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Dearest Elder Goth, I was wondering if you had some advice about hair coloring? I recently had to change jobs from one with a lax dress code where hair color wasn't an issue to one that requires a "natural" hair color. I had previously bleached my hair and managed a blue to teal ombre look, then went back to my natural black. The problem is, the black hair dye keeps washing out rapidly, leaving green/gray streaks. Do you have any tips for how to keep the color from washing out?

Neutral protein filler, available at any beauty supply store! It will help your hair retain the color.

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Hey haunts, I've been following you for a really long time. At the very least a year or two. But I was curious, how long have you been doing art like this?

Well, I have always colored and doodled as a child, but I started to take it more seriously and wanting to better my skills around 8th grade or my freshman year. Since then I still constantly look for ways to improve, such as coloring techniques, anatomy, and realistic drawings

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I'm actually in love with ur style omg how do you pick such good colors? I always end up choosing weird palates 😰

eeeeeeeee thank you so much??? i don’t really know i think a good eye for colors is just something you develop over time? i used to be horrible with colors, but now i find picking them kind of calming. i guess you just have to think what’s soothing to the eye, or what gets across the feelings of the art piece. picking color is really hard to explain because there’s so much that goes into it… i have a lot of random tips but all of them are only for certain situations and feelings, so they’re pretty all over the place and contradictory. i’d say…try going outside of your comfort zone and finding some limited color palettes online (i know there are some pretty good ones on here, but you might have to look for a bit) look at what the colors are and why they work together. where they would be on the color palette. some really simple patterns to follow (these don’t work for everything) are

cool colors - calm/ sad

warm colors - happy/ intense

saturated- intense/energized

desaturated- calm/ chill

god, honestly that’s just the tip of the iceberg, i’m not too good at explaining all this as i’m still learning myself haha! in the end it’s just something you develop looking at other art, real life, and preordained palettes. this probably wasn’t much help, but i hope it gave you a start? good luck! i believe in you and your art, anon!!