeps telling you what to do is because she couldn’t see you, and all those things are talks of her own experiences. She sees your insecurity when you’re away from home, she’s worried that you would go astray. She is still right. (This is my conclusion based on my own situation ha)

She is also our angel. Our harbor to shelter us from the rain/storm when we are feeling truly helpless (here i’m talking about mothers who are responsible). Something my mom always say: there’s no internship period for mothers, mothers are not perfect, being a mother is a lifetime thing. She hopes i can be happy and healthy.

Aihh what can we do. As sons and daughters, let’s be more considerate towards them.


One of my mentor is a very easygoing person. He studied arts and would always give me small gifts and introduce me to antiques. I think of him as an artist. He once told me something that made a huge impression on me. He said among all the quotes our great ancestors left for us, there is one quote that was being spread and used by the public incompletely. “No words to express a great help/kindness received”. My mentor told me that actually the complete quote should be “If no words were expressed for a great help/kindness received, it will turn into hate”. This topic can be serious, can be trivial. But we shouldn’t blindly express gratitude. Thankfulness, if being done blindly, it’ll easy be misused by other people or be looked down on by people. When we have reached success, have a grateful heart, thank everything, but you must also thank yourself.


When i wake up in the morning, i’m used to hearing the sounds of screen being switched on and used to the low bass hum of the black cylinder (computer CPU) when it’s switched on. I don’t find it noisy, in fact i find it rhythmic. When the red signal lights up when i pressed the button, i would lightly hit the black and white keys, following the tips of my finger. Recalling the tune i was humming last night, it lingered in my mind for a moment but soon forgotten, to start afresh a new experiment. In this not so big space, i seem to be the owner of it. I control every emotion. Sometimes, I seem like an artist. Drawing one beautiful and captivating pictures after another. I guess this is the space that belongs to me. This is the world that belongs to me.

“She” (his working space) allows me to discover my own radar, telling me how to fly and where to fly. This is the comfortable life that belongs to me. Using “her”, starting a brand new day, I’ve always been preparing….


The past 2 years gone by really quickly, i too grew up very quickly. In a short amount of time i’ve done a lot of different things, i can’t say i did it excellently but i’ve given it my all and it’s true that that was still not enough. But some of my results and growth has left me speechless. Too many things came at me too fast, how am i supposed to take it in. Opportunities came, but am i still able to take in more. I kept asking myself “Why?”. Because i was afraid that i’d lose myself. I kept telling myself, your dreams and your goals are mixed in with other people’s expectation of you. I’m not willing to stop, even if it’s just for a moment. I was so stressed that i would either feel suffocated or couldn’t sleep. I believe that everybody in different occupations would experience the same worries and dilemma. Let’s work hard together ha.

Seeking for a method

What is the most important thing between man and man? (In this moment the word “trust” that have been mentioned countless time before starts resonating)

That is 2015′s version. For 2016, the most important thing between man and man is communication. And the most important aspect of communication is deliverance / expression. Because of the different way of expressing oneself, it may directly affect the good or bad of an outcome.  

I’m seeking for a method. “She” (method) may help me to express more and further. “She” cannot be conventional, cannot be perfunctory, cannot be uninterested…  “She” is a method to express myself. “She” is colourless and odourless. Cannot be seen, cannot be touched and yet so important that it’s deeply embedded in my life. “She” does not have a right answer. How am i supposed to find the answer, what can i do? I am lost in deep thought.

I’m about to release my new album, everybody probably already knows about this. The song that i wrote the lyrics, composed and arranged is finally going to meet everybody. I’ve put in a lot of time, a lot of heart and blood, participated in the overall concept of the album, choosing tracks, arranging tracks, choreograph, up till the production, the MV shoot, the overall story, the design of clothes, the album cover, the album concept and design. I would also want to thank all those people who has been by my side helping me. I hope everybody likes it.

When you suddenly think of this song someday, listen to it once. When you suddenly remember this song some years later, listen to it once again. If you really don’t like the song it’s okay, don’t have to force yourself to listen to it a few hundred times, there’s really no need for that.

This new song is just the tip of an iceberg. All this is for the sake of quality. You can look forward to the rest of the album. Since it’s something that i’ve been working very hard for, i don’t think it’d be receding for the next few years………i think? I don’t know either, we’ll see.

I am a singer. I will treat every challenge my job brings me, every switch in character seriously.

I want to have a grateful heart.

Using the best work, to let you proudly proclaim that the person you like is Zhang Yixing

Using the best work, to say thank you to everyone who like me, love me, support me, help me

Using the best work, to tell all this people: i love you

I guess this is my way of expressing.

Tell me, what on earth did i write in this birthday essay, oh goodness. I’m going to go continue watching the MV.

Thank you.

(his original chinese post will be under the cut)

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September 11-17, 2011

Hi. This is your context queen speaking (again). 

Last night, Roxy unearthed some of the best body language footage I’ve ever seen between Harry & Louis, which is saying something, amiright. But there was no date on the video! This obviously drove me nuts for 12 hours, until I figured it out.

At :08 in this video, you can see it says “this morning” on the wall, meaning the UK morning show “This Morning” which is filmed at ITV studios on September 16, 2011. I think this is them arriving at the studios.

And this was just the final bow to a stunning week. If history has taught us anything, it’s that Harry & Louis tend to get a little blatant about the nature of their relationship around major hetero PR pushes. And this was the start of a big one.

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